Shatner On Abrams, Pine, STV and 1992 MTV Movie Awards

It appears that Shatner is still out and about and talking to the press. In a couple of new interviews with MTV the actor again talks about being disappointed about not being in the Star Trek movie, but also expressed confidence in director JJ Abrams. Shatner also gave details on his apparently very brief meeting with Chris Pine (the new Kirk) and talked extensively about a 1992 singing performance at the first MTV Movie Awards.

Shatner on the new Star Trek Movie:

I’m solidly behind being disappointed that I’m not in it. Passage of time, for sure; that was me a long time ago. It’ll be interesting to see whether [the new movie] is successful or not. If anyone can make ‘Star Trek’ live, [Abrams] can do it. The question is: Is it still alive, or is it time for all of us to move on?

Shatner on his meeting with Chris Pine (which apparently it wasn’t much of a meeting):

I met him and just said hello

Shatner also talked about the one Star Trek film he directed, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. He puts the blame on the poor performance of that film to too many compromises. More on that and more at

Shatner on 1992 MTV Movie Awards
One of William Shatner’s more interesting singing performances was from the 1992 MTV Movie Awards where he performed all the songs nominated for song of the year. Here are a couple of examples:

In a separate new video interview with MTV, Shatner now gives the inside story on these performances:


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Sour Grapes

I realize I’m gonna get in trouble for being off-topic, but did anyone realize that Alexander Courage died on May 15??? They just posted it now over at TrekWeb. Surprised that it took this long for word to get out.

Anthony, et al: Please post an obit if you can. I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.

Man, Bill.


media wh0re….

Shatner also said if anyone’s going to be able to revive Trek, it’d be Abrams.

For the first time in a while, it sounds like he’s over the “sour grapes” thing, to me.

“I met him and just said hello”. Shat lovers (and George haters): Please compare that with the graciousness shown by the other original cast members to the new folks. There IS no comparison. I say: Good riddance to The Shat!

4 – LOL

is “THIS IS A DISASTER!” going to turn into a new catch phrase?!

-american/english slang used by star trek fans especially those who read on a regular basis. -sarcasm – used as an in joke to poke kind fun at one another within a given internet community. used to show displeasure at the over reaction of other trek fans to a given story, report, or finding.

Shatna Shatna Shatna…

Bill’s only really said one or two things about STXI. It’s just that he’s quoted everywhere he goes. To his (further) credit, he composes a slight variation on his themes. Hence, we jump every time he says the same thing.

OK, he’s ‘saying’ he’s sorry he’s not in the movie. Unless he really says something else, I don’t know how we can call it sour grapes.

Anyway — I won’t believe he’s not in the movie until the lights come up in the theatre next May. I’d be very very happy with a quick voice-over, or audio sampling of a famous Billism from TOS. (That’d be so cool. Bill would no doubt get paid and yet he’d be ‘surprised’ like the rest of us.)

“Shatner also talked about the one Star Trek film he directed, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (aka The Great Trek Turd). He puts the blame on the poor performance of that film to too many compromises.”

It was a hell of a compromise to allow him to direct that disaster…IMO.

“The question is: Is it still alive, or is it time for all of us to move on?”

That’s the difference between those who love Star Trek, and those who just got paid to do it.

Re Shatner – my feelings are like Randy Newman’s character in the song “Rednecks” thinking about Lester Maddox: He may be a fool, but he’s our fool.

#12—True enough.

Maybe the closing credits will have the Shatner, Joe Jackson, and Ben Folds version of “Common People” playing. That’d be cool.

#6. ety3

Actually I don’t think he’s over it yet. His very succinct answer to the question about Chris Pine makes me think that way. However, I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

He’s making me very sad. I would have been so proud of him if he had embraced everyone (especially Chris Pine) but he doesn’t seem able to rise above his ‘disappointment’ (to put it graciously). I can understand feeling like that but it looks like his pride has taken a beating and he’s not ready to capitulate to the logic of the decision yet.

C’mon, Bill. Make us proud of you again.


#12, 13 … Bull. Anyone who attains that level of success is NOBODY’s fool. Next.

#11. Closettrekker

“The question is: Is it still alive, or is it time for all of us to move on?”

That’s the difference between those who love Star Trek, and those who just got paid to do it.


More of the same ols stuff…

I can’t help but wonder – if he were in the movie, would he be asking “is it time to move on?”

Alexander Courage died??? That’s sad. Too many of my favourite composers are passing lately.

He was great at what he did, that’s for sure.

rest in peace

Shatner is so doing a cover-up PR show for his cameo in Trek XI…

I don’t know about the rest of you trekkers or trekkies, but I think it’s about time JJ releases some pictures and a trailer that clearly shows what changes have been made to the Enterprise. No mystery box philosophy. Somebody throw us a bone to chew on till next freaking year.

Pretty much the same answer to the same question again. Hardly sounds like sour grapes to me.

Based on the poor performance of the franchise in recent years, his question about moving on is relevant. Note that he’s asking, not stating, that it’s time to move on.

He certainly had compliments for Mr. Abrams.

Regarding his brief meeting with Mr. Pine: since no one here knows the circumstance of that meeting it’s unfair to judge. They may have simply crossed paths and exchanged greetings. I pass people all the time on the way to an appointment with no time to linger and simply say “Hi, how’s it going?” Doesn’t mean I’m being rude. I’m sure if it was an arranged meeting there would have been more to it.

Sour grapes?
I don’t think so. Read the whole thing.
To be bashing people may be sour grapes, but expressing disappointment is not in my opinion.
The best thing for Shatner is to not be connected to this thing anyway.

Note how he said, “I’m solidly behind being disappointed.”

Sounds like he’s backing the party line, not expressing his own opinion.

He’s giving you subtle clues if you’ll just read them.

I’ve been in government and business too long to be bullshitted. Something is up, and he cant tell you what it is. He signed a non-disclosure agreement and committed himself to a course of action.

I have been waiting for that clip of the Shat singing “Sex You Up” to get onto Youtube for years! most of my friends thought I was on drugs… well, I may have been, but now I can at last, prove that that was true!


and it is the second time some one with the name Abrams do some wrong to Shatner,remember in a episode of the simpsons,Abrams Simpsons(homer’s father)confest that he is the reason why they cancel Star Trek TOS.

“Shatner also talked about the one Star Trek film he directed, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (aka The Great Trek Turd). ”

I think Star Trek 10:Nemesis has officially taken the crown of “The Great Trek Turd.” At least ST:V has some spirit and character defining moments, and it didn’t hit you over the head (no pun intended – referring to the Scotty incident), over and over again with its tired 90’s Trek cliches.

Those who diss Trek V will probably never recogize its inspired mystical elements. Turd? That questionable status is best relegated to the final NG movie, which was a bad sendoff if there ever was one.

Meant to say “.. recognize..”

Shatner has his own life and is doing very well for himself. He’s not been asked to participate in the new Star Trek, so he’s been gracious enough to say hello politely and stay out of the film altogether. What good would his visiting the set do? He’s clearly disappointed, so why would he want his nose rubbed in it?

Put yourself in his shoes. Suppose you were involved in something that was very important to you from the very early days that’s being relaunched and your best friend is right in there with the new team, but you haven’t been asked to join in. It’s awkward, whichever way you look at it.

I think he’s handled things the best way possible. And Anthony Thompson (7) what you wrote is borderline trolling! What are you doing on this site if you’re going to make dumb remarks like that? Did you ever stop to consider that Shatner’s taking the sensible approach and maybe the other former Trek actors are the ones desperately thrusting themselves into the limelight?

Appearing with their replacements works both ways: they can give their replacements the thumbs up to appease the more vocal Trek nerds, but also keep themselves in the public eye. Shatner doesn’t need to hang around with Chris Pine to generate awareness of who William Shatner is.

And I suspect that, Kirk being a very difficult recast, the filmmakers want to keep Chris Pine out of sight until nearer the film’s launch. Remember, it’s still a long time until this film is released. I’m not expecting much official publicity until nearer Christmas!

i want to see shatner’s performance from the ’96 mtv movie awards when he did the parody of se7en and played captain kirk, tj hooker, and the host of rescue 911.


I’ve given up on arguing with people over Trek V. It’s a great movie, an extremely fun Trek movie. The effects and the sets stunk, because the budget was too low. Luckinbill belongs in actor’s hell with Tom Hardy. There are tons of scientific potholes. But if you push that aside and just watch the movie for what it is, it is very funny and the Kirk and crew dynamic and banter is as its all-time best.

PS: I can’t get enough of the old Shatner singing clips. Hilarious.

Are we arguing about Shatner again?


(Doing my best to wear the joke thinly)

why should he say anything more to Pine?

I agree with the poster above that says Bill is better off not being involved.I can’t honestly see how Nimoy can bring himself to be in it because it sounds like the film is going to be sufficiently different from his Trek to leave it looking odd that he is involved. I think Bill, in time, will be seen to have made the correct choice to not be in it.

I love Bill, but he’s still in denial over Trek V. The problem wasn’t compromises, it was a terrible story and the weakest acting of the series. It was dreadful in every way and when Bill and the rest of you can admit it, we’ll be able to finally move on.

#31. Dom

Good point…

#34. THX-1138

LOL!!! Good work!!

Gotta get to bed. It’s 1:53 a.m. here.



He’ll be in the movie. This is just another huge misdirect. As long as he doesn’t play the bloody chef, we should be alright…

Those MTV clips are priceless. The man drips charisma and cool. Shat remains…THE man!

The more I “hear” he’s out, the more I think he’s in.


Your wish is my command

#31 well said

#23, 31
Good points.

I don’t think it’s sour grapes – I mean, with all those sour grapes you keep alleging, and considering his working method, he would be a successful grapevine owner by now, the tartish taste being instantly recognizable. Some people would bash on his wines as being unswallowable – nevertheless, that one-of-a-kind taste would become a universally famous and favored hallmark of his wines. :)

Shatner will never have anything to be sour about. IF XI is successful, Chris Pine will play Kirk for a total of 3 movies/6 hours, spread over 4-6 years. I hope the kid is good, but that amount of screen-time will still be nothing compared to Bill’s 30 legendary years in the role. He’ll always be THE Kirk.

I wouldn’t call this particular comment ‘sour grapes’, though I do think the remark about ‘moving on’ probably could have been left out. Seems a bit backhanded. At least he didn’t repeat the ‘bad business decision’ line again.

Hey, I love Trek, Shatner’s awesome portrayal of Captain Kirk throughout the years, etc – – but geez – – how many times is the man going to say the same thing in the press? We KNOW you’re disappointed, we KNOW!

That’s it. Kirk’s in XI: “I’m solidly behind being disappointed that I’m not in it.”

Read the words, people! #25, you are spot on.

They could at least give him a flashforward or something.

its easy to get him in – without having to figure out how to bring old Jim Kirk back from the dead and all that would entail (referenceing one of the worst Trek films and the silly nexus….anyway even if they did bring him back somehow how the *beep* would he be alive in old spocks time? hed be about 200 years old!)

just have him cameo as James Kirks GRANDfather, dressed in shirt and jeans giving the young Jim (Pine or one of the younger Kirk actors) some advice on the farm in Iowa before he goes to the academy…(i’m thinking a scene similar to the Jonathon Kent/Clark Kent scene from Superman The Movie)

Itd be quite logical – showing the Kirk gene pool (shatner has previously played Jim Kirks dead brother Sam in ‘Operation Annihilate’), hes about the right age to portray George Kirks father (whos probably supposed to be about 30 in the film) and most of all the Shatner of today has changed noticably from the Shatner of 1994 and before..therefore you wouldnt have him looking like he did when he was James Kirk which would be confusing.. pleasing Shatner cameo.

Even if this hasnt happened there would be loads of time to film it as it dosnt come out for another year..

Its happened before in franchaises where the original actor has played his own ancestor..the Maverick movie for one

It’d be interesting to look back at the older articles and see if Shatner says that he’s not in at all, or if he’s not in it as Captain Kirk….

#28, #29—While I agree that Nemesis was terrible, so were all of the TNG-era movies (IMO). It was just the worst of the bunch (FC being the most tolerable to me). They (the TNG-era films) simply do not rate high enough to even disappoint me. I never had any expectations to begin with.
As for STV, it is the lone pimple on the butt of an otherwise very entertaining feature film series. #36 is right—Shatner is still in denial about it. It’s not about compromises. The whole thing stunk like a rotting Sehlat carcass in the Vulcan Forge at mid day.

STV=The Geat Trek Turd…