Game News: Details on ‘Conquest’ + ST: Online To Be Released in 2009

News on Star Trek: Conquest, 2007’s sole Trek game release, continues to trickle out. Now on Bethesda’s Blog Lead Designer Frank Arnot sheds more light on the Wii (and PS2) strategy game. Regarding the back story, Arnot describes it as a time where "all the major races are at war. Age-old alliances are forgotten, diplomacy is dead." So it would appear that although the game allows you to play as any of the combatants of the Dominion War (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, Breen & Cardasian), they are in 6 separate camps and not 2 alliances. Arnot also lets out that you will encounter Ferengi, Borg, Orion and Xindi (bringing them into the 24th century for the first time). More info on the on the Bethblog .

Star Trek: Online targeting 2009
During the CBS presentation at the Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas it was revealed that the MMORPG ‘Star Trek Online’ is slated to be released in early 2009 and definitely after the Christmas 2008 release of the new Star Trek feature film. has confirmed this is the new target date, but that it is still not the official date which will be set by game developer Perpetual (but it will certainly not be in 2008 as previously hoped). CBS Consumer Products Exec John Van Citters described the early work on the game as "stunning as far as the look and feel. It is really something different that hasn’t been done." Perpetual are still keeping a low profile on this exciting project, but we expect to hear much more from them during 2008. Until then there should be a few more updates on their ‘devblog’ plus there will be a ‘preview’ of the game on the upcoming HD-DVD release for TOS Remastered.


Star Trek 2008 – the movie – the game – will it suck?
As reported earlier Van Citters also stated that fans can expect a PC game tie-in to the new Star Trek feature film (but as of now there are no details or even a publisher picked for that). In an interview with Wired a few months back JJ Abrams (who is a gaming geek too) stated that he thought most licensed games sucked and that he would want to get involved with the development of this tie-in game. With his obscenely hectic schedule of films and TV shows it is hard to imagine him getting much involved, but anything can help. In the opinion of this writer there has never been a good Trek film tie-in game (which is too often the case with movie tie in games).


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“…and Xindi (bringing them into the 24th century for the first time).”

no, no, no, no, no, no…



It all sounds pretty interesting to me, i’m looking forward to trek online, just a shame we’ve gotta wait a little longer….

lol @ above comment.

Couple of nuggets, 2008 was always optimistic for STO.

Wish they would cut the strategy and make it similar to Knights of the Old Republic, with a movie-like, control one character setup. Those games are highly popular and will bring in excess profit. ^_^
And of course, I’m dying to play Spock, even if it’s only a fantasy computer game.

Games that just follow the script of the movie are dead. They should not be made.

Games like Birth of the Federation where it uses movie elements,but gives you total freedom are what does well.

I would sell so many souls if they made Birth of the Federation 2.

I’m with you URSEUS I love Birth of the Federation and still play it I really do wish they would make a Birth of the Federation 2.

If you ask me, the best Star Trek games, which really captured the essence of the shows/movies, were 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites for TOS, and ST:TNG and ST:TNG A Final Unity. Granted they weren’t very excited and too slow, but they were as close to an episode as you can get. Slapping Star Trek on another engine (Elite Force) doesn’t work for me. I’m also not a fan of Space Combat only games, strategy games, or plain action games for Star Trek.

What’s up with Wii and PS2 only? The graphics must be too poor for XBox 360, PS3, and PC but it seems like original XBox might sell a few copies too.

Video games are their own genre. Any licensed thing is doomed to be crap. The only good games were original ones. The reverse is almost true but I like the Resident Evil and Silent Hill films, noting I don’t play the games. If I did palay them I suspect I may not like their movies so much, LOL.

I do look forward to the MMORPG but I plan to meet and chat with people more than play any scenarios.

generations wasn’t that bad. i really enjoyed it! hidden evil of course was a bit boring. but also remember klingon honor guard and elite force II… and even legacy is quite nice with some modding, just like bridge commander!

6. urseus – August 13, 2007 – I loved Birth of the Federation but it wont work on my new PC, can any one tell me why??!! I would love to see a RTS Game, similar to Empire Earth II come out around star Trek as well, play from ENTERPRISE and go up to the 30th century.

The Realist you need the XP patch for it here’s the link

Hope you enjoy it.

Bringing the Xindi to the 24th century is a risky move. But it’s ok to have risk and it could actually pay off in the end. I’m more worried with the movie tie-in game, particularly how closely it will follow the movie’s plot. While gameplay is important, it shouldn’t cause the story to deviate too far from the movie’s, unlike the Transformers game.

Why the xindi? Enterprise is so controversial anyway, bringing Xindi into the fold would just add an exclusive element that just weirds out the game.

They need to look at the most popular ST games and go from there. Birth of the Federation being one of them.

How awesome would that be to see BOTF in up-to-date computer game graphics?

After all that where’s the Texas Hold’Em Tongo Edition? :p

Star Trek Conquest is gauranteed to be crap as for Online I can’t wait. (But I’m still cautious about it I don’t want to see too much change even though it’s set in the 2390’s or 2400’s)

Star Trek Online has the Okudas, John Eaves, Rick Sternbach and other star trek design veterans on full-time who are designing the sets and ships.

Stories are being thrown by TNG writers as well, from what I understand.

They’re really doing their research and I think Trek Online is going to BLOW SWG out of the water.


Star Trek Online (STO) is a controversial project. If you go to MMORPG STO blog and other various blogs like star trek online you will see. They worry about several issues
1) gameplay will be combat-focused and not uphold Trek ideals
2) standard MMORPG gameplay like WoW would be bad for STO
3) lack of player ship interiors would mean a standard shoot em up in space as opposed to teamwork and social interaction
4) cartoony graphics as opposed to more up to date graphics

13. ObiWanCon – August 13, 2007 – Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Thank you!!!

No problem The Realist happy to help a fellow fan of Birth of the Federation get to play it again.

Hey, I only read the first comment, but don’t down on the Xindi. I thought they were way cool.

The Realist , if your a big botf fan , try all the great mods on this site . i am sure you will love it ! i know i do . oh and there is birth of the fed 2 on its way , but it is fan made . lol look it up.

I think the Andorians would have been a better pick than the Xindi. Since there are five Xindi races, wouldn’t that get confusing?

Sam, check out the wiki for STO or the official website. STO isn’t following MMO rules, and is re-designing the entire MMO dynamic. There is no evidence to suggest it is controversial, other than among die-hard fans who want a real-world feel to the game, which STO has promised and detailed their in-game dynamic in podcast after podcast.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Wii game from Bethesda and CBS Consumer Products is another pump and dump Trek game.

The fact that they are releasing a game at the $29.99 price point when other Wii titles retail for $20 more indicates that they are not putting money into the development of this game and are just using the Christmas holiday to try and get some quick cash.

And while the Wii is the hot system, its bread and butter is the innovative motion control. This is great for action titles, but I really have a hard time seeing how this key feature could be implemented in a strategy game. *Wave controller forward toward screen to ENGAGE*

I hope that the movie people really take control any licensed game from CBS Consumer Products. They seem intent on feeding us garbage while in order to hit quarterly profit targets.

I’ve been very dissapointed about Bethesda’s lack of quality in their games. There was all of this hype that they had the licenses of all treks, but now it seems like someone ELSE needs to wrestle those licenses away so that maybe another company can make a game that HAS SUBSTANCE.

This is getting us nowhere, but at least it’s the scenic route.

J.J.’s right. Movie games do suck.

The best Star Trek’s games are Armada, Dominion Wars & Birth of the Federation.
Legacy, Starfleet Command, Bridge Commander & StarFleet Academy are very good games.