Morrison Talks Star Trek Secrecy, Nimoy and Fandom

Jennifer Morrison still won’t say what character she is playing in the new Star Trek movie, but we know it is Winona Kirk..mother of James T. Kirk. Morrison tells that she is sworn to secrecy regarding film details, joking “You have no idea how many forms I signed. I signed my life away!” But she did talk more about the shoot, meeting Leonard Nimoy and dealing with Star Trek fandom.

Morrison on Star Trek secrecy

It was really crazy. I felt like I was in a videogame or something. We all had code names and we had to be in golf carts that had black covering and make sure that no one saw our costumes and we had assigned cloaks–we had to have cloaks on and hoods up so that no one could see our costumes if we were outside the stage. I get it, because the Star Trek fans are so intense about it and they’re doing a great job of keeping it all very secretive, but yeah, it was kind of fun. You feel like you’re on a secret mission or something.

On meeting Nimoy

He’s great. He’s awesome. It was brief. He was on set during one of my scenes and we just kind of chatted for a little bit and he’s very excited about it and seems to be super cool.

…and is she prepared for Star Trek fans?

No! I have no idea. People are trying to explain to me and I really don’t think that I grasp it, but I’m excited.

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She looks better with darker hair.

She’s cute.

I like on house she is a good actrice….

She’s in for a shock if she doesn’t know what Trek fans are like!

I think it’s really great to have her in the movie. I love her on House!

Oh I get it. Only comments on the article allowed. I’m a big house fan aswell. When Jennifer Morrison’s character quit at the end of season three I freaked. Glad she came back though. I think it’s awesome she’s in the new trek as well.

Great on House.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out on screen.

Intriguing that Nimoy seems to be hanging around the set a lot, even if not actually in a scene. What’s he doing there? Giving advice, approval, moral support? Just likes a piece of the action? (A very … small piece).

#8…I wouldn’t be surprised if Nimoy was there for all the reasons you just mentioned. :D

Or maybe Nimoy was there because he shares a scene with morrison! We don’t know how many time periods Nimoy will appear in and maybe Morrison is a little more discreet than Pine!

too bad that Shatner is not in the movie.he could go back in time, he would undoubtedly try to seduce his own mother, but somehow would find a way to restore the space time continuum and make sure that the doc did not get killed by terrorists

oh jeez sorry wrong movie, anyway…

no idea who she is, never watched “house” but she’s pretty..hope she can act

#6 What? Ya mean I can’t post an ad to sell me moped here? Or comment on the buxom Maxim ad on that thar homepage for this site?

Stay on topic…

#8 Why not hang about? pass tha torch? Kneck pinch a few wee young’uns if they get outta line… wasn’t he always vocal about what Spock would do?

oops…Stay on topic…

Never seen House but I recall Hugh Laurie (or whatever his name be) ina bonny role as Wooster in Jeeves & Wooster… arrrr

Oops… stay on topic…

Aye! She be quite the lovely bird. Maybe Scotty gets the girl in this one… oh, wait – you say she’s Kirk’s ma? Canna just one of the women in Kirk’s life be a seacow for once??? All the lass luck he gets! Share some with me…


Just gotta say Mama Kirk is a MILF, keep the new Sulu away from her

@ # 12

Believe me, she can! She’ll be great as Kirk’s mother. Hope that she is in many scenes.

Don’t forget “Miniscule” piece of the action
Or will put the bag on you…..

From the looks of her, I’d say she’d be a good fit as Yeoman Rand! : )

isn’t she kind of young to be playing Kirk’s mom? Isn’t Chris Pine around her age?

#17 “…kind of young?”

I am sure the filmed scenes with her and Chris Hemworth playing Samuel Kirk (daddy!) is a flashback… as probably are the scenes with Sarek and Amanda.

@17 As with Winona Ryder playing Spock’s mother, the film is jumping around in time so expect a child actor to be playing a young Kirk.

Nimoy has already confirmed that there are 3 actors playing Spock in the film.

Between her and the guy playing Kirk’s daddy, we can see where Jim got his good looks from!

I have always wondered if his mother was alive during the TOS days. We never heard anything about her. I wonder what happened…


I believe his parents were killed at the hands of Kodos the Executioner. Isn’t that what that whole episode was about? Or am I getting my facts mixed up?

#21–Maybe we will find out.

1#4 Paul-
Hey! Sulu wouldn’t want anything to do with a wom- oh… sorry, I was thinking of George. (Oh my.)

22. I don’t think Kirk’s parents were there, especially as Shatner’s Academy novel describes him as being on Tarsus IV alone, without his parents or brother. One may presume that Shatner and the Reeves-Stevenses wrote it this way because there was nothing in canon to suggest otherwise.
Jennifer Morrison is a very talented, and as I recall, our first big surprise about this movie.

24 – LOL !!!

#20. “But…mom I … CAN’T … fit the …. square peg in the … ROUND hole!”

Sorry, a child actor playing Kirk produced a great image. :)

Nice ‘n’ wholesome Midwestern girl.


Funny, but I picture a young Sulu making that kind of remark! :)

#14: Naa…Sulu says while happily chowing down a box of Fruit Loops!

Poor girl! She really has no idea what we’re like does she?

Jennifer = hot
Star Trek = awesome
Jennifer in Star Trek = hot awesome

She’s gonna be in for a shock when she does her first Trek convention. So many Trek nerds will be stampeding to get to her!

MILF Trek, yeah baby.

We’ll be kind. Please come to the conventions.

this lady is beautiful. With her and Rachael (did I spell that right?) Nichols, and Zoe Saldana…this could be the sexiest Trek ever…

even sexier than Data’s mom

When she switched brown to blonde House said something like “You look like a hooker. I like it”


She is very hot. I like her.



“MOM. George is… LOOKING at me. Please. TELL HIM. Tostoplookingatme.”

Me likey!

Mirimony WHO??

She’s very good in “House”. She looks and seems very wholesome, but she’s a good actress whose character is often subversively dark. I wish she was playing someone more than just Kirk’s mom! I hope it’s not just a five-minute appearance.

#33 lol. Didn’t Marina Sirtis say Micheal Dorn called her “space-whore” when she wore her boobsuits all the time? Jennifer will become the resident “space-milf”.

My my, this conversation is certainly PG-rated. Definitely stuff of fanboy geekdom.

Of course, much could be said of the opposite. The males cast for this movie are probably the best looking TREK ever cast since “Star Trek – Enterprise.”

I just hope the pretty boys and gals can act.

Hey Cap’n, can you say Oedipal complex? Ain’t nobody gonna be as good as Kirk’s mamma. DAMN!

#41. I would totally join Trip and T’pol for some “therapeutic pressure sessions”.

I say she’s gonna play Kirk’s girlfriend Ruth (TOS “Shore Leave”). This way we get to see how hot and heavy they were before he took off to be Capt.

Nimoy was probably just there to try and take her picture.

Everyone who is involved in this movie thing is using words like “great, cool, awesome, exciting, amazing…”
All actors are said to be the best trek performers ever! And apparently the whole crew is the greatest!

Slowly but surely this is a little bit exaggerated, isn’t it? In a way it can’t satisfy my expectations anymore…

I wonder whether she might be playing the part of Leilia Kalomi as Spock had met her on Earth, I think it was six years prior to her meeting up with him again on the planet Omicron Ceti 3.

Did some of you guys ( #17 , #44 , #47) not read the first sentence of Anthony’s story?

“Jennifer Morrison still won’t say what character she is playing in the new Star Trek movie, [ but we know it is Winona Kirk..mother of James T. Kirk. ]”

What? or did you just look her picture and instantly your hormones took off?

BUT had I not read Anthony’s short blurb, I’d say she is going to play Lana Lang…. oops, wrong epic. heh heh


Awesome Jennifer- thanks!:)

PS-House is great too.

Kigs :)

I think she’s a good actress, and she’s good in House. Even though I’ve always thought Cameron was a bitch.

She’s in for a big surprise if she doesn’t know how we fans are. *evil grin*