Toys: The Wrath Of Con

It may not be a concerted effort, yet it is not entirely wrong to say that 2007 is shaping up to be the year of Kirk and Spock. The American International Toy Fare opened this week with Diamond Select Toys greatly expanding its line of varied Star Trek action figures and models. Star Trek toy fans are being treated with the most exciting year, with multifarious items and modern versions of favorites. Although there are some new items from TNG and DS9, it really appears that DST are trying to get in on the action of the resurgence of interest TOS.

New TOS Items…

New for this year, the statues are well made and interlock to make dioramas.
Amok Time Kirk
Amok Time Spock
Amok Time McCoy
City on the Edge of Forever
Landing Party Kirk
Landing Party Spock
Landing Party McCoy
Stylized action figures about 2 inches in height, similar to Legos or Kubricks.

McCoy with dress uniform variant
Mego Versions
DST now presents retro versions of the popular 1970s Star Trek action figures (based on molds provided by Mego)

The Wrath of Khan figures
Kirk with variant
Khan with variant
Clark Terrell

NOTE: Fans attending the San Diego Comic Convention this summer get afree variant Khan if they purchase Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and McCoy TWOK action figures.


These excellent ships are detailed toys with sounds and lights from Star Trek.

TV era Enterprise 1701

TWOK Enterprise 1701 (refit) 


New DS9 and TNG items
In addition to all the new TOS products Diamond also have some new DS9 and TNG Action Figures:

DS9: 2 Benjamin Sisko versions (movie uniform, Season 3), 3 Dax versions (Ezri, Jadzia movie uniform, Season 3) and Odo

TNG: Jean Luc Picard with Enterprise Chair, nonbearded Will Riker, 4versions of Data (All Good Things, 7th Season, First Contact variant, and Chainof Command Exclusive available from, 3 Geordi LaForge versions (All Good Things, 7th Season, Nemesis), 2 Wesley Crusher versions (Cadet, Season 4), 3 Beverly Crusher versions (All Good Things, 7th Season, Nemesis), Nurse Ogawa, Q, Reginald Barclay, Lore, and Ro Laren.   


Diamond Select listening to fans
It is great to see Diamond Select take Trek more seriously, but there are also some valid criticism of how they have recently handled the Trek license. One of the main issues is how most of their items are not available in stores, but only online. DST also has a fascination with exclusives or limited items which means that fans must utilize secondary markets or auctions.  However, DST provides variety and quality of items and from their new lines it is clear that they are listening to the fans. To make finding some of these new items (and some old items) easier, will soon put up a ‘Collecting Guide To Star Trek Toys’.

More information at Diamond Select. More images at Wizard Entertainment and ToyNews.

Images courtesy of Diamond Select and Wizard 

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I always liked the toy ships. I wonder if anyone has made the Scimitar into a model or light up toy. Anybody know?

These look like quality buys… I like Khan.

nice wrap up of the new toys. I want to thank John (and Alec) for helping expand into memorabelia, collectables, toys and comics, etc. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

I collect a lot of the toy ships, I have the light up TWOK era ENT but I like the sound of that TV era ENT.

The Diamond stuff is terrific but the MEGO stuff is phenomenal.

Kudos, John, for that excellent and thorough report. I love news I can use.

I have a huge box of Micromachines ships. I have no idea whether they’ve retained ANY value. Judging by e-Bay, they haven’t. Still, it’s comforting to have them… and one day I will have a basement to display them. (Getting married really puts a crimp in your Trekkabitionism.)
These look even better. If they appear in stores, I’m SO getting them.

There is a store in Knoxville TN that sells some Diamond Select Trek items, but they’re WAY too expensive for me. It is nice to see the figures up close and personal though. They are really high quality. I look forward to their Enterprises and Kahn. I’ll have to buy my mom a Kahn. She loves him.

That classic E better be the right color, with proper nacelle caps, engine balls, etc.! (Can’t afford the Master Replicas version…)
Here are more pictures of some of the toys. I was really surprised to see the DS9 figures on there this morning. Since I had no idea they were making them. Its nice to see Ezri finally get a figure of her own. Now im just waiting for them to come out the Defiant.

Anyone remember the throwaway cartoon in Starlog a few years back that was an advertisement for TNG toys? It had Picard in a box and on the front it said “Star Trek: The Next Generation ACTION-LESS FIGURES!” That just popped into my head when I looked at the Pike toy sitting in his chair.

A real nod has to go to the online stores, and I’d give special mention to Rick of NewForceComics for ponying up the dough to get many of the exclusives made. Way back when Enterprise was new, he paid for the uniformed Trip Tucker figure, and more recently he enabled the creation of the exclusive movie uniform Riker & Troi set. It is too bad that the line has so little support from retailers that individual retailers have to take on these figures as exclusives in order to have them made, but as long as that is the situation, thank goodness for people like Rick who are willing to take the huge financial risk to make that happen.

Where’s the Rain Robinson action figure?
She’s got her own show, it’s a calamity.
Trek gives you Wings! Trek Rules!

Has it really been 25 years since TWOK? That is frightening.

I distinctly recall going to see it in ’82 with my uncle, the audience was hyped and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when our friend gave his life for the crew and ship.

Star Trek is back with a vengeance, having been gone since ’91 it’s been gone FAR too long. Welcome back Trek, we missed you.

looking forward to the megos…..kirk, spock,and the klingon are still rather inexpensive but the romulan is outrageously priced….and i believe the 1st andorian will be cool. any mego fans out there?

Cool! I still have the MEGO toys from the 70’s, even the Enterprise set thingy that folded up into a carrying case. Wonder how much that’s all worth…

they all guide quite a bit but the true way to find out is to see what its selling for on ebay….also i correct myself before someone else does..the andorian mego was made in the 3rd wave of figures,,,,go to to see more tos megoes and some very cool custom ones.

I like the new Corgi 40th Anniversary line; here’s the 1701:

I’ve always wanted something of a similar scale and quality of the 1701 (Refit). If this line sells well enough, Corgi will likely expand the line. My personal wish list:

* 1701 (refit, *not* the 1701-A)
* Galileo (TOS)
* Constellation (remastered version from TDM)
* Klingon D-7

That’s about it. I’d love to see some peripheral jobs — the Tholian Spinner comes to mind — but if I get a 1701 Refit I’ll be a happy Trekker.

And fwiw I still have both my Gorn and Balok (puppet guy) from the Mego line.

A Mego Romulan figure! These were only seen as proto types before! I wonder what the asking price will be for these. I still have all my original Mego figures except for the reallt hard to find ones. I’m still waiting for DST’s TOS Enterprise. I thought it was to be released late last year, them I heard end of January. I have the one that came out several years ago, but DST looks much better!

10-I remember that cartoon,it was the Picard actionless figure,”I sit and talk and talk….” also the accesories were a book of Shakespeare and a cup of tea,IIRC.

they did make the romulan mego…saw it today on ebay for 1800.00. I also saw some really cool custom megos…..khanspaceseed,,,,,decker,kor,kang,sulu,chekov,etc. i wish i knew how to add a link to these posts , i would have added that.

I don’t care for most Star Trek Collectibles, especially the dolls/action figures, but those dioramas for Amok Time and City of the Edge of Forever look great! I’ll have to purchase them when they become available.

Mike :o

Note to CBS Digital:

The Diamond Select Toys version of the original TV Enterprise has a terrific colour-scheme, and it ain’t “battleship grey”… It much lighter, LIKE the way the original opticals came across on T.V. This much darker version of yours, and therefore much duller looking, has been one of the disappoints with your work on this remaster for me. Lighten up!