New Podcasts from Kelvington and Dochterman

A couple friends and contributors of have put up new podcasts and I say check them out.

First up is Daren Dochterman who has a commentary for his Doomsday Machine Efffects video. Podcast at

Next up is Rick Kelvington who has launched a new podcast show along with Jessica Menn called ‘Talking Entertainment.’ More info at

…and yes eventually will have its own podcast 

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Awsome, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like Daren just can’t let go. Anyone who listens to his podcast, is he still bitter that he wasn’t hired?

Listened to Mr. Dochterman’s commentary earlier today…Didn’t come across as bitter to me. Not a lot of new things to learn there that hasn’t already been written about, but was fun to hear it in his voice. Thank you, Daren!

Yes, enjoyed the commentary and seeing the effects reel again.

Yikes! What has happened to the site? It is pretty much unreadable in either IE or Firefox…..
Somebody help! :)

That was an enjoyable commentary. I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed DD’s FX the first time around. Just great. And he doesn’t come across to me as bitter either, actually complimenting the CBS-D work at one point. A little disappointed maybe, but understandably so. Good luck on whatever project he lands on next.

I’ll have to check out Rick’s next.

As I understand, he’s the few effects guru of New Voyages.
They really could use him!

Well, I’m not the FX “Guru”… they have good people doing their effects already… I’m just helping with the look of things, and giving my expertise on making it look like “Old School” Trek…

Really looking forward to seeing how your input helps New Voyages Daren. I loved what you did on The Doomsday Machine, and was one of those who ‘got’ what you were striving for. :)