Kissing Goodbye To Shatner As Kirk?

In the last week we have learned that William Shatner is probably not going to be in the next Star Trek movie and a week from now we may very well know who the next Kirk will be. Regardless sometime soon Kirk will be embodied by a new actor and Shatner will be a bit like Sean Connery to the Bond franchise (beloved, but not the ‘current’ star). So for our Friday Night Movie it feels appropriate to give our favorite captain one last big kiss.

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They found someone of some merit and obviously they could tell us. It would be to their advantage IF they did. Why all the secrecy? The sooner the better!

premature osculation if you ask me

Speaking of Robert April (#2), I watched an episode of “Have Gun Will Travel” called “The Hanging of Roy Carter” today and one of the characters was named Chaplain Robert April. The episode was written by – you guessed it – Gene Roddenberry…

Good to hear the Bee Gees.
Oh, and having anyone but Shatner play Kirk is stupid, stupid, stupid.


That is pretty cool. Where was “Have Gun Will Travel” showing?

You know, whether back then…the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, the 2000’s…THE SHAT is THE MAN!!!! He’s had some rough times, but man, I’d love to have been in his shoes throughout that video. Heck, even for the last 10-15 seconds of it, especially! He really did get his share for a 3 season show!

It’s gonna be tough to get used to a “different Kirk.”

Come, come, #4. Young minds, fresh ideas.

Can I say it for you, Stanky? “Aye, and if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon…”

it was the best or times it was the worst of times

If they are going to replace the Shat as Kirk…maybe it is best to simply retire the character.

I mean, this is Star Trek…not Doctor WHO?

What is “Craig’s Bond?” Some sort of dental adhesive?

Sorry, I’ve not been into Bond since Brosnan. Sometimes changing actors does lose you fans. No disrespect to any other Bonds…but, enough is enough. Hey, that could be the title of the next Bond Film…

“00.007: Enough is Enough, Already!”

“Never Say Never Again.”

How about a “Bring Back Connery” thread?


And the new Bond movie could feature John de Lancie as Q.

oh boy…Jim really had a way with the ladies that vid is getting me hot….great video thanks Anthony

and some of you people seem to acting like you are just hearing about Kirk being recast. You have had a year to get to grips with this. Guys I hate to break it to you but Shatner *was* Kirk.

I would rather see a new Kirk and TOS live again than another TNG retread or spinoff.

If Shatner’s not in the movie, I can only hypothesize that he asked for too much money. Can’t believe it was the writers’ inability to come up with a valid but simple plot point to bring him back. Just gimme a simple line of dialogue such as, “Spock, you really pushed the envelope by using the slingshot effect to rescue me from that falling bridge!” or “Spock, good thing you were able to sneak through the Guardian of Forever and save my butt…you’ve…got a bad habit of saving your captains in violation of Starfleet.”

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that the Shat and JJ have planned all this out, and that Bill will appear at the very end of the movie.

The shot of Kirk putting his boot on was pretty suggestive and racy for the time…..

Here is a great trivia question! How many different actresses has Shatner kissed in his role as Kirk?

If Shatner’s not in it. Who cares about ST XI?

Is this going to go on for 500+ posts like last week?
We all new the classic characters were being re-booted.
It just would be nice to see the torch being passed with some sort of on-screen blessing, and allow Shatner to have a final bow, as it were, as opposed to the euthanasia that Berman Bragga & Moore performed on the character in ‘Generations’.
It wouldn’t be bad for box-office, either.

It wouldn’t have fit the style, but throughout that video I was hoping it would jump to McCoy’s “What IS IT with you?” at the end.

As for no Shat in XI, although I’d enjoy seeing him as much as anybody, I can also respect the notion that Generations, as flawed as it was, will not be undone for the sake of fan service. Kirk’s death scene has always seemed a little tongue-in-cheek because the door was always open (off-screen) to his resurrection being contrived at a later date. Knowing in hindsight that Kirk never did come back might give his death scene a little more weight upon review. And we’ll still have the Shatnerverse for those who like resurrections, cross-overs, and cameos galore.

I still don’t believe Shatner’s been totally excluded from the new movie. I’m inclined to agree with #16 that there may be something going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. Abrams and company must know the fans want to see Shatner, so they are hopefully doing what they can to garner his involvement. We will learn soon enough what’s going on with this film, but I’m not holding out for any contrived explanations for an apparent resurrection. I suspect any Shatner appearance will have a certain amount of ambiguity around it so that each fan will be allowed to draw their own conclusions.

bAHHH!!! Bring back Shatner! This is sci-fi! If they can bring in Nimoy, they can bring back Shatner.

I don’t believe in the no-win scenario!

It’s not too late…hear me please!! Don’t give up the last chance to bring back Kirk and Shatner as Kirk. This is the last opportunity to right some terrible wrongs!! I am hanging on to hope.
There are always ….possibilities.

“I don’t believe in the no-win scenario!”

#23: That should be our catch phrase to bring back Kirk!

Shatner asked for to much money. The writers have claimed they want him in it, he says he wants in it, so why isn’t he.

Plain and simple folks. He asked for the much dollar

Young Kirk played by a different actor will be quite amusing, how much Shatner does he dare rip off without looking like a complete idiot?


Remember that nice little imaginary prologue to start off the Movie that you wrote a while back?

Well as promised to you and anyone else that’s vaguely interested, I’ve finally got round to putting up my own attempt at a speculative Movie intro showing some things that I would love to see in J.J.’s Movie, although it sounds like it will be a million miles away from what I get.

So for your delectation ( or evisceration! ), go back a few threads to the one titled “QUINTO RELISHES THE SPOCK RUMOURS”. It took a little while so I’ve had to do it over posts 36 to 42.

Looking forward to what “ComicCon” throws at us… ;)


#11 Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP

Seems like you might like a read of my little wished for TOS-era Movie intro too good sir. Looks like it’s a bit closer in tone than what we may end up with. See details in post #28. Enjoy.

yeh shat was great i admit that. He’s a role model and inspiration for us all. But as Star Trek: New Voyages has proven new people can play Kirk. James Cawley has certainly done a job of that over the last 4 years and he’s gotten better and better.

Shatner was the first and he’ll not be forgotten. Not in a long run but its certain that people can play this character other than Shatner.

Shatner is a legend. I admit and sometimes it brings a shed of doubt about it. But what any actor needs to do is not be shatner being kirk but be themselves being kirk.

Cawley has gotten to that point on NV where hes no longer “Cawley playing Shatner playing Kirk” but “Cawley playing Kirk”

Every actor brings something different to the characters in the same way that each of te actors who have played Bond or Superman or Batman.

Christopher Reeve made us believe a man could fly but Brandon Routh did a good job replacing him.

Connery is legendary and Moore and Brosnan came close and i have hope for Craig.

Batmans… im a fan of Keaton myself but then tehres West, Clooney, Kilmer and also Christian Bale

so whats the harm in it happening to the Enterprise crew… NV certainly do it well now.

There is still a lot of time before this movie’s release date. At the convention, and certainly on the talk-show circuit, Shatner has indicated his awareness of the fans’ hopes and desires, Abrams appears to be a smart guy;
So… we, the fans are playing into their hands with the speculation and pre-production buzz.
If Shatner doesn’t return as Kirk, it will only be due to negotiation break-down.
Greed and Ego will kill Kirk more effectively than falling from a bridge.
I still maintain that when Shatner remarked that there was no part for him, he implied that he was unhappy with what was there.

I usually just lurk and read this stuff, but here goes. All those years ago I was one of those wearing a “Bring Back Star Trek” button. What we are encountering here is a new cultural phenomenon. Over the years different genres have had their icons. Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Buck Rogers and so on. Thing is these were all characters brought to life on the 2 dimensional medium…paper. Books, comic strips etc. We imagined what the printed matter gave us in our minds eyes. So when different actors played the parts over the years it was simply a different take on the written page. Things are different whether you are talking Trek, Bewitched or Gilligan’s Island because the characters here were brought to life by actors not by our minds eye. Universally there will ever be only one Gilligan or Samantha or even Kirk. Closer your eyes and hear the phrase…”Hey little buddy” and what do you see? Or more appropriately WHO do you see? Funny thing is from my point of view is this tidbit that people are missing on…just a few years ago I was aching over Generations…bidding a farewell to my Trek heroes and listening to everyone tell me TOS is dead, TNG is the way now. The TOS actors are too old and the TOS universe is out dated. My question is…if those genius’s were so correct then, why is it now were are rebooting TOS???


This chap is indeed a genius. Here, here. Lurk no more.

Re 33: It’s “hear, hear” not “here, here” like you’re calling a dog!

Re 32: Bah. Many people never read the Bond novels before they saw Connery play him on the big screen. For them, Connery was THE embodiment of Bond. But nevertheless people adapted when others took on the role.

The whole “nobody can replace the original actors” bit is lame. Would that same concept hold true for a stage play or a musical? Nobody but Michael Crawford can play the Phantom in the musical Phantom of the Opera? Nobody can replace the original actor who played Hannibal Lector? Oops, that wasn’t Anthony Hopkins, it was Brian Cox in “Manhunter!”

See? People make the transition all the time.

Ask and artist to paint a scene with Tarzan in it and you could get anything possible, probably not even an actor’s face or likeness, but ask some one to paint a scene with Capt. Kirk and you will get Shatner’s likeness.

Well indeed anybody with money can try to replace or rather play the role. But a whole lot of the other reboots from the 60’s have crashed.

Fascinating though that #34 referred to 2D characters defend his P.O.V.

Obviously he’s entitled to his view and I want to respect that, but I still disagree specifically with most things created on the “tube” in the 60’s.

They tried to return to the Ponderosa without Lorne Greene, it flopped.

“Ask and artist to paint a scene with Tarzan in it and you could get anything possible, probably not even an actor’s face or likeness, but ask some one to paint a scene with Capt. Kirk and you will get Shatner’s likeness.”

Yeah. That’s just because nobody else has played Kirk…YET! Duh!

“Fascinating though that #34 referred to 2D characters defend his P.O.V.”

Please! You don’t know what a 2D character is, do you? And it’s not like Kirk’s the most compicated guy since Hamlet… (That would be Picard.)

#32-The same “geniuses” who’re just dumb enough to think they can pull a fast one this time around, I’m guessing.

Regarding this debate, there are plenty of those TNG Era segregationists who have underwent what I refer to as a “situational catharsis” regarding the relaunch of ST who, not even 2 years ago would’ve self-imploded over the thought of Trek returning to its roots, let alone debased themselves by embracing it. Now, it’s a different story. There’s no “TOS” or TNG, DS9, or VOY or ENT fan, there’s just Star Trek now. After all, we’re all just one, big happy Federation, aren’t we? Well, we ain’t, especially now.

I don’t remember all this “familial love” during the 80s & 90s. “TOS” was called “The Old Series,” “The Obsolete Series,” You name it. So, what I’m getting at, if equilibrium’s the natural state of things, and water seeks its own level, what’s makes them think, if “TOS” fans were excluded then, they should be INCLUDED now in this particular endeavor? They ain’t got anywhere else to go. Well, they ain’t wanted in the new regime either, and it’ll become apparent as time goes on, despite what they think among themselves, patting each other on the back and complimenting each other on their pointless arguments and suggestions on everything and nothing of particular import.

If they think for a moment that “TOS”-only fans are gonna allow them to muscle in our OUR turf, think again. Ain’t gonna happen, kiddies. You’re about as relevant in. They have no say whatsoever in anything, except in their own minds, and in knots of insulated, self-important cells of internet cliques and web-based watering holes that exist in a static warp bubble of their own imagined importance in the scheme of things. this [pun intended] new “enterprise” as a bucket of ice cubes in a blast furnace, and about as influential.

Let’s be consistent: If “TOS” was lame, outdated [FILL IN THE BLANK] then, by golly, then it still is. Nothing’s changed, and neither has their duplicity. If they love TNG-ENT so much, get lost and go split hairs and whittle what’s left of them down to the molecular level, and cease issuing edicts on anything regarding Star Trek’s future already, and leave it to the ones who never abandoned it AND, more importantly, to those in the future who’ll come to embrace it. There’ll be more than enough new fans to keep that scenario going for at least the next 25 years.

Believe it.

“Let’s be consistent: If “TOS” was lame, outdated [FILL IN THE BLANK] then, by golly, then it still is. Nothing’s changed”

Please, Shadow. First you say the new movie’s going to suck because it’s going to change everything around and not resemble TOS at all. Then you claim that if you thought TOS sucked then this new movie will suck too, because it’s still TOS.



I’m aware of the proper usage. You missed the point, as usual, with all of the skill a blind man attempt to hit the side of a mountain with another one.

The only “dog” around here, here is that one barking up the wrong tree, and who should know better.

Re 39 —

Weak! But nice try. ;-)


You’re barking again…

Here, here! Oops…


That “dog” won’t hunt…

By 2D I was referring to being created on paper as opposed to 3D an actor, excuse the misdirection.

I recall a problem with Nimoy and Paramount using his likeness in a Heineken beer ad in the UK. Even though other people have played Spock, Nimoy is Spock. Many different Trek comics out there, if Shatner et al were not so important to the recognition of the characters then Paramount should not have trouble in substituting a set of faces to portray the same characters? They did so when the show came out and the Gold Key comics were licensed. Sure you can say it was all about the artist, but Paramount pulled the Leaf Photo card in ’67 because they were badly done, still with the cast. Point here I’m trying to make is yeah you can recast another image…will it work? Well all I can say is I crossed my arms and shook my head when “Generations” came out and with stood the indignities. TNG got off one good film, the rest bombed. Think about it, when they gave the heave ho to Clayton Moore in the 70’s they legally banned him from wearing a mask in public, Ray Ban sunglasses came to his rescue with Ranger glasses. The movie made with an Italian actor who could not speak his lines in English bombed.

Another question is what’s gonna be in this guy’s (whoever) contract?

Who gets the money from Captain Kirk dolls. comics etc.? I bet you credits to Navy beans the doll will either be nondescript to avoid any payments or they will continue with Shatner’s image.

I thought we kissed Shatner goodbye as Kirk when he was killed in “Generations”?

After watching Shatner/Kirk sucking face in that video, ….. I think we may have found patient zero and the largest source of herpes.

Oh, please. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.

In many ways, I’m glad that I am a sort of lone fan of Trek where I am. That way I don’t have to be told why I like what I like. I can just like it if it’s good to me. I listen to all the TNG bashers and all the TOS poo-pooers going at each other and it starts to sound like the Trek version of the Rush Limbaugh show. People keep spouting the same parroted ideas and nobody says anything fresh. Half of these threads degenerate into “no it isn’t”, “yes it is” garbage and nothing new is dicussed. In a mature manner at least. I say we should just strip this argument down to the bare ideas. Do any of you think that this new movie should be made or should live-action Trek die? Because that is the choice that we are dealing with here. Don’t go quoting lines like “there are always alternatives” and “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario”. Just straight-up, black and white. Yes or no.

And I mean no disrespect to the people on this site who do try to have intelligent, unheated discussions. I like all Star Trek. I think Josh brought up a good point about the failing of Enterprise on that comic book thread and I agreed with him. But unless you have a real reason to not like one of the shows, shut up. If you just don’t like it, quit trying to elevate yourselves over the people who do like it. We are all equals here, regardless of our social status, income, race, sex, or age. Quit with the elitism.
We are all Geeks.

It was reported early on that Shatner and Nimoy have authority over who is cast as Kirk and Spock. There is more to this story than we have been told. Hpoefully, all will be revealed soon.



Man, Diana Muldaur was hot !
(Roddenberry liked her so much he brought her back for the Earth II pilot)

But, as for Kirk being the macdaddy, can really we count the time when Kirk was Sargon?

(or when he has under the influence of some alien plant root or mind control?)

And what DID he do to Helen Noel that she was so angry with him, anyhow?

Helen NOEL… and he’d boffed her at a Christmas Party. Hah. Someone in the writer’s room had a sense of humor!

Come on, people, how would you cast Shatner as Kirk?

I’d accept him as an unseen narrator, but that’s it.

Shatner is a better actor than he was 40 years ago. But, he’s also an actor who is 60 pounds heavier with jowls the size of New Hampshire. The only Kirk that Shatner can believably play is that of a fat old windbag. Do you want that?

Nimoy can still play Spock because he’s not fat and doesn’t have state-sized jowls and because the last time we saw Spock he wasn’t getting any younger.

In other words, Nimoy as Spock is believable. Shatner as Kirk is not.