Official Star Trek MySpace Page Launched

In January Paramount launched a Facebook page for the new Star Trek movie and now they have added a MySpace page to their social networking mix. So you can now be ‘friends’ with JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. There isn’t much on it yet, but it is expected to grow over time. 


The Star Trek movie MySpace page at so far has the teaser trailer and downloads for the new posters and buddy icons. As of now there are only 320 friends (the Facebook page has 48,594 fans), but this is sure to grow.

Star Trek on MySpace

New movie online
As of now the online presence for the new Star Trek movie consists of a number of sites:

We are still nine months away from launch and so this list is expected to grow. The most interesting area to explore will be viral sites. The Abrams team has used viral marketing very effectively for Lost and Cloverfield and other films like Transformers and The Dark Knight have also made good use of this form of online marketing. expects more in this area for JJ Abrams Star Trek. social networking is also currently looking at social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others. Please let us know in the comments box below if you would be interested in seeing your favorite Trek site on your favorite social networking site (and which social networking sites you use). You can also vote in the poll (right sidebar) regarding on social networking sites.



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Already joined this week!

I rather used Facebook than myspace

Ok, added. :) I’m sure any new information will still show up here first but still.

Its a shame that here in the UK, Myspace’s popularity has been over shadowed by Facebook and Bebo, however I suppose there are alot of young teens who still use Myspace, and if this film is going to be a 12a or PG-13 then this is the audience we need. I shall be adding Star Trek as a friend right now :)

#2 I agree, I’d rather use Facebook than MySpace.

I have added a poll on social networking sites

Huzzah! I am now a fan of Star Trek!

Yeah, a Facebook group would be fun. MySpace just looks like something I’d have to spend too much time fiddling around with. And if I mess up even one digit of html coding the page will fall to bits.

Facebook is nice and simple and works efficiently as my personal email too.

I rather use myspace then facebook.


I vote facebook.

Twitter, please.

Lol, myspace, a haven for look at me freaks.

Yeah facebook is the one for me. I really dislike myspace for various reasons. I’d be interested in a facebook page for

Oh and this is my second post so I figure I ought to say ‘Hi’.
I’m a 22 year old bloke from Scotland currently doing Physics at Edinburgh uni.

I want to see some of your EMO TREKKIE SELFPICS on Myspace people :D

“Captains Blog:
I just have so many problems and no one understands me… sometimes I just want to grow nacelles and warp away from this place… or beam… just beam down to a planet where I can shed this uniform of conformity and really be heard just once before I die, die like my shirt was red like my blood. I’m not afraid to die, I do it every day…”

*fade in Bright Eyes song*

#15 – hilarious and eerily accurate

Waiting for approval. What I’d like to know is how that got that address. You’d think someone else would have snatched up already.

MySpace shows more of Spock’s face in the blue picture not cut right down the middle like the other.

the site is very fierce!

Waiting for approval as well.

Waiting for approval now, too.

Facebook is ok, but, still isn’t too user friendly quite yet.

MySpace has gotten most of its bugs worked out so far, so, I’m more of a MySpace person for the most part.

If you notice on the Myspace “Poster,” you can see a little little more of Spock’s uniform than you can on the regular posters.

I’d rather used as my

But then again, I’m almost 45 and never understood these social networking sites. But hey, if it buids interest in the movie, go for it! It’s just not my thang.

Facebook is my prefference!

I think something should also be done with LiveJournal.


I don’t see what a Social Networking site could have that can’t. This site could become somewhat of it’s own social networking page… one the forums and chat open up.

Ning along with Trekspace !


There is no chat. That’s all made up. And re: The trek myspace whatsit: Good to see the marketing campaign has not begun yet. Let’s see: two different websites and a myspace page. That’s keepin’ it on the down low. Of course, all three of them say absolutely nothing. If one is to follow the Cloverfield example, before too long they will say all sorts of stuff in such a totally vague manner that you will be more confused than if you had no information.

I’ve tried to avoid the whole myspace thing as long as I could, but so many of my friends use it that I have been reluctantly drawn in. I’ve done a few modest modifications to it over time, but otherwise my myspace page is pretty basic. I’m off to add startrek as my friend now tho!