The Future of has been in operation for 18 months now, and in that time it has grown to be the number one site for Star Trek news. By next week our migration to a new robust platform will be complete and so the site will be able to not only sustain continued growth in visitors, but also finally add some new features as well. Below is an insight in the where we are headed.

Focus started out focused entirely on the new Star Trek movie (hence the name) and then soon added Star Trek Remastered to its repertoire. Over time we have grown to include more content from other aspects of Trek and that will continue. However, it has grown more and more important that this site be a total Star Trek site, open to all fans of all series interested in all aspects of the franchise. Due to the emphasis at both Paramount and CBS in the last year, there happens to be more news related to The Original Series, but that does not imply a bias. In point of fact, your humble editor’s favorite Trek series just happens to be Star Trek Deep Space Nine…but I love all Trek. All fans are welcome here and no one’s Trek is better than anyone else’s…no one is better at being a fan. We will be the place for everything to know about the new Star Trek movie and Trek Remastered (and yes we will be doing more of that again), but we will also expand our coverage of other areas of Trek.

One area where we will be diversifying is the regular columns…some of which have already started to show up. These are in part an expansion of what used to be ‘This Week In Trek’ except now each subsection will get its own regular column. So you have seen:

  • Trek CelebStalker by Chuck Trotter
  • Science Friday by Kayla Iocovino
  • Sci-Fi Saturday by Rosario Calabria

coming up are…

  • TrekInk by Alex Fletcher (on Comics)
  • Library Computer by Rob Lyons (on Books)
  • The Collective by John Tenuto (on toys and collectibles)
  • FanMade (on Fan Productions)
  • GameOn (on Trek games)
  • FanWatch by Chuck Trotter (on the fan community, clubs, etc)

Some columns will be weekly, others semi-monthly or periodically. New columns may also crop up as well. Columns will offer reviews, previews, mini-interviews, retro-reviews, retrospectives, etc. We are also working with the various Star Trek licensees to ensure that we cover new books, comics, products, etc in a timely fashion…and to get some great previews and exclusives too. The goal is to have one column per day, except Sundays. Sundays we will do some kind of editorial or other feature. We will also have ‘guest columnists’ periodically. Once the site is redesigned (more on that later) the columns will sit in their own area.

One look at the comment count and it is clear that has a strong community. However, all of the output is now contained within article comments. This month we will finally be adding the forums that we have been talking about for so long. The article comments will remain as is…they are so much a part of the site that we have decided they shouldn’t change. But the forums will allow folks to start their own discussions. We are currently looking at various technologies for the forums. One thing that is under discussion is to also offer more features like letting people write their own blogs, upload their own images and videos, do live chats, etc. However, none of this will change the simple design approach of the front page, articles and comments.

Design has a nice simple design and there are advantages and disadvantages to that. Too often sci-fi sites are hard to read with lots of flashing stuff, and I happen to prefer light backgrounds and dark text so that will all stay the same. However one that that is likely to change with an upcoming redesign is a move to three columns. This will allow the regular columns to sit in their own area (probably on the left side) and have the news items sit in the middle. The right column will have ads, polls, some videos, static content, etc. The goal is to have the redesign carry over as much of the simple look, while making it easier for people to find the type of news that they are most interested in. In addition we will be adding more ‘tabs’ at the top for information on books, comics and other Trek products.

Branding has built a brand as the leading source of Star Trek news, with regular scoops in the world of Trek. However the name is also a bit limiting…and clearly this site is already about much more than just Trek movies. So it is likely that sometime in the next 12 months the site will transition to a new brand that more reflects the general nature of the site. I know change is difficult, but too often I hear people say ‘oh that is the site about the new movie’ and that obviously cannot be the way this site should be perceived…this is a site about and for Star Trek and its fans…all of them.

Another area that is being looked at is to move beyond just text. In the last year has been doing more video interviews and expect more of that in the future. Under discussion now are a regular podcast and possibly a videocast as well. Also under discussion is a mobile version of the site and email updates. Some of these things are probably more long term.

Currently about a third of the visitors of this site come from outside the USA. At the very least, I would like to say hi to you all. One area we hope to improve is covering what is going on with Trek around the world.

I take this site very seriously. However, Star Trek is fundamentally a form of entertainment. And many aspects of the franchise and those who inhabit it are pretty funny. We will never take ourselves too seriously and never forget that this is supposed to be fun. We will continue to try and inject some humor into our coverage and if you don’t think it is funny…that’s OK too. But we need to do something to lighten up.

One of the reasons that is growing and expanding is the amazing team that we have been building over time. People like Matt, John and Chuck have been invaluable. And additions like Rob, Kayla, Alex and Rosario are sure to bring new voices and dimensions to the site. And of course having Leonard Nimoy and other ‘guest bloggers’ contribute is an honor and a thrill…and hopefully more will follow. And the more the merrier. Right now I am talking to a few of great talented guys who hopefully will be helping with all of the new technology and designs. But we can always use more help too. If you feel that you have something to offer, please send in a note via the TIPS link on the right column.

This all sounds like a lot, and it is. However I want to assure all the regulars out there that one thing that will never change is that this site will be the place to go for the best and most accurate news and scoops on all aspects of Star Trek. Since its inception, no site has announced more breaking news on Star Trek than this one…and it is our goal that this will never change.

One may be wondering why I wrote out everything above. Well it is because I see this site as a community effort. Feedback is important and I want people to know where we are and where we are going. So please offer some feedback below in the comments section about the site as it is now, and our plans. We are especially interested in hearing from some of those lurkers out there. 99% of the visitors to this site never make a comment…it is now time to be heard.

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Congratulations Anthony, and thanks!
Keep up the good work!

More power to you!

as long as everybody can complain that the shat aint in the move thats fine.


Great job with the site.

You have my blessings . Great work so far. I love this site.

I think this site works because you have immediate feedback from other fans with every new article.

. And I am overwhelmed by the enormous number of my fellow german visitors..Trekmovie is a nice place to meet. Let’s enjoy the year to come together..waiting..hoping, having fun discussing evera little new rumour

Great job, Anthony

I hope I can contribute to this site one day. I am digging and let you know

Yay! Forums!

PS, I suggest the smf style forum (see for examples) – wonderful usability and postability.

Fantastic news.

I’m counting the days til that happens.


Is it soon with the new design, similar with the enterprise redesign making, over the new canon and communication with these aspects and series, reflecting the range upcoming of the new film and its fans to reflect or is this a that personal search for, on the part of the producers and the line to carry out to the Design of the fans and the desires with the other Trek?

great site, keep up the good work.

“this is a site about and for Star Trek and its fans…all of them.”

I like it. I like it.

Gene himself would be proud

Looking forward to seeing the site makeover. You’ve done a great job making this site the authoratative voice on the upcoming movie. Keep up the great work.

Looking forward to all of the above.Thanks for all the hard work Anthony and team,best wishes for continuing sucess in the future.

Sounds exciting! Best of luck!

you guys have managed to make a really exciting fansite, and the community is invigorated for what seems like the first time in years… thanks, keep up the good work, if there is anything i can do to help, just say so!

I usually don’t comment, but I wanted to make my voice heard on this story. I first started visiting when rumors about the new movie had first started swirling. I’ve watched it grow and evolve and it is now my number one site for Star Trek news. I’m thrilled by the coming changes, especially the books/comics coverage, which is one area I still have to visit other sites for news on. Here’s to the future of one of the best sites the internet has to offer!

It’s been so nice to see this site develop into such a fantastic fan site. As soon as you launched (I saw the link posted in your IMDB postings Anthony almost as soon as you launched) I’ve been coming here nearly everyday. While I don’t always post comments, It’s always like getting presents when brand new exciting articles about an array of Trek topics has come up. I can’t for the new iteration and of course all the best Trek news throughout 2008 and beyond!

Keep up the great work Anthony and crew!

Great news!! especially Now that the “Official” site is Dead in the water.

Anthony, I just wanted to say that you have done a great job since 2006 with this site. I accidentally discovered But I have checked the site every morning since discovering it. I look forward to development of the site and keep up with the good work. :)

By all means please keep the humor aspect of this site. Some of the funnyiset home made ST videos have been found on this site!
I am a fan of all ST and this site has something for all fans.

Great job guys, Thank you!

I always go this site first for Trek. How about a pic of the “Master Control Room”?

Good Luck!

Hey man, just wanted to say that I lurk far more than I post, but I check this site every day, not just for the movie news, but because of the community you’ve helped foster. It’s entertaining, interactive, and most of all, fun to visit. Believe me, if it weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.

But by far the best thing you’ve done for me is get me excited for the new movie. I had a passing interest the whole time, and as a lifelong Trekkie I of course am interested, but this site has ratcheted my interest up by a factor of roughly 376%. Well, that and the fact that not only is it a JJ Abrams production, but it’s based on TOS as well.

So EVEN THOUGH you’re a DS9 fan, I have to give you your props – you’ve made this old-school TOS fan very happy. And for that, you have my thanks. And my daily website hit. :)


I would love to contribute more to the site. Any openings?


#26 – John, mega props to you from a fellow TOS fan!! :D

I can’t wait to see the “remastered” version of the site; I think it’ll work very well and continue to serve the Star Trek fan community as well as it has thus far.


I am one of the lurkers of which you speak Anthony. But I check this site everyday and I read most of the comments. I must agree with you that I really like the simplicity of this site and I am glad to hear that you plan to keep the additions as simple as possible.

Oh, and DS9 is my favorite too…

I would suggest a somebody write a column about the Star Trek Role Playing community on It is a quite a fascinating thing, seeing how some of the RPers stay true to canon and how others like to make the characters their own . It is a diverse field of players . Anybody interested can check it out by linking on my name.

good luck to you all!

Great site, Anthony. I confess I pop in here several times a day.

Speaking with my expertise as a long-time, professional mediocre graphic designer, I really like the clean layout. I can barely stand looking at the new official Star Trek movie forum. It scares me. This site is open, friendly, easy to navigate, easy to understand and impossible to get lost in.

You’re doing fantastic work. I look forward to the “new and improved” version.

Scott B. out.

I am delighted that this site is growing and continuing to evolve. I like the comment format, so I’m very happy you plan to retain it but also add forums to help folks “do their thing” without having to wade through so many back-and-forths in comments. Hopefully some of the flames can be diverted into the fora.

Kudos to all for their hard work.

I very rarely post here, but thanks very much for building and maintaining the site. It has very quickly become one of my favorites.

Anthony are you sure shouldn’t become a general Scifi News site? You could make it the number one place on the net to go to for both Trek and Scifi and Trek news. I think doing daily reports on Scifi news would be cool you could get scoops on that type of news also. What will do to report on just Trek news after the new movie? Unless their would be rumblings of a new Trek series after that. Or what would happen to or if the new Trek movie fails and their is no more Trek? You can ignore my other post in the Scifi News column it’s basically the same post but then I saw this new article.

Glad to hear the comments under the articles will remain (because otherwise we’d just have to create a post for every one anyway).

It also sounds like you’re not going to radically change the “look” of the site too much, which i appreciate. There’s nothing I hate more than when a site completely redesigns the colors, font, and layout, or becomes way too flashy and cluttered with images.

There’s a lot to be said for a website that’s clear and simple and easy to read.

WOO HOO! Great to hear Anthony. I love this site and am deeply grateful for all the hard work done by the staff. I’m looking forward to seeing the site grow. BYW DS9 is my favorite trek as well but I love them all!

Sweet. DS9 is my favorite too!

Indeed #1!
Keep up the good work!
I remember when I first found Trek Movie on a Google search.
Bookmarked it with my daily surf’s of trek:
Trek Web, Trek Today & Star

In no time at all, Trek Movie beat all those sites on breaking movie news.
Sometimes covering stories nobody covered at all. Exclusives if you will.
This site has covered the new Star Trek movie the best.
Even better then the official site which I think is Sad!

Anyway we’re #1!

Another cool trek site I found a couple of months ago:

Anthony you’ve done a great thing for all treksters with this site, thank you for all your hard work and I hope the expansion of your little empire goes well! Damn the photon torpedoes and full speed ahead! BTW, I know Mugatu finally did get out of rehab because my good silverware is gone and the garbage is tipped over again. Could you tell Lord Garth to keep that malicious monkey on a short lease please?

Anthony, I think it’s great you’re going to offer more features. Good work.

I love this site.

I forgot to add from my previous post I hope the new movie doesn’t fail and then we get a new series.

Dear Anthony,
Congratulation! You are “Number One” and for good reason.

The thing that you’ve done that makes it “SO EASY” is the design. As a regular, you just read the column and have your say. No logging in, no flashing lights just the best Trek ever. Take a leaf out of the number one search engines home page. Just GOOGLE’s name, a search window and some functional links. Not like Yahoo and MSN with all their annoying pages of paraphernalia. I subscribe to the K.I.S.S approach. It’s usually always the best way to go.

Whilst a slight cosmetic adjustment here and there may be desirable, the simple nature of your approach, breaking news and analysis daily plus near instantaneous publishing of comment makes the site easily accessible to any one.

Other sites and forums become far to complicated. Go ahead with all the new extra columns, topics, whistles and bells but put them all on ‘PAGE 2” with a small link on the main page.

Anyway….you are my 1st stop on the net after checking emails several times a day. I look forward to your enduring hard work as we continue the count down to Xmas 2008!

Finally….“Your dismissed Commander and by the way …. Nicely done!”

A Star trek site with near 70% single males???? Who would have thought!

From Venezuela I send you my congrats! This has been a Benchmark Trek Site for more of a YEAR! Great Work!

Simpler is better.

I’m usually a lurker, but I’m very excited about where this site is headed. I am particularly thrilled about all the new columns. The future layout sounds great and won’t be too much of a change from what we have now. Simple is always better when it comes to websites, IMO. Keep on beating the heck out of the competition!

Thank you so much for this site!! I have been lurking here ever since the team got canned….You are amazing! New items daily…sometimes more than daily! I get all my Trek info here….
This site has been my homepage for 2 months now.