The Collective: New Diamond Select Items Available

This week, The Collective has your details and a guide to new Diamond Select/Art Asylum’s Star Trek items for 2008 (announced at ToyFair) which are now available for presale. This week you can reserve DST’s first Enterprise D, their first TMP figures and the latest Minimates.

DST’s toy ship line continues this year with the Enterprise NCC 1701 D, featuring saucer separation with sound effects and lights. This roughly 12" ship toy is DST’s first TNG TV era ship. As with most DST ships, the toy also features the voice of its Captain from famous episodes.

1701-D available now for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise D
(pre-order, available September)

There will also be an "All Good Things" Future Enterprise D version which includes the extra nacelle and detailing. This is not available for pre-order yet, but will be an exclusive at

"All Good Things" 1701-D

Other DST Ships
The two versions of the 1701-D finish out the (major) Enterprises to be made by Diamond/Art Asylum. Previously they have done three versions each of the NX-01, TOS 1701, and movie era 1701/1701-A. They have also done two 1701-E’s. All include sound effects which are often timed with the lighting effects on these collectibles which helps make the toy even more fun.

The "Cage" TOS 1701 and "Wrath of Khan" refit 1701 are available now at Entertainment Earth. 

Star Trek Wrath of Khan U.S.S. Enterprise Replica The Cage Enterprise NCC-1701 Vehicle
$44.99 $39.99

First TMP Action Figures From DST
Star Trek: The Motion Picture versions of Kirk and Spock are coming this October, limited to a ‘1701 edition’ (only 1,701 will be made). These 7" figures feature multiple points of articulation and are the first ever TMP figures from DST.

TMP figures now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek The Motion Picture Kirk & Spock Action Figures
(pre-order, available September)

The TMP figures are the latest of Kirk and Spock 2 packs to be added to the 2008 line-up from DST. Coming this May is the "Death of Spock" set featuring a grieving Admiral Kirk and Radiation Spock from The Wrath of Khan.  And in June comes the TOS "The Amok Time Set" with lirpas!

Death Of Spock Kirk and Spock 2-Pack Figures Amok Time Kirk and Spock Action Figures
(pre-order, avail May)
(pre-order, avail June)

New MiniMates
Avoid the agonizer and preorder the Mirror Mirror MiniMates (talk about alliteration) shipping this August. This is the first 5 pack of 2" Star Trek featuring alternative universe versions of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Marlena Moreau, and Sulu. Also for preorder is the ‘series 4’ set of Minimates featuring the first TNG MiniMates (Picard and the Borg), along with McCoy and Chapel, Admiral Kirk and Engineering Scotty, and Admiral Kirk and TWOK Dress Version Scotty.

Series 4 Set of Minimates
Mirror Mirror Minimates
(pre-order, avail September)
(pre-order, avail August)

Previews Ads
These newest Diamond Select items are also featured in this months ‘Previews’ magazine…here are scans of those ads. (click to enlarge)

Up Next: Megopalooza
Our next Collective presents a review of the EMCE and DST retro MEGO versions of Dr. McCoy and the Romulan, along with news about the presales and the next items available in the line.


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Looks good. I want the Enterprise D from AGT.

Cool but they don’t have my favorite Enterprise, The Enterprise c Ambasador class ship.


I really dig those TMP Kirk and Spock figures.


Ugh! You really liked that flying Edsel?

As Jim Kirk once noted, there’s no accounting for taste. :-)

#5 yeah i loved that ship. it had more of the look of the original.

Yay, now we can pay 32 bucks for 2 pieces of plastic of TMP figures that we have bought not once but twice already! (I’ll buy it anyway! lol!) This is why Diamond Select was not selected for the new movie, because, though their stuff looks good, it is so expenssive and has no distribution at all. And as fir the Enterprise D that playmates made 5 different kinds of why would we need one from select? why not a ‘c’ or b’ or a reliant or how about some alien ships?. I wonder if playmates will be able to make 5 different versions of the new Enterprise?

Here is the new opening for the new trek movie:

Star trek the marketing frontier… These are the voyages of very greedy bunch, Paramount studios..their ongoing mission to explore new ways of ripping everyone off by putting out a new movie to sell their old and new junk that no one really wants and to seek out new people to rip off…to greedely go where no marketing ripoff has gone before!

Q…warning for trolling

I really do not understand posts like 7…which we get with almost every article on merchandising. Star Trek is actually under-merchandised compared to other franchises. And yet CBS Paramount is attacked for licensing new toys? You do realize you have the option on whether on not to buy something. So what if there were TMP figures in the 70s and Playmates D ships from over a decade ago…does that mean they can never be made again and Trek fans should have to hunt on Ebay for old products? please.

Oh please! Can you think of a better argument than that? The point is, is the people that created those characters and ships and the actors who played them, whose likeness’ are being used are getting NOTHING! Though, w/o them, there would be no action figures. People like Shatner, Nimoy, etc. are not recieving anything for their likeness on the figures or for the reprint of the movies all 20 directors editions and betas, VHS’ laser discs, etc. Paramount is getting away with murder! Shatner and Nimoy and the rest should be billionares for the amount of times their likeness’ and performances have been proffited from, yet, they are not!

Also, I forgot to mention that I hope that the DS9, VOY, ENT and the new folks sign(ed) really good deals seeing how the TOS and TNG people were ripped off time and again.

I love the cage enterprise. Its so unique and different from the Tos enterprise. Please JJ dont rape the fans as the past has.

final warning for trolling
you are entitled to your opinions, but not your own facts. You dont like merchandising, dont buy it and move on. And for the record, Shatner and Nimoy are well compensated.
You are done for this thread

comments to

Wow, I have afew of those…….. Must….. Not…… Feel….. Old!!

Hey Q… for STAR TREK: NEMESIS, the TNG actors went to the studio and had themselves scanned by the toy company so that their figures would look exactly like them. Safe to say the actors made some money from those figures.

#8… true.. if’n we didn’t buy the stuff, they wouldn’t make it.

I’m waiting for an Ambassador and NX class, myself.

In before rage against ENT.

I actually think these toys are quite neet and I have no issue with paramount and company making money of of things like this, it’s part of the franchise business. Whats the big deal?

Wow! This thread was actually an exciting read!

#14… that is intriguing

Q… why don’t you just stick with “gallivanting around the galaxy and being omnipotent” and leave us puny humans with our flawed ideas of fun.

Those ships look nice, but I really wish these companies would show a little daring, expand the line a bit beyond the same three or four models and give us some different ships from the myriad of other configurations seen on the TV shows and movies. Personally, I’d love to see an electronic version of the USS Reliant.

Whatever they did to TMP Kirk, it sure looks painful.

I’d like to see (heck, I’d like to play with) these toys before deciding whether to shell out the credits or navy beans.

But, um, COOL!

I’d love to see an Excelsior class …

I always love these Collective articles! The Enterprise D models look pretty nice.

I don’t really understand how Q was trolling. Playmates did a “only 1701 made” stunt 10 years ago and people where pissed. They have a right to be. And Trek is over merchandised and always has been. You can slap an arrow head on anything and make a buck off someone. These aren’t really off base or controversial positions so I don’t understand the back lash. Is Diamond a sponsor of this site?

any comments to decisions go to feedback

but to be clear…I am tired of people coming into articles from John (and also Alex and Rob) about books, comics, toys etc and rolling out the tired attacks on CBS and Paramount and licensed products and ‘greed’ etc. Star Trek itself is a product…it is a brand . There is nothing wrong with licensing it and in fact it actually doesnt come close to star wars or other brands for the volume of merchandise. You dont like comics, books, or merchandise…fine. but no need to come in and attack.

John puts a lot of time and effort into these things and there are lots of other fellow collectors out there who appreciate it. I just dont like to see these things and he was the last straw

and not this site isn’t ‘sponsored’ by DST or CBS or any of the licensees.

and thats the last word

It kind of looks like they got Picardo’s head on the Kirk TMP figure you think? LOL

Those collectibles really look good. I’m glad there are things like these on the market. They’re quite popular, and for good reason.

The more Trek collectibles and toys, the better!

Love the AGT Ent-D. I have the transforming one from years ago.

Still waiting on the Scimitar and Nemesis Ent-E…….

I don’t understand the mindset of “only” creating 1,701 sets/figures either, but at $31.99 a pop for both TMP figures, that still comes out at quite a bargain. Roughly 16 bucks for a limited, specialty figure is a decent deal no matter how you cut it.

I’ll be reserving my order for the 2 TMP figures with no problems or guilt at all… AND I’ll be taking them OUT OF THEIR PACKAGES! *gasp!!!*

(I only hope they put Kirk’s crotch back by the time they’re ready to ship…)

thanks John…you are the toymaster. I think i will get the D to add to my ship collection. Although I stopped buying figures when I was a kid but can justify buying ships and phasers…becaue they are ‘replicas’ and of course not Toys…or that is what I tell my wife

I really dont undersand either the ‘haters’ on merchandise. I like my Trek stuff and I know that the actors all get their cut…in fact didnt Nimoy successfully sue for likeness rights? Star Trek may be all opmistic about a future about no money, but it is in the end really just a product of Paramount. Just like Superman is a product of DC. And us fans will continue to buy it…and there is nothing wrong with that. And I really dont need anyone coming in here and screaming and telling us all that we are complicit in some evil scheme. It is just a TV show and these are just some toys

I don’t see how people can say Trek is over-marketed. Perhaps it’s not marketed how the majority of the buying fans want it to be, but over-marketed? Nah.

Maybe their marketing people need to take a look at what the fans purchase.

Obviously we want ship models/toys/top-end replicas. Action figures? I’m not so sure. Most of my friends who are the collectors of the figures (the toys, not the sculptures) feel compelled to buy them for the sake of buying them to put away for some “future value”, which just isn’t going to exist in our lifetimes. Costumes? Not the cheapies made of polyester in bags, but good stuff, that is still affordable, YOU BET.

How about some nice desktop models of the Enterprise, from NX-01 thru 1701E, in 1/2500 scale. Make them in SCALE, make them ACCURATE. That is what Trek fans want. Accuracy! Yeah, we want to play space battle with them, too, who’s kidding whom?

I harken back to the first Hallmark Trek ornament, Kirk’s Enterprise. Why did they bother to make it if they couldn’t get the proportions and dimensions right? Yet, because it was the first of the series, that saggy-nacelled rustbucket sells on eBay regularly for $200+. The later ornaments became so very much nicer and true to form, and I look forward to adding them to my tree each year.

I’m not grousing, nor really complaining. I’m glad to have lived to the time when toy phasers and communicators are very accurate and impressive to look at, unlike what was cranked out in the 70s. If you’re going to all the trouble of making a master to mass produce, do it right the first time, I always say. You’ll sell more swag to the fans if they’re likely to show it off and have their friends say “COOL! GOTTA HAVE ONE OF MY OWN!

Just some ideas, if anyone in the marketing department is listening.

Whoever decided to go with the ripped-shirt Kirk is so going to heaven. You have the gratitude of fangirls everywhere.

Now, if they could just do a shirtless, handcuffed, “Patterns of Force” Spock, all would be right with the world…

all good faithful stuff………cold shower for number 31!!!!

I remember seeing back at the New York Toy Fair footage that DST was doing a new Borg Queen figure… anyone know if that is still due out sometime this year?
BTW, I want those TMP figures! now where is a Will Decker and Ilia 2 pack!??

I really don’t understand what people see in the mini-mates…

But I can’t wait to get my hands on a future Enterprise!!!

yeah, it will never happen, but that just made me think about how sweet an Enterprise-J would be….. It will never happen though.

would love to get ahold of the refit E, always was my favorite. not so much into the action figures, i did get all of the palymates ones for First Contact, and for me being a little kid back then it was murder not to open those bad boys up, i was just disappointed that Picard was the only one to have a spacesuit. oh and somebody had a great idea, i’d buy a model of the Scimitar from NEM that thing looked scary. one of the things i’ve always wanted were Star Trek t-shirts and i have never been able to find any good ones. anyone know of a place i could go? your input would be greatly appreciated, just for the fact i want a shirt to wear to the premiere.

Paul, check out the online store for the Star Trek Experience. They have some good ones..


Shirtless Spock … mmmmmm!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I love the ships. But the action figures and especially the Mini Mates creep me out.

Diamond Select ST toys are generally well done with a few exceptions. The Captains In Chairs series was a major disappointment. Smudged Starfleet insignias on the uniforms and paint chips on the chairs are examples. How many times do you have to order these to get a decent copy?? I was so disappointed by the KIrk ones that I passed on Picard completely.
The Enterprise 1701-A was just fine. The re-tooled version 1701 has warp nacelles that both point to the left because the plastic bent that way and then cooled at the factory. My friend in Seattle says his is the same. Where’s the quality control?
Playmates didn’t seem to have this many problems. Their version of the 1701 (original series) is superior to Diamond Select’s.

I’m tired of people making the argument: Playmates made X , so why do we need it from Diamond?

Well, Playmates merchandise was aimed at children, initially, and therefore the quality is not there for the more discerning collector. Diamond is aimed at the collector market, for those of us who want a little more quanlity in our figures and ships.

Yes Playmates made an Enterprise D, so what! The Diamond ships are much better than the Playmates ones.

To quote someone on this thread: If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Stop wasting the time of those of us who do.

I wont get the figures .. but the ships are really cool. and I have never had an ENT D. Before.

#31, 38

I fully agree with the ripped-shirt-Kirk-heaven-gratitude interrelation, girl6. ;-) And I understand, I really do – you Spock gals do come off badly. One paltry episode for you with glorious bare-chested Spock … I grieve with thee;-) (Although, I’m a bit worried about that “handcuffed” remark – well, not really :))

Nevertheless, those Amok Time figures do look fine and are a must!

Can’t wait to get those TMP figures. I like the Amok Time set as well. But I’ll have to pass on those ini-mates, they look like they belong on the Fisher Price shelf. The AA ships are by far the best quality ship reproductions, but I’ll have to pass on the Enterprise D, I always thought it was one fugly ship.

I’m a little scared that I didn’t see the TOS tricorder on the list. I thought they had one in the works to be released this summer. After seeing their superb TOS communicator, I sure hope the tricorder is still on track!

Here are some items for clarification

The TOS tricorder is going to be available soon, as will be the DS9 action figures announced at Toy Fair. We are waiting for information regarding summer convention exclusives, if any, and the new 18″ line of action figures from DST.

For those looking for a variety of ships, I might suggest Johnny Lightning. While these are small and have no electronics, they are amazingly priced at $4 and incredibly detailed. They have a variety of ships from every era of Star Trek.

The actors from Star Trek do have likeness rights and are compensated for products utilizing their images, especially for the crew.

Star Trek items are available with varying quality and purposes. Toys are supposed to be toys. Prop replicas are supposed to be prop replicas. If fans don’t like the price or quality of these items, there certainly are other items available. There are $4, $40, $400, and $2000 ships. The Licenees include

DST (TOS to Nemesis action figures, busts, statues, ships)
Corgi and Master Replica (ship statues, prop replicas)
Screen Life (Scene It Game)
Rittenhouse Ltd (trading cards)
Pocket Books (novels, calendars)
Gentle Giants Ltd (12″ action figures)
Junk Food (T shirts)
Anthony Grandio (checks)
Bethesda (video games)
Hallmark (ornaments, greeting cards)
IDW (comics)
Checker (reprints of Gold Key comics)
Titan (Star Trek magazine)
Toyko Pop (manga comics)
Playmates Toys (Star Trek IX toys)
Creation Entertainment (photos) (various items)
Johnny Lightning Playing Mantis (toy ships)
Swag Dog (customizable T shirts)
Film Cells Ltd (film cells)
Golfsmith (golfing items)
Lightspeed (fine art) (pictures)

MiniMates are stylized toys. They have the features of LEGO Minifigs without having to buy entire sets of LEGOs to get them.

test 1,2,3.

John and Anthony i was wondering when are we likely to see the action figures and stuff from the upcoming Abrams Movie, I ma very curious on this.

Radiation Spock is a weird idea. Kind of ironic considering that you never get a good look at the burn makeup in the movie. When you see “radiation’ Spock from the front, the view is obscured by reflections and glare in the transparent wall, and when you see him from the back the camera is focused on Kirk and Spock is a little blurry. You get the idea of his burns but the detail is left to the imagination.

I think the proper thing would be for kids to make their own Radiation Spock by putting regular Spock in the microwave or by using a magnifying glass under the sun. That’s how we did things in my day!

Thanks for the info John. I didn’t know about the 18″ figures, I hope they do a TOS Spock at that scale, it would look great in my theater room. Also I’m very glad to hear the tricorder is still in the works, thanks again!


The action figures will hopefully be considered “non spoiler” items and be seen as valuable “retail marketing” for the film. It is my guess that these items will be available April 2009 if the film is May. However, we might see images earlier at the various Winter toy fairs of 2009. Indiana Jones is a good indication of the timeline of Star Trek marketing, with most of the items now for the May 22nd film.