Great Links: Trek Bosses, Space Dominatrixes, Enterprise Coolness + more

This week the great links has trek showing up on lists from the usual best movies, all the way to a list of dominatrixes…really. Plus the USS Enterprise delivers some starship smackdown, a former Trek effects artists shares some of his work, some of which is pretty racy! Plus work lessons from Trek bosses and so much more….

Enterprise is the coolest
In the ‘tell us something we didn’t know’ category, AMC’s SciFi Scanner Blog held a "Coolest Starship Tournament" with sixteen entries for ’round one’ including both A Borg Cube and the TOS movie era Enterprise refit representing Trek. The Cube was eliminated in round one by a Star Destroyer from Star Wars, but Trek came out on top with the Enterprise beating the Star Destroyer in Round 4 to be deemed the overall coolest ship.

Eat it Star Wars

Mojo’s Effects Blog
Speaking of cool ships, former Trek digital effects artist, and author of "Star Trek : Starship Spotter", Adam ‘Mojo’ Lebowitz has started a new blog where he shows off and talks about a lot of his effects work from Trek and current work on Battlestar Galactica. and present. One of his first posts "SciFi Candy: Hi Tech Trek"  shows off a number of wire-frame renders for the Starship Spotter book.

D7 inside out

Trek boss types
Did you know that you can learn how to deal with every kind of boss by watching Star Trek? Well our friends at io9 think so with their guide: The 7 Types Of Bad Bosses According To Star Trek (And How To Survive Them). Each Trek Captain (Kirk, Picard, Archer, Sisko, and Janeway) plus the Borg Queen and Gowron are deemed and archetype.

Kirk a ‘bully’ boss?

Trek on the Lists
Another week and another set of lists.

Abrams Trek climbs the chart
Coverage around the web of some minor spoilers pushed JJ Abrams Star Trek up to the #3 spot on the AMC SciFi Scanner "SciFi Power Ranking" for last week.

Khan getting his due
Star Trek II is the superior movie, and so it makes sense that it is on the Zap2It Misfit Blog’s list of six "Essential Sci-Fi Movies" noting it is "as close to the perfect Star Trek experience you can get."

Everybody is talking Genesis
Speaking of Khan and lists, IGN puts Star Trek II’s Genesis Device on its list of "Top 10 Movie MacGuffins."

Data & Borg robots
The Slippery Brick gadget blog put together a list of "54 Memorable Sci-Fi Robots" which includes both Data and The Borg, Norman is understandably upset.

Dominatrix, Dominatrix, what is Dominatrix?!
When io9 compiled a list of the ‘Greatest Dominatrixes of Science Fiction‘ none other than Kara the Eymorg from "Spock’s Brain" came in at #1. The Borg Queen will make them pay for being ignored.

It’s all about the boots

Video of the week: TMP Pon Farr Edition
This week, our video is brought to you by Mojo’s blog (see above) with a behind the scenes ‘mashup’ made while he, Daren Dochterman and others were working on the Director’s Edition DVD of Star Trek The Motion Picture. In a posting titled "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition)", Mojo explains how they were inspired by a scene in TMP where everyone is staring at the viewscreen and it appeared to him they were watching something very intently…and so they made the following which apparently director Robert Wise thought was pretty funny too.

WARNING: Sexual content/For adults only and NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition) from Darth Mojo on Vimeo.


Whiskers, warp speed in three minutes or we’re all dead


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ha ha ha,,
abit to long,,but funny

Wow Really intresting…keep up the good work!

Re: the Pon Farr video… yeah, pretty dirty :) Was only funny for about a minute.

“Enterprise is the coolest”

Please note bene JJ and co.

Re: Space Bosses

I always noticed that when Picard was on the Bridge, Riker was all jolly ad friendly, but as soon as he was in charge, he was all hardnosed and “One ‘aye’ will be sufficient” and stuff. Spock, to a degree, was the same way. I always said that Kirk and Picard would be easier to work for than Riker or Spock.


I don’t care if STAR TREK XI does NOT include the following: Velour tunics; black turtlenecks; beehive hairdos, pointy sideburns; bell-bottom trousers; “fu-manchu” Klingon mustaches; Vulcan/Romulan Moe Howard haircuts; bad toupees; Davy Jones wigs; or green v-neck Captain’s tunics.

But they absolutely MUST include go-go boots. That’s where I draw the line. Preferably on every single female in the cast. Thank you and good day.

#1 and #3 — The whole point is that it’s too long — it’s a comment on all the unnecessary staring at the viewscreen footage from TMP. ;)

Classic. :)


I’ll see your go-go boots and raise you tight uniforms on male characters. Specifically Spock.

This is kindof scary…

That kitten looks just like my wife and my younger cat.

That LOL cat made my day.

My favorite part of the Pon Far video is when McCoy walks in, sees what’s happening, walks out in a huff, then returns with Chekov!

Funny beyond belief

Nice CG renders. I hope I can do that well one day.


I am offended by the sexual innuendo of that obviously artificially extended TMP clip.

I do not understand why you would have the sounds of men and women involved in what sounds like extremely satisfying sexual congress as a backdrop to the penetration of Enterprise into soft unknown interior of (snicker) “V’ger.” .

The film itself has nothing to do with sex, whatsoever, and has a “G” rating!

Protracted silence

Hahahahahahah! OMG! Hahahahahaha!

#13 –

Dammit, now I’ll NEVER be able to watch TMP the same way again!!!

“V’Ger”… I do believe we’ve found a new euphemism, thanks to A.J.!

I can’t believe the Millenium Falcon lost to Serenity in round 1. I’m not upset by it necessarily, but dayum!

LOL!! Scottycat better be careful near those power couplings, he’s liable to get a little crispy around the paws if he makes one false move! McMeow!

There’s just something about that Enterprise E model……..

vger is sizzlin

I am scarred for life…

I still like the TOS Enterprise the best. NCC-1701 with no bloody A, B, C, D or E.

I think the funny part is that Mr. Sulu looks interested.

So great, this TMP Pon Farr edition, heheheh.

Also loved the command style comparisons. Interesting!

Thanks for all the links *G*

I can’t believe the Enterprise lost to a Star Destroyer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Trek, but from a practicality point, one is a gigantic 1,600 meter x 1,000 meter warship carrying an entire army of armed soldiers, ground walking AT-AT’s, armed with armed with turbolasers, ion cannons and tractor beam projectors and a massive fleet of single-pilot fighters (6 squadrons/72 fighters total) that can dogfight autonomously of the ship and can literally swallow smaller ships whole, and the other is the Enterprise.

Incidentally, this would be the smaller ship. The 19,000 meter version is the Dreadnought class Executor.

Man the TMP Pon Farr Clip way too funny! Really makes a great comment on one major flaw I felt that film had too much of. ;) So much fun creative TREK stuff out there.

Star Destroyer are great , they crash into each other , and can never stop a bunch of smugglers , and have the worse aim in the universe .

Meh you say the Name Enterprise , and people think Star Trek,
And Star Trek is Science Fiction, enough said really.
The Enterprise is the most real ship ever.

The bosses bit is hysterical. I read it in a meeting and had to leave because I couldn’t contain myself. Archer as the Hot Tub Boss left me losing it. Really, really funny!

I’ve worked for every one of them, mostly Janeways. My current boss is a Gowron. Wish me Qapla’!

AJ#13- I concur with you. Just because V’ger wanted to “join” with the creator, appropriated the gorgeous, nubile body of a very hot, phernome-laden Deltan (who appeared nude in the sonic shower), and stared dow-eyed at Decker at all times does not mean sex had anything to do with this movie… Even when Ilia and Decker went up in ecstacy-energy flames together at the “climax” of the movie, so-to-speak, I am sure sex was not involved in any way… Oh, and you know that aperature that Spock shot himself into, the one that swallowed him whole, drained him of all physical and mental energy, then shot him back out – there was no sexual subtext there either… Uh, by the way, anybody know how long those photon torpedoes were – you know, the ones they had to shoot into the wormhole…

And my Mirror Universe boots for the Vegas con are better than Kara the Eymorg’s…


As you know, I totally deny any sexual subtext in “Trek.” It is disgusting!

Denis? Are you still here? ;-)))))

The Big E rules, guys. She is the coolest! Anyone here disagree?

27: Sorry, Denise!

Dennis Bailey, stay away from this one! LOL

AJ- You are up late Stockholm time, love. You are correct sir – no sexual subtext at all… Now, where is the knob to turn up the volume on that video of the week… just need to check it again to validate my facts…

In regards to that poll, while I would have voted for the Enterprise, it warms my heart to the the Gunstar from The Last Starfighter making it as high as it did. It would be my second choice after the Enterprise.

Pon Farr video is too long. Vaguely funny for about a minute though.

#31 “Now, where is the knob to turn up the volume”

Denise, is that your first instinct after watching such a video?

Harry- Do you really think I would give you any answer at all, dearheart?

You just did, sweetcakes!


You gotta be kidding!


The Spock reactions are PRICELESS!!!!!

Sulu looks like he’s thinking, “what the hell are they doing?”

Oh Katie, you know you loved it – you just wil not admit it…

will, not wil

By the way, Katie, Xai talked Poopey into changing his name back to Closet. I am crestfallen…

Denise, you wanted me to listen to that provocative soundtrack, you lamented over not being able to party with me in Washington………does your lust know no bounds?

I may have to tell Anthony about your relentless efforts to pursue me….

Harry- Spock was the only one I was watching. He seemed fascinated, to say the least…

Spock looked like he was musing, “she’s got the curves, I’ve got the angles……highly logical!”

Harry- Anthony, Harry wants to tell you I am relentlessly pursuing him. Any response?

That Pon Farr video was hilarious!

The lines at the end spoken by Kirk and Spock make all the more funny!

Friendship messages recieved indeed!!

I love Anthony’s Eat It Starwars caption under E at the top.

Denise, it would seem that my “friendship messages” have been received!

Harry- Whatever you need to believe to get you through the night, my darling…

Denise, my lovely sex kitten, you’ll come to find in life that there is a fine line between being playful……and ripping a man’s heart out and stuffing it down his throat……….tread cautiously, my pet!