17 Hour Enterprise Marathon Friday

While you relax and eat your Turkey Day leftovers on Friday you can tune into the Sci-Fi channel and watch Star Trek Enterprise all day long. As you would imagine they have picked the best episodes and arcs like “Twilight” and “In a Mirror, Darkly.”

Details below

Sci-Fi Channel Marathon Friday November 23
12:00 PM – BORDERLAND – PT 1
3:00 PM – THE FORGE – PT 1
4:00 PM – AWAKENING – PT 2
5:00 PM – KIR’SHARA – PT 3
10:30 PM – BABEL – PT 1
11:30 PM – UNITED – PT 2
12:30 AM – THE AENAR – PT 3

Also remember that you can see Enterprise in HD on HDNet, but alas no Marathon this week.

Where are they now?
If you are missing the crew of the NX-01…here is where you can find them

Scott Bakula was starring in the play Quality of Life, which ended its run November 18th. He will next star in a solo cabaret event at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC called An Evening with Scott Bakula.

John Billingsley will be playing the recurring role of Michael Latham on 24 for the upcoming season (although the WGA strike has pushed back the season premiere). He also stars in the new Zombie TV series Alive, co-created by Enterprise writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. And yes, he also stars in Jerome Bixby’s The Man from Earth.

Jolene Blalock recently completed filming on the independent thriller First Fear with Sean Patrick Flannery and the direct-to-DVD Starship Troopers: Marauders.

Dominic Keating is in the the CGI film Beowulf released recently. He also had a recurring role on FOX’s Prison Break this season.

Anthony Montgomery has a new film out called I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) is which he plays the title role. He recently completed filming on an independent comedy called An American in China and is currently filming another indie comedy called Why Am I Doing This?

Linda Park currently has a regular role in ABC’s Women’s Muder Club.

Connor Trinneer makes recurring appearances on Stargate: Atlantis, next time up will be a 2 parter in February.

Chuck Trotter contributed to this story

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Alright, FIRST! Ok enough of that well I guess I know what clients will be watching when I go to work on Friday.

too bad they don’t do a movie marathon…i would rather have that than hours of enterprise.

Proof that the channel continues to air crap.

Sounds like a form of torture to me…. Isn’t there something in the constitution about cruel and unusual punishment?

Which is the one where they reveal the future Enterprise ever-so-briefly? (NCC-1701-J, I think). Was that episode any good?

Well, now I know how George Takei is spending his day.

Lord Almighty, all these Enterprise haters. Well, I will say I could at least watch Enterprise instead of Voyager. Everytime Janeway opened her mouth and that raspy voice came out I turned the station. I thought it was a good show, but then again, I am just one person.

Yay! Nuero-pressure treatments for All! Happy Holidays.


I agree. I think “Enterprise” is just fine. I find it entertaining, and I like the continuity similarities between the NX-01 and the TOS Enterprise, e.g., the scope that you peer into at the science station, or the ear piece for communications…but that’s just me. It’s like everyone takes the opportunity to trash “Enterprise” whenever it’s brought up.

De gustibus, non disputandum est.

The Enterprise J was in AZATI PRIME

I didn’t like “Cogenitor” and “The Xindi”. But the rest are some of the best Trek episodes ever.

#12: I think #7 meant Kirk’s Enterprise, which was shown briefly at the end of the series finale “These Are The Voyages”, which I think is the worst Trek episode ever and I’m glad they’re not showing it as part of the marathon.

Thanks #12. To be clear, I did mean the Enterprise-J (aka NCC 1701-J). I missed about 70% of Enterprise when it aired, so I may give a few of these episodes a try. I’ve always maintained that Star Trek is at its heart a TV show. While I’m stoked for the new movie, I’m still waiting for the day when Paramount/Viacom/CBS, etc. etc. gets their act together and brings a good Trek back to TV.

#14: #7 said NCC-1701-J. Kirk’s was, to misquote Scotty, “NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or J”

As for the episodes, the list is pretty much the best of ENT, although I’d have put Similitude in there somewhere.

I loved this series. I don’t care what anyone else said. :(

I loved the Defiant, the Enterprise J, the NX-01, The Xindi, The AMAZING Enterprise-D in the finale, etc…..

If only the inevitable TNG-R could look like “These Are the Voyages”

Man, I’ll take Enterprise over Voyager or DS9 any day. Has anyone who dumps on this show even seen the fourth season? There’s a lot there for TOS fans, like myself, to enjoy!

#16: Yeah, I see that now. I guess I missed it when I read it the first time.

I would have put “Demons” and “Terra Prime” on the list too, but I guess they ran out of room.

#18: “There’s a lot there for TOS fans, like myself, to enjoy!”

You can thank Manny Coto for that.

I know a lot of people walked away from ENT in the first couple of seasons, but it is worth checking into the above episodes as I think they are all good Trek. I also don’t appreciate comments like 5 and 6…that is borderline trolling. If you dont like the show fine….but do you really need to do that?

Like I said…check out some of these episodes…I was glad when I gave ENT a second chance

I’ll have to catch some of these. I loved that series.

I really miss Enterprise, and it sucks there has been no new Trek in close to 3 years. This would have been Enterprise’s seventh and last season. It had great stories, characters, actors, and it was fun to see all the winks to the future treks.

Enterprise has some hits and misses but that can be said of ALL TREKS. Anyone can pull out crappy episodes from the original, TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

I’m getting my friend into Trek, and I decided to start with Trek, he has no preconceptions, and he’s loving it! And we’re only on the second season before it really gets cooking.

no thanks..seriously no thank you. I have mirror darkly on tape and I’ll watch that. I’d rather watch a ds9, voyager, tos or tng marathon…

^ Meant to say I’m starting him off on Enterprise.

I’ve got them all on DVD and I enjoyed this series much more watching it without any adverts getting in the way.


Amen to that. worst Star Trek ever…
would rather watch the old Battlestar Galactica series, which is like Proust in comparison.

Thank you Hollywood for playing to the teen geek boys and dumping an emaciated top heavy vulcan into a slutty cat suit purely for ratings sake, how transparent can you get? Hollywoods idea of ratings-bait says volumes of the utter contempt in which they hold sci fi viewers. Where’s Number One when you need her?


Just shows how much better the fourth season was getting, not counting a few clinkers.
Enterprise will always be the whipping boy. That’s a shame. There are flaws, but it’s a lot better than 99% of the Sci-Fi out there. (Flash Gordon, Stargate: Atlantis anyone?)

Stargate Atlantis is one of the best sci-fi shows ever!

Steved, apart from the T’pol character, what else do you not like about Enterprise?.

#9 you are not alone. I loved Enterprise and proud of it :)

My take on Enterprise (like anyone cares)–Cons AND Pros:

Well, I don’t like the ship. Like someone else said, I don’t like the “hostage situation” eps ( there were a lot of them, weren’t there?). I understand that we can portray technology in a more up-to-date manner these days, but why didn’t they at least try to find a middle ground between Enterprise and TOS? Don’t like the canon errors that occured primarily in the first couple seasons. And I particularly didn’t like that it was called “Enterprise”. Had they just done it with a different ship (Daedalus class, anyone?) I may have bought into the concept more readily. And grouchy Vulcans. Hated them

When I put on my fiction cap and just strike the things that annoy me about the show, I find the rest entertaining. Sure there were problems with the storytelling and acting, but I can certainly look past that in the rest of the series. Some of the FX were terrific. I LOVED seeing the good old Constitution class on TV once more. The fourth season was really quite good, now that I have had a chance to view some of the episodes. And sorry for being a pig, but I like pretty women in tight/ scant/revealing clothing. That is a Star Trek tradition from way back.

I’d rather them show the TOS remastered episodes.

#30 “Stargate Atlantis is one of the best sci-fi shows ever!”

Don’t make me laugh, Stargate Atlantis is nothing but crap!
Star Trek Enterprise ia a masterpiece in comparison to Stargate Atlantis.

#35: You’re lucky I’m not in strangling distance.

now now.. play nice

I think Enterprise was pretty good in its third season and its fourth season was the best The fourth season is what the first season should have been.


I’ve got to agree with you. Not including “Similitude” is an oversight. In my mind, that’s pretty much when Enterprise turned the corner so to speak. Of course, they retreated back into that corner with “These Are The Voyages …”, but they had a decent run there for about a season and a half.

Looks like this list pretty much captures that run. I might just sit down for a few of these.

Enterprise in seasons 3 and 4 was excellent scfi and excellent star trek. There were more good eps in season 4 than in all of TOS and VOY combined.

Order of Best Trek on TV is:

1. TNG
2. DS9
3. Enterprise
4. TOS
5. VOY

Best movies were FC and WOK. Nemisis wasn’t one of the better films, but was far better than the worst Trek movies, I and V.

Enterprise – Turkey, say no more.


I don’t get why everyone dislikes Star Trek V, so I will take this opportunity to ask Star Trek fans. Why the Star Trek V hate?

I like it FAR better than I or IV. It has some of the best inter-character moments, and it’s just an all around good time.

DOMINIC KEATING, now, also has a recurring role in HEROES, with fellow Star Trek alumi George Takei and Nichelle Nichols (and with Zachary Quinto, who — as we all know by now — is portraying [young] Spock in ST XI).

#41 … good list.

#43 … the reason I think ST: V is the worst two hours of Trek is because of the “god search.” I mean, did anyone buy that? Just did not work for me at all. That combined with some poor casting and some poor action staging (the scene with Sybok taking Kirk and Spock [I think it was those two, McCoy might have been there too] prisoner in the shuttle craft or leaving the shuttlecraft was embarrassingly poor).

Anyway, if you are a Trekkie and TOS lover and don’t embrace the Enterprise episodes airing Friday, your loss. They are some of the best Trek ever made. And all of them serve as great compliments / prequels to Trek episodes like The Tholian Web, Arena, Amok Time, Space Seed, etc…

AP, thanks for calling out 5 & 6. That is why your site is the best.

Happy Gratitude Festival everyone.

I think that Star Trek V was an ok idea poorly executed ( and I do have a soft spot for it ), where as Enterprise was a bad idea well executed – neither really is any better than the other.

I’m trying to find out why the IAMD Pt 2 starts at 9, and the next ep starts at 10:30 pm. Anyone know why that is? What’s in that extra half hour?


Ok, that didn’t really explain why you hate it, just stating again that you dislike it. Why is the search for God bad? That’s one of the biggest things about being a human. Searching for something greater than yourself.

I also believe it has the most heart between the characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Oh well, to each their own.

I remember being anti-ENTERPRISE. That was until I caught the season 4 episodes in re-runs. It’s caused me to re-evaluate the entire series. I’d say I’m a fan now. Episodes like “In a Mirror, Darkly” and the Klingon augment virus two-parter really won me over. And it’s hard to go wrong with Orion slave girls. Plus, how cool was it seeing the Enterprise flying over 20th Century New York City, dog-fighting Nazi planes?! Hell, this show even brought back the Andorians and made them pretty damned cool.

you out there?

Would it be a big spoiler to clue us in…..
any Andorians in the flick?


Bring Back Andorians! Bring Back Andorians!…