Trek Auction – Week 8

Week 8 of the Star Trek auctions on eBay from It’s a Wrap Hollywood was the first week where every item sold. It is possible there were no reserves, or if there were they were easily surpassed. Hopefully this means It’s a Wrap has learned that reserves don’t help its sales, but in fact hurt them. The total for the week was $70,503, which is the second best week so far. Week 8 saw some big sales, much of which were from Star Trek V. The biggest item of the week was Captain Kirk’s Commando costume which sold for $6,253 even though it had the wrong undershirt, no belt and no boots. Another incomplete Kirk item (climbing costume from STV) went for $3,366, These were the first Kirk items to come up on the IAW auction and both went for more than similar and more complete versions sold for at Christies. The Spock Camping costume was very nice (sans rocket boots!) and went for $3,405. The same bidder won the McCoy Commando costume at$3,363 (and the Sybok robes!). The bidder is clearly a ST V geek (there had to be one) as he also owns the Kirk and Spock Commando

TNG items also top sales plus some bargain basement stuff too
The Dr. Crusher Naval costume from Star Trek: Generations (a very under-rated movie) went on the high side compared to what these went for at Christie’s, but none the less, it is a good deal as it will make a beautiful display. The Captain Picard "Tapestry" distressed uniform deserves special mention as that is simply one of the best TNG episodes. Picard gets to relieve the fateful days at the academy when he got in a fight that left him with an artificial heart. He learns s very valuable lesson and changes for it. If you don’t learn to not have any regrets in your life after watching this episode, you need to get your head examined! A nice costume that has deep meaning. Ensign Ro’s jumpsuit at $1,821 was higher than expected, but a very nice piece which looks even better in person. For non named costumes things have settled down with Starfleet uniform jumpsuits from TNG going for the $7-800 range, a good buy for the average Star Trek fan/collector. Shopping for bargains is getting easier as people realize how much stuff there is and prices fall. 57 items went for under $400 this week, including Kyle Riker’s Anbo-Jyutsu uniform at $395 and the Traveler’s costume at $232! These are memorable costumes at bargain prices!

Alec’s Awards of the Week:

Best Item of the Week: Captain Picard "Tapestry" Jacket (The Kirk was incomplete and with the wrong shirt, this item is from one of the best TNG episodes)

Best Buy of the week: Uhura Commando Costume $999.89 This was complete with boots which are hard to find. A steal!

Worst Buy of the week: Counselor Troi Casual Costume $3,005. Way too much for a basic costume.

Sleeper of the Week: Vice Admiral top $610 A rare piece at a great price.

Week 9 Preview…not looking good
All I can say this week is YUCK! The buzz in the collector community is all about how bad this week is. But it makes sense, as this coming Monday is the Star Trek special on The History Channel. Word is that It’s a Wrap is saving some of the best stuff for after this auction as they expect to get a big upsurge in bidders then. Not a bad strategy actually. That being said, as of Monday night, only three items were above $1,000.

The Seven of Nine costume which previously failed to hit reserve at $5,032.99, is just over $2,500. The Star Trek Phaser Rifle from Nemesis which previously didn’t hit reserve at $2,025 is already at $2,125. And the Star Fleet Security costume from Star Trek III, which previously didn’t hit reserve at $1,026.89 is already over $1,500. What this shows is how bad an idea reserves are. They have worked against It’s a Wrap so far and these are the perfect examples of why. Two of three items that had reserves are already above where they finished previously.

Now, after these three items, there aren’t a lot of great items. Only three more are even above $ 500! The Enterprise Engineering Console is currently at $ 770. The "Zek" costume is at $ 760, and the Compression Phaser Rifle is at $ 522. Now I don’t particularly like the Engineering Console, and I think people pay way too much for props like these, but to each his own. The Zek costume is a gem, as I love DS9 and this was a great character. These Ferengi costumes are really beautiful. The Compression Phaser Rifle is rubber, and I hate rubber props because the crack and look crappy after a few years.

Deals of the week
Vulcan Robes. They are truly beautiful. Some of Bob Blackman’s work is truly outstanding (I mean it is all beautiful, but this is the best of the best). Likethe Ferengi costumes, the fabric is amazing. (Ok, sorry to get all metro-sexualon you guys!).

Data’s costume from First Contact is awesome as well. Here is one of those rare, non-Starfleet Data costumes. It is seen prominently in the movie and ispretty sharp. It is low right now, and could easily go under $ 1,000, which would be a steal.

The Klingon masks have gone for $ 5-600, and there is another one on now. Think these are great if you plan on buying a Klingon costume. Put your costumeon a mannequin with one of these and it will make a great display.

The Tolian Soran costume is kind of cool. This is the guy who killed Kirk! The costume has a hole in it, which kind of detracts from it, but maybe a stealif it goes low.

The Excelsior Sleep Wear is a unique item. Not sure that I would want to display some PJs even if they are from the Excelsior though!

Borg Assimilation Device! A very cool prop. Who doesn’t love the Borg? It ispretty low right now. This will probably go higher, but worth a crack.


 Clickhere to see the full list of week 9 items on Auction 

Good hunting!

EDITORS NOTE: The Week 7 Report was put up ‘retroactively’ and can be seen here


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Never mind this auction stuff, what’s with the rumour I’m hearing today ,that Paramount is “in discussions” with a “big name actor” to play a young James Kirk and, no, it’s not Matt Damon (thank God!). Which 30-ish big name actor could they be talking about? It’s a pretty short list. Now that he’s beefed up from The Departed and Blood Diamond, could it be Leonardo Dicaprio? He’s a fine actor, but somehow I can’t see him in the role? Still…

I hope these costumes have been dry-cleaned since the “explosive combination” the big three ate during the camping scene.

Where’s this rumor coming from? Odds are DiCaprio is WAY too expensive for this project. They’ll be looking at a fresh fish they can sign to a three-picture deal for cheapies.

I loved seeing all those Star Trek V combat uniforms up close, as well as Kirk and Spock’s camping outfits. That’s been the pleasure of these auctions, even for a cheapskate like meself, getting to see those rarely used uniforms, like the Star Trek III security uniform, in detail.

Thanks for another excellent update, Alec. Keep ’em coming.

Thanks billy. I won the Uhura Commando this past week, and I will take some good photos and post on my blog.


Would that (DiCaprio) mean that Kirk will be sketching Christine Chapel wearing nothing but a nice piece of dilithium (The Heart of Space) and a slight smile? She was engaged to Roger Korby, by then a heartless cad, after all.

#6 I love it! I hear in this version the Enterprise hits an iceberg and Gary Mitchell drowns. That becoming a god thing is SO YESTERDAY!!

Alec, congratulations on procuring that terrific costume. I’ll look forward to seeing those pictures on your blog. I really appreciate you making them available to everyone like that.

Great article Alec!

HOWEVER, Generations is not under-rated at all. It is an abomination! :)

Sorry to disagree. I love Generations. It is one I watch over and over. A great score, and Kirk and Picard together! Damn, what a goodie. And Kirk goes out the way he should.

Keep checking the blog. More good stuff to come! And thanks for all the compliments. I will keep trying to bring you guys the good stuff!


Two things about Generations that I liked – I agree that the the score was great and William Shatner blew Patrick Stewart off the screen in the scenes they had together. His charm and personality and charisma leapt off the screen, leaving Stewart’s Picard looking pretty dreary and dowdy by comparison. The Ron Moore and Brannan Braga DVD audio commentary is pretty insightful as to how they feel the send off they wrote for Kirk worked out.

Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!