Pegg Talks Scotty, Drinking and Doohans

Recently Chris Pine stated that he is not impersonating William Shatner in his portrayal of James T. Kirk and it appears that Simon Pegg is taking the same approach. In a new Comic Con interview with AICN, Pegg talks about focusing on the character of Scotty, and also what it was like working with James Doohan’s son Chris, who also has a role in the film.


Simon Pegg on his approach to Scotty:

I just approached it as any actor would with a character. I didn’t look at James; I just looked at the character and said, "Okay, he’s Scottish and he works in space and he’s an engineer and he’s a bit of a brawler. He likes to drink. And I approached it like that. It was easy to do because it was all there in the script. I was fortunate to have Chris Doohan be my assistant in one of the scenes in one of the rooms on the Starship Enterprise. Perhaps moving things around. [laughs]

Pegg on working with Chris Doohan

…it was really lovely to have him sit next to me so we could talk. And he plays one of the crew, and he told me loads of stories about hanging out with his dad on set. He was there when they were filming "The Trouble with Tribbles" and I think they apparently opened the little hatch where all the Tribbles were and send them spilling everywhere much to his father’s consternation.

Pegg also said that he has seen some of Star Trek:

I’ve seen a little bit and I was screaming. I had my hand over my mouth “Oh my God!” It’s so good. I just think it’s going to be huge.

Pegg from TrekMovie ‘recolorized’ version of official Trek poster

Tribbles v Ewoks?
Pegg was being interviewed by AICN along with his regular collaborator, director Edgar Wright, who also wants to get in on the Trek action, saying:

If J.J. is not doing the second film, I would like to do a whole Tribbles feature for the second STAR WARS, I mean, STAR TREK film.

You know how they’re doing the final three, and the Tribbles are coming into it. That’d be a good crossover. Tribbles and Ewoks, who wouldn’t want to see that? I’m just going to put it out here now on Ain’t It Cool, some executive, maybe somebody at Fox will be listening to this. ALIENS VS. PREDATOR was successful. Why not TRIBBLES VS. EWOKS: REQUIEM. Put it out on imdb; 2012; Edgar Wright directing.

For the record, the Tribbles would totally kick the Ewoks furry little butts.

Much more from Pegg and Wright at AintItCool.

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