Classic Game Show Clips of Roddenberry, Nimoy and Shatner

It’s a slow news day, so here are a few classic game show clips from the 70s

Roddenberry on “To Tell The Truth!”

Nimoy on “Whats My Line”

Shatner’s famous “$20,000 Pyramid” appearance

BONUS BILL on the Star Trek edition of “The Weakest Link will get back to business of breaking news and interviews over the weekend…for now enjoy your ‘Black Friday’ shopping and leftovers.

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You gotta admit…Shat has aged better than Nimoy…or Roddenberry for that matter LOL !

enjoyed those thanks. hey i made 2nd place!!

10:20ish ET

7:20ish PT


Gene was sure having a bad hair day.

What a great memory! Thanks for posting it. But where was my heroine Kitty Carlysle???

This was fun. I had never seen the Roddenberry and Nimoy clips.
Very funky leisure suit, Leonard.
Not sure why Miss Moreno was so ga-ga over Roddenberry. Always seemed like kind of a gawky guy to me.

What great memories! Thanks for posting them. But where was my heroine Kitty Carlysle???

Oops–sorry. Not enough Tranya!

That was an enjoyable blast down memory lane.

Whoever did the sound intro messed up. That is NOT the sound to Star Trek, but a Canadian Sci Fi production called The Starlost. Which by the way lasted one season.

398 dtST

Wow Leonard looked good back then! Gene too.

And of course the Shat looks better at 75 than I do at 42. Do you think the bit with Anne on Weakest Link was staged? Or was it spontaneous? Either way, it was very funny :)

Nimoy is the man.

Very , very cool!
Good of you to post these. :-)

Was that before,,or after the first Trek movie ?

interesting to watch


Gene Roddenberry looks like Governor Gatling (James Noble) on Benson.

#9 . I immediately recognized that “Starlost” theme music too on the roddenberry intro. Good detective work, pizza.

In the “to tell the truth”, the 3rd guy looks really constipated

Thanks Anthony-

These are great as Thanksgiving Desert1

I Can’t believe how shy Gene Roddenberry seems in that first clip.

As an aside-

Why didn’t you post Shatner’s infamous appearance on :

“Who’s that Ham”? with Wink Martindale?

I kid.

Actually I’m probably the only one on this forum (other than James Cawley) that owns the “Encyclopedia Shatnerica.”

For those that need a Shatner fix in lieu of a 2008 movie appearance- this book is the Shat!

Here’s a link

Contestant #2 was actually Frank Herbert – he needed the money.

Thanks Anthony! Some great stuff there.

Roddenberry seemed pretty neat back in the ’70’s.

Awesome clips! Very Interesting to see what they were getting up to inbetween Star Trek:TOS and the Star Trek:TMP.

They were definitely taking advantage of the popularity that Star Trek had gained throughout the 1970’s!

I know! Gene was the first one to speak out of the three!

You may send my award of the Enterprise.

You have to remember there was a looooooooooooong timeframe involved when it came to developing the first ST movie.

I remember working as a disk jockey at a radio station in Texas and being a BIG Star Trek fan I would call up Susan Sackett on a regular basis for sound bites about the movie. Trust me, it went on for some time. I wish I had saved those phone conversations.

At that same radio station I covered a Dallas Star Trek convention that featured George Takei and David Gerrold (also Ted Cassidy). I think I still have those interview tapes. George was great – invited me to go jogging with him and several other fans the next morning (but I had to decline to go back to the station to do a live broadcast from an auto dealership. I asked David Gerrold how he felt about writers (Alan Dean Foster) adapted the Star Trek Animated episodes into Star Trek novels. David said he did not like the idea (but later tracked me down to not air that portion of the interview – which I did not).

Susan Sackett was Roddenberry’s assistant and she told me about the Lincoln Enterprise catalogs. LI was a company that GR had started after ST’s cancellation to sell ST related items. I bought quite a few of the Star Trek film cells in those days. Those were basically little strips of film cells of the ACTUAL TOS episodes that ended up on the cutting room floor. Pretty heavy stuff when you think about – actual film frames from the original episodes.

I used to order these for maybe $2 a pop and get six or seven frames at a time. Since these were typically the beginning and end of a scene, you would sometimes get a shot of the ‘film clapper’ as well.

It was customary to cut out each individual frame and mount in a 35mm slide frame, pope in a slide procector and zoom it up on to a wall at a Star Trek fan club meeting or Star Trek convention – back when the conventions were run by fans and not corporations.

I found a bunch of them while cleaning the garage last week and it’s great stuff. Little snippets of TOS history.

Sorry, having a fan flashback here …

Happy Thanksgiving. Somewhere, I have audio tapes of Merv Griffin’s interviews with the big three. At least I think that’s who interviewed them and that’s who was interviewed!


I still have some copies of the TOS scripts that LI was selling at the time.

“Back when cons were run by fans” … smile… Equicon. 1975. LAX Marriott. My first.


I still have my collection of ST film clips acquired through LE. Somewhat faded with age but still there, a little like its owner. You had to use 35mm half-frame clip mount for them, which my local camera store had to special-order for me. I once met a guy at a convention who had a collection that made mine pale by comparison–book after book of clips from every conceivable episode, including a lot of treasured special effects shots. Since this was prior to the shows being available on DVD or videotape, being able to view those dramatic scenes whenever you wanted meant a lot.

Re: #23 and #26 — I also have a few of those film clips. It’s been years since I looked at them.

Check out this site:

This guy is looking for those LE clips that may have special significance (scenes filmed, but cut for time, special effects, etc.) He’s managed to reconstruct some missing scenes, and do an amazing restoration job on them. If he’s interested in what you have, I believe he will restore the clips, give you a scan of the clip(s) and return them, all for free.

At any rate, the site has some really cool behind-the-scenes images, and even a short piece of film shot for Friday’s Child that was cut from the show.

Scott B. out.

Hey- those Nimoy grunts you could guess from anywhere!:) But thanks Anthony- loved the clip!:)


Watching the calabre of shows back then (or now) it’s easy to see why Star Trek (when done right) really stands out as a feast for all the senses and the brain.

I love Shatner…listen to that applause…

I look at Nimoy and Shatner in their prime during the 70’s and realize how Paramount blew a one time opportunity to crank out ten consecutive epic films involving the original crew! With one film being produced every two years, say from 1978 through 1996, we could have enjoyed a story arc of such proportions that it would make any other movie series look like crap in comparison! Ah, the road not taken and opportunities missed due to the short-sighted beancounters running Hollywood!!

Honestly, when is the last time anyone has witnessed a GOOD decision (Trek XI the exception) coming out of Tinsletown??

What’s next? Gilligan’s Island:The Motion Picture?????

Ok…..this has NOTHING to do with the current post but has anyone seen the Enterprise episode called The Aenar? If you have it I suggest that you watch it as its a excellent episode. I just watched it on the Enterprise Marathon that was running on the Sc-Fi Channel. Makes one wonder why this series was ever canceled.

thanks anthony
you are the cranberry sauce on my turkey, or somesuch.

also, gotta ‘gree with massa ballz, oh what coulda been.

31: The same is being done with the current actors on TNG and Enterprise not to mention Voyager. So much could be done IF Paramount got off their butts but it won’t happen. Their beyond stupid. Stories could created and cash in hand for them but their way too tight fisted and dim of wit.

#33 “gotta ‘gree with massa ballz”

You know, I once got food poisoning from a heaping plate of spaghetti and massa balls!! It was October 2003 and it was a Tuesday………..


oh what coulda been
oh what shoulda been
we whine and regret
and some days we fret
but most days we feel pretty keen!

Anthony – thanks for probing the unknown worlds of game shows!

“Encyclopedia Shatnerica”

You‘re right – a must-have;-)

re: 31
“What’s next? Gilligan’s Island:The Motion Picture?????”

No more recast classics.

#9 — I LOVED The Starlost… “May I be of some assistance?”

#5 — I used to produce a talk show in NY, and whenever we were stuck for a guest, I’d call Kitty and send a car over for her. This was in the late 90s. She looked exactly the same then as she did in the 60s — and so gracious. So,the first time I saw that Futurama gag about her head in a jar, I just about died because it had the ring of truth. Sadly, we missed our opportunity to “put her up” for posterity, as she passed away recently, and by now has surely spoiled.

#31 and #37:

I’m hoping for “Green Acres: The Next Generation”…


imdb had that as #6 in a poll..

#1 is “The Courtship of Eddie’s Great-Great-Grandson” and

#2 is “My Mother, The Mr. Fusion-powered hover-conversion Car

everyone sing, now:

“My Mother, the Car…My Mother, the Car…She’s my very own, shi-ning star! A 2228 Porter: that’s my Mother Dear. She flies me to everything I do, and I’m so glad she’s here….

My Mother, the Car…
My Mother, the Car

(sadness, in some respects, is to be old enough to remember much of the 1960s without having been old enough to currently be unable to remember much of the ’60s)

#27, Scott

Thanks for that link.

I am particularly enjoying the “deleted scenes” section.

I wish these had made it to the screen!

I like Kirk and Bones’ exchange with Spock in the rec room.

great stuff.

Oh, and for Harry Ballz:

Would we, could we
Have more Spock?

If not, why not
Turn back that clock?

Those times back then
go goo ga joob

now brought to us
by our friend
you tube.

#31 and others: My brother, who is not near the Trek fanatic I am, but who loves the original show nonetheless, wishes they had just done two more seasons of Trek with Roddenberry back in charge, then quit. No movies, no spin-offs.

I have to look back at the late ’60s-early ’70s and realize that if Trek had continued, it would have probably gotten unbearable. This was the era of astrology and spoon-bending and Kirlian photography and the Bermuda Triangle, of shaggy hair and polyester and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. If you think “The Way to Eden” is campy and dated, just imagine what might have been taken seriously as fodder for a science fiction adventure in 1971. While I’m sure there would have been some good episodes, I’m equally sure there would be more than a few really embarrassing ones. Who knows how it would have affected fandom?

All that said, I do sort of wonder sometimes what Trek would have looked like if it had been done as one (or two or three) of those epic mini-series that were popular in the late ’70s and early 1980s.

Scott B. out.

So, what the heck is an “answer print” and why am I stupid for not knowing. Really, the panel on To Tell the Truth always seemed to know snooty stuff, but never pop culture. Who’s Ray Bradbury?? Come on! I remember Kitty Carlisle told mystery guest Terry Gilliam she just didn’t like Monty Python. Nice, Kitty.

And Harry, weren’t they making Gilligan’s Island the Motion picture at one point? I now they made the broadway musical. Yikes.

#42 Scott

There’s ALREADY ‘a few embarrassing ones’ from the TOS episodes we DID get…but they’re ALL classic…so I too must agree that particular time period you mention, where there was NO Trek, and while the crew were still in their prime, was a sad loss to popular culture…

Nice clips by the way Anthony.


It was the era of “The Partridge Family”… so, we could have been treated to David Cassidy and Susan Dey as regular guest stars.


I think that Season 3 had more to do with the ;’68-’69 season budget cuts and the “Frieberger effect” (Just look what he did with Season 2 of Space 1999!) than with Pop Culture.

Love ’em or hate ’em, proof of what a proper season 4 and 5 would look like can be seen in the un filmed scripts of Phase II:

There is another youtube clip of Shatner doing a precursor of the Khaaaaan yell. The film quality is very poor, but jeez it’s funny. The Shat has to be loads of fun to hang out with; never a dull moment.

You should post these too: Videoholic2008 has posted the Merv Griffin interviews of Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley on youtube, it’s in four parts titled “Merv Griffin w/Shatner, Nimoy, & Kelley on Star Trek II”

I love youtube.

Wow… that was awesome… :) Yeah, I noticed the Starlost theme as well… That’s a show that I watched all the time, too… creeped me out. :) To Tell the Truth has a special place in my life too, as my Dad was on it as an impostor one episode… I’m dying to find that on tape somewhere.

…nothing cures food poisoning like a hot bowl of grandma’s “massa ballz soup”.

and now, a nimoynian moment:

Exactly – not to mention Uhura’s line (shortly after sighing deeply) that would have made a classic if it had been screened:

“Relaxing? I don’t know what to call it – – but relaxing’s not the word.”

Thanks for posting the link.