Security Makes Star Trek A No Smoking Shoot – Ryder Not Happy

The secrecy of the new Star Trek film is becoming legend in Hollywood. In an interview earlier today Karl Urban (McCoy) noted that it was the most difficult thing to deal with and it appears he isn’t alone. Contact Music is reporting that security concerns have resulted in a smoking ban, and apparently Winona Ryder (Amanda Grayson) is ‘furious.’

It appears the producers are so concerned with spy photos leaking out that no one is to leave the secure areas to take cig breaks…forcing them to stay in the secure non-smoking areas. The site quotes a source saying:

Winona’s a heavy smoker and she was furious when the producers told her she’s not allowed to take a smoke break anywhere near the set because of a confidentiality agreement she signed.

The site reports that Abrams has tried to explain that his desire for secrecy is to ensure the film has maximum box office and that Ryder understood, “but she’s crawling the walls.” They also report that the crew are filming at a desert location. more at Contact Music.

Urban on Secrecy
In his recent interview, Karl Urban (McCoy) lamented the need for secrecy.

I think the hardest part really is maintaining the level of security and secrecy that we have all been forced to adopt. I mean it’s really kind of paranoid crazy, but sort of justified. We’re not allowed to walk around in public in our costumes and we have to be herded around everywhere in these golf carts that are completely concealed and covered in black canvas. The security of it is immense. You feel your freedom is a big challenge.

The secret script
One amazing thing is that so far the Star Trek team have managed to keep the script from being leaked, not an easy thing to do in this day and age. One way they have done that is by actually limiting the number of people who actually have a copy to a very very small number. Some lead actors on the film have reported that they did not even see the script until after they signed on, and then only in a secure room. In an earlier interview co-writer Roberto Orci told that they didn’t use actual parts of the script for the auditions, but used parts of Star Trek novels. And a source close to the production tells that many actors on the film are only given pages for their scenes and that they are not allowed to take them home. The same is also true for those working on designs and effects, with each artist only given a copy of the portion of the script describing the scene or object they are working on. This compartmentalizing of information keeps people from being able to decipher the plot. Of course they still have a year to go, but so far Star Trek appears to be successfully keeping the leaks to a minimum.

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Good. Maybe she’ll live longer.

understandable..if i were in the movie i would quit if asked =) small price to pay!

Maybe they should write chain smoking into the character. That would make it… interesting…

#3 – that would not be (wait for it) logical!

i would go bat shit crazy, she has my sympathies

Abrams needs to dig out Nicholas Meyer’s Star Trek II ‘No Smoking’ bridge signs out of Paramount’s storage & post them in Winona’s trailer.

It’ll be fun to see Amanda Grayson on nicotine withdrawals. Star Trek for the modern day! *LOL*

Ryder is smokin’ without smokin’…………uh, yeah………… :)

Patches girl, get patches! Or gum.

As for the secrecy… GOOD!

The internets has nearly killed movies before. I’m glad secrecy is bringing the magic back.

2 reactions: #1- slow news day. #2- Winona Ryder is just that much lamer in my eyes now.

Why are they being so secret? Man… you would think that William Shatner was in this film or something…


I, a lifelong nonsmoker, now have the early stages of COPD. Why? Because I worked in an office full of chain-smokers for 6 years back in the 80s.
I can’t prove it directly, of course, but I’ve never been the same since I worked there.
Only one person [besides me] who worked there in 1986 is still among the living & she quit smoking and the office in 1991.
I have no sympathy for Winona or anyone else who can’t smoke indiscriminately wherever or whenever they want.
Parents who smoke in a vehicle with chidren aboard should be prosecuted for child abuse.

Winona’s made it clear she likes to smoke
With the part she’s playing, it should be a toke
She’s sexy as hell
She’ll play the part well
If this movie’s no good, I’ll just croak!

I like this ultra-high security rule JJ has. It’s been too easy to ruin the movie for myself by doing a little snooping in past years.

This secrecy might effect the acting has no one thought of that?

It would affect the acting if they filmed the ending before the climax. Otherwise, they would know how their character would act no matter what scene they were filming, based on Stanislavski’s method of acting.

#6 – That is, if they haven’t been sold yet on eBay’s IAW auctions!

She’ll smoke until they take her breasts off. Then she’ll quit. Who cares. Smokers stink like crap. I don’t think she should be in a Star Trek movie anyhow, smoker or not.

Umm, I’m not in the know as to how it goes these days on a movie set. Truthfully, I’ve only worked on one set my whole life. But don’t high profile actors get their own trailers? Couldn’t she just smoke there? Is that no longer done?

I bet William Shatner is in the movie. Thats part of the reason for all the secrecy. The other reason may be that the movie may just be an average movie…but what better way to have Trekkies lining up in droves to see the film when its released if they know nothing about it….

aww, boo hoo. no cancer sticks. get over yourself.

Just because we smokers were stupid enough to pick up the habit doesn’t give y’all non-smokers out there the right to treat us like second class citizens. i don’t mind smoking out in the cold or crushing one out because a kid or a pregnant woman is walking by or snuffing one out because someone has an allergy. and i would quit if the patches or gum weren’t so expensive. sorry for the rant there i just hate that sort of attitude.

The secrecy is twofold for me, the mystery excites yet frustrates me, i wish i could know what was goin on yet i don’t wanna ruin it and i know 08 is gonna be a long year for me.

people should be permitted to smoke what and when they like. Just for fun , has anyone thought about what kind of second hand smoke from campfires does to peoples lungs? especially when people throw all sorts of things in the fire. there is alot to be proven and as a former smoker (two months now) I dont mind what people do. also know that my mom is fighting lung cancer after smoking for 50 years, Thing is that my dad put up with a two pack a day smoker and his lungs are fine..:s

I see that the anti-smoking Fascists are out in force.
Don’t smoke myself, nor do I understand the need for some people to put down the Rights of others. It’s their choice. This is supposed to be America.

#12. Bob Tompkins – Child abuse? From someone who has been a victim, and an advocate of Child Abuse Victims…That is an insult!
I am sorry about your illness, But think you are just trying to find a way to place blame. COPD can be triggered by many different factors.
Including bad Genes.

Oh, and Timmy’s Mommy is HOT! :)

Anthony left out the “rabid Trekkies” reference in the Contact Music article, haha.

Perhaps she could quit? Just because we love something, doesn’t mean we should do it.

Poor Winona. Security cameras caught her stealing a smoke…

I’m a smoker, yet my job does not allow me to take smoke breaks. I often work eight to nine hour days without having a cigarette, and I’ve never had a problem. NO DTs, no nicotene withdrawal, nothing. To make sure it wasn’t all in my head, I asked my co-workers if they noticed any change in my attitude. Do I become short-tempered, surly, or do I seem to lose my concentration and focus? None of them said that I was adversely affected.

If Ms. Ryder is having that much trouble with her habit, then I suggest either quitting cigarettes or passing on roles in high profile, big budget movies.

Me, I’m gonna light up a cigarette, because I can. Want one, Wynona? Oops! Sorry.

yea, no smoking!!!! i hate it..

In response to #12, I am a smoker who can wait to have one when possible. I can go on long flights without smoking and you have my sympathies, but, it is a free world and if I want to stand outside and smoke that is my business. Did you know the average bus spits out more Carbon Monoxide in one minute “about 12000 cigarettes per minute” then the average smoker in a lifetime? Ban those, stop telling me and others what to do. It’s public! And as for working in an office full of smokers in the 80’s, quit if you don’t like it there. It’s not like you didn’t know smoking is bad for you. As for the child abuse comment, it is an insult to people who have been vitims. And again, it’s my car I can do what I like in it. I own it.

The compartmentalized security could very well hold until….

Michael Giaccino conducts about 100 musicians, seeing the entire film on a giant screen. Or maybe they don’t do that anymore, with only the composer at the podium staring at a monitor.

Anyway, Leonard Nimoy had the orchestra problem with Star Trek III. He had to swear every musician to secrecy.

I, for one, hope it remains a secret…forever.

While I may think smoking is a disgusting habit, I’m not incapable of extending sympathy to Ms. Ryder who must be uncomfortable due to the restrictions. I am surprised that there is no way to secure location or an enclosed room that could be used for a brief smoking break. I’m sure Ms. Ryder isn’t the only one working on the film who lamenting this.

Oh, smoking is SO attractive. Winona can live with it, but if she keeps it up she won’t be living with it for very long!

Interesting story.

Abrams should of made it perfectly clear to everyone
before signing the contract that smoking wasn’t allowed.
But…I’m sure she’s getting paid much more then what she
is worth for her time. She has no right to complain.
Just write her off NOW…and continue on. Who needs her?

Well…..write her off the ship and the story of course.

I agree with #12 and 30.
And yes they do have trailers in witch they smoke more than tabbacco.
This seems like a story that jj has allready delt with. I’m sure he gave her whatever she needed and this is a knee-jerk reaction story.

With all the secrecy and the A-list actors on board (I’d say Winona still qualifies), you’d figure they’d have built a ventilated room like the ones they used to have at airports for smokers.

I’m a non-smoker and I can’t be too close to someone while they’re smoking because it gives me a headache — plus there’s the second-hand smoke issue — but I don’t understand the vehemence of the anti-smokers here. It’s not that big a deal to accommodate smokers in such a way as to minimize the risks to everyone else, especially if the smokers are respectful of the boundaries (and most of them are these days, at least in the US).

i hate to say it , by all the security in the world wont stop the INTERNET !! , but really they are trying very hard to limit leaks, but they will happen oh yes they will happen…………………dun dunnnn duhhhh !!!

Sucks to be Ms. Ryder, really.

I am deeply grateful for the secrecy. The relative lack of leaks has made threads like this spoiler-free enough that I can safely remain a part of the community, at least for a few more months.

I hope they don’t. I like the secrecy. I always avoid reading any leaks online, but every once in a while some jerk in an IRC channel will blurt it out… and get banned of course, but the damage has already been done. :(

I think Winona should kick the habit, personally. She won’t look good forever if she keeps on puffing away. Just look at what happened to Nimoy! Like mother, like son. :P

Sorry but you shouldn’t have the right to do anything you want in your car just because you own it. Does that mean you should be able to shoot somebody in your car because you own it?

countin flowers on the wall
that dont bother me at all

playing solitataire til dawn
with a deck of 51

smoking cigarettes and watching

now don’t tell me..

I’ve nothing to do

If the secrecy thing is true then why all the spy photos so far? Is there a misinformation campaign out there to keep everyone off balance?

Spy photos? Spy photos?!!! I know nothing of no frickin’ spy photos! That would be Just Frickin’ ineXcusable!

That`s a good thing, this Stasi-Like Security. (Stasi was the secret service of the former DDR – Democratic Republic of Germany).

I do remember, when the script for NEMESIS was on the internet back in 2002.

I hope I will be suprised by the new Trek and don`t get to read complete pages of the script.

Happy Christmas, by the way.

That`s a good thing, this Stasi-Like Security. (Stasi was the secret service of the former DDR – Democratic Republic of Germany).

I do remember, when the script for NEMESIS was on the internet back in 2002.

I hope I will be suprised by the new Trek and don`t get to read complete pages of the script.

Marry Christmas, by the way.

I couldn’t care less about ryders need for a cigarette… all im glad about is that this film is so secret, i mean of course im curious but look what happened to Nemesis!!!

I read the whole nemesis script online months before the film came out… i knew data would die… that Will Riker was leaving and that the nemesis was a clone of Picard. It destroyed my interest in the movie as there was no mystery, no wow factor, i just felt like i was watching something id seen before.

Wynona Ryder is lucky to have a job at all, and she should realize that her days of being able to behave like a prima donna are over. I, for one, was disappointed to hear that she was going to be in the movie. She lacks the presence for the role.

Smokers whine on and on. Just respect the health of others by NOT lighting up around non-smokers–just as random, decent, rational people would not use cleaning solutions with potentially dangerous side-effects around others, or chew food with their mouths open….very easy to do–if you actually care about not forcing your highly questionable habits on others.