More Star Trek Footage Described Online [UPDATE: Denied]

JJ Abrams and his team aren’t bringing any footage of their new Star Trek movie to Comic Con, but Aint it Cool News reposts that one of their ‘spies’ has seen about a minute of the film and describes an elaborate space battle scene. [possible spoilers below].
UPDATE: Description denied by TrekMovie sources

NOTE: Unlike the previous AICN report which was from Harry Knowles and based on an invite from JJ Abrams, the new article is from ‘Mr. Atoz’ who submitted it to AICN or is an anonymous spy for AICN, so read the following with that in mind.

UPDATE: according to two trusted sources, the described scene is not in Star Trek. As noted above, this description was not posted by Knowles who has been to see footage at Paramount (something confirmed by the same sources).

Mr. Atoz’s description starts out thusly:

The first scene starts out with this massive convoy of freighters (may be refugees?), each towing 2 or 3 even bigger cargo looking crates behind them with tractor beams. They look big and slow-moving. Sort of trapezoid shaped with the narrow end being the front. They’re brown in case you were wondering. I’d say there were about 12-15 on screen in a sort of non-general formation. The Enterprise is near the rear as what I assume is an escort. They all make the jump to warp.

I can’t emphasise how real they look. They all use models, no super shiny pure CGI like in Nemesis. There’s a lot of white light surrounding the ships as they make the jump to warp and then it cuts to the interior of the Enterprise’s bridge with the camera pointing at the view screen. The view screen is much bigger, and much closer to the Captain’s chair and forward consoles.

Read the rest at AICN

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Everyone remember where we parked…


I want more!!

Yeah, Paramount didn’t have anything they could show at Comic Con, did they? At least somebody has gotten to see something from this film. Maybe before New Years the FANS will actually get to see something of substance.

Hmm…. I wanna be a spy now lol

Is the first scene Kobayashi Maru?

Could this guy be mistaking “The Cage”-era uniforms for cadet uniforms?

Other than the part about “cadet uniforms”(and Kirk being on the bridge as a cadet? I’ll assume that is also a mistake), this sounds great.

I wonder if Anthony can somehow confirm the validity of this report…Given that this is presumably unauthorized, how would you even go about that?

#6 Ali

I don’t think that this scene will be the Kobayashi Maru test. I don’t think we will see any exterior shots, since the Kobayashi Maru test takes place in a simulator, and isn’t really happening. I could be wrong though.

What the hell kind of name is Sunflower for a villain’s ship??

Wow, that sounds fantastic! I like the description of the new photon torpedo effect and the shield looking like a bulb that is shorting out. I hope the guy is legit.


Cadet uniforms? Sunflower? Am I reading the same post?

I doubt they were “all models,” or that there are any model ships in the film (save for something that might need to be blown up, etc.). It was probably just good CGI, which contrary to popular believe, does exist.

Just not in Trek Remastered. (ouch)

Reading this over at AICN though it sounds like they trust this spy, so I believe it’s real.

Could Kirk and family have been rescued by the Enterprise? Maybe he was rescued by the Enterprise from Tarsus IV, where he was one of nine surviving witnesses to the massacre of 4,000 by Governor Kodos. Perhaps these ships carried Kirk and others who escaped fromother parts of Tarsus IV. Just a thought. Would explain why Kirk was so in love with the Enterprise.

There’s nothing that says Kirk couldn’t have been on the Enterprise as a cadet, so I don’t see an issue there.

#15—No especially, except that it may contradict a previous report (Knowles viewing of a clip from STXI approved by Abrams) that Kirk is NOT given his first assignment aboard the Enterprise after the Academy graduation ceremony. I would have to read this report again, but is it ever clear that the ship in question actually is the Enterprise? If so, that didn’t stick after the first read.

Anyway, I don’t have a “canon” beef with it at all. I just question the accuracy of the “spy report”.

sounds awesome!

YES! They are using models instead of CGI for some of the ships. Good move.

Also sounds like the Kobayashi Maru like scenereo. I doubt this is the first scene in the film itself. Probably the first scene he saw.

The account doesn’t say that Kirk is on the ship – only that the viewer thought he might be among the cadets.

I’m curious if they kept Pike’s Enterprise bridge the same as they did in the TOS episodes “The Menagerie”, where all the bridge stations (except the Captain’s chair, of course) have the annoying little snake-like viewscreens.

Is it May yet?

12. Einstein Jones –
“Cadet uniforms? Sunflower? Am I reading the same post?”

Yeah, I’m with you. What the hell are these guys talking about?

RE: This Mr. Atoz dude
I don’t believe a word of this. It sounds like Battlestar Galactica. I bet Senator Vreenak would have something to say about this…

Oh, I see. A link to the whole article. D’oh!

BTW, Bruce Greenwood ain’t no late 30s/early 40s. More like late 50s/early 60s. *IF* this is real footage it couldn’t be Captain Pike. Only a kid or an idiot would guess someone his age was in his late 30s.

This is for you #3 Peter… The movie opens with Spock STILL on Romulus struggling with old age and his obsession to oversee the reunification Romulus AND Vulcan. The now, very much older Spock, is in the agony of losing his mind due to advanced age. Spocks half vulcan/human/romulan family is there trying to assist the now half crazed Spock through his final days. Spock’s son, ‘Christopher,’ tells Spock of a plot of those opposed to reunification (Nero) intend to go back and destroy Kirk on an early academy training mission. That this would put Romulus in the dissident’s hands again. Spock, now fully distraught and agonized, uses his remaining strength and mental abilities to transport himself through time (a function of Spock’s own MASTERY of Vulcan power and will.) Present Day… Kirk is in command of the Enterprise! He is young (a little too young) and in the command chair flirting with a very attractive female cadet. A klaxon is heard and Kirk spins the chair to see a FLEET of romulan ships appearing out of nowhere. Great FX roll on the screen as the Enterprise battles the attacking ships. An emergency hail is heard over the communication channel. It’s the Kobyasimaru. A thrilling sequence wich involve a slick manuever with Kirk ordering the big “E” between the ships of the opposing fleet causing some of them to destroy themselves. The Enterprise escapes with the distressed Kobyasimaru crew, straight off and out into light speed. A hero is made! But it’s just a test. The lights come on to reveal a young Spock who is ordering the holodeck simulator switched off. With no emotion Spock orders everyone but Kirk out of the simulator. A brief discusion with Kirk ensues. Kirk admits to changing the simluator – with the assistance of the attractive younger cadet who is watching from the outside of the simulator. But Kirk, triumpantly, and boldly, takes the full blame. Young Jim Kirk exits the simulator smiling and takes the hand of a cadet assistant (Carol Marcus) and leads her away. The younger Spock, hearing his name called, turns only to find his own well worn, time traveled, older self deposited before him on the bridge deck, gasping and reaching up to say something important. But he can’t. The young Spock accomplishes a mind meld that is very powerful and perplexing. The mind meld is partially succesful and leaves the stunned younger Spock a glimpse into his (future) friend’s (Kirk’s???) untimely death. A series of images that are not very clear. The Older Spock then disappears. The explaination is of course that, the future has been changed and older Spock could not have possibly ever done this. The future is new again! Or, is it? A now much confused Spock must report to Academy Officers and Captain Pike, that his trainees have messed with the simulator. A scene that is very somber and ends with Spock under much scrutiny from his Commander. The Academy Panel is headed by Christopher Pike, who is very agressive in his questioning of the test. Spock tells Pike that Kirk is not suited for the Enterprise and should be assigned to a ship of lessor importance. But Pike orders Spock to prepare Kirk on his first assignment on the “Enterprise” as his own 1st officer. Later in his quarters Spock has a flashback. A conversation with Spock’s mother (Amanda) happens and she tells a much, much younger Spock of his true half Vulcan heritage. More is shown of the younger Spock having all the troubles meshing with true Vulcan culture. A depiction of truely LOGICAL Vulcan culture is shown for us onscreen, An AMAZING culture HEAVILY vested in science and technology. So much so, that it reinforces the paradox for Spock who is still so unsure of the apparant “friendship” with a roughshot, womanizing, HUMAN trainnee named Kirk. Spock, assisting in simulator design at Star Fleet Academy, considers the recent events, his trainees, the test, and of course the mindmeld. Spock continues to watch over Kirk and company. Kirk, in particular, excells through his remaining classes at the Academy. Later, Spock appears before Pike, and through a good bit of logic, forces Pike to admit that Kirk should not be appointed to serve on the Enterprise and that he will assume the first officer assignment himself (in order to ‘protect’ the excelling, but still unfamiliar Kirk, and also possibly stop the time travel plot). Spock suggests to Captain Pike, and the Cadet Review Panel, that Kirk should be assigned, as an Ensign, to a much less pretigous and much older Starship, the Farragut (and old NX class?) that is scheduled to leave and on its mission to protect a small supply convoy. When Kirk receives his final scores which are higher than… Read more »

Holy crap. What a post! You just made that up or what??

The sensors return visuals of a massive Romulan fleet comming into position to surround the Gas Giant.



All those “Coming Soon” posters and teasers go ignored…

Loose instead of lose, comming instead of coming…sigh.

Yeah, that has to be made up. How could James Doohan be in the movie?

24 — Yikes. Why don’t you slap a cover on that and sell it?

@ 24

#24-Quite an imagination…but the purists are gonna “eat you alive”! lol

Yeah, I wonder when Senator Vreenak will enter the scene here.

#29-Worry not, it isn’t! ;-)

Wait… I got me own version!!!! Look out!


Star Trek 11:

IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way-in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
Then, somehow, Spock and Kirk get it on….



#24-Hey, JJ, stay away from that Romulan Ale…it’s made your fingers do the walking a bit too much (and besides, Romulan Ale is illegal)-hee, hee, hee!

tractor beams operating at warp?


i dont think so, not a chance…

well, so much for ptolemy class freighters…

I really enjoyed that – thank you!

I had to stop reading Atoz as well as #24. I just don’t want to know the plot. I found an online script for Nemesis before it came out. I saw the movie but found myself pointing out variances from the script online. Must have some shooting edits.
Anyway, I liked Nemesis but seeing the script before definitely diminished the experience of the movie. I hope #24 ain’t it. Jolon False, Spock.

“I can’t emphasise how real they look. They all use models, no super shiny pure CGI like in Nemesis.”

That’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard about the movie. That’s cool news.

Hey people, 24 is someone’s imagination being transcribed with a very good writing ability. Don’t get all hung up on it.

I’ll come back in the morning with a nice storyline for you all, and you can get irked up about that. It will involve Futurama, XBox, and Burger King.


I call BS. This “spy” couldn’t know for certain that the starships are physical models unless s/he was working *at* the F/X house doing the VF/X… and if that was the case, the F/X house wouldn’t have the live action elements–only the editor working on the entire film would have all those elements.

It sounds so overtly fake to me, I don’t believe one ounce of it. Don’t be fooled because his name is Mr. Atoz, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

the viewer is assuming they are models, they likely are not.
I don’t see where this information has been authenticated anymore than #24’s post.

Grandma was from Missouri…… show me.

in other words… it’s hooey until proven otherwise.

Good God # 24!! why didn’t you write a long post instead?

Uh I’m not That Big of a Canon Freak, But the Only thing I really Had a problem with was The RED Phasers. NOOOOO!!! Blue, Dammit Blue!!

Maybe this is part of the next revolution in CGI – the FX are so good, the ships look like physical models. HOLEE – – !!

Leave it to Abrams. He’s gonna kick a$$ and take names with this movie, I can feel it.

hey #24

Dude. That has to be the longest MF post I have ever seen on this site. Have you ever even *kissed* a girl.

#43. In light of J.J.’s comments, even saying that the Enterprise is both CGI and real.. why is it so hard to believe?

I have to say… for a one minute viewing that only took place once, this guy seemed to remember A LOT of detail…. fake?

I normally have to see something twice before I can remember details like that, but that’s just me.. so what do I know?

43. Xai – July 25, 2008
the viewer is assuming they are models, they likely are not.
I don’t see where this information has been authenticated anymore than #24’s post.

Some people can tell when it’s a model and when it’s CGI I usually can. I am not gonna sit here and say I am 100% right all the time but I usually can tell.
There was no CGI Enterprise in the first 6 Star Trek films, perhaps even Generations but I am not certain. You can see the difference in the starship models between the first 7 films and the very last 2 films Insurrection and Nemesis.