There Is NOT A ‘Star Trek’ Teaser Showing With Transformers

There is another one of those rumors on the internets that there is a ‘Star Trek’ teaser trailer attached to the Transformers film, premiering next week. I can categorically say that this is 100% not true. There is however a possible kernal of JJ Abrams truth to the rumor. Apparently there is a teaser trailer for the JJ Abrams produced horror movie ‘Cloverfield’ that is out there and apparently will be shown with Transformers [see previous story]. Although it has been confirmed by sources that Cloverfield is a real JJ Abrams project, Paramount are still not even acknowledging that the film exists and apparently this whole hubbub is all by design (it is still not even certain if ‘Cloverfield’ is a real titled). It seems they are trying to build some sort of buzz for this ‘secret’ project. Anyway…no more need to send in any more tips about this ‘JJ Abrams’ trailer…mystery solved. Once the film is officially released next week we will hopefully have more information on the trailer and the project. The first ‘Star Trek’ teaser’ is a long way off.  

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I am the first!!!

Really…I am the Second!!!

I can’t help but wonder… Is “Cloverfield” actually the new Star Trek film in disguise? It’d certainly be one way to keep the production under wraps until it’s well under way…

“another one of those rumors on the internets….”

Are there more then one Internet? :P

While I’m looking forward to seeing the first Star Trek trailer, I highly doubt a movie that hasnt even started production would have a trailer so soon. I’d expect to see a trailer appear closer to Christmas 07 or early Spring 08.

Rumor claims that the Cloverfield supposed trailer ends with the head of the Statue of Liberty flying across the screen.

Would make for an odd Star Trek movie. ;)

I still think it is possible, all the signs point to a possiblitiy. Just think, same writers, same studios (according to imdb, Star Trek is both Paramount and DreamWorks), same genre, same target audience, so seems perfect. At least give us something with the new looking Enterprise. Here’s what I can see the first teaser being:

Basically a CG recreation of the TOS opening, starting in 1.33:1 than as the Enterprise ‘swoops in’ it goes to full 2.40:1 (which is what the film should and probably will be filmed at). Revealing the logo. Text then comes up reading, from the creative mind of J.J. Abrams comes a bold new vision of the 23rd century. Christmas 2008.

Nothing really fancy, just announces the film to the general public and gets everyone hyped, especially us, the target audience. I’m pretty certain that the first trailer with actually footage will go with prints of Indy 4 next May.

“There is another one of those rumors on the internets…”

I’m sorry, on the whats??? lol :D

oh but when the trailer does come out i will be in the theatre to see it, i will probably convulse in the pure extasy of a major dorkgasm seein the E onscreen again.

then again i paid 8 bucks to see a shitty movie to see the Nemsis trailer

If they’re smart, they will hold off on ANY promotion of the new film until they have something really impressive to show. If they just do some faceless trailer with only a logo and a catch phrase, audiences will groan and say, “Oh my God! Not another one!”

The first trailer needs to have some meat to it. I’m envisioning something that is not immediately recognizable as Star Trek, a few glimpses of some futuristic society, maybe some scenes of what is obviously a military academy and a young officer speaking up in class or scrambling through an obstacle course. Then we shift to some shipboard stuff, snippets of dialogue from one or two high-profile actors that immediately set the audience abuzz with interest. A few really spectacular visuals of planets, orbital complexes, alien cities, enough to show that this is WAY more than just another cheesy sci-fi flick.

Back to our young officer, standing at attention across a desk from a senior officer in a vaguely familiar looking uniform. “What’s your name, Lieutenant?” the older man asks as he signs off a report on an electronic clipboard and hands it to a waiting yeoman.

The background music abruptly stops. Close on the young officer’s face and hold a beat before he replies, “LIeutenant James T. Kirk reporting for duty, sir.”

THAT is when the audience gets it, AFTER their interest has already been piqued and they’ve been given a clear impression that this is going to be unlike any Star Trek they’ve ever seen before.

Then we get another 10 or 15 seconds of rapid clips and cuts showing Starfleet troops fanning out across a chill, barren landscape, phasers impacting on hull metal, Kirk pulling some fetching youg woman into a lip-locked embrace, a familiar looking Vulcan raising an intrigued eyebrow, explosions ripping through a vast engineering compartment, a Galileo-style shuttlecraft fly-by, Kirk and Spock strolling shoulder-to-shoulder up a flight of steps against a Corruscant-like city skyline, a glimpse of a giant, copper-colored dish below a glowing sensor dome as a barrage of photon torpedoes is unleashed, Kirk in a dress uniform, flashing one of his devil-may-care grins before striding through a pair of red doors.

The music builds to a crescendo, a final percussion, the screen goes black and large white letters appear: “BOLDLY GO…” A moment later, “12.25.08” appears below it. The audience sits in stunned silence until some geek in the fourth row suddenly roars out, “YEAAAHH!” A few people mutter, “Oh my God, not another one,” but are generally drowned out by the buzz of excitement.

THAT’S the kind of trailer I want to see.

Jason Lee: Sounds like a perfect trailer to me :D

Actually, Anthony is right, what I described would probably qualify more as a short “trailer” rather than a “teaser.” I still think it needs to have some impact, though; a logo and a catchphrase just isn’t enough.

greetings from manila, philippines…

i just watched the movie Transformers last night (it’s being shown in asia a week before the US) and it was so freakin’ AWESOME! i can’t get enough of it that i’m actually going to watch it again today. My girlfriend, who knows absolutely nothing about transformers just fell in love with Optimus Prime! (i suppose i should be jealous.. hehe!)

anyway, there weren’t any trailers or teasers about trek xi in the movie at all.. i think the closest thing to a “teaser” is when bumblebee “talks “. i heard him saying thru his radio that he hailing starfleet and even heard uhura saying “hailing frequencies open”…

well i guess that confirms that.. i doubt that the US version won’t be any different than the one released here…no teasers, to trailers….

I saw “Transformers” last night also. (Giant robots tearing the crap out of each other and everything around them? Check.)

“Cloverfield” was indeed in front of the film. It looked cool; the rumored “home video” aspect of the camera work was there, but some cool effects shots really sold … whatever “it” is.

But really interesting: no name for the film. Only a release date. After the trailer, just about everybody in the audience said some variation of, “Huh?”

Of course, I knew more than they.

i imagine the teaser trailer will be attached to this winters movies – whats out paramount-wise this xmas??

First trailer of Close Encounters was nothin’ but that road. That worked out.
First trailer of Jaws was the underwater shark’s POV through the weeds. That one did OK, too.
Doesn’t take a single frame from the actual movie to make a trailer. Just hype.

Last! Seriously, I am so sick of this “First!” crap. Who cares? Post something worthwhile.

On topic, I really like both of the trailer ideas described here.

I think Paramount, along with other production studios, need to do better with teasers. They need to be better “Teasers”. With the internet and the hype it can create, there needs to be more trailer “tease” which would create bigger audiences for the movies they attach it to, creating a bigger revenue to involve themselves into making more movies with higher revenue. Oh, the quality of movies we could have!

This also keeps all the fans interested in seeing more “meat”.

That’s what we need in the interim… more MEAT!

OK, I’m done salivating now! ;)

The first teaser for Star Trek will probably be out between december of this year & march of next year. (I have worked at a theatre for 2 1/2 years. I attempt to be as knowledgeable about these things as possible)