Takei Feels ‘Hot’…Wants In On Star Trek XI

George Takei seems to be getting more and more work lately; tonight he will be guest starring in NBC Heroes. This bit of stunt casting is getting the show and Takei a lot of publicity. In a TV Guide Interview Takei talked about what it was like to be in demand again

Oooooh, and it’s sooooo wonderful!  Who knew this would be happening 40 years after Star Trek? It’s good to feel hot.

In another interview with the Philadelphia Daily News Takei was asked about Star Trek XI, and he responded in classic fashion:

What would Capt. Sulu be doing a few years after… ‘Star Trek VI’?… Fans would like to know

In the TV Guide interview Takei talks about the similarities and a key distinction between Heroes and Star Trek,

Like Gene Roddenberry’s vision for Star Trek, Heroes tackles the big themes with a very diverse, multiethnic cast of characters who are dealing with a common challenge. But Heroes does something we never did — it gets great ratings!

UPDATE…by request

It does appear that since coming out of the closet, Takei is suddenly ‘cool’ again. Family Guy poked some good natured fun at him in this seasons premiere episode

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What, he’s not Admiral Sulu yet?

“But if you want to guarantee the audience will come in droves, one of the things you might do is include some members of the old cast.”

-The Shat, to Time Magazine

Nothing like queueing up in the front of the line, eh, George?

OK, somebody has to have “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Sulu…” and the bit in sickbay with McCoy that follows.
C’mon, YouTubers!

That’s it, Anthony. You’re a made man!!!!

Shatner, Nimoy, Takei – all appearing in Trek XI ???????

Better to call the film “Geezers In Space”. I smell a disaster brewing. Keep these fossils away from the movie, or else the public will stay away in droves.

You want a disaster, do another TNG movie. Geezers in space is a hell of a lot better than what we’ve had for the past 12 years. Let them demonstrate how it’s done.

The public is already staying away in droves. Might as well bring in the people that actually made the franchise work.

As for Takei, I would be surprised to see him in there. I don’t see how it could work for the story that needs to be done. At least not in THIS film.

#1. CmdrR (I’m startin’ to like typing that)

Of course Sulu made Admiral… he retired shotly thereafter to open a QGeneration retail store (first of it’s kind and a nostalgic look back in the beginning of the 24th Century.)

But seriously folks… I’m glad to see any Trek alumni make some dough regardless of how many degrees of separation… they’ve EARNED it.

Live Long and Prosper or head for the YMCA… It’s all good! ;)

It’s all beginning to sound like a former band reforming for a final ‘Goodbye’ tour!!!

They had a ‘Goodbye’ tour once (STVI) and now they want one last go!

I agree completely with #6. It would be a huge mistake to include ANY of the original cast in Trek XI, because:

1. The old cast have become camp (especially Shatner). They would drag the same old baggage from the earlier films, and the mainstream audience would just see it as another extension of the geriatric franchise, and not come. Star Trek needs a completely fresh break, and to do that, it requires a uniquely fresh cast.

2. By including the old actors, it would just accentuate the notion that their new counterparts are playing the original actor’s role, hence taking us out of the story and destroying the character’s credibility. If you’re using new, fresh actors for a role, then you don’t need to be reminded of who they’ve replaced; it just doesn’t help.

This is the only thing to do.Try to capture the only and unique spirit of the real STAR TREK.And the real STAR TREK,you know,is KIRK and SPOCK,and the other fossils.This is a really special commemorative moment,problably the last.After the departures of Doohan and Kelley,the time is short!

Dont worry Shatner and Nimoy will be back in Trek 11…as as Kirk and Spock!

….as for helsman Hikaru Sulu?. naw…..doubt theye’d waste the film on a fourth bit player llke he is.

With all due respect to Mr. Takei, please, oh please, no. I can imagine some possible story line cooked up that includes Kirk and/or Spock, that MIGHT not feel like a complete contrivance — but we can’t have all the old regulars popping their faces in to get their last good-byes. They did all play critical parts in the development of the Trek phenomenon, but it’s time to let younger heads prevail.

Takei says: What would Capt. Sulu be doing a few years after… ‘Star Trek VI’?… Fans would like to know

Does he know something about the script? Does he know that part of the movie is set after the events of Star Trek VI? Pre-Generations Kirk it is then?

‘Takei says: What would Capt. Sulu be doing a few years after… ‘Star Trek VI’?…’

I say: ‘Who cares?’ Takei was a likeable supporting actor in Star Trek and it was nice to see him get a couple of minutes’ screentime in Star Trek VI as a starship commander, but along with all the characters outside the big four (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott) Sulu was little more than a mildly diverting piece of the scenery.

Let’s be honest: if any of Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, Rand or Chekov alone was missing from a Star Trek episode or film, hardly an eyebrow would have been raised. Hell, when two of them were absent, who cared? If all of them were absent, it might be a different thing.

But caring about what happens to Sulu after STVI is the preserve of the the sort of people who care more about Star Trek’s continuity than watching a Star Trek movie.

This new film, by all accounts, is to be about Kirk and Spock (and possibly Pike and Scotty.) Doubtless Bones will turn up at some point in this film or a sequel. Star Trek is about the ‘big three’ and Scotty, who is a sort of an honorary member of the trio. To succeed, a film needs to keep that focus.

Cameos by Shatner and Nimoy are one thing. Appearances by aging actors of minor characters are another thing entirely!!

I’m now going to duck for cover in my bunker before fans of the ‘minor five’ flame me!! G’night folks! ;)

I don’t want to bash the originals, either. I just want to remember them at their best. For a grissly sample of ‘past his best,’ see “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Tell me you don’t wish Sean had just said “Never Again.”
I love the originals. However, you can’t launch a new Enterprise with her anchor still mired in the past. If JJ wants Shatner and Nimoy to “appear,” great.. but, let’s get on with the movie. There are new treks to be trekked.

More opportunities for the “It Must Be Shatner, (et al) or nothing” Camp to toot their horns and say it’s their way or the highway.


Takei is ok and I am glad he’s “hot” again (?). Who’s next, Walter Koenig?
Who else is alive?…is there some corpse we can prop up and CGI?

Keep it simple. New cast.


“You want a disaster, do another TNG movie. Geezers in space is a hell of a lot better than what we’ve had for the past 12 years. Let them demonstrate how it’s done.”
Nonsense – First Contact was better than any TOS movie with the possible exception of STII. STV was absolutely the worst drivel in Trek history, far worse than any Next Gen movie.

“The public is already staying away in droves. Might as well bring in the people that actually made the franchise work.”
The people that made the franchise work? Where have you been? The franchise ONLY works when the general public pays attention and starts watching, as they did for STNG the TV series, STVIII, and some of TOS movies. If they make yet another movie only for the fans, it will be a financial disaster and the final stake in the heart of a great franchise.

I went to a screening of Star Trek II about a month after George came out of the closet and (mind you this is NYC, not the shyest town when it comes to diversity) the audience was snickering at every single line the man gave:

“Now entering the Neutral Zone!”

Well, it’s all in good fun, so I didn’t think there was anything hateful going on. If you’ve ever heard George on Howard Stern, you’d know the man is impenetrable to insults. It’s really amazing. And probably a good example for the rest of us.

Tacky, George.

Will Sulu be a Rear Admiral?

Its good that he feels good about himself as we all should – right?
And the picture of him here in uniform seems quite good. IF he can do the job and is willing to do it then why not? He may not be a so called BIG player as some people think yet why not add more story and character enhancement by having him on board? The fact that hes gay doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t flaunt it and that he keeps it tightly under wraps….so to speak.
Reminds me of the lead sing from Judas Priest Rob Halford. Hes gay YET he can really hit that high note and do his job in concert. So…what the hell?
I’m neither for gays or against them. As long as they stay in their yard and respect my space…I will do likewise with them….thats only fair.

To be honest wasn’t his involvement in Voyager’s Flashback enough? His character had a kid in Generations..What else does he want? A ship named after Sulu? Having Sulu in the next film is really pushing it.

I do agree with his assessment of Heroes somewhat. And I am looking forward to his premiere.
Again thanks for the Family guy clips!

I don’t see how they could credibly bring any of the original cast into the movie unless it’s either a) a flashback or b) they’re playing other characters in cameos. I really hope Abrams doesn’t get hung up in ‘canon’ while trying to solve all of Trek’s problems (e.g. Kirk’s death in Generations) with a new film. The best thing he could do is preserve the core elements and tell a compelling, character-driven story.

#20 – don’t forget these classic lines:

“Do it.”

“Nice to see you in action one more time, Captain Kirk.”

“Don’t call me Tiny.”

And the ‘DUH!’ dialogue quote of the franchise:

“San Francisco! I was born there!”

LOL Seriously, I don’t care if the guy buggers sheep in his private life, and I certainly don’t begrudge him his career renaissance, but I think he’s milking his extra 15 minutes. I can see the logic (pun intended) in bringing Shatner and Nimoy back if the whole shebang is getting a reboot, but writing Takei in makes about as much sense as digging William Windom out of mothballs for a flashback.

Come to think of it, I’d rather see Decker back. At least he had attitude.

I’d love to see Admiral Sulu in the next Star Trek movie.

Kiff!!! ;-P
Heh, saw Mister Sulu on Heroes tonight… and let’s hope it’s that short in XI, if at all. ;-) No offense, it would just seem strange… Kirk & Spock could work, I think, but only if done masterfully. More would be pushing the luck of the GODS! :-D

With all due respect to the original cast. They had their official goodbye with Star Trek 6. I accepted this and let them go…but then Shatner, Doohan and Koenig felt they needed yet another goodbye in Trek 7. Ok, fair enough. Takei had another goodbye in Voyager…and now both he and Koenig have YET ANOTHER goodbye in Star Trek New Voyages. Enough is enough. It’s getting silly. How the hell much closure do these guys need?

Give a new group of actors the chance to prove themselves, without unnecessarily propping up the film with the original actors.

That’s the view from here.

Having Takei appear in any fashion would “stink on ice”. Shatner and Nimoy at most, anyone else and you might as well call the movie Star Trek XI:The Search For More Money!


What reality is this guy living in?

Star Trek is Captain Kirk and the starship Enterprise.

To perpetually bitch about a Star Trek movie NOT having Captain Kirk and his crew in it, is tantamount to bitching about a Star Wars movie NOT featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi and being a two hour Jawa-fest. It doesn’t fly.

Look Kirksucks, I’m sorry you were raised during the “filler material” of Trek history and were heavily influenced and impressed upon by Next Gen and the other Mcseries in the “franchise”, but to come on here and show ANY kind of disrespect for the series and characters that started the whole thing is to completely miss the point of fandom.

Next Gen doesn’t work. Just face it. It failed. Miserably. It did NOT translate onto the big screen, or into substantial revenue.
If it did, this conversation would not be occuring and we would be anticipating the big screen adventure of Captain english frenchmen not in Trek XI but probably Trek XII by now.

First Contact was the “best” of the Next Gen movie series, but my GOD that’s not saying very much or much of a compliment now is it?

Contrast First Contact with II, or III, or IV, or VI, or even V, and I. Apples and oranges.

The Next Gen cast didnt have the humor, or presence, or camaraderie of the Original films cast.

As far as television popularity, Next Gen in it’s prime in the late 80’s early 90’s commanded about a 20 million per week audience, which is a zit on the ass of success compared to the syndicated market of real Trek during the 70s.

Know your role, give props and respect where it’s due.

It’s unbelievable someone could literally criticize the GENESIS of all the successor series. Astounding.
Just remember who Picard had to go get help from because his old tired bald self couldnt handle the job – Kirk.

It doesn’t hurt for George to say he’d like to be in the film. It doesn’t mean J.J. Abrams will bend over… did I just say that?
I’m all for Nimoy and Shatner being in the film…and I hope it’s more than just a cameo. Shatner says the same. And it’s hard to argue with The Shat or his appeal. And it can be Kirk before he died in GENERATIONS, and I wouldn’t object to a line of dialogue where Spock says he got in trouble with Starfleet for using the slingshot effect to rescue his captain before he died. This could be a humorous bit that doesn’t come off as contrived. Just make sure Shatner doesn’t have square sideburns like in the Direct TV ad.

Just saw George in Heroes. Wow, what delivery. What nuance. What was that?? No lines at all in this episode, just a virtual spit take from Hiro. Anyway, George, we love ya man. Keep doing NEW stuff and don’t worry about the worm hole not taken.

I’m sorry but cameos are a good thing in my opinion. It was great to see Kyle in STII. A welcome return from someone we hadn’t thought of in ages. And it was great to see Rand and Chapel at various times in the different films.

Its amazing too how Scotty suddenly became elevated to an honorary member of the “trio.” In any examination of Trek he is never discussed in any way shape of form. Kirk was instinct, Spack was logic and McCoy was compassion. Scotty was always the hard-headed engineer who didn’t have a thought beyond his precious engines.

I love all the characters and what they grew into during the course of the series. What they turned into in some of the films (Scotty a bumbling fool who knows the ship like the back of his hand and bangs his head on a support beam…?).

Cameos are a great way to pay homage to these actors and what they acheived in a series that changed the face of TV sci-fi. Bringing ANY of them back as their original characters in this film is nothing but an exercise in futility. Shatner couldn’t pull off being Kirk any more at this point in life than I could. He’s aged badly. Nimoy could probably play Spock… but I’d rather not have to endure that possibility.

A famous actor once said, “..there are no small roles, just small people.” That seems to really fit this situation considering Shantner’s demand for a substantial role.

If I had any control over what they were deciding, that would be my decision. Cameos only. If Shantner and Nimoy can’t be bothered to appear because its not a big enough role… then who needs them.

Luckily, none of us here have that control. If we did, based on the story ideas being bandied about here, the fans would be responsible for the death of the Trek franchise.

It should never be about what we want in terms of specific story elements.

It should be about Star Trek in general. We want great character portrayals… we want great character development. We want a a great story. We want decent SFX. We want to care about these new actors and hope they are chosen careully. We want a script we can rave about for years to come with no baggage from any other film. We want mind-blowing scenery and we want a cool design for the ship that doesn’t stray too far from the Trek design fold.

Seems like a lot to ask, but its a far simplier list to execute than most of the other demands posted all over this site.

#31 – Josh

Back to your old ways again, are we? Just relax and let other people have their opinion. ‘KirkSucks’ (whose name I hate as much as I hate “PicardSucks’) has some valid points, though you may not subscribe to them.

People can contrast First Contact with the TOS films and come to whatever conclusions they want. I grew up with Kirk, and I’m still objective enough to see how MANY people could prefer First Contact over TMP, III, IV, or V. I don’t care what you consider apples and oranges… they are all movies, with plot, pace, script, acting, and emotion… they are comparable.

If you read his posts, you would see that ‘KirkSucks’ never suggested a new film without Kirk. He wanted to keep Shatner, Nimoy and Takei away. It was ‘Still Kirok’ that brought up the TNG movies, saying that geezers in space was preferable.

Besides… you’re argument of Star Wars without Obi-Wan is as flawed as ever. We’re guaranteed Kirk in the next film. It’s Shatner that many feel should not return. Using your Star Wars example, a new film without Shatner can work the same way the Star Wars prequels worked without Sir Alec Guiness.

‘KirkSucks’ also has a valid point that TNG DID bring in a new audience. I bonded with my best friend of 17 years over TNG. He had never cared about Trek before that. My boss knows TNG better than TOS. You don’t know how history would have turned out differently without TNG and the subsequent series. Perhaps Trek would have fizzled out after V… or maybe VI.

As someone pointed out in an earlier thread, networks don’t pay for 25 years of post TOS television for what amounts to “a zit on the ass of success”.

I’m tired of you not “giving props and respect where it’s due”. You don’t like it? That’s your business. But please… stop pretending that you know so much better than anyone who happens to like something other than TOS.

How bout this…

Kirk didn’t suck. Picard didn’t suck. Sisko didn’t suck. Janeway didn’t suck. Archer didn’t suck.

Come on TNG fans, set a higher standard and leave the hatefulness, utter nonsense, and vitriol to the “we hate everything 1987 and onward crowd”.

Truth be known, I don’t think they’re really TOS fans either. How could they be since I liked it too?

Yes but John N…. I DO know so much better than people who like something other than The Original Series.

That’s sort of the primal dilemma isn’t it? Ah how to reconcile.

Let’s be realistic here.

Society as a whole is fairly sick of TNG or any Star Trek post TOS.

You can characterize my position however you deem appropriate to sleep at night, but that doesn’t change the fact that yes, initially the novelty of TNG was nice, fine and dandy, I myself used to watch it regularly, loved it, got caught up in the hype, etc etc just as everyone else.

But a curious phenomenon happens.

Once the novelty wears off and perception has the benefit of time and distance, TNG becomes the proverbial Emperor with no clothes. It isn’t quality television. It isn’t even quality science fiction. The cast has no charm or charisma, there wasn’t a societal or cultural splash, it simply did not resonate the way true Star Trek did.
TNG was filler material for the yuppy computer generation that made all of their money in the 90’s that refuses to spend it this decade.

How can you explain that I can barely stand to sit through an episode of TNG yet I enthusiastically can sit through any given TOS episode anytime it is on, and I once religiously watched TNG. How is that possible unless…the show simply doesn’t stand up well over time, whereas paradoxically, the charm and brilliance of TOS MAGNIFIES over time.

Contrast the people who wrote for TOS – people who had lived, airline pilots, war veterans, police officers, etc, with the writers of TNG era – headed by a producer whose sole claim to fame was producing “The Red Toaster” of whatever the hell the show was.

You can quantify it as nitpicking or being close-minded all you wish, but that doesn’t change the fact TNG didn’t impact culture near the degree TOS did. A space shuttle was renamed “Enterprise”, a film was produced because of fan DEMAND, unprecedented, a package was sold to the most foreign markets and a series had the longest syndication run, versus what exactly?
A fat guy with an alligator on his shirt selling “you will be assimilated” buttons??
Come on now, me thinks the lady doth protest a bit too much here, the writing is on the wall. I liked TNG as much as anyone but it simply isn’t that engaging or stupendous of a show. It’s drab. It’s characters uninteresting, yawn-inspiring. Techno-Babble RUINED Star Trek. Techno-Babble is a crutch device for uninspired writing.

Would you or anyone else HONESTLY want to be led into battle by a Captain whose first action in the premiere episode is to SURRENDER??

Star Trek on it’s 20th anniversary was more popular than ever celebrating it’s 4th box office film that bridged mass audiences with the fanbase.
TNG on it’s 20th anniversary is but a whimper, people over on the Art Asylum forums are BEGGING for an Enterprise-D starship for their collections.

I’m not exaggerating or close-minded in the least, need I go on?

Shatner and Nimoy in Trek Xi, cool…not so sure about Takei. Now this isn’t because I don’t like sulu or takei or anything I just don’t want to bring them all back again. I wouldn’t cry murder if he was just would prefer “The Shat” and Nimoy to anchor the film.

I thought about putting a “Star Trek XI” label on this as a joke… but decided not to. Its not really new anyway, pretty sure from one of the ships of the line calendars.


That’s outstanding, they used the XE enviromental suits from “The Naked Time” and “Tholian Web.”

I am amazed everytime I read the posts here. Doesn’t anybody ever have anything positive to say?

I, for one, love Trek… TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY,ENT and all the movies. I even remember watching the animated series when it was first run. I had the honour of interviewing George about 12 years ago … it was shortly after he did the stint on Voyager. There was buzz about a new Trek.. one that featured Sulu and his crew. I had always thought that it would have made a great series. George played the part better than he had every played anything before. It’s just too bad that that idea never transpired. I don’t think he will be in the new Trek movie.. but hey, he’s allowed to say he would like a part in the movie.. I bet all the original cast would like that. Hell, I’D love a part in the new movie! Anyway, I am looking forward to the movie.. even if the main characters were Leslie, Kyle & Riley.

Cheers all…

FYI…. from Trekweb…

Actor and musician Chris Doohan, son of the late James Doohan, wrote in his blog that he wants to audition for the role of new Montgomery Scott in the upcoming Star Trek XI produced by J.J. Abrams.

“They are not looking to fill ALL the spots with known actors, so I thought that maybe I would give it a try.” Doohan wrote “Here’s why. 1.I kind of look like my Dad. 2. I can do a great scottish accent. 3. We share the last name. 4. I like money. I didn’t know how to try out for this, or get an audition, so a friend in the business said that I should start a write-in campaign and get a bunch of my friends to write, or call Paramount studios and J.J. Abrams (the producer) to try and persuade him/them to give me a try.”

#20. Adam Cohen & #26. Viking

You guys are crackin’ me up…

However, Viking I DO take issue if the guy is buggerin’ sheep. That’s just wrong. Unless… he and the sheep are in a committed relationship, of course.

Josh T (multiple posts) – Love ya’ when you use that rapier-like wit and formidable intelligence for the “Joke” or for offering up a bit of insight in Josh T style or your fightin’ for the rights of the oppressed…

Not so much when you are bludgeoning TNG and it’s loyal followers in the head. Swingin’ hard does them, this site and yourself a disservice.

For good or ill, I liked them all in one form or fashion… TNG is what it is… DS9 is what it is… VOY is what it is… ENT is what it is… TOS is what it is.

And what TOS is… is BACK!

Success is the best revenge… Let’s hope it is sweet for all of us.

Now if I could just figure out why I can’t stop droppin’ “g’s”!

My revenge on the “Trek sucks from 87 onward” crowd will come when the new movie is released…and they finally realize that the movie is not all about about Shatner and Nimoy! Plus, they’re going to feel like someone sucker punched them when they realize the bridge colors are all off… he he he…

#37 and 38 – Josh

“How can you explain that I can barely stand to sit through an episode of TNG?”

It’s as inexplicable as your self-perception that you know so more than anyone who disagrees with you.

Again… like everyone else, you are entitled to your opinion. I know people who thought that Nimoy was an exceptional actor until you saw him on the same screen as Patrick Stewart. Again, only opinion, but it adequately demonstrates that, thankfully, not everyone thinks as you do.

“TNG didn’t impact culture near the degree TOS did”

Even if that were true, SO WHAT!? Since when did that become a criteria for whether something “sucks” or not?!!!? I’m sorry Josh… but there would be very little in your world that did not “suck” based on that criteria. I repeat (if only to differentiate myself from you) that you are entitled to your opinion. But once again, just because you feel that TNG doesn’t measure up to TOS doesn’t mean it sucks.

It’s like you’re the Ricky Bobby of this site… “If you ain’t first, you’re LAST!”

I’m very happy for you that you can continue to enjoy TOS. I enjoy them too, and find myself ‘rediscovering’ many of these gems that I thought I knew so well.

However, ‘rediscovering’ episode like “For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky” also remind me that TOS isn’t as bullet-proof as you like to pretend. There are many, MANY, TNG episodes which stand the test of time. I’m sorry that you’ve lost your ability to enjoy them.

Hey Josh… I am sure that you are aware that most TNG episodes were actuallt written for a second Star Trek series that would have happened instead of ST:TMP … The stories were written for Kirk and Spock and McCoy and Decker etc.

ADDENDUM: My comment about success being the best revenge was not aimed at any of the other incarnations of Star Trek by comparing them to TOS. I liked them all (admittedly, some more than others) but I LOVE TOS… for so many reasons.

It was the Star Trek of my childhood… It was like no other show on TV and, in many ways, still is… I saw it first in black & white and then when we got a color television set… my god! Epiphanal!!! I was a fan before it was “cool” to be a fan… I went to those first few conventions in New York… The Statler-Hilton or was it the Commodore? (God, what a grungy hotel!)… ’72 or ’73?… jeeeesh, the memory starts to go at my age… My high school was the first to offer “Seminar In Star Trek” as an elective English/Literature class… I was invited to deliver a tape of our classroom discussions to Gene Roddenberry himself and got to talk with him in his suite… Star Trek inspired me to pursue a career in Film and Television.

It meant so much to me on so many levels as I was growing up and I still find subtleties, nuances and “new” moments in the show even after having watched them more then anyone ever should.

TOS has a quality of resonance, veneration, timelessness… legend, if you will, that is singular to itself. Again, I’m not knocking it’s successor series. I’m simply saying it is a gem that never seems to lose it’s luster.

There will always be, I hope, friendly competition and that’s fine. I remember when the first rumblings of TNG began and the uproar from fans was deafening. “You can’t do Star Trek without Kirk and Spock!” Well, they did! And they did it well, for the most part.

Sometimes the arguments on this site about which Star Trek is better or who in Star Trek killed the franchise or what a jerk Berman is makes me chuckle because in the end it’s over… it’s history… it’s a done deal. No matter what happens, the picture is locked. And at the end of the day the fans took what was offered or they didn’t.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… whichever Star Trek is your Star Trek… Enjoy!

But, gratefully… The Star Trek I grew up on is being re-visited, re-imagined, re-vitalized, and re-introduced through the Remastered Project and Star Trek XI.

Oh, one last thing #46. Trekweb…

What exactly did you mean about the bridge colors being off? If you know something mister, spill it! C’mon, fess’ up! ;)