Abrams On His New Chekov and Uhura

Beyond the Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy), the only confirmed cast members for the new Star Trek film are Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Anton Yelchin as Chekov. In the latest official Star Trek magazine director J.J. Abrams spoke for the first time (briefly) on his latest stars.

Abrams on Saldana

Zoe’s strength, intelligence, humor and beauty will help bring Uhura to life in a way that will thrill viewers and honor the estimable talents of Nichelle Nichols

Abrams on Yelchin

this kid is brilliant…we are thrilled to have Yelchin on board

Let’s hope we  soon hear what he has to say about the new Sulu, McCoy, Scotty and Kirk(s?) soon. 

For the rest, pick up the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine




TrekMovie.com Scoop on Saldana as Uhura

Yelchin on Star Trek 

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The interviews are always interesting, but i’m waiting for a next big production news. Shooting is almost to get started…

Not seen Zoe in anything but Anton was great in ‘Jack’ (Paul McGillion was also in that). Let’s hope we hear about the rest of the casting soon! I’m DYING to hear if Paul was cast as Scotty (he’s so damn PERFECT for the role). Hell I’d love to know who will be cast full stop, so we can see the line-up!

Less then a month til they start filming!

Jensen Ackles for Kirk!

Hailing frequencies… smokin!

Welcome, Zoe.

Nichelle didn’t get a lot to do on last night’s Heroes. Waiting to see what’s in store for her and for George. Oh, and for a plot to develop.

Zoe IS Nichols beamed forward in time from the 60s! Excellent casting call.

Anthony, as far as casting news goes, do you think that we will for sure know all before shooting begins on Nov. 5? Or is it possible they will begin shooting without all roles cast and/or try to keep casting under wraps if they can even as they shoot with them?

The fact that I have never seen these actors in any thing & don’t know who they are IS A GOOD THING.
Famous people ruin genre movies.
JJ & Team are smart anuff to know this.
Excellent smart casting IMO is half the battle for directors & producers.
Way to go JJ for not having too many HOLLYWOOD BOZOS.
The only Hollywood Bozo I want to see is William Shatner.
#2 Agreed, PAUL AS SCOTTY IS MUST. He is a well known sci-fi actor & thats ok. He has no Hollywood baggage. Paul would be perfect for Scotty. PAUL & BILL MUST BE IN THE FILM!
Here is hoping for more unknown actors to fill out the cast.
Oh & one more thing, put Nurse Chapel in the movie too!

Zoe is great choice. Let face when it comes for Abrams casting female roles he is second to none.
f.e. Felicity and Jen Garner in Alias were great and actually watching Felicity was the first time i notice J.J. Abrams name.

I’m all for a little secrecy here and there, but come on guys throw the dogs a few bones every once in a while. Paramount and crew is more tight lipped than Nolan & Co. over at Warners about TDK.



I don’t want the whole cast be soo young.

Star trek is not 90210!
We need some maturity to balance the movie!

To much Barbie and Kens are a bad thing. FYI

Character actors please!

I hope they cast an older McCoy and Scotty!

Paul McGillion for Scotty!

I think the announced cast is great thusfar. I loved Anton in “Jack” (Paul McGillion was in it too!) Speaking of him, perfect Scotty as #2 and #7 said (as well as countless others in other posts). The Paul for Scotty story seems to be the thing to conver, the story made The Sunday Times :D


Kirk'(s)? You are holding out hope too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I completely agree.


The pic in that article- I mean, WOW. He looks exactly like Doohan in that shot.

get Paul for Scotty. The first time I saw him on Atlantis I remember saying to myself, “If they ever make a Star Trek movie again with the original characters, he would be a perfect Scotty.”

I really hope Age does not get in the way.

I mean come on now…

Scotty was 11 years older than Kirk.

11 years older!

How come you guys haven’t posted the news that Eric Bana is the villian “Nero” in the new movie? The official website seems to have beat you to the punch!

#10- Amen to that. Character actors make the movie world go ’round. Cookie cutter/ bland actors = boring…and sadly, hollywood has a tendency to be rather pretty…and boring. Give us characters and actors in the new Trek movie that are so alive and rich with character moments that we won’t care whether or not the FX were done by ILM.


is the new villian!

Yep, seconding BillS, check this out people:



The Question is not that if he looks like Scotty, but is he savy in the part of Scotty.

Re Bana – not quite Russell Crowe but not a bad choice.

~*waiting for news to spread that Eric Bana is the new villain*~

All these months have paid off, looks like J.J. and crew have the right stuff


Eric Bana would be good.
The Hulk movie sucked, but it was not really his fault.

PLEEEASE no ROMulan named NERO!!!!

Hello… the one thing i want to know, is if this is a early early movie, WHY is Chekov in it? He didnt even get out of the academy until Kirk had already had the Enterprise for some time. Chekov is at least 2 or 3 graduating classes behind Kirk in the Academy…
Why is he in the movie???
Oh, and by the way… that kid hardly looks like Walter Koenig at all. Hmm…
Movie Chekov bad.

How ever i agree that Zoe is a good Uhura, and i also agree with everyone that Paul (stargate) would be just awesome as Scotty! He already has plenty of skill dealing with ‘techno-babble’ too! ;)

Eric Bana is the villian!!!!

29: kirk also served on a starship while he was still a cadet (farragut).

if it is true that the romulans are the villains in this movie… why name their main charakter after a roman king? the general audience will wonder about that strangely terran name for an alien species anyway, why give them more reason to laugh about empire names…

Yeah, naming a Romulan “Nero” is pretty lame… especially since he’s a villain.

Well he don’t know for sure if he’s a Romulan, but you’re probably right

I would have preferred Russel Crowe, but BANA is awesome!

Eric “Badass” Bana! NICE!!

As much as I like Eric Bana, if just for the name Eric, I don’t know if he has the star power to put butts in seats like Crowe or Hanks.

#31. … well, there is precedent for that, true… Wesley did too (i know his name is a bit questionable! ;) )…

But even if Chekov did, it wasnt on the Enterprise. Is there some other logical connection between him and the others to put him in a place with them? If there is, i am really curious to know what it is… i really would like to know.

No flamewars here… i just want to know what the explanation is to be able to justify him being in an early movie with them. Is there one? Or do we have to hope that he will write a justifiable one in the script.
But there are no indications in TOS that the crew already knew Chekov at the time when he was posted to the Enterprise, are there?

~*Waiting for Anthony to post the Eric Bana news on his site*~

For real ANTHONY!

Is the news about Eric Bana true? I just saw it over at comingsoon, anxiously awaiting confirmation or denial of this.

It would be insane for J.J. to announce the portrayors for some of these roles. Nimoy, Quinto, Saldana, and Yelchin, are just teases- Something to get our blood pumping. If we had these answers we’d just spoil it for people who like the suspense. Just like every other movie. I can remember reading the final script for Nemisis before it even started filming. I for one Want to know, but I think this time I’m going to steer away from any drafts. The less I know the more it’s gonna blow my mind in the IMAX theaters.

Maybe Eric Bana is playing Emperor Nero, in the tradition of all the historical Earth figures Kirk and company encountered in the original series.

The Romulans always did have a “Roman” theme going on, with the Senate, and the planets being named “Romulus” and “Remus.” Sounds to me like this could be building on that tradition? Even if it’s just a nickname.

Oh no!
Anthony is asleep. We have to wake him up.

Nero? Hmmmm…. Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero…. Nero was emperor of Rome shortly after Tiberius, which also happens to be Kirk’s middle name. Coincidence? …well yeah, actually it is.

However, I agree that I hope the villain isn’t going to be a Romulan named Nero. That’s just a little too coincidental for my taste. We’ve already got Romulus and Remus.

I can’t say that I’ve seen Eric Bana in too much. I saw The Hulk and was bored the whole time, but that’s about it. I was hoping for a bigger name villain, but what the heck.

At least Eric Bana is a way better actor than Tom Hardy, who was the Trek movie franchise’s only no-name main guest villain.

And this is coming from somebody who hated Eric Bana’s Hulk.

“Zoe’s strength, intelligence, humor and beauty will help bring Uhura to life in a way that will thrill viewers and honor the estimable talents of Nichelle Nichols”

She’s a hottie, there’s no denying that. But I don’t get strength, intelligence humor thing. Did I miss when Uhura was lifting 200 Lbs, explaining Quantum Physics followed up by some great joke?

Not to be insulting, but didn’t she basically answer the ships phone? I know she was like fourth in command; but really who would be left on the bridge by that point? Checkov?

George Armstrong Custer

Future Guy is Nero from Enterprise. They are references Orci said about Enterprise and TNG. I bet the temporal cold war is alive in Nimoys Spock Time as he finds out during Reunification

#7 has a good point. I think that most well known “Star” actors have a tendancy to thin that genra films like Trek are there chance to over act.

Hey, question. Who would you guys put in for Dr. McCoy? I’m not sure who I would pick.

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