First Spy Shots Of Pine as Kirk + Orion Slave Girl

Those amazing paparazzi at JFX have done it again with new spy shots from a location shoot of Star Trek, taken just this weekend. They nabbed Chris Pine as Kirk (in a uniform) plus a girl who was a very distinctive shade of green. JFX have provided with a couple of images, with more at their site (see below)

Here we have Chris Pine as Kirk:

And here we have a lovely green Orion Slave Girl (unfortunately she is mostly covered up)

Many more images of Kirk and the Slave Girl available exclusively at JFX Online.

Graduation Ceremony + Kirk in Red? UPDATED
According to a source, the shoot was in Orange County at a very large hangar. Apparently the scene was a cadet graduation and both Quinto and Pine were there. However, it appears that Spock (Quinto) and Kirk (Pine) were not graduating, as they were not in the same costumes as all the cadet extras. [UPDATE: has got conflicting stories on whether or not this was the cadet uniform]. Apparently Quinto was wearing the same red outfit as Pine (as were others). It would be jumping to conclusions that these red uniforms are the new uniform that will be seen on the Enterprise. They might be cadet uniforms, instructor uniforms or some other specialty uniform. Not sure how the Orion girl worked into the graduation. Either she was a cadet, or maybe for another scene. Or maybe it was for a graduation party!

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Awesome! Hmmm, interesting uniform (if that is what it is?) And an orion? Cool!

Thanks Anthony!


Red? Uniform?

May I be the first Trek fan to welcome the new James Tiberius Kirk to Star Trek. Looking good Chris, make us proud and honor the man who lead the way for you.

Oops, not first, sorry. (Not related to that first mumbo jumbo.)

What? They were in OC? WTF? That hangar is right down the street, too.

All he’s missing is the hat and he’s a perfect bell hop.

Is that what they were going for? Bell hops in space?

Interesting! It looks like it could be a dress uniform rather than a duty uniform.

thank god no jumpsuits!

i like to see more black though

The costuming so far makes me very nervous. What’s with the odd stripes on the pants?

looking good, don’t really care what the clothing looks like at this point, too early to make assumptions

#9- It’s not an odd stripe, I thought that at first too. It’s a pole in the foreground of the pic, it is not on the actor. So we can all relax.

The red uniform could be academy related. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they are going to the tng color scheme. I have to admit though, that uniform looks pretty cool. If that is academy garb I can’t wait to see what the new uniforms look like. The ones from ToS sucked to me, they looked too much like pajamas. Movies 2-6 had the best uniforms by far!

Thanks, Gary Seven. That does help put my mind at ease. :-D

That’s a rather interesting uniform that Pine has there…

…but it’s very bland

Well the only thing I’d say you can really gather is that his boots are more traditional than the ones they wore in the previous spy photos (which were very “contemporary/futuristicy”). Leading me to believe that whatever they were wearing in those photos under their ponchos it wasn’t starfleet uniforms.

Hmmm. I like the overall look, but I’m not going to be happy if they’re using red as the Command department, instead of the correct green/gold. I’m also not keen on the ranks being worn on the collar – that’s for the TNG-era. Where are the cuff stripes?

However, I’m holding my judgement for now. We really don’t know enough about what the pictures are showing us. If I was to speculate, though, I would say that this is cementing the obvious – the film is not going to be set within the existing Trek canon. I also think that O&K are trying to squeeze TNG references into where they’re not supposed to be (like using red as Command and collar-based rank insignia).

My two pence :-)

Take a closer look at the collar rank.

On the second pic at JFX. Is that a tiny arrowhead logo on the collar?

I think the red uniform is supposed to foreshadow ST7.

Yep, looks like a re-boot that ignores STC uniforms to me

Actually, I had a thought – wasn’t it established in ‘Obsession’ that Kirk was in the tactical/security department when he was a junior officer? If so, red would fit.

I’m still hoping that these are just the new versions of those jumpsuits that the lower-ranking folk wore in TOS, and that we’ll be seeing officer uniforms that look more like the real TOS ones later on (with rank stripes on the sleeves!).

Now if only we could find the new Enterprise hanging around out back smoking a cigarette….

Everybody seems to be forgetting that he is not the captain for most of the movie. He may very well be a redshirt comander (or even liutenant) for most of the movie and don the Mustard/gold Command uniform at the end (or even in part two or three)

I just figured this was a cadet jumpsuit. I do see an arrowhead on the color though in one of the JFX pics.

“Now if only we could find the new Enterprise hanging around out back smoking a cigarette…. ”


Don’t worry someone will post a picture of Gabe K’s Enterprise as a “spy” pic again sometime within the next 7 minutes.

Thanks Cheve, you took the words right outta my mouth. This isn’t CAPTAIN Kirk. It’s ensign Kirk, or whatever. Naturally, he’s not in the gold shirt. He looks like a 23rd century bellhop though.

I like the look of his hair. Looks like you would imagine Kirks earlier hair.

I love the idea that the Orion could be part of the entertainment and not a cadet. That would rock. Star Trek in the 90’s became a bit too bland and nicey nice. A bit more 60’s raunch would be a great re-introduction and totally in line with what GR was in to.

Always with the dumb next gen shoulder stripes and collar pips. I wish they’s get over that stupis look already. Have we not seen it enough in enterprise, tng, later tng and so on….JEEZ!

I hope that that is not an arrowhead insignia, unless Kirk is an Enterprise crewmember at this point – remember, in TOS, each starship had its own logo. The arrowhead was the Enterprise’s. Starfleet didn’t start using it generally until the TWOK-era.

Exactly. he is not the Captain Kirk that kicked Gorn’s *ss he’s the Cadet Kirk that cheated the Kobayashi test.

Considering this movie is supposed to be an ‘origin story’, so it’s placed a some years before TOS, I don’t see why the uniforms should be like those in TOS. Starfleet has a thing for changing uniforms all the time.

As for Kirk wearing a red uniform – I doubt it has anything to do with TNG. He’s not going to be CAPTAIN Kirk in this movie, so red fits with anything in the ops division.

To me, the uniform looks like it might be a retro version of the maroon/burgundy/red uniforms of ST II onward. Not exactly, but more than any kind of new duty uniform. I think we’re going to be amazed to find that JJ and crew have recreated the brightly colored uniforms, though perhaps toned down.

And it does kind of look like an arrowhead insignia on the collar. If it’s more damn collar pips, I’ll leave the theater. ;)

That’s a uniform? It looks like the local garbage men! ;)

Big news. Blurry photos with speculative descriptions. Wow.

29# That’s not entirely true. There are some non-Enterprise crew in Court Martial who wear the arrowhead on their uniforms, so there’s some wriggle room/inconsistency there. Also, don’t forget that every constitution class ship has the arrowhead on the outside in TOS.

Cool pics. He looks great as Kirk. The uniform looks pretty sharp. No pointed sideburns yet so it’s probably an academy uniform. I hate the pips but hopefylly those will disappear when they graduate from the academy. But with that collar and the shirt and pants ensemle, I can easily see an evolution to the familiar color coded shirts and black pants of the series that will, no doubt, show up at some point in the film.

I love it. Any word from Roberto on the legitimacy of our theories?

I’m thinking its an Academy related uniform. And welcome aboard Chris!

You guys like to beat the crap out of every little detail! Who cares about
the uniform? So long as it doesn’t look like it did in ST:TMP. Oh, I guess that I might care a little as well. I am looking forward to something quite different from which I am familiar.

Can’t we all just wait and see what everything looks like when it’s formally announced. A few blurry paparazzi images don’t really show much at all!

#35. Jim Smith – December 10, 2007

Actually, that’s not true. The other Constitution-class ships seen in TOS all had the USS Defiant assignment patch on the hull ;-)

First impressions?
I will try not to get too worried about the costume designs…yet. Still, I wasn’t expecting ( a hopefully pre-Captain ) Kirk, or any other main crewmembers to be clad in ALL-red outfit, ending up looking like ‘Red Adair’…

Some of you guys really need to chill. No one should be getting to worked up over anything. A picture with no context means nothing.

it could be Pine is wearing something that covers up the real costume because they KNOW the pansi-nazis are out there trying to take spy pics.

That doesn’t look like Chris Pine to me, even through the blur. I suspect an over-eager photographer.

That’s Chris Pine all right.


Red shirt?

Naw…… they wouldn’t?!

381 dtST

36 – the sideburns look pointed to me:

Looks to be foreshadowing TWOK uniforms?

On top of the actual good bit of news here…that we may be getting an ‘Orion slave girl’ thrown into the mix…is this piece of OFF TOPIC news today that I am personally happy about, and which just may be of interest to someone here.

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Here are the details for the’Bladerunner’ 3-C.D. release:

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but that girl doesn’t look green enought to even be orion to me.