Casting Rumor: Damon, Brody & Sinise for Kirk, Spock & McCoy

Now that the film is a go, the casting (and therefore the casting rumors) can begin in earnest. IGN is reporting that Paramount are in talks with Matt Damon, Adrian Brody and Gary Sinise to play ‘the big 3’ of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in Star Trek XI. Damon’s name was first mentioned last July when Marc Malkin of the Insider reported that Abrams was interested in the Oscar winner for James Kirk. Late last year Damon said he had not been approached, but would be interested if he liked the script. Brody and Sinise’s names have been suggested by many fans, but there had not previously beeny any reports connecting the actors to the production. IGN didn’t just stop with the big 3, they are also reporting that there may indeed be truth to the reports of James McAvoy playing Scotty and even threw in the name of Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim for Sulu. The IGN report also states that Damon’s talks are the farthest along.

IGN’s list is not far from the suggestions from and other sources from months ago and would signify a fairly significant budget for the film. The ages of the actors would also signify a film taking place primarily very close to the time of the Original Series (with the exception of McAvoy). has not been able to confirm IGN’s report with Paramount or any of the actors respective agents. It should be noted that two weeks ago ‘Stax’ of IGN reported the ‘scoop’ that JJ Abrams ‘would only produce’ Star Trek XI. 

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I do like Sinise for McCoy. I think he can pull off this very important (and overlooked) role.

Beyonce as Uhura .please.

I mean Beyonce as Uhura,in the background, with those legs. Guys would have to see it TWICE just to catch up on the dialog they missed the first time around.

Sounds like fantasy casting to me. I think they just picked the rumored actors they liked best and then threw in Daniel Dae Kim for good measure (apparently, the writer/editor is a LOST fan). For the record, Dae Kim also guest-starred in the STAR TREK: VOYAGER episode “Blink of an Eye” and also appeared a few times as MACO Corporal Chang during STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE’s third season.

I personally don’t mind Damon as Kirk, but I would prefer someone a bit less known. I also think Zachary Quinto would make a good Spock; not sure if Brody is a good choice there. As for Sinise… eh. Again, a lesser known actor would be better. Dunno who, though.

That’s assuming the secondary characters are even included in this treatment. It may be before their time. Which would be too bad.

re #2 & 3

Indeed. ;) Again, though, I’m for lesser-known actors in the roles.

I really find all this hard to believe. As I have said many times before, if this is to be a continuing movie series then you need to look for young guys for these roles, and they need to be approximately the same age. Yeah, McCoy should be a LITTLE older (in order to have that father figure thing going with Kirk), but Sinise is over fifty and that’s way too old. Abrams is a smart guy and knows all this, so I can almost guarantee this rumor belongs in the “no way will Abrams direct Star Trek” category.

I really like Sinise for McCoy. I think that’s an actual possibility or something to be looked heavily into.

I wouldn’t neccessarily be opposed to Damon as Kirk. They have a similar look, but Damon is far too reserved to play Kirk appropriately. I think that role requires much more of a search.

And I like Zach Quinto as a very reasonable, equally (when put against Sinise) reasonable casting choice for Spock. He really has an appropriate look.

Whoo! I am excited!

I think Brody is a great choice. He could definitely do an interesting take on Spock and would not be accused of doing a Nimoy Impersonation.

Oh god no. Sinise as McCoy maybe, but the other two…no.

Looking into my crystal ball, I see a trilogy with lesser or unknown actors. Open the floodgates for casting.

I think these would all be great choices for the yong versions of these characters.

If Shatner and Nimoy are brought in to play the older versions of Kirk and Spock. I will offically be excited.

Kirk and Spock would be fairly easy to cast in my opinion.

The tough choice is going to be Spock. Leonard Nimoy was/is so perfect for that distinct role who ever steps in will have big shoes to fill.

I must admit I would be very pleased if Damon,Sinise and Brody are going to play these legendary characters.

Great news if true.

any actor who’s becomes part of the main trio has to understand the dynamic of the Kirk,Spock,McCoy freindship/rivalry.First of all.there’s no such thing as a vulcan (emotionless alien).All characters are human with varying degrees of parcular behavior.McCoy see’s Spock’s devotion to logic for what it really is…a cult-like discipline.McCoy is troubled (as a doctor and the moral center of Trek) at Spock’s fraudulent discipline which McCoy views as arrogance and control.Spock is threatened by McCoy because deep down a character displaying spock’s traits wouldbe(remember,everyone is human).Spock is actually in a co-dependant relationship with Kirk.Kirk views Spock as a enabler who doesn’t confront or threaten Kirk’s comfort level.Kirk is basically a insecure narcissist who doesn’t want to be threatened and only yeilds to McCoy’s advice when he’s been defeated by his own ego.

#4 & #6: You are missing the big “picture.” Lesser known actors won’t bring the kind of audience regeneration the franchise needs. For there to be more ST for us who grew up with it and never abandoned it, the studio and J.J. Abrams want to introduce these characters to new eyes who never bothered to watch Star Trek before. The stars will bring in the casual moviegoer and the storytelling will hopefully captivate them and make them “discover” the other incarnations of the Star Trek universe, thereby ensuring it continues to evolve and become relevant to future fans. BTW: All the aforementioned actors are top-caliber and would bring the appropriate gravitas to each of the “Big 3” characters. They are afterall archetypal roles and need to be played bigger than life. Stars, who are also fine actors, bring that element to a role.

cart before horse

Well, it’s an interesting proposition… in some ways, I like it, some ways, I’m very skeptical of it. I would think Abrams would likely cast people he’s already worked with or had some connection to. I really like the “image” of Sinese, he’s got a real earthy, honest quality, and screw how old he is, we’re not casting Star Trek Babies are we? What’s wrong with a little age variety? Not Boyce old, mind you.;-) Nevertheless, more and more, I’m thinking quality “unknowns” would be best. :-)

i don’t believe we’re going to see Sulu, Uhura, and especially Chekov in the next movie. It would not make any sense. They’re much younger in age (character wise)

Matt Damon as Jim Kirk? Yes I could see that. Gary Sinise as McCoy? Yep I could see that too.

I could also see Ray Liotta as Chris Pike. ( A strong resemblance to the late Jeffrey Hunter)

As for Spock – geeez I don’t know… I just cannot see Adrian Brody as him.

Fun to speculate though.


What I’m curious about exactly is what has infact transpired or occured within the realm of Star Trek to even attract such A list name actors, where before, big celebrities wouldn’t come near Star Trek with a ten foot disruptor pistol?

Is it Abrams and the percieved clout he is bringing to the table?

Gary Sinise would be the perfect Bones out of this era’s available actors.

Damon always seems to be the same in any role. Drab.

NOT Adrian Brody. The nose, the nose…

Once the casting is announced, could this turn into a movie “By popular choice” meaning Us – The Fans or strictly “Studio” decisions. Can we(Star Trek) fans now decide the fate of movie before it’s released merely through the power of the internet?

I’d like to see Jeffrey Coombs get the role of McCoy. I think he’d do a great job and he’s got some appeal and respect around the Star Trek community.

Sinise as McCoy is absolutely brilliant. It is PERFECT.

#22…well said!

How about in we add in Paul Walker as JT Kirk, and Brandon Routh as Spock?

…and maybe James Mardsen as Gary Mitchell?

OK. I’ll stop now…

I guess this is gonna be as big a casting call as it gets!

I’m in general agreement with a lot of what’s been said: Sinise is a great choice for McCoy, and Damon could certainly work — in fact, I’m probably a bit more positive about him than others. I think he’d work particularly well as the slightly more reserved younger Kirk we saw in WNMHGB. As for Spock, I agree that Zachary Quinto looks uncannily like Nimoy, but I have no sense of whether he can pull off the performance, which is what really counts. I want a Spock who is believable as Spock, not just a Spock who looks right in the promo photos. I can’t think of a single actor who obviously would fit, short of using a time machine and kidnapping a 35-year-old Leonard Nimoy.

Steven Seagal as Spock, should be able to do lack of emotion on his head. Sinise is a good call, but all these roles have pretty big boots to fill.

Actually, something about Edward Norton as Spock seems not bad to me.

Cool if they could get Sinise. Those other guys I could do without.

Please don’t make Brody, Spock!! Data Yes, Spock No!

Skylar would make a better one, but still not perfect. Plus has anyone considered that your never going to sign these big names to more than one movie. So you make this great Trek film, then you can’t make any more… good plan JJ. I don’t see Damon taking on Kirk for any more films than Ford wanted to play Jack Ryan.

I vote for Sacha Baron Cohen to play Spock. He’s lively and he can do characterizations.

a fning star trek prequel a freaking prequel! with mat freaking damon as kirk. seriously WTF STAR TREK IS DEAD to me….. :((

I think I’d rather see Marc Wahlberg as Kirk??? Comments??

I guess I technically know the answer to this, but I keep wondering why some people keep derisively complaining about this being a “prequel”. It seems to me to be more of a relaunch for additional stories with the Kirk and Spock. Just because other people have told some stories that chronologically take place after this, what’s wrong with going back to that era and those characters? It’s like refusing to see a series of movies set during WWII because we’ve already seen movies about Vietnam. Seems an odd thing to be so upset about.

[Cranston runs for cover]

#20 “NOT Adrian Brody (as Spock). The nose, the nose…”

Boy, you’ve got that right! How are we to suspend disbelief when we witness an elderly Spock (played by Nimoy) and then segue to Brody playing a young Spock? With that honker of his, it can’t be done! When Adrian Brody looks up in the air you feel like you’re looking at an open two door garage! Yeah, he has a Roman nose all right, it ROAMS all over his face! Shave his head and you’d think you were looking at an American bald eagle! Fine actor, but what a beak!! If he agrees to get a nose job maybe, but otherwise sheeeshh!!

I believe if you put less-known, or even unknown, players in a new Star Trek movie, people who are NOT fans are going to think, “another Star Trek movie, who cares.” And so you already limit the audience to people who ARE fans. ( And everyone knows that pleasing Star Trek fans can be like hand-feeding pirhana.) On the other hand, if you can get some big names to do the film, their “credibility” alone is going to make even non-fans take notice, perhaps even go see it.

Bringing back the original Kirk and Spock certainly attracts attention, but that, alone, wouldn’t be enough. I think we can be confident – based on past experience – that if Shatner and Nimoy do wind up in the film, they will not bring anything superficial or trivial to the table.

I must say that I am not very enrhusiastic about what the rumours suggest. I am not saying that I am closed minded about it, but that I do have issues.

For example, it seems like it might be pushing it to say that all three of these guys, Kirk, Spock and McCoy met at Starfleet Academy. McCoy is older, so he’s likely already out. Spock may or may not be in the Academy still.

So perhaps the idea of the story takes place while they are out but not on the Enterprise yet. Which makes sense, Kirk is on Garovick’s ship. They likely end up meeting each other on a mission. Perhaps they solve a problem and the film ends with Kirk given command of the Enterprise.

But who wants to see that? We know Star Trek at it’s core is the big 3 together on the Enterprise on a mission.

If the story is set as the first voyage of the Enterprise, then we sort of already seen that in the early first season of TOS. The Corbomite Maneuver is like a very early mission. They act like they hardly know each other, or have only recently met.

I suppose you can argue it’s that period to which to mine for these new movies. But I feel that the first half of the first year of TOS is like the early adventures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

My concern is if you compare this to Casino Royale. I read the book, James Bond is not brand new as a 00 in that book, though it’s the first book. My problem was that Craig played the part as written in the screenplay, a maverick agent who makes a lot of mistakes and acts out of character. It’s hard to shift your point of view to see the formation of a character you’ve seen on so many missions as an experienced agent.

So I am concerned it may be hard to get into a movie where it may be just Kirk as a lieutenant on board another starship and Spock is not there and McCoy is on another ship perhaps.

My opinion of course.

#31…. have fun then Ju. Don’t let the door slam your ass on the way out.

This is wonderful, wonderful news. I was getting tired of all the slams and knives in the back in here. Now we have BETTER things to argue and call each other names over.

For the time period indicated by all the scuttlebutt, Sinse is too old. I like him and he could play McCoy, but not at this age. I don’t have another suggestion yet.

Adrian Brody… IMO…no. Too nosey, frail looking. I don’t think he could fill up the Blue uniform. I can’t see it, but at least he’s closer in age. I’d go with Quinto until someone else strikes me.

Matt Damon. It’s hard to say. I think he can play it younger with some make-up. He has about the right look. He’s not my fav actor, but can act. He needs to stay away from Shatner as much as possible so he doesn’t end up doing a bad inpersonation.He should watch the best of Trek and stay away from the movies, (except Khan) and Shatner himself.

McAvoy is too young compared with Damon and Sinse. Scott and McCoy always struck me as close in age, with McCoy about 5 years older. Let’s get an age-apppropriate character actor in this spot.

Daniel Daye Kim. I do like him for Sulu. Again, approximately the right age. Recall that Sulu was fourth or fifth in the command chain.. (yes?) That puts him older, but not as old as Kirk. (late 20’s?)

#14 Jon…. Sorry, you lost me on all that.

By the way, look at Galileo Seven, Spock’s first mission. He’s still learning there too.

Senise is a great choice for McCoy. Damon is a terrible choice for Kirk.

#24 Awdraper
I like your thought process. I looked up Paul Walker. Not bad. I’ve not seen him act.
Brandon Routh is a fellow Iowan, and could look good as a Vulcan, but I’ve not seen him in anything but a red cape.

Good thoughts

Re #14.It’s an effort to explain the dynamic between the 3 leads.the 3rd sentence word should be “particular ” not “parcular”, sorry.since there’s really no such thing as a vulcan I was putting the relationship dynamic in a normal perspective.Spock,in reality is a highly dysfunctional character.

If their is one constant in fandom I have already learned every Star Trek fan cannot agree on everything. So counting on the fans isn’t going to happen.
Elements already exclude some of the TNG, DS9 ,VOY or ENT only fans completely. It is thier opinions how they feel. dont think anybody can change thier feelings on that.

But also you cant count on the general public to see another movie either. Look at the last two. Any movie is a financial risk.
With all the “Guest Actors” they brought in that didn’t help bad movies. Thier was a F. Murray Abraham in INS and the movie wasn’t well recieved. At the time he was A-list actor. Now hes faded to obscurity.
if your story sucks you have no movie…
Also if films went for more than 11 movies would people be thinking would thier are stretching things a bit..

If the movie looks like its worth the price of admission I’ll go see it . If not I’ll wait for the DVD rental which will be six months more or less or just plain in the comfort of my own home or just skip it.

After watching recently Mission to Mars again I could be convinced Gary Sinise could be playing McCoy I dont know how best to describe this but I feel more comfortable for a decent actor to act through the special effects that would be required in a Star Trek Film.
I could see Zachary Quinto is Spock.
Kirk I have no clue.(Paste shatner’s head. CGI and airbrushed it on a unknown actor let CBS-D do it problem solved) :P J/k

Although if it doesn’t come out the way we want I think people are going to raise all sorts of hell anyway. Unfortunately my personal view on Paramount in the last fifteen years has not been that good I still dont see them with fountains of money to get A-list actors for a Trek film at this point in time.

As I remember (showing my age), when what became “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was in development, there were many rumors that studio executives would only cast established film actors in the familiar roles of
TOS. At one point it was mentioned that even the likes of Paul Newman and Robert Redford were to be considered for Kirk and Spock. It was rumored that studio execs would not pony up millions on a television series cast that could not guarantee the big box office returns those of the Newman and Redford claiber raked in at the time.

Of course, there was much uproar at such a heretical suggestion. Fans could not see anyone but Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, and company in their iconic roles. And, ultimately, that is exactly what fans did see on the big screen.

However, at the time, ST: TMP was not much removed in time from the demise of TOS. Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, and company could and did easily step right back into their familiar roles. It is completely understandable why the fans of that time would have accepted no less and the results speak for themselves.

Today, we are 40 years removed from TOS. For STAR TREK to experience yet another rebirth and for a viable future to be secured for the franchise (if indeeed fans want more new Trek), a new theatrical audience has to be attracted. The movies is where the reboot of the franchise will succeed or fail. Unfortunately, the original cast cannot be called upon to revive the franchise once again due to age and death.

For the original crew to live on, new actors will have to be carefully selected by the filmakers and fans will have to be willing to accept those who take on the iconic roles.

The situation of STAR TREK XI is completely reversed from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. Hopefully, Shatner and Nimoy can be worked into their familiar roles in a meaningful way. But the future lies with Abrams and the new actors he chooses. I would rather have a chance at new life for TREK in this fashion than none at all. I would certainly rather stake TREK’s future with Abams and his new cast rather that return to the pale versions we have had in recent years (including some bad outings by the original cast).

Let’s giive the new guys, whoever they may turn out to be, a chance.

#43 Billhardin
You might get some grief from that, but well-said. I agree.

Hmmmm, imagine “Good” Will Hunting solving the Kobayashi Maru scenario. An angry, smart (@$$) farm boy from Iowa in a starship mock up chock full of know it all city slickers…

I think Matt Damon could rise to the occasion. He is fun to watch as Jason Bourne and he seems to have an opening in his schedule

(see IMDB)

# The Fighter (2009) (announced) …. Dick Eklund
# The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) (filming) …. Jason Bourne

That would be fun to see. . .

Sounds like bullcrap to me. Daniel Dae Kim is too old for Sulu, James McAvoy is too young for Scotty, Gary Sinise is too old for McCoy, Adrien Brody’s nose is much larger than Leonard Nimoy’s, and I thought that Matt Damon said that although he was open to playing Kirk he hadn’t actually had anything to do with Trek XI. I agree with #4 – it sounds like fantasy casting.

Another thing that made me suspicious is that the movie is called a “reboot” in the report, which it isn’t.

Todd Masterson…

Great idea about Cohen:

I’m not crazy about Damon as Kirk. He just seems too Blah to me.
Sinise is perfect for Bones. to heck with the age. Spock?
…Zach Quinto would be a good choice.
Want A-List stars? How about Tom Hanks as Christopher Pike?
Also..Here’s a thought.
If this “Reboot” is to be a several story arc, it could lead into the 5 year mission. I’m sure there are a couple of missions that we didn’t get to see on TOS