Trek Eats: A Look at Trek-themed Eateries

News of the September closing of Star Trek: The Experience (and Quark’s Bar and Grill) at the Las Vegas Hilton is sad news for fans who enjoy mixing the reel of Star Trek with the real of restaurants. Quark’s, with its Trek name and themed food, was the biggest Star Trek restaurant ever, but there have been others. Today we take a look at some of these other Trek themed restaurants we have said goodbye to, and a few that still remain.

The Starvoyager Restaurant and Bar – Chicago, Illinois
Ten years ago Trek was still riding high. First Contact was a hit film (with another film on the way), two Trek shows on were on TV, new Trek books were coming out every other week along with tons of comics and collectibles. And then there was the Starvoyager Restaurant and Bar located in North Chicago, Illinois. While Starvoyager was not a licensed restaurant like Quark’s, the Star Trek influence is undeniable.

The outside of the restaurant was about as unfuturistic as imaginable, with only the sign indicating an adventure awaited inside. But stepping through the doorway was akin to walking through the Guardian of Forever to a culinary future. Leaving the 20th Century behind, the first sight inside the restaurant was the waiting area and the impressive gift shop featuring Star Trek and Star Wars toys. The host would then walk patrons through a Trek-like corridor, including Okudagram-like lighted panels on the walls. There were two dinning areas, both which looked almost exactly like Ten Forward, from the bar to the distinctive windows showing the cosmos outside.

The staff, who often wore Star Trek style costumes, were very friendly and the food was excellent. The menu was priced reasonably and featured the occasional joke. Pastas were subtitled "International to Intergalactic" and salads proclaimed to have won the "22nd Century Gamarian Food Festival." Unfortunately in 2001 the restaurant closed. For more on the Starvoyager, click here.


Starship Pegasus – Italy, Texas
About 40 miles outside of Dallas, Texas you could find a genuine Trek inspired roadside attraction in the form of the Starship Pegasus. This Pegasus made its Trekishness apparent right away with its domed saucer dining area and two nacelles located over the kitchen (perhaps they used warp plasma to cook?).

The eatery’s menu included the requisite space pun food items such as Mercury’s Taco Pizza, Solar BLT Wraps, Alien Fingers and Cosmic Cube Ice Cream. The Pegasus was actually more than just a place to eat, calling itself ‘a family entertainment center’ and it included an arcade, XBox Stations and ‘Lunar’ Mini Golf. The official website for the Pegasus also tries to capitalize on Trek, even using the Enterprise E. 

Unfortunately The Pegasus closed in 2006. The owner still hopes to re-open an expanded version at another location, but for now the Pegasus is de-commissioned…and is for sale. (Click HERE for more pictures of the construction of the Pegasus)


Page’s Bar – London, England, UK
Popular in the 90s, Page’s Bar in Westminster was part pub and part Star Trek convention. The decor featured many Trek items and they showed Trek videos regularly. Trek celebrities would often drop by (see video below). The bar closed in  2004.


Trek eats still to be had
Although the explicitly-themed Trek restaurants are gone, there are still some places left that have a bit of Trek left in them.

Starship Subs – Forest Park, Illinois
Submarine sandwich shop with many Trek inspired items on the menu, "The Starship" and the "DeForest Pork Sub." (website:

The Enterprise at Starship Subs in Forest Park

Murphy’s Bar – Riverside, Iowa
Featured in Shatner’s "Invasion Iowa," according to legend Murphy’s Bar is where Captain Kirk’s parents (Winona and George) will meet. It features Trek decorations and gift items along with a plaque identifying the spot where the Kirk legend begins. This is a popular destination during the annual TrekFest.

Hang out at Murphy’s for a couple centuries to meet the Kirks

Enterprise Family Restaurant – Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
The town of Vulcan in Alberta Canada also embraces Star Trek by holding the annual  Spock Day’s Galaxyfest featuring Trek inspired food and events. Many local businesses get into the fun, including the Enterprise Family Restaurant

Enterprise restaurant in Canada


Bonus Video: Star Trek V The Restaurant Enterprise
What may be the best Trek-themed restaurant was featured in an SNL skit from December 1986, when William Shatner himself was hosting.


Classic SNL: The Restaurant Enterprise – View more free videos


Is there another Trek-themed bar or restaurant you remember? Let us know.


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gotta love classic snl

“Beer me up, Scotty!” Love it. Back in the day, you’d never have gotten me outta there.

I remember that SNL skit — one of the few Trek ones after the original cast that was actually funny.

Thanks, John.

odd they could be sued for using the Enterprise-E

Oh by the way, Atlanta has a chain of ‘Starship Enterprises.’ They’re for when a man wants to boldly go and get a raunchy dvd or some ‘toys.’

“A. Fried. Clam. Sandwich.”

“Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not…. oh…”

“We don’t have days!” … “Push it to the limit, Mr. Sulu. I want FULL RELISH.”


That skit is one of the very best…. Thanks for posting it!

Nice to see Kirk in his proper shirt.

wow those places looked cool , i wish there where more sci fi themes resturants ,

Thanks for posting that!

I’m genuinely sad that “Starship Pegasus” is closed. I’d have loved to have went there.

Yikes. I just drove by the Pegasus place off of I35 just yesterday!

I took my grandkids there shortly after they opened a couple of years ago. A cool looking place, but I could tell it would not last. The folks running it seemed to have no real idea of how to run a place like that. they talked about big plans to expand the place that never went anywhere.

Too bad.

She’s built like a steakhose but stears like a bistro.

The creativity and dedication of Star Trek fans never ceases to impress me. I just love those restaurants!

Way to go fellow Trek fans!

Sorry. The proper quote is:

She’s built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro

mmmmmmm …. “steakhose” ….

I never knew about that SNL skit, that was really funny!

Man, Phil Hartman was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant,

Tango – There’s not a restaurant built I can’t fly!

My favorite picture of myself was taken as I first saw the majesty that was the Holy Rings of Betazed appetizer being set on my table. I just couldn’t stop giggling. (Well, the Orion’s Belt may have had something to do with that.)

The Pegasus appears to be stuck in the ground. It’s almost as if it materialized there after a malfunction of some sort. Hmm…

Fun fact. The guy playing Sulu in the skit also played the same role in SNL’s first ever Trek skit back in ’75. He was on the writing staff, IIRC.

I haven’t seen that SNL skit in in 22 years. Thanks for posting that – very funny!

#6 – Agreed!! The skit is pretty funny, but it’s even more fun to watch because Kirk’s wearing the right uniform – none of that lame militaristic red garbage from the movies!! I never thought we’d see Shatner in the gold velour after 1969.

It was also funny how the “Khan” in this skit looked just as ridiculous as the Khan from TWOK. That stupid black baseball glove…or whatever it was…they only left out the fake plastic pecs!!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Them pex was pure Montalban!

Right, they were his. Why can’t anyone believe that?

That one of my favorite SNL skits. It’s way better then the Shatner’s first “Get a Life!” one.

Anthony–in the 1970s in Lincoln, Nebraska, was the Starship Enterprise Discotrek–a disco located in the 800 block of “P” Street. It’s now an Old Chicago. It had a huge mural of the Enterpise on the side of the buildings and a Star Trek themed interior. I don’t know who in Lincoln might still have photos. Perhaps some of the folks viewing this post may.

Nice list- but theres one in NYC that is space themed as well. Mars2112. Awesome place too.
Check it out:

Kigs :)

Oh that Skit is pure gold.

“Sulu? Oh my god! What has happened to you? LOOK AT YOU!”

The SNL skit is great – thanks for putting that up.

And Murphy’s *the* place – jeez, I was even getting goosebumps while reading that plaque… :)

This is one of the coolest pieces I’ve read here; thanks for doing it!

I had the privallege of eating at Starship Pegasus on a few occasions. I remember eating pizza, drinking Mountain Dew and watching “The Changeling”. The place was really cool and the staff was real nice. It’s only downfall was it’s location. I have some pictures of it from the inside if anybody is interested.

Someday Im definatly going to Vulcan, Alberta.

I wish the Sci-fi Museum/Hall of Fame’s restauraunt had a sci-fi theme. But it’s right by the Space Needle so there’s really no need for one. *lol*

And don’t forget you can make your own Trek eats using Ethan Phillip’s Star Trek Cookbook!
I have that book, and some of the dishes are amazing!

I wonder if they are using the construction shots in the new movie?

Well, people wanted Shatner to come back to Trek….

Take it or leave it, people.

What a great skit!

The actor playing Spock (forgot his name) sounds a lot like Data. Kirk is written perfectly, and the full-on Shat treatment is wonderful.

There was a real ship in Germany, which was designed like a Star Trek Vessel.
I don`t know, if its still running, but as far as I know you could eat there.
Follow the link for images, perhaps someone has more detailed Informations, so you can add it.
Greetings from Germany

Ugh. Totally tasteless.

That Enterprise in the SNL skit looks so dated. CBS D really needs to go in and digitally remaster it. :)

By the way… that skit would make a sweet extra on a Star Trek 5 DVD!


sure it’s all fun and games until ya’ put “gak” on tha’ menu… health inspectors show up like buzzards onna discarded gangster snitch when ya’ serve live worms ta’ folk…

other nutters protested me when I had some Mugato steaks on tha’ menu… what? people dunna like eatin’ ape?

closed me doors forever after tha’ Horta platter bankrupted me…

shoulda stuck wit’ sea-food… normal stuff like shellfish, giant squid, mermaids, Black Lagoon lizard blokes, and Loch Beasties…

One last Drink at Quark’s this August at the Convention. Will you be here?

either be a slow day or ape eatin’ is back in vogue…

all tha’ better

Damn. I’ve lived in Chicag my whole life and I’ve never heard of StarVoyager or Starship Subs. I really wish StarVoyager was still around. It would have definitely served as a nice local substitute for Quark’s. Great idea for an article guys! I just wish more of these would still be open. Perhaps the new movie will stir some interest.


What are Mike and Denise up to these days?

43. Uncle Rogi
“What are Mike and Denise up to these days?”

Probably on vacation now that they’re done with the TOS-Remastered project. Plus Mike designed a mission patch for NASA recently.

does ape eatin’ make ye’ a Darwinist or a Creationist?

Sorry- just glad me ape eatin’ comments didn’t upset anyone… let’s fry up some Mugato tonight…

Ape- it’s what’s fur dinner…

Funs ideas that just don’t seem to last. Theme type restaurants can be quite a risk to start up. If they work they can be fun. The Mars joint in NYC looks interesting.


Cheers mate!

Talking of TOS-R I have just watched “Where no man Has Gone Before” remastered.
Absolutely brilliant!
I’m new to this remastered malarky. If I hadn’t found this great site I’m sure I’d never had realised they had been remastered. Thats what you get for living in the SCI-FI backwater called England! (yes there is Dr Who-I know, but it is not anywhere near the level of Trek! I mean no offence to Dr W fans (My good friend Jonno and my wife included) but I cant stand it!. This is my own opinion of course!

I have a couple of “…gone before” questions.

Was Gary Mitchell refering to Carol Marcus when he divulged he had sent the “little blonde lab technician in his direction”? Kirk did say that he NEARLY married her. Perhaps he did end up marrying her later?

Will Gary be in Trek ’09 on Kirks first mission at Kirks request as stated in this episode? Will we see some of Gary and James fun and frolics?

Is it really that easy to defrost a “walking freezer unit”?

Finally, is Dr Piper possibly related to Doc Cottle?

And don’t forget people, in Lieutenant Kirks class “you’d better think or sink!”

There used to be a disco in Indianapolis called “The Enterprise”, complete with a silhouette of the starship on their sign. The interior wasn’t Trekkish at all, but you did stand a good chance of contracting alien life forms when boldly going where many men had gone before.

Uncle Rogi,

Prevailing fan theories are that the “blonde lab technician” line refers to either Carol or to Janet Wallace from the episode “The Deadly Years.” He would have been involved with Janet shortly after he broke up with Carol, so it could be either. My vote’s for Carol, but I don’t think there’s an “official” answer.

Love the “Rotating Enterprise” Skit!

“I’m a DOCTOR, not a –oh, wait, yeah, I AM a doctor!”


By the way… Janice Rand with A NEW YAWK ACCENT?! Oh, that’s just WRONG!!!