Writers Strike (Almost) Over + Showrunners Return To Work Monday

Over the weekend boards for the WGA recommended to the membership approve a new contract and end the 3 month long writer’s strike. Members vote on Tuesday to suspend the strike with a separate vote on the contract later in the Month. Picketing has been suspended and the Variety Strike Blog is reporting that ‘showrunners’ (writer/producers) will be returning to work on Monday.

So Star Trek (past and present) alums such as Damon Lindelof (Lost), Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Manny Coto (24) and others can all go back to work tomorrow. If all things go as planned, then all other writers (including those working on the new Star Trek movie) will be able to begin writing again on Wednesday. However even if they do, the writers guild members still have to ratify the contract in two weeks.

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cool my brother will be back to work


I hope they’ve been keeping mental notes of things they want to fix!

More Lost!

More Heroes!!!!!

More battlestar :)

Tim Kring, I’m about to hate you, becasue you don’t want to make new eps for this season. GOD! 8 months is a fragging long time!

I hope JJ finds a way to go back and pick up the cool stuff he thought of but would not shoot due to the strike. One of the biggest laughs I am getting in a community theatre play I am in right now was a complete adlib during our last week of production that the director told me to leave in.

More House!

Here’s hoping Orci and Kurtzy and the rest of the gang can now officially put some of those ideas they’ve had in the past couple months while filming that’ll improve the film!

Sad that bridge scenes are already filmed… hope they can manage to pull it off using second unit filming, etc.

BSG & Lost and especially witty quips for ST!!!!


I wonder whether American Gladiators will suffer against scripted shows??

I’m very happy for Hollywood. Now, go and make some good stuff for us to geek out to!

Does this give them enough time to salvage the season for shows like House, Smallville and the like?



Plus, more BL.

I wonder if Roberto and the other writers have any scenes they’re itching to rewrite? I doubt they’ll be doing any drastic changes to the script at this stage, but it will be nice for them to have the option to fix some scenes if needed.

Yes! We Battlestar fans will get our final nine episodes. Great news for the Southern Cal area, too.

#3, I cannot imagine that any writer worth his salt didn’t make lots of notes during the downtime.

I hope Roberto Orci has kept a journal or note pad with any ideas he may have had during the production!


I don’t see them being able to really salvage this season because even if they start up movie and television production now, we are still going to be stuck watching reruns for weeks to come. The fallout from this strike is going effect the networks , television production companies and movie companies for years to come. I wonder how many movie projects might be permanently shelved as a result of the strike. We have to remember that this has cost the networks production,movie companies and writers many millions in lost revenue. With a loss of revenue there will less to go around and this could mean fewer quality shows and movies for audiences. Audinieces I might add ,who have been alienated by the strike.

Well adieu to Mr Orci for now, it was great having him here. He must be so busy now that I imagine steam coming outta his ears.


I just hope this does NOT mean that the Justice League movie will resume. From everything I’ve read about that project it sounds like it’s going to be awful.

I’m glad the end to the strike is near an end. Hope this will allow for any rewrites in the movie (if any are necessary).
I hope the writers get a good deal, they deserve it.

I have heard the same thing about the justice movie i too hope this one does not happen.


Be sure to let the writers know how much we’re looking forward to Star Trek!

There’s a list of ongoing updates on if and when shows are coming back up on TVguide.com, if anyone is curious.



Being the Trekkie geekala that I am, I’d love to have an article/chat with the Cast & Crew a year from now so they can fill us in on what post-strike changes were made to the script.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


I know it was an inconveniance but I hope they get what they wanted!

What the writers want is perfectly reasonable ,a fair share of the revenue. They are the most important component in the production process and they get the least amount of money or respect The thing of it is that without writers nothing gets done at all,no movies, no TV or shows of any kind. What ticks me off is that the executives allowed this situation to get as far as it did.

So that explains the high winds we had here in Atlanta this weekend. It was the collective sigh of WGA members on both coasts breathing a collective sigh of relief that they’re *finally* getting back to work.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


It’s probably the little things as they film it.