Family Guy Wrath Of Khan Parody

Tonight’s Family Guy featured a great parody from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


Apparently Connor Trinneer (ENT: Trip Tucker) has a role in the episode. This joins the list of many Trek jokes from The Family Guy. Show creator Seth MacFarlane is a big Trekkie and even appeared in an a copule episodes of Enterprise 

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Nice one Rick, gotta love Seth

the best star trek parody in family guy yet, although the next generation one was good too with the voice-overs on the enterprise-d

Wow, this was up quick.

Very funny though

Rick has been sending in vids (like the Hummer one) for a while so we gave him a byline. And he is sending over a new version that fixes the slight sync issue this one has

Thats great! I love the FG parodies, I think this tops the Trek ones IMHO. I only remember the Ent-D Bridge one the Shatner/Tos parody and the Quark/Odo one. Good Stuff, thanks for posting this!

“Sorry Meg, daddy loves you but daddy also loves Star Trek and in all fairness Star Trek was here first.” :-)

Oh, but just to mention…not sure if it was the lighting or what but the ship didn’t look real to me? Anyone else?

Yeah, sorry had to….

did any one notice the stack of “Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story” DVD’s in front of Brian?

RE: #6

Yeah, it looked a little cartoonish, didn’t it?

Star Trek II IS a parody.

Those guys are such nerds, it’s awesome.

Had to freeze-frame to see that it’s David Marcus pulling the flag off. There was a Cheers joke later in the episode so Kirstie Alley got referred to twice.

That was hilarious !

re: #6

I have to be honest here. I much prefer Daren’s version of Family Guy over this one….. (sorry, couldn’t help it.. tee-hee)

LOL Skip!

That was better than all seasons of Enterprise put together…

That was a hilarious parody, and a great episode overall. I love Family Guy. For the record, Connor Trinneer voiced the poor sap who had sex with Sharon Stone and subsequently got his head bitten off. THAT was funny!

For the record, Trinneer joins Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis (although her scene was cut and replaced with one featuring Frakes and Dorn), Colm Meaney (according to some sources, but I’m still not 100% certain), LeVar Burton, Alexander Siddig, Rene Auberjonois, Majel Barrett, Wallace Shawn, Dwight Schultz, Michael McKean, Gabrielle Union, Vincent Schiavelli, Aaron Lustig, Suzie Plakson, Debra Wilson, Thomas Dekker, Miriam Flynn, Michael Bell, Frank Welker, Andy Dick and Seth MacFarlane himself as a Star Trek alumnus who supplied a voiceover role for Family Guy. (Lemme know if I missed anyone there. ;))

Burns & Allen, Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Matthau & Lemon, Belushi & Akroyd, Stewie & Brian, #6 & #13… Too funny!!!

Is Star Trek ubiquitous or what?

Stewie’s carjacking was hilarious.

I actually got chills when they shot Rupert down to the Genesis planet and played the TWOK music. Is that wrong?

Gosh I think I see some serious trolling here. I hope someone puts a stop to it soon.

#18 – scott

You may want to consider exposing the thread to direct sunlight.

Legend has it that trolls are susceptible to it, petrifying them immediately.

Just a thought… ;)

“Oh, but just to mention…not sure if it was the lighting or what but the ship didn’t look real to me? Anyone else?

Yeah, sorry had to….”

Yeah….It hacks me off that they didn’t get the look of the nacelles correct. ;)

The refit Enterprise in this clip was WAY out of proportion, poorly lit and too cartoony! Why can’t they give the artists MORE TIME to get it right!

I think Stewie would make a good “young” Kirk. But, they’ll need to CGI him to make him just a little taller.

Gee, I thought the Enterprise was a bit “cartoony”….oh wait, that’s right.

I loved Stewie’s lip tremble and his ached “Human” final word. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Trek II was released. My son has teachers younger than that!!!!

That was a great piece, I must have replayed it at least a dozen times last night.

Hmmm….didn’t Sulu give the command “Honors…HUP!”?

Don’t forget the deflector dish needs more color, & the globes on the nacelle endcaps are too big. LOL

Maybe Stewie’s Head is too big for his uniform :P This is absouloutly hysterical LOL. Its too bad I missed this episode. I usually watch Family Guy.

Thanks for posting this.

17 I concur. It cracks me up as it is a parody/humor scene, but my mind shot back to the original scene then I had another emotion.;) Even in the cartoon version it brought back the emotion. I guess the power of that music. Even funnier is I had THE FAMILY GUY on TV last night, but during that scene I was in another room, but overheard the music and my mind thought of that STAR TREK II scene. I thought maybe they were doing a riff on that scene. By the time I got back to the TV it was over, but now I see it was true.;) Imagine if Spock had remained dead from that film on, it would be maybe a bit more powerful of a scene. Well it still is to a degree in my mind.

Thanks for the posting.

I love Family Guy, so I goda say I loved this spoof.

The spoof they did of TNG was kinda goofy, but this was dead on. Awsome!

Haha, awesome :) As far as the “quality” of the Enterprise rendering..come on, it’s Family Guy. Low budget animation based on dialogue and parody.

They basically duplicated the scene. I don’t see how its a parody. Yeah, some characters are switched around. And the punchline is…..

Good comedy is more than just referencing pop culture at random.

I like the first Star Trek reference best.