Creation Vegas 08 Con Shaping Up To Be Huge + TrekMovie Ticket Contest

On August 6th Creation’s official Star Trek convention kicks off at the Las Vegas Hilton for five days of Trek craziness with 15,000 Trek fans being entertained with events and dozens of Trek stars including the Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. TrekMovie will be there reporting every day. We have details on the week, plus a give-away contest, check it all out below.  


Three captains, two Spocks and more stars
The Star Trek con kicks off August 6th at Wednesday 11:30 AM and the party goes all the way to Sunday the 10th at 6 PM, with some non Creation events planned after that. There are tons of Trek celebs lined up including three captains: Scott Bakula (ENT: Archer), Kate Mulgrew (VOY: Janeway), and Avery Brooks (DS9: Sisko). And both Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy,  from JJ Abrams new Star Trek will be there as well.

Multiple stars from every show
In addition to those mentioned above there will be stars from all 5 Trek TV series at the show. Check it out:

  • Friday Enterprise panels with Jolene Blalock (Cmdr. T’Pol, Friday only), Connor Trinneer (Cmdr. “Trip” Tucker, Friday only), Dominic Keating (Lt. Reed), Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Travis Mayweather)
  • Saturday, August 9 focus on DS9 with Alexander Siddig (Doctor Bashir), Nana Visitor (Colonel/Major Kira), Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Armin Shimerman (Quark)
  • TOS stars throughout the week: including George Takei (Lt. Sulu, Friday only), Walter Koenig (Chekov, Saturday only), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura, Friday only) and the first lady of Star Trek Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Nurse/Dr. Chapel, Thursday only). Plus Gary Lockwood!
  • TNG stars throughout the week: Brent Spiner (Data, Thursday only), John deLancie (Q, Wednesday only), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi, Thursday only), and Denise Crosby (Lt. Yar, Wednesday only)
  • VOY stars including: Tim Russ (Tuvok), Robert Duncan McNeill (Paris), Robert Picardo (The Doctor)
  • Behind the camera bigwigs like writer/producers Brannon Braga, Many Coto and composer Ron Jones.

Tons of Trek events
In addition to celebrity appearances, the non-stop auditorium show will include behind the scenes presentations, costume and trivia contests, no minimum bid auctions of unique collectibles and one-of-a-kind items, and special salute videos and previews of upcoming sci-fi television shows, motion pictures, and the latest news on the next Star Trek feature film. Not to be missed will be the return of Star Trek: The Concert, featuring over 45 distinguished members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic, under the musical direction of Richard McGee. The evening will also feature guest composer Ron Jones, conducting a Star Trek The Next Generation’s Suite. The concert will take place Saturday, August 9 at 8:00 PM and a separate ticket price will apply.

Venders and signings too
In addition to all of that, the Vegas con sports the biggest Trek vender room you can find. Many of Trek’s official licensees will be there, including Mattel, Lightspeed, TokyoPop, and the ‘Its a Wrap’ auction.  Also as usual there is another room dedicated to autographs of many more Trek stars (than those listed above)

Tickets start at $30
General admission tickets are available in advance ( or at the door for $30 on Wednesday and Thursday and $35 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. General admission tickets for children 12 and under are $20. Children six and under are admitted free when accompanied by a parent or guardian. General admission tickets for the Saturday evening concert are $30.

If you are going to go to one convention this year, this is the one to go to.

More info and details at

Just some of the stars at the con

TREKMOVIE.COM VEGAS TICKETS CONTEST will be on hand with multiple correspondents covering the convention wall to wall, and we get to bring a couple of reader’s with us. Creation has provided us with a pair of Preferred Weekend Passes (valued at $329 each). Entries can be made by clicking HERE, and winners will be selected on Thursday at midnight.

Win Tickets to attend the con!

Creation ends their con on Sunday night, but the party keeps going. There are two additional events planned for that evening.

Experience Makeup Class
At 10am Sunday, Star Trek The Experience will be holding a 2-hour class in Klingon makeup techniques, conducted by members of the Star Trek: the Experience Alien crew. Tickets cost $50, which includes a makeup kit, wig cap, instructions to keep and everything you need to turn yourself into a Trek alien. Registration closes Friday the 28th, CLICK HERE for a registration form.

Learn to look like this

Aliens unmasked at ST: The Experience
Star Trek The Experience will hold an event at 6:30 where they will ‘reveal’ the actors behind the Star Trek: the Experience characters: Quan, Rog’l, Risca, Kahlen, Motog, ChuroQ, T’Pril, Sovek, Tahryn, K’Stran, Loriq, and 3 of 6. The actors will recount their stories of "human interactions," moderated by Michael Westmore with a Q&A discussion and ‘surprises.’ Tickets go on sale ($20) at Noon, Sunday, August 10th, only at the Star Trek: the Experience Box Office (Seating is limited)

Picardo Auction
After the convention ends, Robert Picardo (VOY: The Doctor) is hosting a charity auction for Habitat for Humanity at the Palace Station Hotel at 8PM Sunday the 10th. It costs $35 and that includes dinner. More info at

Party with Bob, for a good cause

…See you in Vegas, baby



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Dangit, I will be in Vegas at the END of August. At least I will see ST: The Experience before it leaves! YES!

I hope I win the contest!


I’ll be there!

For all those that know me, my wife got us tickets for the 6th and 7th. She originally just wanted us to go to ST:TE.

Anyway, I’m geeked about being there.

Cannot express enough my disappointment in not being able to attend, yet again, another great Trek event. In my 45 years I’ve never been to a convention. I hope I get the opportunity while I’m still young enough to enjoy it. Oh well, guess I’ll have to live vicariously through Anthony’s reports and my fellow fans postings on here. May you all have a wonderful time.

4. That’s great, THX.

Guess it’s sorta like Westworld fur tha’ fans, I imagine.

Hey- If ye’ like I can mail a full-size carboard cut-out of meself and send it off ta’ tha’ hotel. Ye’ could pick me up at tha’ bellhop’s desk and prop me around somewhere. Be sure ta’ take me ta’ tha’ loo every few hours so I dunna make a mess. I wanna be nigh no bother- I can just sleep in tha’ elevator… have nightmares of folks steppin’ on me…

Have fun then


On a lark, I entered the contest for tickets. Even if by some bizarre miracle I win, I would never be able to afford the airfare from Maine to Vegas. However, I would gladly send the tix to a fan from this site who can get to Vegas. Just send me a memento as a thank you. LOL


What the heck am I gonna do with two ’em?

(wonders if the rest of the crew realizes that I already have cardboard cutouts of them.)

Typonians! Gah!

“two of ’em”

Ensign Ro,

I am sorry you won’t be able to go. I myself have never gone to the experience and due to a lack of US visa won’t get to go before it closes…

The only reason i wanted to go to the US: ST:the experience and obviously this convention…

I hope the guys that get to go have a wonderful time and I thank Anthony in advance for all the info…

commander diaz

Why the heck didn’t they get Gary Lockwood to play Mitchell in Star Trek Of Gods and Men??


Perhaps because Gary Lockwood doesn’t look like Gary Lockwood. I’m a HUGE fan of 2001 (have probably seen it about 30 times). But at a Trek convention in Mpls. about five years ago I walked right by his table without recognizing him. Some age well. Others (like Lockwood and myself) don’t. Simple as that.

I’m going and I can’t wait!!! I am sorry that Shatner won’t appear this year. I’ve always enjoyed he and Nimoy on stage together but at least we’ve got Nimoy & Quinto. They were fun at the Grand Slam earlier in the year.

Anthony — will there be a presence?

Slight typo there anthony.

“Bent” Spiner? :)

Never been to a convention… would love to win these tickets!!!

I’m so there. Maybe Shatner will show up. That would be cool.

I want to go so badly. v_v

Just saw Lockwood this weekend at Wonderfest… completely unrecognizable as Gary Mitchell. Very nice guy, but I had to read his nametag to believe it was him.

I’d kill to be there… I need a LOT of autographs from the women at this show!!!

I am going to the Vegas con again this year

Loved it last year. Got to make the most of the experience

Hope to meet up a lot of you there.

Wow this will be big !

August 6 is my birthday, what a great gift that would be to be able to attend!

too far away once again is down as well

some come and rescue us australians!

krikzil#13- You were at GrandSlam? Were you that woman who sat behind me and kept yelling “I want to carry your katra!” when Leonardo came out on the stage…

Shoot I will be at camp through the 9th, so when I win I’ll only get 1 day…

still will be awesome.

Bent Spiner–He has the posture of a prawn.

“krikzil#13- You were at GrandSlam? Were you that woman who sat behind me and kept yelling “I want to carry your katra!” when Leonardo came out on the stage…”

When I see you, bring me a new keyboard. Real coke is sticky.

I’ll be there…first con in a LONG time, too. Gotta go for one last Warp Core Breach at Quark’s! :)

I will be there!! I got my tickets today in the mail. I hope to win the other tickets so I can give them to two friends so they can come too.
Hay captain_neill, look for the Klingon Warrior. It it me.

Hay, TrekMovie. You say that the Registration ends Friday the 28th for the Make Up Class, but what month? And where do I send the registration? I down loaded the form but haven’t looked at it yet. How about providing information.

√THX-1138 The Fandom Menace – have fun!

Thank you Xai, I will. And I’ll bring back lot’s of spoilery stuff. Bones fer tha dogs.

Why no Jon Frakes?

Sogh Ho’neh#29- Ooh, I love hanging with Klingon warriors. If you are anywhere near The Experience Friday night, look for the black-haired Mirror Universe chick in the Uhura getup. We can toast to Kahless with a Vulcan Mindmeld.

krikzil#27- Apologies for the keyboard – I have also fallen victim to that particular hazard while perusing Trekmovie, most notably when BND goes on an existential meandering.

ALL you lucky fans have fun. I went to the one in 06 my first and only star trek convention…cant afford it. I spent 2000 plus before we even got there…It was worth it but oh welll…

At least we will be in vegas aug 19-21 to say goodbye to the great ST THE EXPERIENCE!

The 40th Anniversary Creation con 2 years ago had almost as many of the was great to hear them speak..couldnt afford autographs but we did git our pixes taken with the SHAT and SULU, UHURA AND CHECKOV all together in one photo….

Once in a lifetime…All you rich enuf to go more than once have fun for me! AHAHH

The parties where they close the experience and feed you and party and let you ride over and over were great too

Well, Denise (#33), I have a Captain’s Chair ticket and will be at the Captain’s Chair Dinner. I plan to be near the front of the line. Just don’t growl, unless you mean it.


Sogh#36- Really! Captain’s Chair here as well – cool! Okay – let us see if the Klingon Empire and the Mirror Universe can empty out the drinks behind Quark’s bar.

I put in my order for my tix today. I can only attend on the 6th and 7th due to that darn four-letter word: work! But I hope to see as many of you that are able to attend that I can!

(Anthony, I hope you have a booth or a banner so that we can find ya!)

I am also planning on attending the ST: Exp on Sep 1st for it’s last day. I was there for the Grand Opening day, as well as Borg 4-D opening day, so it only seems fitting to me to be there for the end, as well :'(

Awwwwwww…. I was going to go, but none of my friends could make it the same time… Long story short, I’ll be there on the following Thursday through Sunday. :(

At least I’ll finally be able to check out the Experience!

I’ll be there for most of the time, but it won’t be the same without William Shatner being there.

Anyone here got the Gold Weekend Package?

krikzil- be cool to mett up with you

I’ll be there sounds great

I am coming over all the way from Northenr Ireland, I loved it a lot

Is there anyone doing the Bingo on the Wednesday night?

Anyone going to the Chocolate Party on Tues?

“Anyone here got the Gold Weekend Package?
krikzil- be cool to mett up with you”

captain_neill — N. Ireland? Awesome. Now THAT’s devotion!!! I have the Gold Weekend package. The first year I don’t buy one of the primo packages with The Experience Party is of course the year they decide to close it. Denise and I (and others) are meeting up so, yes, let’s meet too. It would be great if a bunch of us folks had that opportunity.
Any chance of an “official” meet & greet?

Hi Krikzil

It would be great to meet you and Denise. I love meeting new fans and making new friends.

Where be a good place and time to meet up with you all?


What day do you arrive?

I arrive on the Monday

Ensign Ro,

I’m going to the convention with my brother, but we’ve got no tickets. I’d be happy to send any mementos your way in exchange for tickets! Let me know.

#38- SciFiMetalGirl: I will be there from August 25 to 28 and return Sept 1 for the close. Look for a RoFF Klingon Warrior.

#41- captain_neill: I don’t have the Gold, but I do have the ticket for the Gold Party on Thursday. I will see you there!

#45- krikzil: I’m sure there will be several of the trekmovie members there. We (or at keast I) will close down Quark’s.

#48 – rlwoody: If nothing else, get the Daily tickets at the door.