New Star Trek Poster At WonderCon

This weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco, Paramount premiered the fourth promotional poster for the new Star Trek movie. The poster was free to attendees and measures 11 by 17 inches, the same size as the first promotional poster given out at the 2006 Comic Con in San Diego. The new poster has the new official logo and says "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and (like the newly updated trailer) "SUMMER 2009."

And here is the latest poster

Alternative ‘Christmas’ version
There appears to be two versions of the newest promotional poster available, one with “Christmas 2008” the other with “Summer 2009” listed under the words “Under Construction” although how the 2008 versions of the posters were distributed is a collectibles mystery, but can also be found on Ebay.

Previous Posters
So far all the posters released for the movie have coincided with conventions. The first was the aforementioned 2006 Comic-Con poster designed by JJ Abrams which sported the gold and blue uniform colors and USS Enterprise insignia (now obviously a pretty big hint as to the setting of the new movie). The other promotional posters are the two 27 by 40 inch sized items given to fans during the 2007 summer conventions, both with retro styling. The 2007 San Diego comic convention version of the poster was accompanied by a t-shirt with the logo. Star Trek fans attending the August 2007 Creation Entertainment Las Vegas convention were given the exclusive inversion version of the poster.

previous posters

Purchase Star Trek Movie Posters
Some of the above posters are available at MovieGoods in various sizes, click link below to buy them

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Looks cool!!!

Enough with the arrowheads! Show me the Enterprise!

um, okay… doesn’t really get me excited… just more vagueness…

simplicity, love it

Blast only 4th
I d say that’ll be the one they run with for the cinemas, although I prefer the split uniform one. I’m also with Adam, lets see the Enterprise!!

The new poster is light years ahead of the previous two!

Mongo like new poster better than #2 poster and #3 poster. Design go back to original concept and maybe please fanboys.

Maybe Mongo change mind on second thought. #2 and #3 not so bad. Mongo’s indecisiveness troubling.

All posters are excellent. All I enjoy.

Although the current poster is pretty cool, my fav is the JJ-designed one because it successfully conveyed (to me, at any rate) the attempt BALOK are making to recapture TOS’s vibe.

And has it really been a year and a half since this movie’s been announced? Man, how time flies…

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

arrrr… do I get any renumeration for hangin’ up one o’ these in plain site o’ the public? Just call me British Advertising Dude….


I think the original blue and yellow poster is the most effective; it’s so sleak and original in its use of fabric, yet it shows exactly how the film is linking to original ST aesthetics. They should use this as we get closer to the oh-so-far-away release date.

As for the other posters, the ones with “Star Trek” lettering are just totally tacky, and the latest isn’t eye-grabbing at all; it looks like X-Man or something similar.

I do like it. Very shiny. I like all the new advertising and so on because it’s old TOS and new baubles, and I am quite happy to be suckered in for a handful of beads if they are pretty beads.

A year and a half Vulcanista? I guess it must be about that but it doesn’t fell like it.

So we’re halfway there then…… :-)

(I shall be in glass half full mode tonight).

“Under Construction” doesn’t really rival “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water” “Whoever wins, we lose,” or even “The Coast is Toast.”

This poster is ok, but it’s not going to add to the box office.

Wow this looks incredibly bland and unoriginal.

Woot! Its a Starfleet delta! I like the sheen…

I think this is great! it looks cool, and it seems more ‘Star Trek…ish’ to me.

Maybe they could let us see the Enterprise, but only a bit of it! Like the sheen of it in deep space, kinda like the new logo! Anything! Puleez!!! ENTERPRISE!! …(sobs)

The poster is beautiful, but has no meaning to anyone, except existing fans. Obviously not meant for the public.

Whatever! I’m still pissed that it got pushed back to 2009!!!!

Kinda like the LOST logo.
17th!!!! WoooooHOOOO!!!
(Just had to make up for the lack of “first.”)

I liked the blue/yellow arrowhead one but the ones with the “Star Trek” lettering is definitely my favorite (bought it on ebay, have it in my room now). The lettering is totally retro but by blowing it up so huge and cramming the entire poster with it they achieved a kind of punk Sex Pistols thing with it. Plus it’s the only one with the “Stardate” on it, which I think is awesome.

Never liked this “Under Construction” tagline. Its bland, not clever, and really drives home the prequel concept, which is not something I was hoping they would stress.

YIPEEEEEEEE another non descript bit of info for our movie !!!! Meanwhile Indy, Iron Man, Hulk all have bits of super cool stuff coming out each week !!!!! Teaser was great but we want more. Show us the ship in flight, how about the new uniforms, anything???? Hello Hello,.. is there anybody in there??

That’s cool I guess. Kind of hard to get too worked up over another arrowhead, though. I’m not sure Joe Q. Public would immediately associate it with Star Trek unless he’s seen the trailer first. Still, really looking forward to this flick.

Has the release date been pushed back again? The poster says Summer 2009. Last I looked, May is considered spring, and that was the most recent date I’d heard for the film.

Ha ha, don’t worry they are considering May a summer release.

Figured they’d get the poster changed pretty quick after the release date change. The new poster keeps more in check with the style they have recently set down anyways. Pretty cool.

I like it.

Classy, in an etched crystal sort of way, yet simple. Much better than the “crystal” Spock poster of Star Trek 3. Also,all that black space makes for great wallpaper…on your computer screen, not the house.

nice but nothing we have nt seen before

Very nice. Sleek and stylish. I like this one and the first two. The third is the least of them.

As for the posters not showing the Enterprise yet. Did you really expect it to? J.J. and the boys are going to sit on the look of the new Enterprise as long as they can. Precisely because we all want to see it that badly. :)

I like the first one with the blue and yellow uniform colors on it. :-)

Kind of a waste of money, if you ask me. If it goes into cinemas, most of the punters won’t know what it is, because it does not name the film. And combined with that 4-screen sub-website, the impact is zilch. They are blowing cash on the demographic which is already there on opening day.

And when was the last time any of us logged on to the 4-screen site? Snore.

The arrowhead with the stretcho star is unknown to most, so unless they do something dramatic with it soon, it is simply wallpaper.


Although I think all 3 posters are great, from a less-is-more design perspective (I even own the first image in mousepad form at my desk at work!), I think most of us can be excused for being a little antsy with this 3rd poster. Yes, it’s snazzy-looking, but 1) we’ve seen this before on the official movie website and trailer and 2) it’s redundant (just a different version of the first poster) and is probably the LEAST eye-catching of the three (this one being devoid of logos, a starfield or color).

It’s time to stop rehashing the Enterprise crest and the STAR TREK logo and start giving us some actual IMAGES of the cast, the Enterprise, Spock… ANYTHING other than these admittedly well-designed but somewhat bland posters.

Time to step it up a notch.

I am not excited about the new movie anymore since it’s been moved to May of 2009. It’s such a long way away from now, over a year. Maybe I’ll start getting excited again as it gets closer.

I have been involved in marketing and selling big brands to the mass market, and this is simply money in the toilet.

This is no Cloverfield, and it should be meant to excite young AND old. It is naive to think that showing this symbol to younger Cloverfield viewers will keep them hooked. Most of us forget the trailers, and especially the teasers, within moments.

They are better off simply sending Bob to speak with us for free until there are better things to spend money on, like the ship doing something incredible in space, and showing off our gallant crew, in uniform. That will get the moms and dads into the cinemas next May with their kids.

To be fair, their team has been left in the lurch by the new release date, but this new poster is a true non-event.

And lose “Under Construction.” Without the Big E, it ain’t doing anything.

Well wtf do u want a picture of ur mom on it??

14. steve adams – February 25, 2008

Wow this looks incredibly bland and unoriginal.

i think some people dont understand the nature of these promotional convention posters. These are not true ‘teaser’ or even film posters. Those are yet to come. These are meant for the geekosphere that go to cons

Now that they have a whole frickin’ year and then some (throw us a bone, why don’t they!)… How about this: On the first of each month… issue a poster of a character in one of the costumes! Something like this:
1 March 08, release a picture with the caption Nimoy is Spock in STAR TREK
Apr Quinto is Spock in STAR TREK, etc.
May-Pine, June-Urban, July-Pegg, August-Cho, September-Saldana, October-Yelchin, November-Cross, December-Ryder, January ’09-Full Cast Photo!!, February-Bana, March-Greenwood, etc.

That would be quite a collectible series of posters… And color backgrounds early on are obvious: Nimoy black and silver (echoing the current poster, and the Search for Spock black and silver posters), Quinto science powder blue, Pine command gold/green, Urban shiny medical smock blue, Pegg red, Cho gold, and from there whatever makes most sense for the art…

At least then we’d have something every 30 days new to gape over and build excitement over.

Whats with all the critisizm people!? Bland and unoriginal!? OK maybe it’s not the Wrath of Khan poster but it adds to the mystery of the film! this is how Abrahms works! As bloggers we’re more than up to date on what’s happening, the standard cinema goer who doesn’t know bout the movie is going to get curious about it BECAUSE of the ambiguity of the poster!!!

“These are meant for the geekosphere that go to cons.”

I guess what they fail to realize is that Trekkies are never geeks.

Oh wait…

I just can’t wait to see the final big release poster , with the crew, ships, and art work ! Come on May 2009!

The arrowhead shape patch that the Enterprise crew wore in TOS then it became the patch or pin for the Starfleet in the movies. I hope everyone is wearing the arrowhead patch in this new movie not just the Enterprise crew. It has become Star Trek. Some of the patches the other starships crew wore on TOS looked ridiculous.

New release date is May 1st 2109!!!

Poll time:
Fav Trek movie poster?
Mine would be Undiscovered Country, though actually Nemesis was pretty cool.

#41 Undiscovered Country

Preferred the retro look of the first posters, with the great underused original Trek font and TOS colours. More retro 60’s/70’s graphics JJ please!

That poster above is my favorite one now. Its displace the Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered County which had been my previous 2 favorite posters.

I really like the look. It reminds me of the Obelisk from 2001. That is very classic, deep space, mysterious look. Great design IMHO.

They can only go to the well so many times with these types of posters before people start to get turned off by them. Personally, I’ve had my fill of these types of “tease” posters. I know the movie is over a year away, but unless they intend to show something a little more tangible, then I think they’d be better off backing off for a while and starting up again when they can show something a little more concrete.

Nice comment #33.
Btw don’t ever use that comment in Watts Cal. You’ll get your ass kicked.
You must like bland and un-orginal posters…
I would expect something Original not the Enterprise icon dressed in black.
Sorry some of have higher standards and expect more.

Loving the new poster. Now we just have to wait for the inevitable poster with the Enterprise on it…

But what’s the point of getting the geekosphere interested in something they are already waiting for? It’s a waste of money.

All they can do now is put the darn name of the film on the poster, unless they are about to rock our worlds with the meaning of that symbol, and do something absolutely incredible with it. After the teaser, I would say chances are small.


We will get more. The very fact that there is ANY poster 15 months prior to the film’s release is more than I expected in the first place.

They had to replace to “12.25.2008” posters with something, and this was it…I don’t think it is supposed to be “The Next” poster, but a replacement. There will be subsequent film posters yet to come.