Errand of Mirthy

Well it looks like inspiration hit me after all…

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Interesting. Hell yeah first!

Um, Spockboy, I am a fan of your work….but that one?

A reach.


Indeed…interesting. My favrote parts were the “wimp” sequence, the staring contest, and Klingonus Ass Kickus!!! :)

This should be prescribed for people on a diet! Why? Because I laughed my ass off! No, really! Good tune!

Your circuit city pop-up ads are really bad man. We will donate money to the site to keep them off.

For some reason the ad disappeared but I kept clicking on the comments link and kept getting taken to circuit city.

How about we donate some money to help keep the site up.

#5 Joe, Strange, I got no popups what so ever.

The only pop-up I get is when I think about Keri Russell!

I laughed my @ss off at this, the staring contest was brilliant, as was the choice of SLOAN for the soundtrack. Abso-frickin’-lutely brilliant.

LOL!!!Great music choice too!!

Not bad Spockboy, But I was hoping that you would of use the song by the 80’s group. Information Society “Pure Energy”, Since “Errand of Mercy” is the episode that the English group sampled that famous line said by Spock. “Pure Energy”. That’s how I remember this episode, from this song!
“I want to know what you’re thinking, There is somethings you can’t hide.
I want to know what your feeling, tell me whats on your mind ”


I love all your stuff. This was great but I don’t know if you can ever out-do the Star Track one! Keep up the good work!!

The first part was funny enough, but it dragged after that. I guess there’s only so much you can do with the source material.

Not Bad at All when you consider how quickly SpockBoy put this together. For me my favorite is A Piece of the Action’s “Pump it Up” – – loved that one!

SpockBoy, GREAT video as always. For some reason, when you showed the munitions dump blowing up, during the “fireworks” shot, I half expected the “Love, American Style” logo to come bursting forth. I don’t know why, but that scene always reminds me of LAS’ opening credits.

O.K., we’ve nailed down the fact that, in regard to casting, it should be Tobias Mendes for Spock and Gary Sinise for McCoy. What about Kirk? It all hinges on that. I need to know,…it tasks me…..

Other people have recieved pop-ups from this site. As it has been discussed at length before.

That was bloody brilliant!!

Nice one Spockboy!

Hey Spockboy –

Interested to find out what program you’re editing with and what platform (Mac or PC)?


repeating from previous thread:
Spockboy, please consider doing “Patterns of Force” as either Hogan’s Heroes, Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare or some other 60’s stuff. Since the Nazi’s verge into cartoonish villains in each of these.

SLOAN !!!!

I edit with Sony Vegas 7.0 and I use a PC, actually a laptop. HP PAVILLION ZV 5000.
Hope that helps : )

Yeah, me too…
; )