Narcolepdick: Trek This Out

Here is something I did in 2005, to show what I can do when not making gag reels

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great work spockboy….really enjoyed it!!!

Wow. That was scary and funny all at the same time. Nice work.

Wow. That was scary and funny all at the same time. Nice work.

Sorry for that double post. Was that alien’s head exploding bit a reference to that silly and graphic moment from the first season Next Generation episode “Conspiracy”? That was the first thing I thought of.

Folks this is a prime example of why imagination and caffeine should not be mixed.

(Fine work Spockboy!)

Great stuff! The funniest bit, to me, was when the Kirk doll says “we…”, starting into “we come in peace”, and you have the wonderfully long Shatnerian pause, with Spock and Dick just looking at him! Priceless!!

that wAs brilliant. an incredible piece of work. those big heads are hysterical. great voices. great music. an explosion of talent.

Wow. Just… wow. One of the most original and hilarious “amateur” videos I’ve seen all year. I use the word “amateur” advisedly though, because it was as polished and professional-looking as what the pros put out. EXCELLENT!

To say thats its very good might be the understatement of the decade.
My only true complaint? I can merely wish and hope for more from this guy.
He took this from his own unique point of view and made so much better. YES!

I hope they cast that guy who played Kirk here as Kirk in the Star Trek movie.

Great to see stop-motion being kept alive, and brilliantly too. Sculptor, animator, musician, dead-on voice impressions — what can’t you do Spockboy?!

Hilarious! Iwasn’t sure where it was headed, but it was great. Hmmm…was the exploding head a tribute to “Conspiracy?” The first thing that popped into my head was the exploding pig creature from “Galaxy Quest”. Might be because I watched that two nights ago, though! LOL

Lao3D, I don’t think that’s stop motion… I think it’s CGI that was intentionally made to *look* like stop-motion (a la “Flushed Away”, Aardman’s CGI sewer rat epic that strove to maintain the famous look of Aardman’s beloved claymation characters).

#10 Stanky McFibberich

Along with the Spock lookalike… ;)

That is very, very cool. :)


#13 You could be right Scott, they can do most anything with ‘puters these days. Pretty genius either way — can we get a ruling from Spockboy? How about a “Making of” featurette…

That was pretty crazy (in a good way)! XD

the Shat looks disturbingly like Corey Feldman in this

Absolutely amazing. Have you had any professional screenings of this? It’d be a perfect pilot for an “Adult Swim” or Comedy Central production of some kind – there’s a lot of comedy running on cable that’s nowhere near as polished or as clever as this.

Wow, cool stuff!!!! Spockboy you’re a genius!!!

On to a parody of Patterns… puh-leeze! (I’m smiling and asking all nice and everything.)

Thanks guys.
I’m gushing here. : )
Actually it is not CGI, but I am very flattered that Scott thought so, especially when you have seen HIS work. They are simply clay heads on a stand with arms made of perm curlers covered with foam standing on a kitty litter set that my cats repeatly pissed on in front of a black bristol board with holes in it and 2 white flood lights behind it..
Very LOW budget.
As far as putting it out there, my buddy Rick Kelvington has convinced me to enter it in a contest as a pilot, and all of your wonderful feedback is actually making me think that it’s worth a try.
I initially asked Anthony to post it here so I could get some opinions from some intelligent and articulate TREK EXPERTS, and he was kind enough to do so.

Thanks again guys I really appreciate it.

If I ever do another TREK one, I sure would love it if Scott G. could put together a “CHARACTURE” of the Enterprise, you know, with a big deflector dish, overly skinny nacelles, that sort of thing.
Also, if anyone has any ideas about what could happen in Dick’s NEXT dream, please throw it out there!

: )

Thanks for the behind the scenes info — with your gift for caricature and animation I could easily see it as a “Spitting Image” type series (preferably with heavy use of Trek personalities!) — only better! Or a Sci Fi channel counterpart to Robot Chicken, or pretty much anything you put your mind to! Good luck and keep us posted on your success. (And keep up the claymation!!)

ick… i didn’t like that at all…. its freaky

it was well done. nice work spockboy… just not what i like.


I really like the Serling stuff. Excellent.

Hey, I hope you get a series out of this, it was genius.

Which would you rather see —
the next Star Trek movie, or a 2-hour version of this?

re: 29
Which would you rather see –
the next Star Trek movie, or a 2-hour version of this?”

Well………Let me see. Hmmmmmmmmm….?

#30 Stanky

You just live for questions like that… ;)

Now THOSE are great handphaser effects…
By the way Spockboy, amazingly good stuff, and I hope there is a further video adventure of your particular Kirk and Spock in the future.

This should definitely be a series like Celebrity Deathmatch or something. It’s hilarious! I want to see more! Wallace & Gromit would be proud.

Spockboy, you don’t need my help. Your “Enterprise” fit in absolutely perfectly with the look of this video.

Yeah but it looked too much like the “Akira-prise” and funny enough, it was built before “Enterprise” came out. I originally built it as a wrecked derelect-derilect-darelick—OLD ship and just used it in this film.
Seriously though, if you would like to try something more cartoony, I would love to see what you come up with.

: )

Good luck Spockboy.Maybe you’ll be the next Wallace and Grommit !

Damn finally got around to seeing this! Man it is great it is professional enough for me. Get it out there!!!!!

I have to say this had to take some time to put together with it having stopmotion and such. You just can’t whip material like this out. Man you are good!!!