“The Return of the Archons” Remastered Screenshots and Video



Summary: Good episode, but almost nothing to do for CBS-D
This weekend’s TOS-R episode, "The Return of the Archons", is one of the better Original Series episodes with a high concept story of a planet full of mindless drones controlled by a computer seeking perfection decades before the Borg were even conceived. This is primarily a ‘planet episode’ with just a tiny smattering of Enterprise in orbit shots. Even though they had little to work with, CBS-D did mix up the angles of those orbital shots a bit, including a nice close-up fly-by.

NOTE: Remastered video and images below taken from the Standard Definition DVD side of the new Star Trek Season One box set.

SFX Video


SFX Screenshots

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I am Landru

No I am Landru

Pull my finger

Peace man!


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