A Message from New Voyages’ James Cawley

Some of you may have noticed that both the streaming site for "World Enough and Time" as well as the main Star Trek New Voyages site are down or having problems.

UPDATE: StarTrekNewVoyages.com is back up, but MagicTime streaming video site warns that that "World Enough and Time" had to be taken down ‘temporarily.’

While the NV site was down I called James to offer TrekMovie.com to get a message out to the fans…see below

STNV Fans:

I want to thank all the fans for making the premiere such a success, but it appears were were not completely prepared for the amount of success we would get. We are currently moving the site and the streaming to new servers and will also be adding an option for downloading (which will help dial-up people). So we apologize for the delays for those who have not yet seen the new episode, but bear in mind we are not a big Hollywood studio. There should be more to say later in the day so if the site is not up yet check back here for an update.

– James Cawley

As more info becomes available we will provide more updates

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Yeah I was a little bummed about not being able to see it last night. Good to know! Good luck!

Although there were technical glitches, the episode was *extremely* good, if I may say so. You should be proud. Congratulations on a job well done, Mr. Cawley.

Anthony… Your a good man and I hope everything you do prospers.

I did not have the opportunity to watch WEaT last night, but I will if downloading becomes available. The most exciting thing I have to report is that my local 11:00 pm news (KNBC, Los Angeles) did a short piece about the screening and even played a couple of short clips from ( I presume)
WEaT; they were just a couple of short clips from bridge scenes. Still, it was nice to see this get some coverage in the mainstream media.

Anthony, once again-Thanks for being such a stand up guy. You get the answers to what eveyone is wondering. Thanks for the update. I am currently half way thru downloading the MOV format at a blistering 6.77 kb per second……..and I have DSL!

I kinda figured the live event aspect of this was overreaching. Still, it’s an exciting project. I’ll give it another shot tonight.
BTW — more compliments, since my last were kinda snotty:
Takei is great.
young Sulu and Chekov are also excellent. (good enough that JJ should take a hard look)
Nice SFX, although some look too advanced for TOS era.

(based on the 6 minutes I was able to view)

I let the thing load overnight. I’ll be able to watch it with no issues after work. It actually IS possible to download, but we should wait until they’re ready to do so out of respect for their work and copyrights.

I’m glad they are going to make it downloadable. It’s much more convenient and allows for the super duper high quality versions to be accessible.

As of now, I’ve watched 14 minutes of it. I won’t give spoilers so far, but I have to say, I’m enjoying it. My biggest issue with the Chekov episode was the ending and clearly, this episode gets New Voyages back within canon.

Takei’s performance so far is excellent. He LOVES playing Sulu and it shows. I hope this isn’t the final Sulu appearance for Takei.

It’s not really a spoiler since there were pictures involved, but just in case…

Seeing Excelsior was awesome. Originally, they wanted to do a strict 4th season as if the show continued. That would mean that they wouldn’t really know the future of the characters and certainly couldn’t show them. But I’m glad they’re getting away from that and are embracing that the TOS era was one period in their lives. They DO know where these characters are several decades in the future and are taking advantage of that.

That’s smart.

To me, the issue of “the effects are too advanced for the TOS era” is not important. I mean, even the remastered effects couldn’t be done back then. And this isn’t the reamstering project, so they aren’t limited by the question of “will this clash with the original effects?”

I would prefer awesome effects in the NV, since they are portraying the ST universe at that time period as real, not trying to make it look like a 60’s TV show. So I say, go all out to make it real and exciting while maintaining the overall flavor.

There’s NO QUESTION that the effects being advanced should not be an issue. That’s actually INCREDIBLE. That’s their biggest strength.

And this is being done on a shoestring budget.

If they could have done stuff like that in the 1960s, they sure as hell would have.

I must disagree. While details on the models are cool, some of the effects clash with others… in the same episode. Does the TOS Enterprise really zoom in and freeze with a thunderclap? It looks wrong. The cargo ship looks utterly different from other TOS ships. I like the Romulan ships, but I don’t know whether they really fit the period either. They’re more like the movie ships or ENT.
Just my opineeun.

#12 Did you ever see the starships attacking the borg in First Contact? Theres one shot when the Defiant is attacking, that looks like a guy is holding that and all the other ships with his hands they move so unnaturally. And thats a feature film!

I finally got a chance to watch the entire thing on the mirror site in the smaller size.

While I agree that an effects consistency would be good, and that some of the NV cast acting could continue to use work (particularly the ‘snicker’ that Cawley’s Kirk uses when he overemphasizes something), I thought that George Takei did an outstanding job as Sulu. There were only one or two moments where I felt a bit more polish could have been put on his performance, and the final scene as the camera pans away from the ship is priceless.

Thanks for the great episode. I really enjoyed it. You have work yet to do, NV staff, but your work continues to get better each outing.



If you are out there, I’d like to say keep up the great work.

I love the grass roots feel of your work. It’s for the fans by the fans. I really enjoy how you have captured the feel of the original.

The latest episode (with George Takei) is among the best Star Trek of the last 15 years.

I simply can’t understand why some people want to nit pick about such small details.

I agree that the series is not perfect, but I think people have to keep in mind this is a series by the fans. It’s not going to be perfect, but it truly does capture the feel of TOS. I

t’s a lot of fun and it keeps Star Trek in the public eye. How can that be a bad thing?

A. Thanks for the updates, Anthony. It’s good to know where we stand.
B. To NV people – good luck with that great operation. Don’t give up!

(who still wants to see WEAT)

15 – Nitpick is one word. (kidding!)

All kidding aside, I would be willing to bet that Cawley was a nit picker himself… he probaby had a membership with Phil Farrand’s Nitpicker’s Guild. I mean, what Trekker doesn’t nit-pick at times at least!

In fact, you’ll probably pick a nit with my post, and that’s OK. That’s what we do! LOL!


45 minutes in, and my download cut off. Crap. But now I’m getting the higher quality version. No worries. It will be watched. So far though, I definitely give this a thumbs up. Yes, it is their best work to date.

Takei is giving an outstanding performance.

I was able to view half the episode and was left wit hthe briefing room scene with older Sulu. I think you guys did an incredible job with FX and some decent acting from SOME actors. I hope to see the finish product soon.

Viewing this episode made me only hungry for Star Trek XI.

Father Rob:

Thanks for the correction on nitpick.

I’m a little dopey.

ive yet to figure out how to use a bit torrent any of you UBERGEEKS know what i need to download and then convert?…UBERGEEK is a compliment by the way :)

The streaming site is back online, and now it’s really moving. Too late here for me to wait for the episode to “fill”. I’ll try again tomorrow morning/noon.

After watching the WEaT episode, I have to say the acting performances of most of the actors have improved drasticallysince the last episode. I would even go so far as to nominate “James Cawley” as a possible successor to William Shatner, in Trek XI. He’s not an identical Kirk to Shatner’s Kirk, but he does the role quite well. I think it would be quite beneficial to him if he were cast in a professional production. He has the potential to become a great actor. The actor playing Spock isn’t half-bad either :)

However, the actor playing Scotty DEFINITELY needs to work on his acting. His scottish accent is dreadful :P

All in all, the episode gets a 10/10 from me. Best episode yet.

Love the Cawley. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THE CAWLEYYYYYYYY, but Father Rob hit the mark with the what he called the snicker he makes before he says ever line, hope ya dont take offense to it James, BIG SUPPORTER, you must notice you do that. and slap the makeup artist the gothed your eyes JAMES T KIRK would never wear mascarra(that heavy) lol….but great job JIMMY ME BOY

I just finished watching WEAT. I stand impressed. Easily their best work to date.

There was noticable improvement in much of the acting. Mr. Cawley spent the off bridge portion of the movie being Kirk–not being Shatner being Kirk. There is hope for him yet!

The writing was really very good. And I loved the stuff on Excelsior, from the inventive spin around switch from old to young Sulu to Rand getting to finally sit in the center seat and the inclusion of Demora.

George–outstanding work. I am glad you got that opportunity.

My only complaint? The presence of Andy Bray made official the fact that the climax of the previous episode was a complete and total cheat. But with this episode, they are moving in the right direction so I will finally let that particular nitpick go away.

Mr. Cawley–congratulations. You’ve won back a fan who was ready to depart.

Im wondering when the night in 1969 will take place,,,,the to serve all my days version that has the explaination of what happened in that episode as to why he was in the next episode(which by the way was wayyyyyyyyy underutilized) he never even got to act with George.Bray is by far a standout in the cast.

#21 – Voodoo, I was making a joke, not trying to correct you.


Got 6 1/2 minutes tonight before the webcast core imploded into interstellar tachyons.

Not worried. I’ll catch it whenever. I do think your previous method of splitting the eps into five or six chunks is more likely to succeed.

Looking forward to viewing it next week!

Good work, guys!

I hate to say this after so many had so many problems, but it streamed perfect for me the first time……????

Got the high-res torrent, burned it to DVD so I could watch on the big(ger) screen.

The script of this episode is outstanding and one of the best Star Trek stories ever. I feel sorry for any Trek fan who can’t see that. It’s Sulu’s “The City on the Edge of Forever” and “The Inner Light” rolled into one, and it delivers the emotion of those episodes even though we never see the world Sulu went to. It’s all in the acting.

This is the first STNV with a completely original music score and it makes a huge difference in making this episode more powerful. It doesn’t matter that it’s not 1960s-style music, it works.

Nitpick the amateur players’ acting if you want but this is their best effort yet. The characters are scripted perfectly and the performances are at least adequate to tell the story. It hardly matters because George Takei and Broadway pro Christina Moses do the heavy lifting, and Spock is so good this time I’m sorry he’s being replaced! John Lim is charming and excellent as young Sulu, even though he doesn’t have the physique Takei had 40 years ago. Hit the gym, Lim!

I’ve never seen anything quite like it… (Correction: I’ve seen seventy nine things almost exactly like it.)

This episode truly measures with my own opinion and the “warm fuzzies” I get when I watch my most favorite episodes from my favorite cast and crew.

I won’t nitpick. Really. Sure, there are things I could point out, but why – when all I want to do is thank you (with tears still in my eyes, from the final scenes of the episode) for bringing back my “family.”

The story took me home, Mr. Cawley.

That was simply the most impressive performance of your Star Trek career, Mr. Takei. Tears. I’m actually crying.

Thank you all.

Thank you so much.


Cameron Martin

I still can’t get past the acting. Sorry. It’s mostly horrible, and keeps me from getting into the story.

#33 I simply cannot take any post you make seriously with a nick like that. Really….do you need to be on a site like this with a name like that?


Does anyone’s anonymous nickname matter? It’s ridiculous but I’m sure it’s deliberate.

That aside, I agree with him. I wish I could get into these but I just can’t.

Sean…back to the topic at hand then. I respect your opinion and others regarding NV…that is your right. The same as I cannot stand to watch some episodes of various projects made by main stream television. I was commenting on this persons relentless ability to post negative aspects in all forums. I may have made a hasty and misinformed post…and for that I apologize to both of you. It has been a long day and I have a bad habit of posting before I think.

I eagerly await downloading this new episode from James Cawley and Co. I know before even seeing it the show will exceed 97% of today’s tv fare…just surfing cable last night made me convinced of that!!
Keep up the good work Mr. Cawley!!

Saw it tonight, with a laptop hooked up to our plasma TV. It is worthy of a TV broadcast, and should be. It’s definitely the best NV episode by light years, and they should all be proud. You have to accept that it is still an amateur production (although there are few differences now on this show), and therefore I won’t nitpick the acting by some of the cast.

When thinking of this as a fan-made movie, I’d give it a 10 out of 10, home run. If I were told this was a professional production and broadcast on Paramount or Sci-Fi, then 8 or 9 out of ten. And that is truly amazing when some other shows on those two networks I’d give only 4 or 5.

So this is Excellent! Enjoy!

NV guys you should be proud. Two thumbs up. Thanks for a truly great Star Trek episode.

I would agree on Cawley, as well. He still produces that sour lemon expression when punctuating his lines, but he was much better. Jeff Quinn’s Spock was exceptionally good this time around, once you get used to his unusual appearance. Shame he’s leaving. John Kelley’s (Bones) screentime was limited to minimize damage, but even he was better. The guest actors were all very good.

Root needs work, a lot of work.

I found the music a little overpowering and prefer Exeter’s. It was an original score but not out of place.

The quiet character moments made this one feel like a real episode, not just geeks in costume. Great job.

I did see about 8 minutes on attempt number 3. Got far enough to hear some of the new music. That’s great! Keep pushing for new stuff. It may not be a clone of TOS, but it’ll have a life of its own. Have confidence in your work, guys! I can’t wait to see the rest.

Message to James Cawley: If you keep getting writers like this, you’re gonna have a bonafide hit on your hands. I literally had tears running down my face during some moments in this episode.

George T. definitely used his acting chops in this one. Kinda does make one wonder what he’d done with an Excelsior series (if even, just for a moment). Though it was cheesy, I kinda got a kick out of the older Sulu/Spock exchange right before the mind meld. Kinda had an undertone to George’s sexuality, yet did it in a subdued and humorous way. NOT sure if I’ll be able to handle the next episodes “hit you on the head” theme or not, no matter who wrote it.

Cawley, your Kirk is getting better, “the Spock” is getting better (a shame he’s gone in the next one), “the McCoy” showed improvement, Checkov and Uhura do OK, but I wasn’t overly thrilled with either Scotty or young Sulu.

The guests, all of them, were simply OUTSTANDING!

All in all, a huge success. Now, if Darren D. does all the effects for you in the future (not just the main titles) and you keep improving as dramatically, you may really have something special and ongoing.

Keep up the good work. My signature name reflects how much I think you are improving as Kirk, Mr. Cawley. You know I love “the Shat”, but, for you……

No magic tonight! How about making WET downloadable like you have with your previous episodes? If you’re going to advertise that you have a new ST episode coming out, I’m pretty sure heaps of ST fans out there will be viewing it at the same time. It beats me how MagicTime couldn’t figure this out.

Wow. That has to be the best piece of television I have ever seen.
Sure there are nitpicks and possible improvements but if you allow yourself to be swept up in the narrative of the story… I don’t cry at T V shows and here I am typing with the tears still streaming…. incredible…
I won’t spoil the story but its one of the best trek episodes ever written and I’m sure it touches chords with everyone that sees it.


I don’t think it was anything that necessitated an apology. I just thought it was funny you thought his username somehow indicated he didn’t have a right to post on the site. I’ve seen some pretty absurd usernames here and elsewhere, but they usually aren’t indicative of what the person has to say. I have no idea what he’s said elsewhere, so there may be more to the story than I’m aware.

I know what you mean about regular old TV – there are shows on air that I simply am astounded made it passed a table of executives. Still, I can’t say New Voyages does it for me any more than those shows do. I do think it’s admirable that they’ve accomplished what they have, and it’s not as though I can’t seperate the concept of ‘fanfilm’ & a professionally made production in my head. I think they belong in two different categories.

But then the issue becomes, these guys don’t *want* to be in a seperate category. They want these ‘officially’ released in some way. Well that’s something else entirely. In that instance, these have to be put under a microscope and be able to stand up to critical scrutiny. And right now, the acting simply doesn’t cut it. Admittedly, there have been some ‘professional’ releases of Trek that I didn’t think should have made it to the table either, but they usually featured redeeming qualities of some sort.

I suppose if I could have seen it I would have loved it…

NV did not think through the technical issues at all and this one… A case of “magical thinking” on their part by non-IT people…

“If we build it, they will come” is most certainly true. Just that they let a farmer build a baseball stadium… and what do you get? Long lines of cars on a single dusty dirt road going back for 20 miles…

Kinda like what happened with NV’s WEAT…


Saw most of it at SFX in Toronto today, courtesy of Ron Boyd.
Audience was suitably impressed, and it looked GREAT when shown on a big screen. A vast improvement over earlier efforts.
With the right acting coach, all criticisms in this area could be solved.
The dedication of the NV crew shows, and they’re really making it work.

Just finished low quality test stream in my hotel room. By far, the best ep so far. Writing & story on another level entirely.
Jeff Quinn’s best performance. Too bad he’s gone.
James C.- Yep, you’re the Captain. We believe!
Interesting how in preview of next ep, Phase II designs creeping in.
Overall, a monumental effort.
Trek lives on!

Wow! Saw the whole thing today on my television via comp hookup. 5 Stars, best yet! Charles Root did great and this was by far the best Kirk by James and best Spock by Jeff. The whole STNV cast did very well and George was superb, not over the the top. John was great as young Sulu and the story was riveting. Effects, sets & wardrobe were great as well, hats off to the whole cast & crew. Bravo!

Got to say that this ep was the best so far. it FELT like star Trek. Takai was classy as always and the script was pure Star Trek. I didn’t feel the last one hit that chord very well. This one was spot on, and it was great to see Sulu’s character developed a bit.


As the production improves, and the music improves and the effects improve and the stories – How does the producer begin to address/ask his friends to kick it up a notch?

That’s the hard one!

I am disappointed that we are losing Jeff Quinn’s (albeit a young!) Spock.

Charles Root as Scotty and the Actor playing McCoy could each use some work. but Jeez, overall that was a very satisfying episode.

Thank you again, James Cawley & Company.


I don’t see any reason why CBS would object to you charging us a bit for “Streaming Bandwidth only” (50 cents each, On a voluntary basis) until your full licensing deal is worked out.

and PS- George Takei- In (mostly) your own words from ST VI-

“Nice to see you in the chair, one more time.”