Trek Comic Publisher To Put Out Transformers Prequels

The meeting of Autobots and Decepticons in the feature film version of Transformers July 4, 2007 will be preceded by a 4 issue prequel comic published by IDW. Transformers comic writer Simon Furman and Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall will pen the issues with art by Don Figueroa telling stories set before the big screen adventure. The first issue will be available this February with a 4 issues adaptation of the feature film being released in June. IDW also happen to be the new licensee for Star Trek comics, with a TNG series coming this January. IDW tell that their license covers ‘all of Star Trek’ and they plan on releasing a Klingon series as well as a TOS series. Can we also expect Trek XI prequels and adaptations? For now IDW remain mum on this issue, but prequel comics are all the rage and have been made for the recent Star Wars films as well as Superman Returns . Considering that Transformers is a Paramount feature film written by the same screenwriters as Star Trek XI (Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci) it seems likely we may get a prequel to the upcoming Trek prequel.

More info at IDW: Star Trek Comics, Transformers Comics

Expect a review of the upcoming IDW Trek comics on soon

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No offense to you John, but this looks like a slow-news day story to me. It’s a comic done by a company that will do the Trek comic… on a movie that was written by the same team writing the Trek script for the studio that will release both flicks.
I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is really important news to this site at this point and Transformers does nothing for me.

additionally, the story would have had more meaning to me if it addressed the TNG Trek comic coming up and the plans for others beyond that. Transformers didn’t need to be the headline.

well like it or not…this site will continue to cover Transformers news (and Lost news). We cover Trek XI and those involved. We dont cover what all the old Trek actors are doing (except shatner…but he is also linked to Trek XI.

In this case it covers both Transformers as well as Trek comics. if you arent interested you dont have to read the story….but it isnt like there was some \’hot scoop\’ trek story that this took the place of.

…and for the record I asked John to write this article because he is doing a sep article on the new IDW trek books and I thought it was interesting. You can expect a review of the new IDW comics and discussion of treks return to comics soon…as the article states

Anthony, obviously you call the shots. It’s your site and many people enjoy it, as do I.
I expressed an opinion in a manner that was not derogatory to anyone and I read all the articles. I didn’t ask you to cover the old actors.
Sorry if I slighted you or the author, it certainly wasn’t intentional.

Dude, Xai, shut up.

Now, now, eric… was I speaking to you? I was on topic and then responded to Anthony’s response about my post. What’s your problem?

I’d like to see the klingon series…. about time someone did something with that storyline.

… and I don’t see where Xai did anything wrong. He (she?) just expressd an opinion and didn’t say anything bad about anybody.


I think we need some post Christmas bounce and fire injected back into the proceedings, especially given this lull in Earth-Shattering news.

I think for a Generation, mainly X’ers, there were many wonderful archetypical fictional and fantasy characters that embodied high ideals to strive towards, and interestingly enough these characters all borrow from the same swaggering, John Waynesque’ no-nonsense male bravado school of character development and design within their respective franchises-
James T. Kirk,
Obi-Wan Kenobi,
Optimus Prime,
Rocky Balboa
all representing essentially the same fundamental sense of righteousness and the pursuit and preservation of that righteousness.
This unyielding ethical and moral edict woven into the writing and portrayal of these characters seems to have usurped and surpassed even real life male archetypical role models.
Where are the unyielding Optimus Prime’s defending the cause of justice?
Where are the Obi-Wan Kenobi’s never failing in their pursuit of said justice?

This present age is defined by the anti-hero, and grey area of morality , entirely reflected by the emmerging machinations of media, politics, religion, social-economic trends, information, and entertainment.

I find it telling when children relate more to angst-ridden, cynical, often times jades fictional characters or true to life archetypical constructs.

Batman is “cool”, yet Superman is “lame.”

It’s a very perplexing dichotomy and indicative of a stunted society and culture when the hero wears black and villains possess “admirable” qualities a young impressionable mind wishes to emulate.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this Transformers film even under Bay’s visual direction establishes these characters for a big screen audience, and perhaps give us the Trek fans a clue as to the direction we can expect our Trek heroes to go.

Oh, and I’m sorry, but as much as I adore the Trek, General Obi-Wan Kenobi kicks your ass.

For my 10 cents worth, this is an excellent site and strange as it may sound the world doesn’t revolve around Trek. I believe it is important to know what else new people involved in Trek are doing as it may give us some indercation as to what to expect when they star doing Trek.

I’m glad to see the Transformers stuff referenced. One of the reasons I’m so fond of this site is that it isn’t myopic. It doesn’t look on Trek as so ‘special’ that events outside of Trek have no bearing on it. Post Rick Berman, Trek is normalised as a multi-media franchise that exists in the modern world rather than the peculiar ‘bubble’ it was locked in

How IDW treats Transformers certainly has relevance to how IDW treats STXI! I’d have thought a comic strip adaptation woul be a dead cert, but comicbook prequels to the prequel? You never know. After all, Abrams’ Alias got a funky between-seasons cartoon!!