Site Has Migrated

If you can read me you are on our cool new fancy server…congrats. If you notice anything broken let me know

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oops… first!


Cool beans.

Keep up the great work, Anthony!

Boo-yah! Wait to go!

Thanks for keeping this simple and easy to use format!

Gawd, when you go to the official movie website it seems far too busy and complicated! This one is easy to access and read!

I am here!! Keep up the following!!

Found you!!


Pretty shiny.


Can they make sense of the new old Enterprise?


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

On the operating end it may seem to different. Wouldn’t have known anything was different if you hadn’t told me. Guess that means it’s working.

I had posted a copy of Bob and Alex’s script here about an hour ago. I guess it got deleted during the site migration. Oh well…

And no layover in Houston! Every time I migrate somewhere, there’s always a layover in Houston.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

The site loaded much faster than it has in the past and everything looks so shiny and new , much like the new Enterprise will look, once we get to see a beauty shot that is . HINT HINT!!!!


And no goofy avatars. I sure am glad I don’t have to import some loony picture of a spinning nacelle or Kirk without his shirt.

We aren’t going to have to ever do that are we?

That really doesn’t have anything to do with layovers, does it?

this may double post, so apologies in advance:

#17: Avatars are usually optional things from what I’ve observed at sites that use them.

And, no, layovers don’t have anything to do with anything, really. I’ve just got Cancun on the brain after talking with my west-coast traveling companions. And, yes, I have a layover in Houston. Again. But, given the deal my travel agent got me, I’m not gonna complain too much.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

So, when are you guys gonna change your name to

Well, so much for my hope that the new site would have darker fonts or lighter background! This is the only thing that would improve this site immensely for those of us with impaired vision. The sidebars are especially hard to read. I guess i will continue to press my nose to the monitor. I wouldn’t give up this site for anything!

And I am also putting in my vote for NO avatars and other such clutter with the posts.

I’m getting the site just fine, and it is loading faster than before.

#15, 17+18 “layover”

If one were to join the Mile High Club while flying over Texas, could that be counted as a layover Houston? Just askin’……… :)

Congratulations on the growth of a fine website, Anthony. I am looking forward to the changes you have spoken of, all the while agreeing with #20 about darker font wishes. Great work to all concerned on staff

Congrats Anthony and thanks to you and your team for all of the hard work on this website!
Looks like the site was migrated without major issues. As a self-employed website designer I have had some less than stellar site migrations, let me tell you! Making sure all of the files successfully migrate from server “A” to server “B” is very important.

Anthony, you rock our world!


Sorry, I meant that my post didn’t have anything to do with layovers.

And on the typographical error news, I just noticed that I typed “laylovers” instead of “layovers”. Lately my hands have been guided by a force greater than my own.

Harry, I once got a moon over Miami. Just saying.


THX, I made this ‘specially for you:

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Vulcanista, you’re the best!

i am be practis.



yo, bro…………what’s happenin’………….

Not much, HB. Cleaned the garage and put a new water heater in this weekend. Took the kids to get ice-cream and now visiting with extended family here on the board. That’s you guys.


THX- Sounds as if your subconsious mind has something to say- go ahead and let loose. You can always blame it on the ice cream.

Denise, I couldn’t agree more. So I bid you all good night, We’ll take it from the top tomorrow.

“take it from the top”

Isn’t that what the Shat says every night as he removes his toupee and slaps it on a styrofoam mannequin’s head?

hope everything’s going well!

LAST! (to be or not to be)

I can see you!