Happy New Year From TrekMovie.com – What Is Your Trek Resolution?

It is now officially 2008. It is going to be a big year for Trek so drink up.

Star Trek Drinking

Star Trek Resolutions
In Star Trek Nemesis Picard tells Shinzon, “There is something that has never been nurtured. The potential to make yourself a better man and that is what it means to be human. To make yourself better than you are.” That is also what new year’s resolutions are all about, self improvement. Use these Star Trek characters’ new year’s resolutions as a guide to making your own.

James T. Kirk: I will ask that girl out on a date.

Uhura: I will be a better communicator.

Pavel Chekov: I will learn more about my heritage.

Jean-Luc Picard: I will make it so!

Worf: I will be more aggressive.

Geordi La Forge: I will see the possibilities.

Deanna Troi: I will indulge in what I enjoy (dark chocolate) without guilt.

Lwaxana Troi: I will not change outfits seven times…and then back into the first one.

Reginald Barclay: I will favor my real life over my virtual one.

Ad’har Ru’afo: I will not dwell on my reflection in the mirror. Wrinkles add character.

Benjamin Sisko: I will find time to play.

Jadzia Dax: I will accept change.

Elim Garak: I will strive to keep my mouth shut.

Quark: I will better my financial situation.

Odo: I will be true to myself no matter what I am.

Borg Queen: I will spend more time with my collective.

Kathryn Janeway: I will cut back on caffeine.

B’Elanna Torres: I will be unapologetic about my actions.

Tuvok: I will continue to meditate and strive for inner peace.

Tom Paris: I will be more responsible.

Harry Kim: I will try not to be so gullible.

The Doctor: I will exceed my original programming.

Neelix: I will eat better.

Seven of Nine: Resolutions are futile

What is your Star Trek resolution?

Trek resolutions channeled via Mary Jo Tenuto

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Vote for Ron Paul.

You asked 1st.

live long & prosper of course!

all the best!

Get down to 200 lbs.

and yeah.. Vote for Ron Paul too =)

Read more books and begin a successful college career.

Fifth for the new year!!!! Vote for the other guy!!!

“Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning.”

Happy New Year everyone!

oh please dont turn this into a political thing

my resolution is to give Simon Pegg a chance

Posting is futile.
We will assimalate you………
Resistance is ….error. ..»
Winning ….is resistance….
Ron Paul gets my vote.!!!
My Trek resolution is to try and accept this TOS reboot.

to not roll my eyes the next time we hear from Quinto about how he, ‘like, you know, totally gets Spock’.

sometimes the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many

or the one!!!!

opps didnt read it right sorry!!!

Elections are done and dusted in Australia thank the prophets! Seeing that our planetary environmental controls are off-line – I think I will with an orion metaphor and my new year’s resolution is try become a bit greener for the planet… perhaps I will trade in my galaxy class motor for a shuttlepod.

Happy new year everyone!

#13: Why dabble with going green when you can go all the way with an Orion Slave Girl? :^)

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!

The cbs site got some clips on Karl Urban’s western miniseries Comanche Moon
if you guys want to check it out.

It starts at jan 13 2008.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from Ottawa!

Visit Second Life, join United Federation Starfleet, Live the Dream!

Happy New Year

Risk is our business!

Happy new year, fellow Trek fans!

One thing since 2000 that we haven’t been able to do any more as fans — that is, if you ever did — is the old “stardate” way of writing dates because this “zero” decade makes it awkward. I used to do it on papers in junior high (7803.23, for instance) and left teachers scratching their heads. So for old time’s sake, happy 0801.01!

Re: #1 — Please keep the political out of these comments, unless you want details on why supporting Ron Paul is utterly misguided, and why Ron Paul does not and would not reflect Star Trek ideals. Would you like to hear my theory on why the 23rd century United Earth and the United Federation of Planets are socialist institutions? I will spare you that because this is not the forum for such political debate, it is for sharing our mutual love of Star Trek. So please do the same.

Live long and prosper and have a great 2008!

All prepare for a great year!

Lose a couple pounds…of cash to Ron Paul in ’08

Vote Pedro

To try to look forward to the new Trek film and withhold any judgment on it until I actually see it! Despite my lack of enthusiasm over JJ Abrams’ previous work, there are many promising elements to this new film. Here’s hoping they strive first and foremost to make an entertaining movie (I don’t care if it adheres 100 percent to canon; No Trek ever has)! And I will look forward to it! Live Long and Prosper in 2008!

RE: #20 – We use stardates at UF Starfleet in Second Life. The format we use is..


Therefore right this moment is 080101.1410

spock: to…live long and prosper

dumb maybe… but I couldn’t resist

My primary resolution is to take over the universe and become Emperor.

My secondary resolution is to lose 10 pounds.

If neither of those pan out, I’d settle for making sure there is a roll of toilet paper by the toilet before I start doing my business.

Captain Hackett,

Back at ya! Happy New Year from Canada’s capital!

Canada has a captial?!? Hahaha just kidding. Happy New Year’s from Trip’s home state!

I resolve to see a new Star Trek movie this year!


I think it has been mentioned a few times in star trek, that money does not exist in the future. I think that it would be an excellent idea to go into further detail on how that would work, and how that change came to be.

Happy New Year everyone
i hope the Trek movie resolution is to eliminate this “first: carryover from other web boards

if you must do it to honor those sites shouldn’t it be the more trekkien

Actually voting for someone you appreciate is a great resolution for 2008..I mean , what are you going to do just over a month before the star trek movie hits theaters? why ..Vote for Ron Paul.. Happiest of new years to everyone!

1. to laugh more.

2. to cry less.

3. to care more about those people who have been there for me.

4. to care less about those, who havent.

5. to let go of old grudges.

6. to not form any new ones.

7. to let get a little closer, those i keep at arms length.

8. to be less cold.

9. to be more sensitive to others

10. to show more emotion and feelings

11. to be less critical

12 to be less judgemental

13. to care less about the small stuff.

14. to be more concerned with stuff that actaully matters.

15. to “get laid” less

16. to “make love” more.

17. to be more patient.

18. to be more understanding.

19. to know when to say “when” and simply, “let go”

20 to continue fighting for something or someone, thats worth it.

happy newyear! may you all find your own as well.
live long and prosper.

I’m voting for Ron Paul George and Ringo.


…….The walrus was Paul.

To vote for, to donate money to, and to go door to door supporting Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul!

BTW, the Borg is far more socialist/Communist than the Federation. No individuality, no choices, no freedom. The Federation is all about exploration and personal responsibility.

How about the networks make a resolution to stop cutting the TOS episodes and show them in there full length.

I’ll try to make a resolution to accept the new film for what it is and not see that is is truly a comparison to a cover band. As my comment in another posting, As a Led Zeppelin fan I would be shocked if the concert was performed by a tribute band and not the actual surviving members.

I resolve to try to accept the new Star Trek film.

My significant other has an exercise plan for us. My resolution is to cooperate. sigh. :)

Happy New Year!

A tall ship and a star to steer her by.

To help Stanky find his true inner Trek’08 loving self.

And to Never, ever vote for….___________.

To help Xai come to grips with reality :)


I resolve to …..
1. Drop 80 lbs
2. Start a career in Graphic Arts
3. Fix my Trans Am
4. See the new Trek movie on opening night
5. Become the all powerful master of Time, Space, and demention

To get better sleep patterns, and watch all of TOS before the movie.

My resolution is to not vote for anyone in ’08, as there is not a single candidate I would consider giving my vote to.

And to see Trek opening day, and I hope it’s better than the last opening day I went to, a 10:00 pm showing of The Simpsons Movie where I had to sit in the front row in the very middle. Worst seat I’ve ever had for a movie.

My resolution is to not vote for anyone in ’08. I don’t like any of the candidates. And to see Trek on opening day.

20. DesiluTrek – January 1, 2008

Please rewatch the last ten minutes of ST TOS “the Omega Glory”.

I think you will see that even Kirk had a DEEP appreciation for freedom and the American flag. As for socialism, Yes we are also still steeped in a war with the ‘Yangs and Comms’.

You may also want to note that Mexico is going ‘Borg’ these days.
Follow that debate here…

Live long and prosper in ’08 all!

i will limit my trekmovie visits to one a day. and cut down on the meth a bit.

#17 Captain Hackett and #28 What is it with you?

Happy New Years from Toronto!

And as for #29 Noleuser’s “Canada has a capital?”

Sure it does…….you see the ‘C’, don’t you? :)

We let canucks in here?