Boo – “Catspaw” Remastered Airs This Weekend

In honor of Halloween the TOS-R episode for the weekend is a repeat of
"Catspaw." Here is the video preview

Hi res image of the Catspaw Castle matte painting below

(click to enlarge)

New CGI FX reel for "Catspaw"



For a complete set of screenshots: CLICK HERE

Images and preview courtesy of STARTREK.COM and CBS STUDIOS


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To the crew of the Ncc-1701….

Happy Halloween!!

Good, I missed it the first time around.

The clip reel is missing the shot of the dungeon door with the cat visible in the window.

Always did feel a little sorry for those aliens when they croaked.

I love the way Shatner says the word telekinesis in this one. He says tele-KIN-esis. As opposed to the usually heard, tele-ki-NE-sis. Just another in a long line of Shatner pronunciation. or re-pronunciation. I’ve made a list of all the Shatner re-pronunciations.

Is that still the old model in those shots? I thought they were going to go back and replace the old model.

Still one of my favs. Glad the original producers decided to make the music one-off and very glad Chekov got better hair. But, it’s a good spooky ep, especially the witches. (OK, I’m still 8 inside this 45 y/o carcass.)

I’m still left wondering… is there some reason the Enterprise is blue? In ever single space shot, it’s got a bizarre bluish tint.

#6 LOL LOL LOL This is CBS-D here man. If we didn’t speak up we’d still be seeing that old model in later episodes.

Well, they need to replace those shots! I am a big fan and supporter of CBS-D…but to not replace those shots is just pure laziness and CHEAP!

Chinsy!!! Is that what they really want to leave as a legacy?

What did I say from the start? lol. Okay Anthony the model stays.

Their legacy will be inconsisten work and a botched DVD set. Oh well. Life moves on and my Trek franchise will forever be in CHEAP hands. Mr. Catsspaw you’re correct.

“I can be many women…” has been stuck in my libido since I saw it in the 60’s, creating some difficulty in relationships ever since.

Why won’t my girlfriends slap on the occaisonal prosthetic forehead? Is that so much to ask?

gee! what a great episode!

golly! what terrific work!

Be sure to Devil’s Rain and Halloween this week in honor of The Shat!

Why not instead tune in to “Kingdom of the spiders” with wild bill shatner, cheesefest yes but entertaining:)

If this was being done as an episode now by CBS D the planet would have rings and there’d be no matte painting

– I’ve made a list of all the Shatner re-pronunciations. –

Please, can I have a copy?

Still love that ‘spooky’ planet coloring and castle…

Still disappointed that the ‘E’ never got redo with the ‘improved’ CGI model…

Sylvia always reminded me of the strangely hot older mom of one of the neighborhood kids that when you turned 15 always made discreet advances towards you. Maybe it was the hairdo or the mix of, shall I say, a more mature face with a killer body, but I always got the feeling that I shouldn’t be alone in the room with her when my friend wasn’t around.

Or maybe that was just the neighborhood I grew up in.

How’s that for creepy? Happy Halloween shipmates!



I must admit my list has been more of mental notes throughout the years but…..for starters…there was the opening credits, where for years (until I was 9 0r 10) thought that Boldlego was all one word. Don’t ask me what I thought that meant. I always heard Bold-LEE-go. One day I figured out he was saying To Boldly Go.

That aside…”Patterns of Force” has two great examples of Shatner-isms.

‘Natzis’ and ‘Gestapo’ using the flat ‘A’ sound in both words as opposed to the ‘ahh” sound that I always heard in Hogans Heroes or other movies.

a BONUS Shatner-ism *

….is one not found in the show but found on book on tape of Star Trek Memories, read by the author himself in which he describes a period of renaissance in his life. Shatner pronounces it re-NAY-ssance as opposed to the usually heard REN-aissance.

Then there are the sped up sentences that become one word. ‘Gotothedevil’. Go to the Devil. “Day of the Dove”.

I like how he just throws words off like someone flicking a frisbee with two fingers and smooth wrist action.

But again this week’s is a doozy. Telekinises. It’s while she’s demonstrating her powers to them. He just knocks me out when he finds a new way to say a word.


Unfortunately, my recent answer to you got lost somehow. I’ll try once again:

Thanks a lot for sharing;-)

– I like how he just throws words off like someone flicking a frisbee with two fingers and smooth wrist action. –

Well said – 100% agreement!

I forgot about the power “P’s”. Those being: “(P)”ower, “(P)arallel, and Im”(P)”ulse. Even T'”(P)”au.

You have to chew on the “P” for a moment and then let pockets of air form under your lips and or cheeks to help propell out the power “P” words

There’s also the famous “sabatage” outtake. It… sickens me. ;-)

I remember sabatage. Remind me of the outtake it’s in.

Here kitty kitty

Let’s see if the site will let me post the link. Here’s Kirk’s “sabatage” rant:

Anyone know what movie the recording session is from?

2 things:
1 crossposted in iTunes thread:

Holy Giant Update Batman!
There are now TWENTY-ONE episodes on iTunes, including Tomorrow is Yesterday and just aired Conscience of the King, What Are Little Girls Made of? The Man Trap and more!

Happy Halloween!

2 On Shat: “planet” is always my fave Shat pronunciation, listen to the beginning and end in The Immunity Syndrome. In the same ep as an-ti-BO-DIEEES!

#24, 25, 26, 28, 29

Thank you all for making me laugh! That was just great…


Ah,…yes I had heard that. Funny.

I just remembered while driving home tonight that there is his pronunciation of tranquility in two episodes. ‘Joy and trAH-nquility be yours brother’ in “Teturn of the Archons” and ‘Domestic trAH-nquility’ in “Omega Glory”


Yes I remember that one.

I remembered another run on word….and that would be when the Enterprise was in extended orbit above the planet Earth to find out “how our planet survived desperate times in the year……NINETEENSIXTYEIGHT!”

Shatner said WrAH-th of Khan at the Spike awards again too, pretty funny

I think you have to make a distinction between Shatner’s Canadian pronunciations, like “sabotage,” and his dramatic enunciations for emphasis like “An-Ti-Bah-Dies!”

As I recall, Nimoy was prone to pronouncing “formidable” “for-MID-able.” DeForest Kelly could male “essentially” sound like E-sen-CHU-ally,” though that may have been part of his on/off southern accent.

How many ways did they pronounce “Balok” anyway?

I always took Nimoy’s pronunciations as a conscious decision on his part to be a product of his schooling in learning English. I had a friend in college from Malaysia who had learned English with a British accent. I always thought that was part of the character he created.

Then there’s David Letterman, who during his NBC show days, would play cuts from old Nimoy albums like his version of Sunny(which is a killer arrangement by the way…I can’t believe it was written just for Nimoy…but I digress)…and all the while Letterman, whoagain is supposedely playing cuts from his personal record collection, would introduce the song as sung by Leonard Ni-MOY.

I guess I should clarify…that’s how this friend from Malaysia was taught and that’s how I always saw Spock’s English. As something he not only learned from Mom but what was being taught in school.


And as far as being a product of Canadian pronunciations – I had a friend who reads these boards point that out to me just yesterday. But I think that’s just Shatner being unique and being well….Shatner. Maynard Ferguson, James Doohan, Oscar Peterson, Michael J Fox and the entire cast of SCTV are Canadian and I’ve never heard them speak that way.

Of course, in Canada, at least two major languages are spoken which no doubt results in a variety of regional accents and pronunciations. It would be fairly surprising if all Canadian actors sounded alike.

In “The Empath”, Shatner said “The best defence (sp) is a good OH-fence (sp).”

Too bad they cut the best line of the enitre episode and one of the best exchanges of the series….

Kirk: Spock. Comment.

Spock: Very bad poetry, Captain.

Kirk: A more useful comment, Mr. Spock.

Yes,…seems to me they did similar things to Patterns of Force in the scene in the cell. …..”broad side of a barn”

At little more Googling gives several possible sources. The IMDB trivia for “Mystery Men” says it’s from a TAS episode. (There is a TAS clip on YouTube of him saying “sabatage” (right after Nimoy’s carefully enunciated “sabotage”), but not this line.

Another source says its from voice work for the “Star Trek: 25th Anniversary” computer game. And on one board, someone claims to be the sound engineer and that the clip is a hatchet job — Shatner was joking around but his “just kiddings” were edited out to make him look bad.

I forgot Shatner’s pronunciation of “the roots and herbs” and his way of saying Kanutu woman in the one with Tyree and the Mugato. Forget it’s name. And I’m betting he influenced Deforest Kelly’s and rest of the crew’s pronunciation of Mugato.