‘Star Trek’ Begins Shooting Today

It has been two years, six months and two days since the last time actors have stood in front of a Paramount camera on a Star Trek production (for the finale of Star Trek Enterprise). It has been over five years since a Trek film was in production (the longest period since the movie franchise began in the 70s). Today J.J. Abrams will declare ‘action’ again as he begins shooting his re-invigoration of the Trek franchise, simply titled Star Trek. Sources tell TrekMovie.com that this week’s shooting will be on location (somewhere in Southern California), with the first shots on the Paramount lot scheduled next week.

The Star Trek production is expected to last until March 2008. Apparently the shoot will be front-loaded with a mix of location and stage work. As reported before, it is Abrams intention to use ‘real’ locations as often as possible and limit the stage work to the starships and other sci-fi type locales. The latter half of filming will focus more on the Paramount lot, including shooting on the Enterprise sets which are still under construction. It is undecided if there will be any location shooting in Iceland (as reported before by the Icelandic media), but indications are that if there is any Icelandic filming it would be for ‘second unit’ (establishing shots done without Abrams and the principal cast). Although Paramount Studios will also be a spot for WGA picket lines for the foreseeable future, the strike is not expected to affect production for the new Star Trek.

Over half way there (a brief history of the new Star Trek)
4/06 – 2/07: Development Phase [Paramount green light movie 2/27/07]
3/07 – 11/07: Pre-production Phase
11/07 – 3/08: Production/Principal Photography Phase
3/08 – 12/08: Post-production Phase
12/25/08: RELEASE!

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Let the faking begin!

sounds awesome – can’t wait – first



ST: War of the Impostors, Part I

When will we see some photos? I’m dying to know how the cast look in their uniforms.

Here’s hoping it rocks :)

I’m excited to know the production ball is rolling. When I get in my little Star Trek withdrawal phases, I can reflect for a moment and think that Abrams and crew are filming, looking at rushes, and generally tweaking and refining the film in all its myriad aspects. Such thoughts will provide solace and warm the very cockles of my heart.

Go team!

LOL we haven’t even seen the uniforms yet

So does this mean casting is complete for all the supporting roles, such as Pike and Spocks Parents?

Lets all make a toast, someone open a bottle of champagne!

Do you think you will be invited on the set for live reports Anrhony?

I want
-a production diary, (spoilerless) with regular updates on how happy everyone is and how much fun they are having.

-regular pictures of the crew (not necessarily the cast. a picture of the crew taken from the set is enough)

-and the most important of all: -a promotional panoramic poster in HD of the whole crew on the bridge as soon as possible! We have never had a pretty HD panoramic picture of everyone on their post and it is the ultimate poster every trekkie would want for their living room! We have a chance for them to take a picture like this again!

I think these are three nice and reasonable wishes. Anyone is with me?

First, I’d like to wish JJ & Co, cast and crew all the best as they endeavor to take us all again where no one has gone before. Second, I’d like to criticize that faction of Trek-fans who are such demanding little widgets, as if THEY were in charge of this production. Too many cooks, people… It’s time to leave the producers, director, actors, etc. alone and let them do their damned job. It’s been obvious from the start that they are doing this out of love (didn’t JJ say he would come aboard Paramount under the condition that HE get the Trek movie?), and there is no way on earth (or in the galaxy) that they’re going to please every single fan-boy. It’s time to sit back and wait.

I didn’t express myself propperly. I don’t want them to tell me each piece of what they are doing. I only want them to tell me regularly thay they are having fun, a traditional oline prodution diary in which they don’t really tell us anything about the actual movie, but tell us things about theys week. Same with the pictures of the crew. I only want to see them working so I can dream of what they are doing.

The picture of the bridge is for whenever thay decide to show it, but it is the ultimate merchandising picture and there hasen’t ever been a good one of this kind.

Get Walter Koenig to write the making of the movie.

And so it begins.

Man I hope the script is in shape. Because not one line will be changed any time soon. No room for improv, no room for ideas on set.

That is of concern, because very rarely is a movie of this size kept lock stock and barrel from page to stage.

But no Shatner! :(

Now I’m really getting excited!

Love the coutdown clock by the way. Saves me the trouble of trying to work it out myself!

I remember back in the late 70’s when all we had was Susan Sackett’s “Star Trek Report” in Starlog to get production reports from.
It flip-flopped from movie (to be directed by Phil “The Right Stuff” Kaufmann) to TV show to movie again. Seeing the crappy black and white photo of the cast in the bizzare, but admittedly futuristic, uniforms, and the bridge set shots, which showed quite a bit more change than anticipated.
And then finally seeing those magnificent Trumbull/Dykstra special effects on the big screen…. (oh well, matte lines and all…)
Hey, reunions ARE always awkward, but the point was they were BACK.

How this will play out- the journey as chronicled by trekmovie- will I’m sure be every bit as exciting as those days. The lead-up to another chapter in a mythology that most certainly will NEVER die.
Thanks, Anthony. This is gonna be cool.

good luck J.J.

I can’t wait to see set pics of the Enterprise and the actors. By the way, did they ever release the actual budget figures for this movie?

This is awesome!!
It feels so real now…. I’m so excited :)

Hi Adam.

I don’t think they have yet, but hopefully soon. Can’t wait for a few publicity pix. I wonder if the veil of secrecy will extend to the crew in uniforms and the Big E or whether we’ll get some ‘keep ’em interested, but don’t tell too much’ material!

No information on the uniforms is available….

…because in the future everybody explores *neked*.

im so gutted, not only do i look like a vulcan (the first time my bro and sis saw me me they shrieked haha son of spock!!!) but i live in wales what a bummer i want to die in a trek movie!!!!

I wanna be a redshirt :P

The lead has met the paper, now we’ll see if the sweat stays on the screen!
Oh boy, Star Trek again!!!

re: 16. Jeffrey S. Nelson – November 7, 2007
“Get Walter Koenig to write the making of the movie.”

very funny…


Alright! Awesome!

I wonder if the venerable Vasquez Rocks will have a spot in the film…

I wonder if SoCal is doubling for Iowa??? ;-)

Knock’em dead Abrams.

And now the unauthorised cellphone pictures will begin to trickle out! I predict we’ll see something before the end of the week is out.

Please!!!!! Photos PLEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I’ll even stop drinking beer for the week!!!!!!


It is my understanding that the actors can improv lines on the set. I might be wrong about this, but I thought I read that this is permitted during the strike.

I’m sure there are plenty of ways to circumvent the rules of the strike. I’m sure there will be plenty of private conversations which will lead to “surprise” improvisation! ;)

In these days of camera phones and the “Internets,” location shooting = spy reports.

Granted, there’s likely to be less such material out of “Star Trek” – which may well do a lot of location shooting in more rural areas – than out of films like “Spiderman” or “The Dark Knight” which use city streets. Still, something will show up online sooner or later.

Any chance they’re gonna shoot at Vasquez State Park, or would that be too tacky an in-joke? :lol:

What a glorious day… worthy of drink and song!

Godspeed, cast, crew, and of course fans… of Star Trek!

May we all continue to boldly go… together!

Damn, the lagging update time on this site strikes again. When I started to write that post three minutes ago, #29 was the final post in this topic. :lol:

39 – Yeah, for crying out loud, Bailey! Didn’t ya read that I posted about Vasquez in post 31?


Ah finally something really new in the Trek world. I tip my hat off to everyone working on this film, for all the hard work that has gone into it already and that will go into it – you guys making Trek rise from the ashes again have a lot on your shoulders but from everything I’ve learned about your efforts so far, I have confidence that this is going to be an awesome Trek movie.

#17 and #35: Yes, improv is allowed. It just can’t be written down and planned into the script.

good luck to everyone involved ,now bring on those SPOLERS!

…must ..have….pics……

Great news!

The photo requests are coming in fast, and I agree. I remember seeing the first group shot of the main cast on the bridge in the new uniforms for ST: TMP…wonder and puzzlement all at the same time (What was with the Grey look to it all, and why did Kirk have a 2-tone outfit?)

But still, I do want to see a cast photo, if possible, posted soon. This is a NEW trek movie, and I am hoping we see TOS uniforms, or at leat the 2 colors (Blue and Gold) from WNMHGB (remember the first teaser poster look)…

Man, I remember when STARLOG magazine was the only source of Trek movie news…

Let’s hope shooting goes well, so we do not have any type of RUSH to get into the theater for Christmas (remember 1979 anyone?)


A serious lurker’s first post!

To everyone involved in production (because I know some of them lurk here as well) very best wishes! Have a great shoot. Thanks for bringing Star Trek back!

Try to make production a fun time. I know you feel under a great deal of pressure to deliver and you could go crazy trying to listen to all the fan chatter. (We’re excited. Nothing wrong with expressing ourselves.) And speaking of expressing myself…

You know it’s only right to give Shatner a proper and fitting moment of farewell to his character. Kirk’s death in Generations wasn’t right and it didn’t have the emotional impact it should have. This is the only chance to make up for it. We the fans need closure with Shatner. Please do it.

Who is this “Shatner?”

a lot of posters here say they wanna be redshirts. C’mon go for the gusto! I have my eye on the coveted “defense subsystems monitor” bridge post. (i believe that’s two stations down from Scotty’s engineering station on the port side of the bridge.

The back of my gold shirt uniform would make an EXCELLENT backdrop for all of that on screen bridge action!

Wow. I AM a nerd!


As they say in show business “Break a leg” you new people in the Star Trek production. I hope you get the shots you need and want. Take the time you need to finish and have a great product to release to as next year. Most of all have fun.

Great news! I wish JJ & co all the best during the next year!

I believe instead of showing photos first on web sites. They should print limited posters of the crew and what not. Maybe even produce miniatures. But for it to work, it can not be oriented for profit.The post merchandising should be used as advertising and as limited edition collectable’s. So as to give Star Trek memorabilia some worthiness. As trophies.
Imagine receiving items thru radio trivia, cereal boxes and other outlets. These items would be rare and one of a kind collectable’s. The attention it would draw would be phenomenal.
Fan sites like Anthony’s would be an outlet to where these things are happening. Which would you prefer? JPEG or a official Paramount collectable with a print of only 500 or less? I would be happy with a jpeg but a chance to get a official limited print for free would be awesome !