Amanda Grayson Still Human

Back in November when Variety announced that Winona Ryder was playing Spock’s mother Amanda Grayson, the article stated she was his ‘Vulcan mother.’ This was a mistake that wasn’t in the print edition, and was later fixed in the online version of the article. Even though has confirmed that this was a mistake and that Spock is still half human and half Vulcan, this error continues to show up every once in a while.

The latest example is E News in their article about the change in release dates. The article states:

Among those venturing to the final frontier are Winona Ryder, playing Mr. Spock’s Vulcan mother (a twist on the original)

This is not a ‘scoop’ it is an ‘error.’ If you ever see another site that reports it, it will still be an error.

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Slow news day?


Well good.

ensign joe

grayson? robins mom?

Duncan MacLeod

Haha, the canon purists would FREAK if that happened. mmmm 1

Harry Ballz

As Homer Simpson would say, “Winona Ryder……..can’t talk…..drooling!” :)


Why? *shrug*


#3 of course they would. It would totally redefine who Spock is if he were not half-human.

#5… Nothing meaningful there… he just drools a lot. :)

Wait…. you mean Amanda was human? I thought she was just an emotional Vulcan… you know, like Sybok…


favourite Amanda scene?

“You’re half human Spock. The computer knows that.”

Star Trek IV

….but then again, I guess there are only a couple of Amanda scenes to choose from until December.

Oh wait….until May.

Harry Ballz

#5 “Why?”

Are you kidding? If she was a singer I could look at her voice for hours! :)


#9 Please lay off of Sybok. He was just misunderstood. He released my pain…


I do not Grok Sybok

Sybok IS my pain. Fix THAT, Sybok.

Please. ;)


Sybok sucks.


i wonder wether sybok is in the film as a young boy the neglected step son i assume

#16: Yeah, Sybok will be Trek’s equivalent of Jan from the Brady Bunch… all he’ll do is stomp his feet and scream “it’s always Spock, Spock, Spock!” to Amanda/Sarek. :-)

Jorg Sacul

“Mom always said not to play Ahn-woon in the house!”

Katie G.

Re: #18. Jorg Sacul

Good one!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!


British Naval Dude

arrrr… maybe I should tell this E News to change their reporting to suggest Winona be playing Spock’s “Romulan” mother… see what happens…

I don’t get any Trek news except fur here anyway… you could lie to me for all I care and say they be digitally re-creating Scottie from archived Doohan footage… or that Ms. Ryder is playing Scottie for that matter…

Jackson Roykirk

Amanda Grayson is STILL human…

…and Generalismo Francisco Franco is STILL dead.


I grok the new Amanda, for sure.


#18—That’s great!

Amanda: “Sarek, would you come here please. Spock and Sybok are fighting over I’Cheya again.”

Sarek: “Bring forth the Lerpa.”

I Love My Moogie

The new Amanda is indeed human, Vulcans never shoplift (not logical)


#16–Hopefully, “The Great Trek Turd”, otherwise known as STV: TFF, will be ignored altogether.


No illegitimate children of Sarek.
No mention of a “Vulcan Princess” in Sarek’s past.
No frightened Romulan ambassador.
No Klingon warriors with their heads down–apologizing.
No old, fat guys rock-climbing.
No campfire songs.
No “toasting” marshmellows.
No Enterprise that runs like a Ford Tempo.
No Uhura fan dance.
No starship helmsmen or navigators lost in the woods.
No starship hijacked by the “Apple Dumpling Gang”.
No deprived and neglected “Planet Of Intergalactic Peace”.

If any of this ever happens again, I’m turning in my Trekkie card. I swear.

Chevy Chase

This just in. Generalismo Francisco Franco is still dead.


Well, Closettrekker, if the SHATNOTPINE!!!! crowd get their way, not only will you get an old fat guy in a truss, garter belt, and a wig riding a Tennessee Walker, but you’ll also get a big, fat, tub of Promise Margarine with the Starfleet Logo as a souvenier with your movie ticket.



I like running into you in several threads with regard to ST5.

I must correct you. Its “marshmelons.” Look it up. Encyclopedic Spock made a mistake, and it’s scripted.

And after the harsh environment of a Klingon BOP bridge shown in ST3, we get Klaa and the chick wasting time in a slacker environment.

And you forgot to mention the Scotty-Uhura love affair, and Scott’s accident with the bulkhead.

And 78 decks

And how the relationship among the three principals is completely wrong:

Kirk is brave, impulsive and brilliant, with a hyperactive sex-drive, and racist tendencies. He is a tough leader of men, and a gambler, who breaks down when a crewman dies. Here, he is a dud, not caring for his ship or his crew.

Spock is in his usual conflict, but has mellowed by ST5, and is feeling comfy with his Katra refit. But he never makes small talk, or exchanges in pun-filled silly discussions with anyone. In ST4, the humor arose from his seemingly logical questions about an illogical human race. In ST5, it was useless banter. Nimoy must have cringed.

McCoy, I guess, was the same, but was just along for the ride. His line that “most people have families” is poignant in that none of them was actually using their free time to visit family. Made me feel like they were losers to a certain extent.

And then, it was this group of losers who were sent by Admiral Bob to solve this stupid issue with Sybok.

Capturing the original relationship requires a good story which creates conflict, and which allows bravery, logic and compassion to be fleshed out into a good story where these guys figure it out together.

And I love the new Amanda Grayson!

Harry Ballz

#26 GilmourD

Thanks for backing up my opinion!

I find Ms. Ryder attractive because of her big…….eyes……yeah, that’s it! Eyes! :)

Harry Ballz


I think you might enjoy my latest comment on the Shatner thread!

Mark Lynch


Read the novelisation of STV and you will find out that McCoy sabotaged the library computer records on the traditions of ‘camping out’ which Spock studied prior to the event so that he would fit in properly on the holiday. Apparently, Dr. McCoy thought it would be a bit of a wheeze to make Mr. Spock look silly.

Well, I thought it was amusing, reminiscent of their friendly needling of each other in the TV series. :)

Also and probably in the minority here, I thought that most of the supporting cast had some nice moments to themselves in the film. Granted most were a little too light in tone, but there nevertheless. However can anybody deny the strength of McCoys scene where he releases his Father from his pain? Brought me to tears when I saw it at the cinema, and always chokes me up on subsequent viewings.

STV has a lot of failings, but it is not as bad as it is made out to be.

Light ’em if you got ’em……

Mark Lynch

Oh yeah, Winona Ryder is still way hot!!!


Although — if that article is right, Winona would make a fine VILF.

(waiting to see if this gets deleted)


#29–Ah, yes…the marshmelon. There are so many failings…it’s difficult to remember them all in one post.


Number One, I agree. This is indeed a slow news day. Yesterday scarred us all with the news that we have to wait a year and a half, so all the “shock” has been taken out of everything. Yay, so Spock stays true to his original heritage. My level of caring has been set to “minimal” after having a movie blown out of the water.

I think I’m going to sit and wait around for Jurassic Park IV, now. It’ll give me something to be excited about should there be anymore in production. I can’t honestly get excited about THIS movie anymore for quite some time.

Paramount, you hurt me.

I’ll get over it though. Fortunately, this is the only break-up that I’ve had today. It could always be worse. Like for instance:

I could be wasting precious ATP typing away on an online Star Trek movie news forum. Yeah, that would be nice and pointless. Especially on a boring news day where absolutely nothing exciting happens. Now, if one of the presidential candidates is mauled by a hunger badger while skydiving with a unicycle, I might be interested. Or if Nintendo did a surprise launch of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, then I might be interested.

But Spock still being a 1/2 human/vulcan, I simply just don’t really all that much care right now. Thank you typos.

What the hell am I still doing here? I think I have things to do.

No… I really don’t….


Maybe Shatner can play the part of Sybock???

Captain Amazing!!

Maybe it’s just me, but for crying out loud…can’t people in this day and age after 40+ years of Star Trek perhaps have just a little smidgen of knowledge regarding the subject they’re reporting on?

Amanda Grayson is a descendant of Nightwing.

Go DC!


#39 Amanda Grayson is a descendant of Nightwing.

Ha ha I got that joke! Oh man I am a nerd…..

#4 and #26

Agree to disagree I guess. Different strokes…

Harry Ballz

Different women lead to different strokes……….hmmmm, an interesting visual comes to mind……………thanks! :)


Which is why I set it up…



#37 lol! But Sybock isn’t canon, is he????


To #30 You mean Eyes as big as Saucers? and to #37 how about Shylock instead of Sybock and then you could demand the pound of flesh from him at that point. #45 Sybock became canon only in that movie, but to me he isn’t canon, he’s more like an airgun.

“Among those venturing to the final frontier are Winona Ryder, playing Mr. Spock’s Vulcan mother (a twist on the original)”

What is “(a twist on the original)” in reference to?

The Vulcanista

Spock’s “Vulcan mother.”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


I think some media get mixed up about Winnon cause she kind of looks like a vulcan. Totally serious, btw. She has short dark hair, slim build,… she could easily be cast as a vulcan.

Oh, and I just finished watching the Colbert Report with Leonard Nimoy. Laughed from start to finish. Its easy to see why women love Nimoy so much. He promoted his book of photographs (not once was Trek mentioned), and you could tell he has a real love and respect for women.