Doohan Headed To Final Frontier [Updated]

The ashes of James Doohan were launched into space from New Mexico this morning. Family and hundreds of fans attended the event, more details at Rueters The Headline News report also discussed Trek fan films.

[UPDATE: have put up an on-the-scene report]

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Happy Trails Jimmy.
I was born in Scotland. I moved to Canada when I was about 4, then moved back when I was 11 and 25. There’s an old Scottish saying;
“Hasten ye back”
Which refers to the fact that all Scots eventually go back at some point. Jimmy was from Canada, but he did the Scot’s justice and his other voice work on Trek was excellent. He will be missed.
Maybe I should move back and see if I can get a job with these guys : )

The Scots are a proud and noble people. I do wish they survive to Trek’s time and beyond.

To the webmaster: the title of this article has a typo (“Fiinal” instead of “Final”)

I love the fact that there are fan films on both sides of the pond. The Scot Trekkers appear to have a nearly equal love of Ring Dings as those who service Hidden Frontier. (kidding, kinda)
Happy Warp Trails, Jimmy!

god speed

Wow, Star Trek is getting attention by CNN. I’m really looking forward to the release of “Star Trek: Intrepid”.

So does the Intrepid’s Chief Engineer have an American accent?

re: 7….no…they speak Vultone….ask my Lord, Garth.

hmm i do wonder what paramount thinks off the fan films , them , , but i say they whould have to be happy they it keeps up interest in star trek while they take some time to bring us some new trek.

hmmm and those scottish fans get me thinking, i know what we need , Irish Star trek , lol any trekkies base in Ireland, lets do it, come on ! ! , (i am from Dublin myself )

God bless you Jimmy….and thanks for the gift of Scotty. Tonight I drink to your memory….and it’s green.

Indeed James.
Happy Trails.
We miss you.
Thanks for the memories, old friend.

:) dave mac

Thanks for everything, Jimmy

Here’s to you, Jimmy. God speed into the frontier!

It may sound morbid, but I can’t think of a more appropriate symbolic destiny, than if all 7 of the original cast members, and Gene Roddenberry, had genetic material sent to the stars and beyond. Together, in one capsule.

14 – I think Gene’s already up there, but maybe that was just a rumor. Don’t think De is. Don’t know Billy and Leonard’s plans or the others.

Just wanted to link you to the fanfilm featured in that CNN piece – Star Trek: Intrepid, ‘Heavy Lies the Crown’:

They’re based in Dundee, and the film is due out May 26th, a week after the Hidden Frontier finale premieres.

For a non-Scot who was putting on a “general” accent, James Doohan (and the scriptwriters) did us proud throughout the series with his character, which was always warmly regarded here. I hope that if there is going to be a new actor (who probably WILL be Scottish this time), taking on his role in the upcoming Movie(s), that it will be someone who can equally portray the slightly older, experienced, respected persona of Jimmy’s original. I’d rather a Gerard (“300”) Butler type to a James (“Chronicals of Narnia”) McAvoy, if you see what I mean. One of the things that is very noticable in original series is the fantastic VOICES of the main characters, most of them displaying warmth, yet GRAVITAS. I hope this will be a big factor regarding the casting decisions on this Movie.

What part of the Scottish sky are you looking up at Lad?

Just curious.


Sunny INVERNESS in the heart of the Highlands.