Star Trek TOS (with some Trek Remastered) Now On iTunes

The digital distribution of Star Trek continues, now the first season of the Original Series is available on Apple’s iTunes…including many remastered episodes. Episodes are available for $1.99 each, or the whole season (29 episodes) is available for $56.99…a whole savings of 72 cents! The episodes are uncut and in 640×480 resolution (not as good as DVD) and presented in standard 4:3. Just like with XBox Live, there are Remastered episodes mixed in, so far it seems just the season one episodes that have been broadcast. It is assumed that like with XBox Live, additional episodes of Star Trek Remastered will be added over time. 

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Um…nope. I’ll patiently wait for the inevitable DVD release.

How can you tell if its remastered or not? And do you know if they’ll replace the old ones with the remastered ones as they come out?

Sadly…not available in Canada. When I read this in the other post, I rushed to go buy an episode since my only other option is to…well, I won’t say here. At any rate, somebody doesn’t want my money since I can’t buy them from Canada. It’s a shame really. All this crap about where you live shouldn’t be an issue on the internet…it’s called the World Wide Web for a reason. I hate it when industry moves in and starts erecting walls everywhere.

I am waiting for The Blu-ray or HD-DVD versions,

regarding the inevitable DVD release: the 640×480 resolution is only slightly smaller than DVD quality. DVD’s are 720 wide instead of 640. That’s only a 12% decrease. IMHO, I think it’s a pretty good deal, certainly better than what I’ve been ripping from the TV!

I don’t think it’s the remastered episodes. At least, they’re listing episodes that haven’t been aired in remastered form yet.

It’s a shame they don’t clearly state which ones are the remastered episodes and which aren’t… (and while they’re at it, put up the other two seasons so that we can download all the remastered episodes that have already been released… ) I’ve gotten 4 of the episodes so far off of iTunes… they look pretty good… (minus the standard mp4 posterization of the compression)… It is good to see that it’s finally caught up with those of us who like watching TV on our computers. But again, it’s a little bit of “too little, too late”…

If you can afford to shell out the 2 bucks an episode for your favorites, I’d suggest showing them with our money how much we want more of this.

I’ll be back to reviewing stuff on trekenhanced dot com next week…

iTunes checks location via your credit card – so if you have a US credit card you can get them, regardless of where you live.

For $2 an episode, many will make an impulse purchase of an episode or two, especially for something ready-to-go on their iPod (i.e., no ripping, encoding, etc.). Few who will buy TREK @ the iTunes Store are buying them as their only copy.

If I bought one it would probably be my only copy. Unless I can get my hands on an HD copy somehow. But that’s not likely since I have no HD player.

If you can get your hands on a US iTunes gift card (sometimes through eBay) or from the rack beside the checkout if you shop over the border occasionally. I understand that you can open a US iTunes account and download anything from the US store.

This was recently reported by a listener on the MacCast.

“Mudd’s Women” on I-Tunes is not remastered. I downloaded “Balance of Terror” and two Menageries, and they are. This will be a crapshoot unless they indicate in the description which versions they have. The free preview usually does not show anything either…

How long does it take to download an episode? I have a cable modem connection.


I just received for my birthday the complete three box set of the original series released in 2004. Just before I sat down to watch a few episodes, I saw that “Friday’s Child” and “Wink of an Eye” were on cable TV. I did not know that I was watching remastered versions of these episodes. What an impressive surprise – and what an ironic disappointment that I now have the old versions of the shows that I remember seeing as a little kid. Now I am looking forward to the DVD release of the enhanced episodes.

Anthony do you have any idea if itunes will indicate whether the ST episodes I’m downloading are the re-mastered ones or not? The preview doesn’t always give an indication. Will they replace the original version with the remastered version immediately after it comes out or will there be a delay as I think there will be?

I tried writing to Apple but go not reply.


I have been a star trek fan all my life. I even met Spock Leonard Nimoy at his photography exhibit and I didn’t even know it was his work that I was going to see at a local gallery.

Anyway- I have not seen any of the st tos remastered episodes. I need to know where to find them on the internet. How do you view or download them? I tried once and saw a torrent thing. what was that I don’t know.

And how bout that DS9 game the Fallen for mac. Did anyone figure out how to make it work? I couldn’t. I think I need a patch or somthing.

Any advice out there? I am still too new to computers.

Thanks. Check out my artwork if you like-paint, draw, face paint, etc.

Don’t be sad you have the old. I have the version of LASER DISK all 79 episodes.

At the end I will probably have the following

that makes 4 versions. So its no big deal to have multiple copies hanging around especially if you watch them as constantly as I do.

Same goes for the different versions of SW. I don’t mind having a few xtra disks hanging around


As of right now, for some reason Season One of TOS is no longer available on iTunes. I can’t find any explanation for this anywhere… I can only hope they are reworking what they were offering so that remastered vs. original are clearly indicated. It would be nice if they included remastered episodes from all 3 seasons that have been broadcast… but who knows. If anyone has any info, please let us know!


JeffD, agreed, for some as yet unknown reason iTunes pulled those episodes. I think I found a note on which indicated it was due to a technical problem. My guess would be too many downloads may have been occurring at once. Alas, we will just have to wait for their return.
If anyone is watching for the remasters, be sure to catch Doomsday Machine. It is Awesome!

I ordred the season pass of TOS and for the past 2 months they have not added any episodes or additional seasons. All of the episodes I have seen are re-mastered and I don’t care what anybody says about it not being 720p. Who cares? They did a great job of remastering so far with out butchering it. My big beef is this: “WHEN IS I-TUNES GOING TO RELEASE MORE EPISODES???” This is getting ridiculous! I paid $57 for a full season and so far they have only released 11 episodes of season one. If anybody has any news on future released dates please let me know. Thx-