New Voyages “World Enough And Time” Premieres Next Month + Mini Review

The next episode of Star Trek New Voyages "World Enough And Time" starring George Takei finally has a premiere date: August 23rd. It will be seen in a live streaming event timed to coincide with the gala premiere at a theater in Beverly Hills to be attended by Takei, director Marc Zicree as well as show creator/star James Cawley. This will be the first STNV episode that will use live streaming (the episode will be streamed again, but will not be available for download like previous episodes).

George Takei & Grace Lee Whitney in STNV "World Enough and Time"

James Cawley tells that he feels this episodes is their best work yet, saying "everything pales in comparison." Besides having George Takei reprise his role as Hikaru Sulu, the team really tried to get all elements of the production to professional grade. Although Cawley is proud of the previous episodes, he feels that this is the episode that could really break out from a typical amateur fanfilm and truly be able to stand along side the original series.

NCC-1701 from "World Enough and Time" (DAVE School)

Mini Review
The STNV team have provided with a copy of the episode. I will be writing a full review but in brief I would say that I was impressed. To date I have not really been a fan of most fan films. "World Enough and Time" is not without its flaws, but it is the first Trek fan made production that I thought really could be considered ‘professional.’ Although their production design has always been of a high standard this one has made marked improvements in sound, lighting, special effects, direction and yes even in acting (mostly).

USS Excelsior from "World Enough and Time" (DAVE School)

With Daren Dochterman on board for the next episode "Blood and Fire" which recently ended principal photography I look forward to seeing what they do next.

More information on the premiere of "World Enough and Time" at New Voyages site


Images courtesy of Star Trek New Voyages

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I’m going to go completely fanboy wanker and criticize the one still picture above. There should only be one officer with a white jersey and straps – the captain. Possibly the first officer too if she didn’t have another position. The helmsman and the other guy in the back would not rate the white command color shirts. And the shirts don’t seem to have vertical stitching on the collars either….

Looks like a time travel and Mirror Universe story?

And looking closer none of the uniforms have the correct angle on the front flap and the shoulder straps therefore don’t connect properly. And the straps are too wide. And Sulu shouldn’t have gold piping only a captain rank co. Gold is for commodore and up flag officers.

Sorry but I put alot of effort into getting those details right….twenty years ago.

Lord I’m a sad losers aren’t I?

Wow…the guy playing Spock (I guess he’s supposed to be Spock) looks really, really ill in that one shot. Like he caught some virus and is wasting away. Must be the lighting.

What’s John Ritter doing at the helm?

Pike…I never understood the fundamental change in the uniforms. When they got to the movies, why suddenly did the crew need to wear turtlenecks and heavy jackets, when before a shirt was enough? Did Starfleet cut back on the heating capacity of the newer ships?

No download ever? That’s annoying. Streaming never looks as good. Explanation?

As for the white shirt thing, it’s unfair to blame a fan film when Paramount started messing up shirt colors in Star Trek IV. The movie uniforms had too many department colors to keep track of without a manual and too many sequels removed from the film for which they were designed, the costume department just started guessing.

Pike, you are off the mark – big time. But then again, you havent seen the uniforms close up. First, more than one officer wore the white jersey and straps… (see ST:VI), second, the “jersey” does have the “stitching” (as you call it – it’s ribbing).

The front flap angle is correct. The size and weight of the person (as well as many changes to Shatner’s and Nimoy’s costume so they fit comfortably) make a big difference on how the front flap angle and fit look – everything from the spacing around the neck, to the angle it comes off the neck, and the angle it goes down to the bottom.

And, if Sulu is a fleet captain, he should have gold piping… though then the insignia is wrong. Though, they “messed” things like that up in STII-STVI as well… so you cant really say it’s wrong when there are similar “wrong” (by your book) things that Paramount did.

Also, it’s nice to see you nitpicking ridiculous things instead of waiting to see the episode (which is AMAZING, I might ad) – and then offering critiques!

I bet that when ST:VI came out, you bitched to Paramount that the “Berellium patch” on Kirk’s back kept changing position – or that the battle damage to the Enterprise changed between ST:II and ST:III… enjoy the story (or don’t) – but regardless, you are picking on the most retarded details.

Here’s one for you… the Enterprise bridge in NV is only 99% to scale… not 100%!!! Let’s boycott them (and me) now!!!

Magic_AI is correct… and in addition, uniform choices were often made by “what uniform do we have that fits?” – which royally screwed up the “color coding”

Takei looks great.

The ep won’t be availible for download!? :( It will be streamed, and then again later, does that mean only within a certain time you can watch it? Sorry if thats a stupid question, i’ve watch things “streamed” but that as far as I know didn’t have a time limit but I don’t watch things this way often. Usually just directly download, as I have all the previous episodes.
Little dissapointed if this is the case, which seems unlikely that it wouldn’t be availible ever but I would like to know?

Any more info on this yet?

So, wait…they aren’t ever going to release this for a download? Steaming like that would overload the severs wouldn’t it? Yeah, I won’t get to see this one, ah well.

At this point I’m really just interested in the acting. TOS got by on minimal production values, and beautiful sfx comes relatively easy these days. The New Voyages episodes so far have some impressive feats (especially, IMO, the casting of Kirk), but been undermined by truly pedestrian, indifferent acting. What’s the point of such elaborate production values if Scotty is randomly lilting off the cue card?

At least we know what to expect from Takei. He’s great when he’s full of fire. I don’t care who dies, she lives!

There. There’s a planet with atmosphere. See, CBS-D, it isn’t impossible!

Everyone is criticizing the uniforms. For a fan film, they don’t look that bad.
I’ve seen their previous work and I will watch this one too.

Maybe we can argue about when you should say “M Class planet” and when you should say “Class M planet.”

Not to spam, but I have to add, I just watched the preview, and for whatever few (and they appear to be *very* few) details might not be exactly by-the-book “correct”, it totally “feels” like Star Trek. The visual aspect of the sets, lighting, uniforms, effects, et cetera, is great, but the music and even the way the preview was edited was so on the money. Regardless of any imperfections, real or perceived, it is so great to have these fan efforts, lovingly done as they obviously are, and for FREE no less. Just puts a smile on my face every time one of these comes along. Kudos all around.

This is why Fans do not deserve Star Trek.

It’s a fan film…who cares what kind of uniforms they wear….it’s fiction.

Wow….we worry more about Uniforms then a solid story…..thats why Enterprise sucked.


(I wonder what Stanky would think)

New Voyages stopped being a “fan film” with its last episode (the one featuring Walter Koenig)…in my book it’s genuine Trek now. I was impressed with the series from day one (though lighting was a bit underwhelming in the pilot episode) and I’ve always been looking forward to new episodes (especially since the end of ENT)…

Now, with this episode only being available via live-streaming, I think it’s save to say this series WILL eventually seize to be a fan-made series but evolve into an official asset to TOS. Why? Since it’s no longer available for downloading, it is most likely destined for an official DVD release around the release date of the new movie.

This is just an educated guess, but the guys of “Of Gods and Men” are already in negotitations with the suits to legalize a DVD release. CBS / Paramount might want to secure marketing rights for these fan productions, which stopped being fanfilms a long time ago but became real Trek along the way…

Is that voice at the start of the trailer Majel Barrett Roddenberry?

Sure sounds like it!

re: streaming only.

All your fins are belong to us.

helenofirvine… good ear… :-)

Those movie era uniforms are pretty bad. One of the things New Voyages has always prided itself on was its attention to detail. They missed the mark on those uniforms. Just look at that mess that Rand is wearing. They remind me of the uniforms used on Universal Studios Star Trek Adventure.
Having said that I’m looking forward to watching this episode as much I did the previous episodes. Why–because I think they are great. It doesn’t make me ungrateful fan because I critique. It gives them an opportunity to take feedback and improve.

As quoted by; RobertMfromLI

“helenofirvine… good ear… :-)”

Absolutely! Majel’s intro caught me off guard. I didn’t expect that.

Heh. Three words: Streaming. Video. Capture.

Ok….Am I the only one here that noticed or had this download run somewhat choppy or slow? George Takei was excellent from what I seen and very natural – convincing (of course) he makes the others in the film look like High School Drama Students – at best. Its too bad these films suffer in that area.
I’d love to see this installment released on DVD as I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Lets all hope that happens. Perhaps they can and will get other legitimate actors from other Star Trek series in on this as this production would be greatly enriched from any contribution in that area.

Somebody on that production has given them access to third season music and other musical cues which have not been released to the public.

Streaming only? I just got disappointed…..
I have previously gotten hold of all the various media files and combined them into a single episode which I then dumped onto DVD/CD so I could enjoy the episode on a regular TV instead of my computer screen.

If that is not going to be possible and if the times when you can actually get to the streaming content is going to be restricted, I think a lot of people are going to be put off by this, myself included.

Some of the acting by principals is awful though, just awful. They need to to let the am drams go.

And fix Cawley/Kirk’s hair! Kirk was not Elvis. I rescind the latter if it is an artful tribute to Shatner’s wig of course.

Where does one get access to music and sound effects from all three seasons. That is the one aspect of all this that I have been impressed with. I’d love to have those in my library.

Looks interesting. That picture of the Excelsior crew bothers me though. Is that really how the bridge will look in this episode. It looks way too CGI. I would rather they just re-use the Enterprise bridge than use a CGI set that cheesey.

The ships look beautiful!

Oh… and Takei really does look great! They really need to make a TV movie for Sulu and crew!!!

# 33 Yes Demode: Paramount could have banked on some HUGE bucks IF they decided to go and make a series when Sulu was in that flashback episode (or whatever) on Voyager. Its still NOT 2 late but the those in charge just lack the brains to see the great opportunity thats waiting for them and because of that we all have to suffer and do without. I’m certain that George Takei would have some excellent input as to what would work and so on as far as stories for his character. Lets hope Paramount wakes up. Maybe we can start a writing as loyal fans for that very purpose? Anything is possible!

fan films = meh

sorry but thats how i feel

Cresendo Records released a CD containing a large library of sound FX from the trek series and even the animated series. Additionally, there are literally between 12 – 15 CD out there if you hunt for them of mucis from the different Trek series, mostly the original. Some have been re-worked into suites while others contain music cues by episode. And yes… some the cues used have been alailable on LP or CD for over ten years.

If I dig out the collection, I’ll pust album/CD titles and catalogue numbers for all the US releases.

Is that Grace lee Whitney in the background or Zelda…

The likeness is uncanny…

why do Takei and Konig etc appear in this stuff? Dont they get depressed midway through the shoot when they remember that they used to be in the actual show? and now have to appear with an Elvis impersonator (who dosnt look anything like Elvis) instead of the legendary Shat?

It is my understanding that the episode will be availible for download, but will premeire live through streaming technology.

Excelsior is one ugly lookin ship…

38 – I agree. Cawley is his own worst enemy. He is a terrible actor, totally wooden and bland. Because he insists on playing Kirk, that makes the whole NV effort hopelessly amateurish.

I gave up on the new voyages after the last one. They have achieved incredible technical goals but most of the actors are not up to either the cast of TOS or TNG. And the writing is Way to Eden bad.

I am reminded of my most favorite capsule review of all time from my college newspaper reviewing Pink Floyd: -The Wall: “Those who enjoy this type of music will be in ecstacy. I am not, therefore I was not.”

I wish them all the best but I’m holding out for Abrams.

The Excelsior Bridge is NOT cgi, it is a practical set. Although I admit in that shot above, it looks a bit strange. It was built at gigapix studios in California. The movie era uniforms are very expensive to recreate and those that were used, were loaned to the production by fans Kathy Pillsbury and Max Cervantes, they were not perfect but certainly do look quite Good in the actual episode. Please remember that some of the images you are seeing are early promotional materials that were made available before certain elements were made final. The preview you are seeing does Not even have the Final visual effects and it is actually missing many effects shots, from the live action sequences.

Streamed only? I presume they mean streamed first. To spend so much effort on the episode and then only offer it as a dodgy streamed version seems like madness.

By the way, You all might want to check out Daren Dochterman’s review of the episode over at Daren was not a fan of fanfilm’s either, but take a read…….

I find the NV eps FAR more entertaining than any VOY or ENT ep ever was.
They (AND the excellent Exeter) really understand the true spirit of Trek.

And Cawley of all people should be on top of the uniform thing, so there are really no excuses for screw-ups in that area, IMHO.

I get more of a thrill waiting for and watching these episodes than I did for real Trek, well at least since TNG went off the air.

wow its James Cawley on talkback!

James Cawley has been on talkback before.

#44-By the way, You all might want to check out Daren Dochterman’s review of the episode over at Daren was not a fan of fanfilm’s either, but take a read…….

Fantastic effort on your part. Even though I don’t care much for fanfilm, NV has managed to recapture the essence of what made Classic Trek so great, in a way Modern Trek never did, or could even remotely fathom. My congratulations, from a guy who’s trekked 40 years.

Though, honestly, your efforts are wasted on a certain demographic of the fanbase, who live to parse everything down to the bone and split hairs down to a subatomic level on the littlest details. But I’m certain you’ll get used to it, and, as time goes on, you’ll learn to tune them out just like the rest of the civilized world of fandom have, and the powers that be that governs it all have done over the years.

Keep On Trekking.;)

Hey James Cawley – giving your opinions on the new film? e.g – do you think its good that they are going back to TOS as opposed to the TNG era? Are you hoping it’ll totally respect canon – not deviating too much from whats been established in TOS and movies? who are you hoping gets cast as Kirk and Spock etc?

do you yourself have any info on it at all?

what about Shatners recent statement that hes not in it and Nimoy is? (do you know if The Shat is aware or approves of NV?)

also whats your opinion of the remastered eps – good idea or not