When Will A Pirated Trek Trailer Show Up? Has It Already?

Yesterday TrekMovie.com reported that the trailer for the new Star Trek movie will be available online the Monday following next weekend’s Cloverfield premiere. Waiting three days is an infinity on the Internet and so it is likely some leaked or pirated version may show as early as the 18th. Some think it already has…

Something called “Star Trek (2008) Teaser Trailer (Leaked)” has just shown up on YouTube. And some websites are claiming it is the leaked trailer. Here it is.

So is it real? TrekMovie.com asked our resident expert.

I commend Daniel (yes I know who you are) on his ‘leaked’ trailer, but maybe he should have made it more different than the one made by TrekMovie.com last summer (below).

More Fakery.
Just in case anyone is wondering. TrekMovie.com guarantees 100% that the ‘leaked’ trailer is a fake. Senator Vreenak is never wrong. Here are a couple of other items that have shown up on YouTube that our trusty Romulan expert had to weigh in on.

‘Star Trek VFX First Look (v2)’
‘test footage’

I am sure this is not the last we will see of Vreenak…more fakes are sure to pop up over the next year

UPDATE: ‘leaked’ trailer maker comes clean
As noted above TrekMovie.com sussed out who made the ‘leaked’ trailer. Now TrekMovie.com regular and aspring VFX artist Daniel Broadway has admitted he is the man behind the trailer. See comment #26 below for more details.

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