Remastered “What Are Little Girls Made Of” Video and Screenshots


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"As Exo III Turns" a Trek Soap Opera

Ruk loves Jim

but Jim loves Andrea

but Andrea loves Roger

but Roger loves Christine

leaving Jim alone – holding his…


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Love that opening frame

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Well, Andrea is definitely made of the right stuff…

By the by, props to Majel Barrett in this one, she really does a good job of saying little but archly implying much, especially in her “exactly what does Andrea do here?” moments.

That orbital shot showing the underside of the Enterprise is spectacular.

LOL – was it really supposed to be a “penis rock”?

yea star trek ! ………..oh and i might as well first, and umm put shatner in the movie , umm thats it

I’m glad that, even though they made EXO III all boring and realistic looking … it’s rendering shows an atmosphere which gives it a bluish tint. Yeah, I wish it still had shocking neon blue clouds … but anyway, the subtle blue tint gives me hope that not ever planet in TOS-R will be as dull and plain as Luna.

Bring on the 80’s pink atmospheres!

(Just for griping’s sake … COME ON, CBS-D – you guys couldn’t have cranked the darkness and the color saturation on that planet JUST A LITTLE MORE!!?!?!?!)

Great stuff!! Nice remaster on this one!

Is it just me, or in that last photo, does it look like Kirk found Ruk’s detachable…. ????

Great episode! Andrea is the most beautiful girl of all trek episodes! My God, she is wonderfull ! Where are those big, good and clean VFX videos from VFX Reel and TrekMovie?

What’s happened to those enjoyable reviews we used to get after a new remastered episode aired? We haven’t had one of those in a while.

Seriously, how hot is Andrea? Best Trek babe ever.

Yes, when I think “EXO III” I think of the original. Dark, forbidding, neon blue, yeah, I prefer the original. Hell, look at some of the moons of planets in our OWN solar system and you’ll REALLY see bizzare!

This ep is one of my all-time favs. Quintessential first season. The lighting! The style!
“Ask me to solve any equat-….. transmit… ” (and Roger- creepy as hell- love it.)

Yet, still, CBS-D, nacelle ball size….

Andrea is hot, but not as hot as Dr. Helen Noel from “Dagger of the Mind.”

The new FX look like a repeat of the ones from last week. They look great, but they’re beginning to suffer from the same repetitiveness that dogged the original FX. At this point I’m hoping that CBS-D is just biding their time to hit us with some really geat stuff in “The Ultimate Computer.”

That prop in the last photo must have caused considerable giggling during production of this episode. And guess what…40 years later IT’S STILL FUNNY!

#10 – Hear! Hear! I too miss the great episode reviews. Hopefully some forthcoming remastering-heavy episode will prove inspirational.

I love the variations on the ‘orbiting the basketball’ shot. Exo III (how much do you think they pay the naming dept. at Starfleet anyway?) has some mass in these shots. That’s a big improvement. As for all the other things CBS-D could have done… Hey! This is a great episode. They know when to get out of the way. That’s a good thing.

Now, if only WSB Atlanta would catch fire mysteriously in the middle of the night — say about the time some crappy show is stepping all over half of TOS-R — and burn to the ground, that would be a good thing, too.

Remember when everyone was complaining that the planets looked too much like Earth? Well, the planets in the last four episodes haven’t.

Wow, those shots of the Big E are some of the best of the remastering effort IMHO.

Way to go, CBS-D!!!

#4 #8 #13 ;-)

Apparently I was not the only one thinking this when I watched it this morning.. and I thought it was just me. All those times I watched this episode over the years, the thought never occurred to me.

Hmm: missed opportunity with the caption for the last picture?

“leaving Jim alone – holding his… with Rok not far behind…”

*sigh* as usualy, what’s there is nice enough, but its what isn’t there that leaves me feeling unsatisfied. no spiffed up phaser blasts, no enhanced android circuitry, no matte work or digital set extension of any kind to better sell the danger of that bottomless cavern where Matthews and Raymond died and where Kirk almost does, no digital improvement of the android-making-control-panel, and they didn’t even fix that editing jump when the revolving Kirk platform rolls around to show off the double Shatner. it would have been nice to see those elements of the show enhanced to match the spendor of Sherry Jackson’s everything and to loft it beyond the limitations of budget. oh well. as i said elsewhere, at least there was the unaltered pleasure of hearing Doctor Korby refer to JTK as “Cap’un Kirk” to enjoy.

“To … kiss you …”

Didn’t get to see it in Boston, football pushed it an hour later (originally scheduled at 2:30 AM!).

The CGI Enterprise actually looks closer to physical model than previously.

Almost as funny as when “The Naked Gun” whipped it out 20+ years later…

“Sexual assault with a concrete dildo!”

Yes – I was in middle school when I saw that movie with a friend. That movie left us rolling on the floor laughing. Ahh, the memories..

This is probably my favorite episode. The look on Kirk’s face when he sees that guy is a robot is priceless. Not even Ruk tossing him agaist the wall can distract him. That much shock and awe in one scene is rare.

The TOS-R CGI Enterprise should always orbit iceball words, apparently, as it has never looked better, IMO, than in these shots.

Robert Bloch was a truly legendary genre writer, but I never much cared for the episodes he penned for Trek, including this one. Much like “The Man Trap,” it’s a pretty conventional sci-fi premise with some interesting character bits and a great guest cast, including the much commented-on Ms. Jackson. No remastering needed there, at all. :-)

Okay, I never get into bitching about the new effects with lighting, the look of planets or the size of nacelle caps, BUT….is it just me or does every remastered shot of the Enterprise moving through space look a little….jerky…to anybody else?? Shouldn’t the ship glide effortlessly or, at least, in a more seamless fashion? Is it because we’re watching it on a computer screen? Will it look better when they release this stuff on HD-DVD? I gotsta know!!

CBS-D apparently can’t fix large pieces of dirt in Korby’s head shot above Spock’s station…come on now. Let’s try a LITTLE effort.


actually Shatner found that prop in a certain Japanese Helmsman’s dressing room.

R.I.P. Mugatu – Never Forget!!!!

The E has mass and looks less CGI. Good job CBS- just keep up the movement toward a more mass/depth E and less CGI-looking.

13. Buckaroohawk-
I agree, and so do my other Trek friends. Dr. Helen Noel was the hottest babe in ST- all the more since she’s not dressed in a sexy outfit, which made her hotness all the more impressive. Tied for second place, in my opinion, is Lt. Marlena Moreau from “Mirror Mirror”- played by Barbara Luna. I met her at a convention and she was very nice (and flirtatious to boot).
Oh- and the tie is between her and Andrea/Sherry Jackson.


The shots are only getting better but wouldn’t it be better IF the Enterprise was shown in greater detail as it was yet being smaller against any planet? Heaven forbid but sort of like the way ships are detailed against the foreground of planets in Star Wars and etc.
Though Ted Cassidy was a big guy I can’t help but wonder if he was as actually big as implied in this episode underneath all of his robes? He certainly didn’t have any trouble
picking up Kirk – did he? What a manly brute!
How many people noticed and appreciated the lighting and distinct color hues that were
displayed in this episode? I thought they added real substance to the overall scene.
And as I recall this was quite common in the first season episodes – wasn’t it?

Well…for what its worth department. I think that the woman (the blond) in the Cloud City episode was dog-lish-ous – as in real yummy! She was so sweet I got a instant toothache whenever I seen her….Ouch! Can someone post a picture of her for me? Thanks!


That’s all I will say.

#29, that’s a damnable lie! I also met Ms. Luna once at a convention–my last ever, I think–and not only was she “flirtatious”–she let me know that it was a special thing with me, and never to be repeated with any other geek, ever.

Seriously, she has to be twenty years my senior–this was about ten years ago–and that woman was still fine.

On “I Mudd” the circuits are changed.

Here nothing.

I just don’t understand why this is so half-assed sometimes….

Disappointing. There was SO much more that could have been, at least a few minor touches here and there. Too bad……..

Lazy, just purely lazy.

They also could have fixed the glitch as Kirk was on the turntable the part when their switching from one Kirk to the other….their is a slight jump (skip) in the film before they
show the 2nd Kirk….I wonder why they didn’t clean this up? Was it too difficult to do?

#15 >> Exo III (how much do you think they pay the naming dept. at Starfleet anyway?)

Still not as lame as Planet Q (“Conscience of the King”).

The 1701 cgi model is missing plenty of details. Where’s the ‘rust ring’ on the primary hull? What about the ‘ballast’ markings on the secondary hull? Where are the cargo hatch markings under the secondary hull?

The original studio model still looks like a real, solid object. They should have used Greg Jein’s model for those shots. The cgi still looks like a game sprite.

Ahhh, somewhat watched this with divided attention… Space shots looking good in my opinion. Yeah, always room for improvement, but still pretty good. Remastering can’t fix weird things like Andrea fumbling behind a panel for a weapon, so oddly clumsy. I want a push in on porthole soon, with like Riley or some shmoe gawking out the winder’. ;-)

It kills me how so many here think CGI is the magic “cure-all” to fix everything from outdated control panels to film editing. If the artists involved spent all their time laboring over things that WOULD take an incredible amount of time, like moving shots that are mixed with the live action, they wouldn’t have any time to spend on the real meat and potatoes of the big E, which, by the way, looks absolutely stunning in the opening shot.

That first shot of the ship flying over us, is how she should look. Just as we saw her in TMP, the digital team is finally figuring out how to give the model huge scope and scale. Well done!

#28: Yikes!

#42: I’m not particularly disputing your point, but CGI CAN indeed fix both control panels (as we’ve seen with Enterprise’s outdated clocks) and film editing problems. With so many opportunities in this episode for subtle fixes and improvements, one has to wonder why the creators spent their limited time and money on yet more Enterprise “beauty passes” that could have been easily accomplished with stock footage.

I still don’t understand why the screen grabs up above always look so drab and washed out. It certainly didn’t look that way in the actual broadcast.

And I’m sure the reason the CBS guys didn’t fix the android circuitry was because it would have been a pain in the ass to fix Korby’s hand later on, when he’s waving it all around. There’s no excuse for not fixing the phaser beams though. That’s one thing I wish they’d be more consistent with.

The suggstion that CBS-D is “lazy”…is ludicrous. I can only imagine the late nights those poor guys are putting in to meet airdates for three years worth of episodes squeezed into two extented seasons. I’m sure they have a budget that is X per episode. That means they have X times 40 per season. And just like on a regular series, they’ll choose to spend more on some episodes and less on others to make up the difference. So you wind up getting a spectacular “Doomsday Machine” one week, offset by a barely touched “Conscience of the King” another week. That’s the reality of what they have to do to meet a total budget. (This is where the concept of a “bottle show” came from.) Lazyiess has nothing to do with it.

(I can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for “The Ultimate Computer.”)

From a constructive critisism stand point, I do have a suggestion for CBS-D…that I think makes practical sense. There are so many shots of the bridge viewscreen that they should think about rendering the edges of the bridge set around it so it blends better with what’s on the viewer. So often we get a new, crisp CGI shot on the screen surrounded by a fuzzy and dirty piece of film. This week’s episode had several of these shots and the differences were glaring. (See the first new versus old screen caps above.)

I think it would be fairly easy to create the surrounding environment realistically given the simplicity of the set itself. Once it’s done, that “matte” could be used over and over again. It’s probably a smart and efficient investment.

I disagree with those who say CBS-D is doing the best job possible. If TPTB were simply cranking out another “widget” in an endless stream of mediocre product, then maybe….but that’s not the case here. Paramount seems determined to relaunch the BILLION DOLLAR STAR TREK FRANCHISE with new movies and various other spin-off products. If that is indeed the case, then they should spare no time OR EXPENSE in modifying TOS to be PERFECTION in it’s latest release, as it is to be the “calling card” to pull in a new generation of fans, while indoctrinating them to the look and tone of Classic Trek. This investment of time and money makes sense since the new big budget movie is returning to those roots and this recommendation would help facilitate the marketing process to a younger audience.

Sheesh! Do we have to teach the “suits” in Hollywood everything??!!

Well said!

My ‘Best TOS Babe’ vote has always been for Sherry Jackson as Andrea. Ted Cassidy was supposedly working as a radio news reporter in Dallas 11/22/63 and interviewed people in Dealy Plaza. Also read that he was completely bald. If true I wonder why he isn’t seen in any of the hundreds of photos taken there that day. One last tidbit, supposedly Ted drove an early `60’s Plymouth Valiant 4 door with the front bench seat removed – he sat in the back seat. And, wonder if the hand flower in MAN TRAP was Ted’s hand? He had experience as Thing in The Addams Family.

Always thought Ted did good as an actor, his facial expressions said more than half a page of dialogue. Anyone here know if any of this Ted internet info is true?

CBS-Digital: Nice opening title shot of the Big E. Ship is looking a bit crisper lately to my eyes. Good stuff. It would have been nice not to have left the black specks on Spock and the bridge monitor display images of the planet info and Corby.

steve623 wrote:

> …no matte work or digital set extension of any kind to better sell the
> danger of that bottomless cavern…

You didn’t see the new cave background extending downward?

> …no digital improvement of the android-making-control-panel…

Nope, big knobs and buttons. That’s the way it should be, just like in Forbidden Planet, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and the Invaders.

> …and they didn’t even fix that editing jump when the revolving Kirk
> platform rolls around to show off the double Shatner.

The jump cut was reduced but not entirely eliminated.