“The Children Shall Lead” Pop Up Video

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The Okudas couldn’t have done better than this!

I wonder if that red-headed kid suffered any permanent trauma from having to wear that striped blue and green suit with the long boots. I know I suffer just seeing it.

This episode makes “Miri” look like an Emmy-fest in comparison.

I figure I have an extra 45 minutes this weekend by not having to watch more than just the effects from this episode. Kind of disappointing in a way.
And as funny as this video is, it reminds me how I detest the real “Pop-Up Video.”

I wonder how many people will complain about the syndicated cuts to this episode? Maybe that there aren’t ENOUGH.

^ 3. His trauma was more than compensated for when the same actor became the only child till TNG’s “Rascals” to have a real Starfleet uniform tailored to his size, when he played Peter Kirk in a deleted scene of “Operation Annihilate!”


lol-I just love these things. Thanks for sharing your humor. At least “Mr. male-child actor” didn’t have his uniform “tailored” like Nurse Chapel. hee, hee

Very good, but the popups came and went too fast. Tough to read and digest before they were gone.

Nappy-headed Ho-bo?! Oh no you didn’t!!

Very funny stuff.

That is truly inspired and funny… Great work!

Love it this week! And it is the same as the real pop up video in the fact that some just go way to fast to read… Thank god for tivo on tv! Good job guys…….

Aaron R.

Oh it’s on LiveVideo!


YouTube!!! Now!!


i have added a youtube link above (it may take a while for it to process)

but the resolution on youtube makes the text hard to read for the ‘popups’

re: 9. Smitty – April 14, 2007

“Oh it’s on LiveVideo!”

Just curious – why is that an issue that it is on “LiveVideo”?

You know there’s nothing like the wonderful feeling of starting something (episodic GAG reels) and watching other people take that idea, and move it into a completely new and different direction.

I wouldn’t trade it for all the Quatloos on Triskelion.

Nice work RIck.
VERY well done!

: )

yes Spockboy, you really started something…your padawan Rick is doing so well

I hope that every week we can have more creative stuff from you guys

Loved it!

I say again– nacelle balls… see? The debate goes on!