Star Trek Movie To Get Vulcan Premiere?

The residents of Vulcan, Alberta are hoping the new Star Trek movie will make its first contact in their town. The idea is the brainchild of Dayna Dickens, the tourism coordinator for the small Canadian community which has been leveraging its Trek sounding name into tourist dollars for decades. Dickens tells the idea has the support of community leaders and she is currently working with the Alberta Film Commission on a formal proposal to Paramount. Landing the Star Trek premiere may be a long shot, but it is not without precedent. Dickens noted Fox held the recent premiere for The Simpsons Movie in town of Springfield, Vermont. Vulcan may have some competition from other self-proclaimed ‘Trek towns’ such Riverside, Iowa (‘future birthplace of Kirk) and Linlithgow Scotland (‘future birthplace of Scotty’). But Dickens is not daunted, observing "the worst they can do is say ‘no.’"

What lives in Vulcan, prospers in Vulcan
Vulcan has been using the Trek connection since the original series debuted. This connection grew throughout the years and in 1993 the town held their first Star Trek convention. Today, visitors to Vulcan will be greeted by a replica of the movie Starship Enterprise at the town’s main entrance. The town receives over 12,000 visitors per year, and the Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station — a tourist information center designed as a landing spacecraft — is the most popular destination in town. Dickens notes that it would be fitting to have the premiere in Vulcan not only because of the name but because 2008 also marks the tenth anniversary of the station’s grand opening. If they don’t get the premiere, though, it is possible they could obtain a sneak preview and they may promote the film in some other fashion. "We’re open to anything," Dickens says.


For more information on Vulcan, Alberta, visit their official site. If you would like to show support for a Vulcan premiere, check out their Facebook group, "Star Trek XI – Help bring Spock home to Vulcan, Alberta."

Vulcan’s ‘Trek Station’

Trekkies visiting Vulcan

Canadian travel show ‘Exhibit Eh’ visits Vulcan  

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Well maybe they could make it into a contest like the Simpsons did. Off the top of my head there’s the obvious San Francisco CA, Enterprise AL, and being from Oklahoma I know of two small towns named Romulus and Remus. This sounds great!

Oh, those crazy Canadians!

…Hey, wait a second… I’m a Canadian!

Its Paramount,! Saying No, They Shall.

Why not, it is Vulcan.

I would like to thank Dayna Dickens for taking the time to talk with me and for letting us use her images. Vulcan has my vote for the premiere. :)

If Vulcan gets it, Riverside, IA gets it.

… and Scotland, SanFrancisco, Russia, some place in Georgia, Africa….

It would be funny to have Shatner return to Vulcan! And hey, I seem to recall a friend telling me they have a nice old theatre there.

Why not HELL !! Without Shatner…..It will Suck!

#9 Why not HELL !! Without Shatner…..It will Suck!

It will be great BillsFan!!

They couldn’t afford to film the movie in IMAX to get all of Bill’s fat self on the screen. So we will enjoy what JJ and the rest create for us! Just be glad we are getting new Trek. I’m grateful!

#10 See ….I’m a Fan of TOS…I want to see the Original Cast..I appreciate that we are ‘Lucky’ enough to get a new Film…but why not use The originals that are left, before they are all dead. Fat or not I still want Bill. Did you not like James Doohan when he blew up… shallow…

“Yeah, we just got back from the Vulcan premiere of Star Trek XI.”

That would be great! I hope that they actually make it happen. Go Vulcan!

Has anyone considered the possibility that Leonard Nimoy will die in the movie?

J.J. said during the Comic Con that he was “going to put on the ears one more time.”

It sounds like the older Spock might die in this one to allow the new cast to take over completely.

I LOVE the original cast and it would be very nice to see them in another movie, but I guess that’s what we have Star Trek The New Voyages for. :-)

hopefully ”one more time”…..not one LAST time..

Premier in, (on?), Vulcan would be a nice bit of marketing for Paramount.
I look forward to some interesting marketing to pull in new fans.
You know, the folks that Don’t visit this site 5-8 times a day to see what’s new…(By the way, Thanks Anthony, Chuck Amuck, and everyone!!)

Also, can we PLEASE shoot someone out of the airlock if they say First?

As a fellow Canadian I find it encouraging that they may consider holding the premiere of the movie in Vulcan, Alberta. Talk about a small town, though…..the last time I was there I tried to visit the town library, but it was closed……somebody had checked the book out!

So…Ballz…I don’t think I’ve read your thoughts on Shatner in the movie…Hit Me!…Thanks.

You still ‘Hangin’ with us?

This isn’t generating a lot of thread play.
How about this:
There doesn’t seem to be anybody in the running
for “New Hotness” Kirk. I say we split the difference and let
“Old and Busted” Kirk play the young Kirk anyway.
That solves the dilemma of bringing Shatner back into the fold,
if not the problem of resurrecting Kirk on Veridian III.

Works for me..some sort of Radiation/Cholesterol accident!

#13- ” LOVE the original cast and it would be very nice to see them in another movie, but I guess that’s what we have Star Trek The New Voyages for. ”

…uh…thanks but no thanks.

#20 Now thinking outside the borg cube!

It could be explained as….he was rescued frim Veridan 3…thru a mysterious portal a Taco Bell..far far away..

…Kind of an homage to “the Deadly Years” through the Milky Way (candy bars, that is!)… lots of them!

…”The FINAL Years’…

Maybe they could have Kirk in that thing like Pike….One for Yes Two for no…

They should rename their school “Vulcan Academy”.

Paramount could rent it from that guy in Trekkies…

I’m surprised that no one’s mentioned Bozeman, Montana as a location for the premiere. I mean it’s where first contact was made/will be made/whatever

Kirk could use Pike’s gizmo like a sweat reducer!

So how do you think you guys are going to do against the Patriots this weekend? Good to hear that kid, Everett is getting the feeling and movement back in his extremeties. Why you got rid of your star running back I’ll never know but maybe the defense will shine this year. Just don’t let Belichick tape the coaching staff on the sidelines.

I can see the Enquirer headline now…”Shatner Electrocuted in on set Accident!”…


They could send the RUG out on tour…Coming soon to a mall near you…The Hair..The Hero…The Toupee that saved Shatner!!

Grounded by his Weave…

7. “some place in Georgia”

That would be Atlanta, where DeForest Kelley called home.
And I’m not just saying that because I live in Atlanta.
Oh wait, that is why I’m saying that.

They could also do a Matrix and premiere at the same moment in cities globally.

It could be like Elvis’ limo going on tour, or King Tut!

Once again a hijacked thread…

#31 Belichick lent his recording equipment to OJ’s ‘Friend’…

Actually the headline will be a real head scratcher since it will be followed by “Incident is particularly odd as he wasn’t to appear in movie.”

Sorry, Bucko, I was just having some fun w/ your screen tag.

HA! I think it would be cool to have the Premeir in Vulcan…But do you actually think Paramount would do that…They don’t think that way. Vulcan hasn’t got the $$$ to spiff them..

Vulcan, Alberta is (yawn) fascinating… zzzz

Canada in December….nippy!!

This is not news, casting reports are too long coming!

Sounds logical, eh?


#17 “So…Ballz…I don’t think I’ve read your thoughts on Shatner in the movie”

Here’s what I think….whether people want Shatner in the movie or not…it’s a question of missed opportunities…if we’re EVER to see Shatner reprise the role of Kirk one last time, it better be NOW before he gets too old or passes on us. The launch of the “rebooted” Star Trek franchise with this new movie is an ideal opportunity to have Kirk and Spock “pass the torch” to their reinvented selves. Some have argued that maybe the script doesn’t allow for Shatner’s appearance….well, all I can say is, MAKE the script work, and not because I’m a fanboy, and not because it’s the right thing to do, but NOW, at this point in time, it is the only opportunity to accomplish closure and symmetry to the story arc of THE ORIGINAL SERIES known as Star Trek! Abrams et al should “take one for the gipper” and do what everyone (not just fans, but general audience) wants and expects. The masses who go to see this film, and witness an elderly Spock, will feel DIMINISHED if they don’t have the old Kirk they know and love presented to them one last time! Class should overrule logistics in this one particular circumstance! And a final word of assurance to the beancounters, “don’t worry, it’ll still be a hit!”

BRAVO!! I SO Agree…It really is a no Brainer…Thank you Sir.

My pleasure!