Listen To TrekMovie’s Anthony On SyFyRadio

UPDATED: Editor-in-Chief Anthony Pascale was the guest Wednesday night on SyFyRadio, the weekly Internet radio show/podcast for SyFyPortal. You can listen to the program or download it by going to, there is also an embedded player below (click ‘more’)


Anthony is on around 30 minutes into the show (click on the slider to fast forward). Subjects discussed:
– The history of the site
– Thoughts on the new Star Trek movie
– Star Trek Online
– Past Trek films (primarily Nemesis and Insurrection)
– Latest trailer rumor debunking

So did you listen to the show? Any thoughts?

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Hoping the audio is better than Shatner’s a few months back…

Anthony, can you share any thoughts / ambitions about as a “wave of the future” kind of platform on the internet? Seriously, I work in TV and don’t think much will remain within 5 years. What do you see as being necessary on the interweb to hold a YouTube audience’s attention for more than 20 seconds?

aaaaaaahhh! “By the way, it’s Pas-cal!” (I’m sure you were thinking B*tch!)

Anthony, many thanks for all the effort you and your staff have invested into this site! Congratulations again on being the premier Trek news site. As the movie date approaches, there will surely be a deluge of movie tidbits for you to share. Listening to your interview now…

That was a great interview. Some good points and some good laughs, as well. Love the fan reach-around comment, lol!

Good show, good show. :)

did AP answer all of the questions that they got surrounding “FanMade by hitch1969 at”?

or was he just cryptically coy?



Enjoyed your visit on that show Anthony. Nice to here the person behind the words talk about this site and your interest in STAR TREK. Cool to also learn about another Internet radio show. Of course there are so many out there I really don’t have the time to check them all out, but it is great to know of them.
All this talk of late makes me really want to see this new ST film. I hope for some great TREK fun.

Oops I meant hear the person behind the words. Duh I type so fast my spelling goes out the door or airlock. ;) Anyways your were a great guest for that show.

Well I got to hear the last 10 minutes. So when is it going to be available online? Do I go back to the site and find archived? Are you going to link to it AP?

Another feather for your cap. Good on ya’.

Never mind. Refreshed after I commented. I am a dumb Dora. Or something.

I gotta admit, I liked Nemesis, too. I also liked it more as a sci-fi/action movie buff than as a Star Trek fan. As I said before, as a sci-fi/action movie, it delivers the goods, but as a Star Trek movie, it is very disappointing.

I also enjoyed Insurrection, though not as much as Nemesis and certainly not as much as the other movies. I’m with you, though, Anthony: if it’s Star Trek, I love it. :)

By the way, I never read the teaser trailer description that leaked before the trailer was released. I wanted to be surprised and awed (and indeed I was). It’s odd, though — I read spoilers for the actual movie, but I won’t read anything about the trailers. I guess I’m just strange like that. :-P

Pay attention to THIS “man behind the curtain”! Great interview, Anthony. But I had to wade through 30 minutes of that chick to get to you. That’s OK, though. BTW, thanks again for all the hard work that you and the other folks put into this site. It is much appreciated!

The idea of a separate category for science-fiction/fantasy at the Emmys is, in a word, stupid. The Emmys, like the Oscars (and any another “industry” award), are essentially flawed — and ultimately ridiculous — systems of in-crowdl congratulations, geared essentially for short-term economic rewards for its “winners” and nominees. The fact is LOST, one of the greatest and most involving science fiction phantasmagorias ever designed for television, has gotten serious Emmy recognition but “cop shows” The Wire and it’s equally amazing forerunner, Homicide, two of the best pieces of television ever produced, were barely noticed. Yes, Katee Sackoff deserves recognition, and Ron Moore, but so do Dominic West and David Simon.

Anthony, Have your own web talk show- it would be so cool. Your going to be a superstar.

Well AP to you and Everyone, thanks.

I listened as soon as I got home tonight and Anthony, You are so right about so much when it comes to Trek and the fans.
I agree that there are a number of people in the fan realm who are WAY, WAY, WAY! into the Trek Universe and who may take some of this to an extreme point. It’s like they sometimes forget Trek is science FICTION . It’s DRAMA.
It’s those people who may make me want to stay away from any new RPG…the over-the-top fans who want to be called “Sir.” …

But you and your staff are being fine Journalist and JJ’s Star Trek and Trek Remastered are great subject matter!

Keep up the good work

Enjoyable listen, Nice Job Anthony.

Regarding the game, I expect they will have a ‘role playing’ server that will handle those who want to truly immerse themselves into character when playing STO. That is good for them and good for those who just want to play the game. My concern is that video game addition is a real thing and I just wonder how it will manifest itself with STO.

Well done, Anthony!

A little long winded for my tastes. They talked about nothing for an inordinantly long time b4 getting to Anthony.

Star Trek 5 has beautiful sets especially the bridge.

Was the set new for ST5 or was it a redress from IV? (And was that a redress from II & III?) Interesting that you mention the bridge set. While it is beautiful, the lighting is awfully bright (you can see the screw heads in the display monitors) and Shat’s camera work is awkward at best.

I like the ship’s wheel and I also like the shuttlecraft interior. There are in fact dozens of good things to be found in STV. Unfortunately, Shat’s self-indulgances (Bill looks like a homeless person in his 23rd Century ‘Go Climb a Rock’ t-shirt) and a GottaFindGod plot largely overshadow those good things.


More than likely the MMORPG will be broken down in to what most other MMO’s offer:

PVE- Player vs Environment where you simply run around doing your thing without interference from others and only ever have to worry about NPC’s bothering you.

PVP- Player vs Player where you could get hit by anyone of an opposing faction (or some random ganker/griefer) at any time.

RP/PVP- This type of server will have naming conventions (no names like Adolph Oliver Nipples or anything like that) and most chat will be “in character” and role-play will be stressed.

There are other types but these three are the standard. In a Star Trek environment where players will have the ability to choose sides, one will more than likely become a part of wither the Federation, the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Empire depending on the time-frame the game takes place in. Another guess would be that no one will be able to play Borg and they will be NPC-fodder for the most part.

This was a similar environment to the Star Wars MMO, where you either joined the Rebellion or the Empire where in either case there was protection in numbers. The servers were set up in a similar fashion as well, though as far as I remember, no matter what server you were on, if you were a member of either faction, you were fair game by the opposing faction. They might have to do this with the Star Trek MMO again, depending on time frame. If they do, those that simply want to play without being bothered would have a hard time, but in the interest of raking int he cash, I’m fairly certain there will be PVE only servers.

The current rumor in the Star Trek MMORPG world is that the game was picked up by Cryptic after being dropped by Perpetual Entertainment and is confirmed on a few sites. Here is a Wiki article on the matter that includes screenshots of the game:

As an online gamer, I await this particular game with great anticipation, naturally. It will give players a chance to be a part of the Star Trek universe.

Great show, big A! Love to see you and TrekMovie getting some air time!

Great interview, Anthony. I would’ve like to have heard some more of your marketing insights. I thought I noticed a heightened interest in the promotion of the movie(s) on this site.

And I might suggest using another color or some technique to highlight the author of each article, to bring more attention to the great reporting of your contributors (like Charles).

Good luck, and keep the multimedia coming!

(and Kayla)

: )

Flashing rainbow-colored contributor names. Correctly name the author of a given article, win a shuttlecraft.

Green Blooded

well the last basic design of STO did not have factions in the same way as SWG, and Pepetual had told me that they were considering having role play servers so that those who prefer strict role play would not bug the rest of the world. This may change with the new company. As for Cryptic, not sure why you pointed to wikipedia, since that probably points back here as the source of the reports on cryptic, something we first reported back in January.

I have a strong interest in STO and this site will give it a lot of coverage once it rises from the ashes. We will have all these questions sorted out.

RE: Alpha
thanks…not sure what else there is to say about the marketing of the movie yet, but you can be sure that the promotion of the star trek movie will be scrutinized closely as it is something of a personal interest. same goes for other Trek marketing.

In general I believe the Trek brand has not been properly marketed in over a decade, the last well marketed film was First Contact. Voyager was also fairly well marketed as was TNG. DS9 was not, nor was ENT.

#27: Agreed, Anthony.

It’s like Paramount fell asleep at the wheel in regards to marketing Star Trek. I think they figured we fans would go along with anything irregardless of whether it was marketed or not.

ENTERPRISE, methinks, would have been a far greater success if it had NOT beein airing on a wannabe network whose demographics were clearly not Trekkers. Talk about putting a round peg in a square hole… (or visa versa).

I know a lot of you didn’t like ENTERPRISE. I did (recognizing it had some flaws). Personally, I think if it had remained on the air longer under Manny Coto’s watch it would have succeeded in reviving the franchise–especially knowing a story ark was awaiting that would have dealt with the Federation-Romulan War.

Clearly, Paramount blew it. I really hope they have hired some better PR folks for the upcoming movie.

Anthony, your excellent site is probably doing more to drum up interest than any other site out there–we, in the Navy, have a way of saying ‘way to go.’ ….BZ (Bravo Zulu)!


Where is Vulcanista???

I miss her postings!


so is everyone grabbing beers at Quarks in aug?

hmmmm….not sure about the rainbow thing but i am thinking of ways to make each columnist stand out more. but folks should read the names and not assume i write it all


what does BZ mean? is that a good thing?

Great interview, Anthony. There is probably noone in the galaxy who has the pulse of fandom moreso than you.

Do you know what movies ST will be competing with next summer in the 2 weeks surrounding the opening? I know you mentioned Wolverine and Terminator – will they be opening during that time slot?

I think one of the key successes of this site, besides the great artcles is it’s so easy to post wihtout having to go through a registration process. I enjoy reading the comments–and posting just as much as the articles.

I also enjoy it when famous people come in and post as well–like Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci, and Mr. Carwley, and the site authors as well as the site owner himself, Mr. Pascale. Who–himself is a rising star.

I finally got around to your interview. I listen to alot of radio interviews. Dude, you’re good! Between this interview and the excellent ones with Ron D. Moore, I’d very strongly encourage you to do your own on this site. It would seem to be a logical next step in the evolution of Quite frankly, you were alot more interesting than your host (no offense to him). I very much enjoyed hearing your backstory. And I must admit, you liked 5? man, you out-geeked me!