Trek XI News From The Future?

On G4 TV Doc Brown again travels back from the future to report on Trek news. 

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Grunberg as Spock?I’m losing faith in this production quick.

And in related Star Trek TOS news, the Season 1 episodes are no longer available on iTunes. Anyone know why they were pulled?

I was hoping that maybe the new “Doomsday Machine” might have been uploaded for purchase. That would have been sweet.

I don’t like Doc Brown…

HAHAHA Grunberg as Spock. Hilarious stuff. Who comes up with this material?

(I mean, it’s a joke, right? RIGHT?!)

It’s Vulcan, not Lard can.

Doomsday was a season 2 episode, and iTunes only had season 1 when they had any. I suspect the “technical difficulties” are of a political/monetary nature, technically speaking ;-)
Something about scarcity… as in, I can’t find it anywhere…
And a week on there’s still no torrent of JTB. Wish I had Tivo.

Of course DM was Season 2. Duh, me. Excitement getting the best of me again. :)

Haha, G4 is the most ridiculous channel ever.

Beyonce as Uhura.She’d probably do it as an homage to Nichele

#9: Oh, Gods no.

#2 .. Thanks for sharing the info about iTunes! I have no idea why they are no longer available… very strange. If anyone else has any info, please let us know!

itunes thing is explained here

hope to have more Monday

Sure, let’s cast Beyonce. Maybe we could get Michael Myers for Kirk too. We could have cameos by Snoop Dogg. Jay-Z could be the Federation Fleet Admiral sitting with a bunch of gold $$$ on the desk and a map of the Federation behind him. We could get J-Lo to play Yeoman Rand. Ludachris could be the helmsman…they could hook up a big Nitrous Oxide switch with a big Tach on the Helm and “Drift” the E. Scotty could hook up some 500 Watt Amp’s and 15’s in the Warp Core, “she can’ take any more, Cap’n, she’ll tear apart!!”

2 Trek, 2 Furious….Intergalactic Captain of Mystery. Now that’s what I call Mainstream appeal….!!

If I have to watch that thing, there had better be a plentiful supply of nitrous oxide near my theater seat! Or Ether.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Greg Grunberg. He’s a competent to occasionally inspired actor who does a terrific job on Heroes but…

Spock? SPOCK!?! Dear God… Noooooo.

Please let’s hope Doc Brown is just fluxing with our capacitor. ;)

Several Things To Ponder Regarding The News As Seen Here….. ;)

1. Not Doc Brown, not even a poor man’s Doc Brown.

2. The DeLorian time machine was destroyed, remember ?

3. The future isn’t written ;) Never has been never will be.

4. Being in the future itself we know that it’s and not


Let’s not forget Mike Meyers as Harry Mudd.

/Yeah, baby!

Interesting that Christopher Lloyd also played a Klingon in one of the movies and his character, Doc Brown, is giving us this Trek news.

Oh that is just frightening Greg Grunberg? AS SPOCK!? LOL
Seriously I thought his Heroes Co Star Zachary Quinto(Sylar) would make a good Spock. Good thing it was a piece of humor piece. I don’t think I would have took it well as factual.

Good bit of fun, GG as spock? Hmm maybe in an alternate reallity.
Have I just fallen through a temperal rift?