Vegas Con 07 – Nimoy uses comments to make a point [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] After being introduced as ‘the star of the new Star Trek movie,’ Leonard Nimoy hit the stage in Vegas, took off his jacket, and turned around to reveal his T-Shirt was emblazoned with “#1 Vulcan” on the back (sending the standing room only crowd of thousands into a frenzy). After things settled down he wryly said “I can’t imagine what you want to hear about today.” Spontaneously the crowd started chanting “movie! movie! movie!” Nimoy started off by saying “I’ve been on the Internet the last two days and what is amazing to me how people are spending their time on these blogs and website –  – hundreds of people are on there expressing their opinions about what should be done with Star Trek next. People who have never directed a Star Trek episode, people who have never directed a film, people who have never directed traffic – are voicing their opinions about what to do with the next Star Trek movie. It is fascinating.” He then pulled our a sheet of paper and I knew what was coming next!

He opened up his ‘reading’ by quipping “You know the Vulcan philosophy is infinite diversity in infinite combinations – and we are getting it I’ll tell you.” He noted that he would read ‘some of the milder ones’ because others could not be read in public (thanks a lot guys!). And then the Original Spock read some from some of the selected comments from his Interview posted last week. (The ones he chose were all from the Part 2 thread):

Out of literally hundreds of hours of TV, there are only a handful that I think could pass as Star Trek. Not that they are bad, they just aren’t STar Trek…not in look, not in style, not in story. I’m excited about this movie because, after 20 years of watching shows that had Star Trek in the title, I might actually see a movie that lives and breathes the words rather than just put them on the screen. (jonboc)

Nimoy added "O.K., O.K"

By bringing in Nimoy and Shatner they are killing the opportunity to re-make/re-invigorate Trek.As a fan I’m dissapointed at the lack of originality here. [Crowd boos] They keep going back to the little old TV tube to satisfy a bunch of old trekkies who’d see the movie anyway.I,for one,would like to see a total rethinking that is unencumbered by the past. (JON)

Hey, remember how in Star Wars, Yoda’s ears drooped down to signify his advanced age? Let’s hope they don’t do the same with Spock! (Harry Ballz)

the original crew peaked in their roles in STIV in the mid-80s and it was downhill after that. (Dom)

but Nimoy noted that Dom redeemed himself later in his post by saying Star Trek VI was a good solid send off

The official scorekeeper has called this thread off on account of boring. All parties are to report to their respective locker rooms and towel off. The new topic of debate shall be how pointy should Spock’s ears be and what a violation of canon they are. Also the new movie will reveal that Spock’s first name is going to be “Timmy”. (THX-1138)

Nimoy (and the crowd) got a good laugh out of that one…and the ‘Timmy’ thing came up again later on [more in next article]

The Point of all that was…
Nimoy finished his reading by noting “so many experts…so many opinions.” He then went on to describe how the studio was all over him when he was directing Star Trek III, but that with Star Trek IV he wanted and they allowed him total freedom. Nimoy recounts “the training wheels are off we want you to make your Star Trek.” He also noted that the film turned out to have the biggest box office of any Trek film ever. And then got to the point.

I tell you that for a reason. They turned me loose and let me have my vision and let me make a movie. And I say they have hired a very talented director and very talented writers. We have to turn them loose and let them make their movie. We have to have faith in these people. I understand everybody wants to be a director and everybody has an opinion. People say ‘if they don’t do it this way I am not going to go see it and if they don’t do it that way I’m only going to see it once.’ But I think we have to give these talented people the chance to make this movie. And let’s rejoice in the fact that they are good  and talented people and I think they are going to re-invigorate the franchise…I really do.



Nimoy makes dream come true for young fan
During the Q&A a young boy came to the mic to ask a question about what it was like to direct Star Trek movies. Nimoy asked the boy how old he was and if he had seen all the Trek films. The boy (James T. of Hawaii) said he was nine and that he had indeed seen all the films as well as almost every episode of all the series. Nimoy was so impressed with the young man he invited the him onto the stage and then on the spot decided that he would fly the James and his entire family out to the premiere of the new Star Trek movie. As the boy left the stage beaming Nimoy exclaimed “when people ask me ‘what is the future of Star Trek’…that is the future of Star Trek.”



Thanks for the plug!
I actually knew in advance that Mr. Nimoy was going to do be reading out comments (I had emailed him the links to the articles last week) and I had a quick moment backstage to say hi and thank him for the interview and for talking about the site. He asked "are they all like that?" to which I said of course not (right folks). I told him that the vast vast vast majority of website viewers never post (it is kind of like the dif between people who listen to talk radio vs. those who actually call in). So how about some of you lurkers coming out of the shadows and saying hi!


Shatner coming up soon.

I need to catch a plane and so my Shatner (and Shatner/Nimoy tag team) articles will not go up until early in the AM Monday…so check back.  This is Tony signing off from Las Vegas.



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