More Location Spy Photos

There are some new shots available at Aint it Cool from yesterday’s Star Trek location shooting Lebec, CA.
[UPDATED: AICN removed images at request of Paramount]


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It just feels so different. I dunno, if the big “E” looks drastically different, I will be very upset. Somehow it looks like an alternative universe, and none of us really want that….do we?

Rheostats and toggle switches! Love it!

Well, that shuttle certainly doesn’t look like something designed “by someone who’s ever seen the original series.” So – good!


I followed your mention in the Shatner thread, Red Shirt. I think people are not going to be crazy about the shuttle design. It lacks the “Trek look”.
Lebec is a very small town on Interstate 5, the last town heading north into the Grapevine to the San Joaquin Valley. I can’t help but think they’re intentionally choosing out-of-the-way places like this to keep things from slipping. I guess it didn’t work.

The shuttle looks militaristic — possibly one of the flashsideways parts of the plot. It’s not the same purpose as Galileo II. It could be from Kirk’s early days. Look more like the drop ship from Aliens. No need to assume this shuttle has anything to do with the E, or even the main plot. And even if it does… rheostats* and toggle switches! Just like Papa Roddenberry used to make. mmmm. Can you say Sulu’s chronometer?

*aka potentiometers, or as we used to say in my college radio days ‘pots.’

Where are the classic GOLD, BLUE, RED, UNIFORMS?

Nice. Nothing to bitch about here.

Funny, Thomas, I thought the shuttle exterior was the most Trek-like part. Overall, I like the aesthetic. I wasn’t sure about the uniform at first, especially the lack of black at the neck, but then I thought about the tunics worn in “The Cage” and felt better about it. And I love the toggle switches!

Oh, and I have to say I wish they’d kept the detailing in the center of the badges. These are a bit too TNG for my tastes.

I think the shuttle is very reminiscent of TOS design, while still being fresh and “realistic.” I mean it’s basically a bigger Galileo.

Not clean and futuristic(Star Trek) enough.Very Tatooine looking

YELLOW CAUTION TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is available in the 23rd century..I wish I had the patent on THAT

The shuttle definity looks cool, almost retro trek, Oh I can’t wait to see the rest
of the props.


I think the last photo is a jacket not the actual uniform, but I guess we will have to wait and find out. In any case I think from what I can see looks good.

I like it. It’s got the big budget movie feel without diverging too far from the essence of The Original Series.

I don’t understand what people mean when they say “It lacks the ‘Trek look'”. What were they expecting – the 60s clunky feel of the Galileo? Trek made waves in the 60s for being realistic for a sci-fi series. There’s no reason why Abrams and Co. can’t use the same mentality for the 21st century.

Those helmets are *so* TOS.

I dont mind the shuttle, given its size is obviously not intended to be the same ship as the Galileo II, the aesthetic reminds me of a mash up between Serenity and Nu Battlestar Galactica, which to be honest was a little “wuh?” at first, but im willing to give it a pass for the moment…

One thing tho, Silver hard hats with the starfleet logo embossed on the very top? You what? :p

re: #7: You are looking at red and blue uniforms in the third picture. my guess is that we’ll see Gold in due time. Ok everybody, time for a chill pill…..

I think #15 is dead on- looks like a mining shuttle and a bunch of miners.

The jacket is S-H-A-R-P! I can’t wait to see the rest of the uniform. I’m geeked up.

Anyone remember the shuttle Admiral Kirk rode into Star Fleet Command on, at the beginning of TMP? This looks like a relative of that model, an ancestor. Kinda like an older, mass produced version for civilians and contractors, not the spiffy clean version for Officers.

I’m eager to see more.

wow guys – chill.

It’s one shuttle type. considering the seats, maybe basic personnel shuttle? Moreover, the US military has over 15 vehicles classified as ‘transport vessels’, so why not Star Fleet?

As for the gold emblem, I’m still not convinced – but here’s an idea:

maybe all this time traveling has polluted the time line, and some of what we know has changed drastically – from logos to the even the tech involved.

We have no frame of reference for these shots. Obviously not an Enteprise shuttle, but more of a military or industrial shuttle.

Nothing to get weirded out over.

First time ever seen seatbelts in Star Trek

Me now thinks this shuttle is not assigned to a specific ship. It’s too utilitarian and the number 70172 doesn’t look like any ship registration number to me.

did anyone save the pics because the website now says this about the pics “Sadly Removed At The Request Of Paramount – which called incredibly fast”

First time I’ve seen cardboard!


Anyone have a mirror? AICN took them down =(

wow pics gone as of 10:14 EST….

The shuttle looks… nice. I like the metallic look. As for it being “militaristic,” Starfleet doesn’t add phasers to their ships just to look nice. Also, don’t forget that the inside of the shuttles in ST Enterprise weren’t exactly family-friendly.

The uniform is sexy. Cannot WAIT to see Quinto in one of those nice, tight, sleek…

I personally am thinking that it is a cadet transport low warp speeds and the uniform is that of a cadet has that grey color like Finnigin or whatever his name was who was bugging kirk that one episode

Already gone from AICN.

glad i saw it when i did removed 5 secs after my last post

I just saved it

OMG! They’ve removed the pix at the request of Paramount.

I absolutely see TOS in the shuttle – are my eyes deceiving me? It seems to scream “I am Galileo’s older brother”, which is certainly in line with our younger TOS castmembers. The uniforms look fine to me – again, they are set in an earlier time period and should not look exactly like TOS. How on earth did our donor get those pictures anyway without someone grabbing his camera, Iphone or whatever? Amazing that we are able to get these gems, considering JJ’s tight restraint on the set (which no one can fault him for, but oh do we love it when there ARE leaks!). Very, very cool.

The shuttle interior looks incredibly rugged, low-tech and militaristic. More like Star Wars, Starship Troopers or . I cannot believe this is supposed to be a Starfleet shuttle, representing a bright fresh future, and it baffles me a 150m$ flick would go for a 1970s home electronics look that looks even less futuristic than TOS (not as clean and elegant). I mean, seriously, that console looks like someone soldered it in his garage!

And if these are the uniforms – we have traded pyjamas for jogging suits. Give me form-fitting spandex any day, it is so much more sexy!

Somebody must have them! Link?

chaya can u senf me a copy of what u got i dint get a chance to save
t obusy drooling

AW WTF!!! COME ON ANTHONY!!! THIS SUCKS BALLS!!! DAMN PARAMOUNT!!! GAHHH!!! S#!T ON A STICK!!!! BRING THOSE PICS BACK, NOW!!! NOOOOO!!!! (goes stomping around cursing like a sailor)

Is that Kirk in the background of pic 3? To the right.

Anyone know where else these pics could be? I didn’t get to see them and I’m itching for some cool new Trek pics!

Yeah…anyone? Link?

When I saw these pictures, my pants were removed at the request of Paramount!

Oh man, I am so happy I got to see them before they were yanked. Removed at the “request” of Paraborg? I wonder if that request came with a legal warning…

send them to me ill post on mypace

That One Guy#30- “…can’t wait to see Quinto in one of those nice, tight, sleek…” LOL! You and me and thousands of others, dude.

If anyone has them, could they be posted somewhere or sent out to people? I’d love to get a look.


This is what I get for not spending every waking second on the internet.

Okay, I’m not saying that anyone would do this, but if someone out there managed to snag those photos before they were pulled, where might someone who missed them be able to find them?

I’m not asking for myself. Not at all. I have this friend, see, and he really wanted to get a look at these photos…