Another Trek Actor Discovered has learned of another actor appearing in the new Star Trek film. Newcomer Jeffery Hauser was cast in the film in early October and his scenes were shot the following month. Hauser tells his is a small speaking role consisting of just few lines. Star Trek is the 23 year-old actor’s first big break in a feature film and it has turned him into a bit of a Trekkie.

Hauser naturally could not go into details regarding his role, but describes it as “a separate scene from the other main actors.” Hauser was excited to be in a JJ Abrams film, saying “JJ was very fun to work with and actor friendly, although I mostly talked with [1st Assistant Director] Tommy Gormley.”

The actor wouldn’t talk about the sets or wardrobe, but on his official site he states his costume “looks awesome.” While the role may not be big, Hauser has confessed on his MySpace page to becoming “a complete Star Trek freak” after the experience.

About Jeffery
Since he started his acting career in 2003 Hauser has worked primarily in the independent film circle but he has had background roles in a number of major studio films including Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal, which featured Zoe Saldana (Uhura). He also had roles on the soap operas General Hospital and Days of Our Lives and will be appearing soon on an episode of Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon. Jeffery has directed two short films which are available on his YouTube Channel. More on Hauser at his Official site and MySpace page

Cast Count: 22
Hauser brings the total number of known cast members for Star Trek up to 22 (not including a couple of known roles that we are still trying to put actor’s names to). See the Star Trek cast page for more details.

Special thanks to Memory Alpha’s Tom for bringing this to our attention.

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care to speculate as to what his role was anyone?
uhm.. first?

Ensign Ricky? (Family Guy reference)

More news! Never heard of him, but eventually we’ll hear some juicy secrets from the inside guys like him! c’mon! Gimme some secrets!

And, sorry for being off topic, but I can’t wait for thursday night; bought my Cloverfield midnight tickets already. Excited for the flick, but mostly to see the Trek teaser! Whoa! 3 days!

If nothing else it’s always good to hear of someone else becoming a Trek fan :) Welcome to the fold, Jeffery Hauser!

I bet this film has even more actors we havnt heard of.
Hoping for the best!

i am not saying I know anything, but something about this guy screams red shirt

From his clues: cool costume (probably a uniform), worked mostly with AD, etc….I am thinking lone guy manning some remote outpost that gets blown away by Nero

so Ensign Ricky sounds about right

nice find Chuck and Tom

I hope at least one red shirt bites the dust in this movie. Maybe a rabid tribble attack!

Could be a young Kirk. He certainly has the looks …

OMG WOW we have ANOTHER cast member known!! And he plays Crewman Holding Wrench #2!! *freaks out*

Honestly…what’s with the big flap about EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. that is cast in this movie, no matter how small or insignificant their role actually is?? I mean, I can understand articles about who’s going to play Kirk, etc…but this is just getting ridiculous.

This guy’s website is painful. I lived in LA for ten years and forgot how pointless and self-absorbed most actors are. LA is like a magnet for the meaningless. Hope he’s a red shirt :)

Gary Mitchell?


Is it just me, or does he look more “Kirk” than Pine does? :o)

#10 I agree!!

#11… It’s almost a year to the release of the film. It helps pass the time.

Also, thank you so much Anthony for creating this site. I love to read the comments too. After all, the only thing that we as Star Trek fans can agree on is to disagree with one another. While I rarely post, I’ve followed some debates with a great amount of glee.

#11… this is STAR TREK. Fans obsess about the smallest details.

I have an old CRACKED magazine from the late 70’s where Nanny Dickering (what a babe!) was interfiewing a Trek fanatic who lived in an Enterprise-shaped house. She also went to a convention where the fans were mobbing a janitor who worked on the show.! Funny stuff.

I’m a fan of the original series, plus TNG, DS9 and Enterprise. I hate this movie before it even comes out. The actors are too young. The original Kirk was in his mid 30’s when he took the helm of the Enterprise. These actors are what, maybe in their mid 20’s? The concept of a Starfeet Academy movie has been bantied about for years and it was a concept that I always HATED with a passion. This movie looks like it will be little better than that. I like the original actors that they were considering- Gary Sinise and Matt Damon….this new crew is still in diapers and it sucks….err it’s going to that is. I hope it bombs…(and it will). What a waste of $130 million.

re: 20 Jim
How can you be so negative?

@20 – Have you met Stanky? ;-)


The amount of pressure on these guys to blurb must be incredible – the lack of details is really quite astounding considering how long they’ve been shooting now.

I’m expecting a collecting explosion of factoids once the teaser hits (well, assuming it shows us anything and isn’t just a one line ‘dec 2008’ on a big screen sorta deal).

He’s not even allowed to hint if his uniform is kinda scarletty or not… or has a huge big target painted on the front of it. He just gets to say it’s cool (so it’s not an ‘Enterprise’ romper suit then)…

3 days eh?

@21 – awww – you beat me to it….

First off #20 go fall off a cliff, secondly this new guy could be playing Finigin ( think I just misspelled that).

I’ve added a tribute video on YouTube:
“The Doomsday Machine/ Planeten-Killer”
Hope you enjoy it.

Please comment!!!!

#21–Good morning, Mr. Pot!
#20–Wrong site, buddy. I believe you would be happier at

Could this new guy represent the first red shirted Enterprice recruit ever to get blown away?

@20 yea please lighten up , enough said .

@24 oh yea Finnegan from shore leave , the joker guy , hmm could be . i say that or Gary Mitchell sounds good to me , but man so many actors . i mean who does not have a part in this movie …………………..oh yea me………i just made myself sad ..

does anybody remember in the first austin powers move , they had two bits where u saw the family and then the friends of two henchman that where killed, maybe we should do that with the redshirts , to show they are real people too XD

that’s why Star Trek is dead because of fan ‘boys’ like you….you don’t recognize a load of sh*t when you see it….betcha all loved Voyager too

I fear there were nor redshirts in Pikes time. They all had ockre, yellow, mustard or washed out blue uniforms and they are not “awesome”.

My bet, he is an alien of some kind or some technician somewhere – he has this unintrusive look.

Do you guys think his line might be something along the lines of …


Just a thought.

It’s either that or “My bad.” :)

Maybe his line is, “Excuse me, Captain Pike, what does this baffle plate cover?”

He’s a darker-haired Kirk-looking guy?

I’m guessing George Samuel Kirk, Jr… a/k/a “Sam” a/k/a “Claudius”, leaving Earth while still young with pregnant wife Aurelan to work on Deneva… giving up his potential career in Starfleet… saying farewell to his little brother Jimmy Tiberius.

I do see a passing resemblance to a dark-hair-wearing William Shatner of that time portraying a corpse… (Remember his best role ever, in Operation: Annihilate? One time he CERTAINLY wasn’t overacting… he was playing a corpse after all!)

Captain Kirk: “Wawww, wawwww
Mr. Spock: “Wawww., wawww

#21 Stanky McFibberich

Thankyou for today’s belly-laugh… :)

I wish him success with the film and his new found interest in the original series…..;)

Wow, most of you people are so miserable and crusty… how the hell did some Trek fans become so… jaded and bitter? What’s wrong with you people?! It’s embarrassing, really. Trek, at its core, is about optimism for the future.

You tear apart a kid you know nothing about. You tear apart a movie before seeing it. You rip into people here that have an ounce of optimism for this project.

I mean seriously… you people make Admiral Nechayev look like a fairy godmother. It really is no wonder that Trekkers and Trekkies have an image of nerds/geeks that never get laid. I don’t even like reading what you type, much less being around people like you… in person. How sad.

I hope that in your everyday lives, many of you at least smile.

…and as for the kid in the movie, good for him. He’s playing by the rules by not leaking anything that he shouldn’t. If he does get vaporized or crushed or impaled or if he’s working on a broken desk terminal in the back of a scene… at least he’s doing it with style and he’s IN THE MOVIE. Jesus. Now, he’s claiming to be a Trek Freak because of his experience in the movie. Remember how we need to gain new younger fans? This is a good thing… but honestly, why would anyone want to be counted amongst the ranks of such unhappy, crotchety people?

Hear, hear! There’s a place for these kind of fans…. it’s called AICN.

Kirk’s brother?!

How many actors are in film?? It seems that each week it becomes that there are five further people JJ’s film movie. Even little role, but still wows! There must be like a musical hollywood or one of those with thousand thrown members. Still wondering on the coupon.


#38 Well said. Its folks like those that made it difficult for the rest of us at times.

I believe Kirk having a brother having mention, that on the TOS at someone.


I don’t think he’d be Kirk’s brother, or any other relation to the main crew. He said his scenes didn’t involve any of the ‘main’ actors. I think Anthony is right, he’s probably some nameless ensign that gets phasered in the first 15 minutes.

@8 Anthony – my thoughts exactly.

@20 Jim – is the glass half full or, in your case, totally empty?
Have a great day!;)

I think he’ll play Ensign Red Shirt #39, and get mauled by a mugato before the end of the movie’s first hour. Or maybe Captain Dunsel?

Sorry, but this casting of (mostly) pretty kids who look like they’re barely out of their teens is doing *nothing* to alleviate my skepticism towards this movie. Yeah, I know Nimoy’s in it. Doesn’t matter. I really dislike who they’ve picked for Kirk… Chris Pine looks like he’d go crying for his mommy the first time a Klingon wants to pick a fight with him.

I just hate the idea of throwing a bunch of actors together and asking us to accept them as the characters we’ve known and loved all our lives. It’s just wrong. I always knew, someday, someone would decide to re-create the original Trek. I just didn’t think it would it happen this soon. I thought it would be years from now, perhaps long after the original cast had all passed on (which I hope won’t be any time soon). I’m just not willing to accept these other actors (pretenders). I mean, the guy who played Eomer as Dr. McCoy? Huh?

Call me closed-minded, but I just can’t get behind this. I feel like this looking back, when Trek should be about looking forward. It’s part of why ENT never clicked with me.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and this will be a huge success both critically and commerically. But I still resent the fact that this movie is getting the budget that the original cast (and TNG cast for that matter) never got, and I resent that DS9 — my favorite Trek of them all — never got the publicity it deserved and it will never make the big screen.

More people watched DS9 then watched Firefly, yet they got a movie made. DS9 was also more popular B5 and they got TV movies and mini-series made. Farscape got a mini-series, and there’s been talk of trying to take it to theaters as well. I wasn’t happy with DS9’s ending, but it was left wide open for a return someday. What a shame it will never happen, and that more people won’t recognize how brilliant that show was.

Nawwwwww. The kid is just another Red Shirt.

Nice handsome kid. Big target on his back. Romulan bait.

Let’s put it this way:

Someone’s got to feed the Horta.

I would venture to say that I am the only one amongst you that loves Star Trek….the rest of you love pablum

and that annoying pop-up!!!