Pegg Talks Scotty, Drinking and Doohans

Recently Chris Pine stated that he is not impersonating William Shatner in his portrayal of James T. Kirk and it appears that Simon Pegg is taking the same approach. In a new Comic Con interview with AICN, Pegg talks about focusing on the character of Scotty, and also what it was like working with James Doohan’s son Chris, who also has a role in the film.


Simon Pegg on his approach to Scotty:

I just approached it as any actor would with a character. I didn’t look at James; I just looked at the character and said, "Okay, he’s Scottish and he works in space and he’s an engineer and he’s a bit of a brawler. He likes to drink. And I approached it like that. It was easy to do because it was all there in the script. I was fortunate to have Chris Doohan be my assistant in one of the scenes in one of the rooms on the Starship Enterprise. Perhaps moving things around. [laughs]

Pegg on working with Chris Doohan

…it was really lovely to have him sit next to me so we could talk. And he plays one of the crew, and he told me loads of stories about hanging out with his dad on set. He was there when they were filming "The Trouble with Tribbles" and I think they apparently opened the little hatch where all the Tribbles were and send them spilling everywhere much to his father’s consternation.

Pegg also said that he has seen some of Star Trek:

I’ve seen a little bit and I was screaming. I had my hand over my mouth “Oh my God!” It’s so good. I just think it’s going to be huge.

Pegg from TrekMovie ‘recolorized’ version of official Trek poster

Tribbles v Ewoks?
Pegg was being interviewed by AICN along with his regular collaborator, director Edgar Wright, who also wants to get in on the Trek action, saying:

If J.J. is not doing the second film, I would like to do a whole Tribbles feature for the second STAR WARS, I mean, STAR TREK film.

You know how they’re doing the final three, and the Tribbles are coming into it. That’d be a good crossover. Tribbles and Ewoks, who wouldn’t want to see that? I’m just going to put it out here now on Ain’t It Cool, some executive, maybe somebody at Fox will be listening to this. ALIENS VS. PREDATOR was successful. Why not TRIBBLES VS. EWOKS: REQUIEM. Put it out on imdb; 2012; Edgar Wright directing.

For the record, the Tribbles would totally kick the Ewoks furry little butts.

Much more from Pegg and Wright at AintItCool.

More proof that Kevin Smith is everywhere:
(L-R) Edgar Wright, Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg and and Kevin Smith at the
‘Spaced Screening w/ Kevin Smith Q&A’ in LA July 23rd

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Pegg will RULE…. No doubt

Pegg will bring a real warmth to this character I am certain.

Just got completely caught up on SPACED. What a great series. Important viewing for all Sci-Fi geeks.

Fantastic comedian, actor, and always respectful to the Doohan legacy. Great choice… can’t wait to see his performance as Scotty!

-Neahh.. it can be real.. ..i can’t stand these alien races no nooooooo……I HATE TRIBBLES , MOGWAIS OR EWOKS…nooooo… :-D

Wow, someone really should spray for Smiths around here!

I jest, I jest. More props to Kevin. The BSG panel he hostel was awesome.

With respect to Pine as Kirk, his playing a younger, different kind of Kirk is fine since we know that young Kirk was markedly different than the older Kirk, and later movie-era Kirk. In one episode Kirk remarks that he used to be studious and more serious as a young man, etc.

Also, as has been said before on this forum, Indiana Jones is a similar, swashbuckling, handsome, maverick to Kirk’s character, so no problem with Pine playing it that way.

Can Pine raise spine tingles with a “that’s why we’re aboard her” type line like the Shat? As much as the Shat is the Shat, the movie will succeed if we leave the theater believing Pine to be Kirk, and not just having played Kirk. There is a sadness to this passing of the torch, but if it’s done with sensitivity I’ll be pleased. For example, I was dead set against the Transformers flick (same writers) until I actually watched it; once they played the little sound “wa uh uh ah uh” while transforming–a little nod to our childhood, I was onboard. It’s the little nods to the original that keep us from screaming foul. I feel this topic has already been discussed at some length before–don’t you?

JJ should stop being so Dick Cheney secretive and put out a picture. Maybe a bridge pic with the main cast. I don’t think it would torpedo the surprise of the flick.

Simon Pegg is such a comic talent. Spaced was brilliant as was Shaun of the Dead. I even liked Run, Fat Boy, Run despite it’s schmaltziness.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing Pegg as Scott and playing “spot the offspring”. I understand he’s in engineering ;-)

– Maybe PREDATOR vs Dark angel ( the movie wth DOLPH LUNGREN) sounds cool..yeah…

I’m just hoping this movie won’t be bland like 98% of the TNG era stuff. I like TNG, but the other series’ were so “over-the-top” preachy and filled with technobabble that they just weren’t fun to watch.

If this film can capture the magic of how the original series told stories (especially the first season) then I’ll be happy.

I am sure he will be great. Maybe the best of the lot But I really wish they would of slapped a rug on his lid

Don’t know why it bothers me but it does

Agree with 11

Others have raised the hairline issue about Pegg, and frankly I don’t get it. It’s not like he’s bald a la Picard. Doohan’s hair was a somewhat thin and flat as well — not like Pegg’s, but not so different that it’s an issue.

No cure for pattern baldness by 2260, eh? Ah well, there’s still all that glob they sell on the cheap cable channels.

#14—Maybe people have simply become less superficial and less concerned about keeping hair on their head. I’m lucky to still have a full head of it, but many men my age have next to none.

Tribbles and Ewoks? I’m scared people.

Well Duh, everyone knows that on Stardate 1234.56 Montgomery Scott visited the Denobulan Hair Clinic for Men and had full hair follicle restoration. Any REAL Star Trek fan should know this!

Go to page 39 of the secret Gene Roddenberry show bible from The Original Series. Paragraph three, sentence five under the section about Montgomery Scott. It’s all in there!!

I say kudos to J.J. Abrams and writers for picking up on that small piece of information, and yet again honoring canon!

(heh heh heh)

CmdrR – August 23, 2008
“No cure for pattern baldness by 2260, eh?”

Maybe by then people aren’t that vain.

No emulation of the characters… I hope this doesn’t become a disaster like Steve Martin’s version of “The Pink Panther”… I can only hope for the best.

18 — “Maybe by then people aren’t that vain.”

Peoples is peoples. I WAS trying for humor with my inane comment, but in truth I simply think that the human condition is what it is. Roddenberry’s idealism is contageous; his idea that humanity will remove its imperfections is a little harder to swallow.

Pegg sounds like he knows how to play Scotty!

Simon is an incredible guy, humble and gracious and it was an honor to work with him. It was fun to move things around in one of those rooms with him (laughs). I can’t wait for you guys to see him in action. His Scotty rocks!!!

Chris Doohan, you’re a very gracious fellow. Can’t wait to see you and Simon on the big screen.

Since the news first broke, I’ve felt very optimistic about Simon Pegg being cast as Scotty. With Chris Doohan’s endorsements, now I would confidently take that to the bank! It’s so cool to read feedback from him here.

Thanks Chris!

I liked Pegg in hot fuzz alot but I don’t know how he’ll do at Scotty he’s got my respect though.

The ewoks were all killed in the Endor Holocaust, so Tribbles win by default.

7. I think you were referring to the episode “Shore Leave”. In that episode, Kirk was telling McCoy that he was “”positively grim” (while attending Starfleet academy).

I have to say, seeing post 23, from Mr. Doohan, to me, explains why this movie will work: So many people who genuinely cared about Trek were such an important part of it. Thanks, Chris!!!



Well that’s good enough for me. It will be a great movie.

23- I can’t think of higher praise than that. If I am not careful, I might get my hopes about this movie…


still not sure about pegg for scotty but i do love the pegg and jj so i wait and see, tribble via ewoks sound like fun, i canna take this any longer when are we going to get tghis pictures of the enterprice just a coulpe of shot would be nice keep up close and personal but give some please

#11 “I like TNG, but the other series’ were so “over-the-top” preachy and filled with technobabble that they just weren’t fun to watch.”

Yes, I really hope that the technobabble era is over. That absurd terminology alienated normal people from Star Trek, in my opinion.

Great interview!
All I hope is that the Spock-Kirk-McCoy combo will not dominate this movie as much as they used to. I have fun seeing the other main characters get some valuable screen time as well, especially when it’s Scotty. To me, Scotty, Uhura, Checkov and Sulu are main characters too, they’re not secondary characters, no matter what Bill Shatner says. I also think Scotty plays off beautifully with Uhura, Sulu and Checkov, the most underused characters of Star Trek.
I want to see more team work on this movie. Show us the crew as a whole. Just don’t try to sell me another “it’s all about the stars” thing. Then you have me on your side.

Here’s my colorized version, done to honor Trekmovies work.

Pegg is a true gent and a fantastic comedian, im sure he’ll approach this role, with honour, dignity and a fantastic display of what is a deep, interesting and inspiring character.

Chris, your comments only further heighten my excitement!!


Jay, UK

If, at some point in the movie, Pegg can say ” I canna change the law of physics”, I’m cool.

I’m sure Mr. Pegg did a great job and it’s interesting that there are comments above that noticed his hairline. My thought is he surely doesn’t look like a younger version of Scotty from the series, as Mr. Doohan had more hair, but this being said, is a superficial impression and I’m sure his version of Scotty will be great.

I guess it’s kind of like wanting the ship et. all to be consistent with the old series, not necessary for the success of the new movie of course, but somewhat important to those of us who want the old Star Trek back.

I blame NBC. If they had given the show 5 seasons, we old fans wouldn’t be so vehement about wanting more. (Sure…).

“If, at some point in the movie, Pegg can say ” I canna change the law of physics”, I’m cool.”

Odd, since even Doohan didn’t say that. His line was, quite clearly, “I can’t change the laws of physics. I’ve got to have thirty minutes.”

Slightly off topic.

I woke this morning from a dream, in the dream I had been watching I would say a good half hour of the new Star Trek movie!!!

it wasn’t old trek, it didnt have Shatener in it, and McCoy didn’t look like De Kelly.

but BOY was it GOOD!!!

and Pine Rocked as Kirk.

sorry, but this is about the only place I could share this without getting looked at funny :D

Absolutely ultra-cool to read Chris Doohan and Mr. Bob’s comments above.

BobOrci, Chris Doohan, there is another reason I think this movie will work.

Although there is a great deal of secrecy, it is aparrent that a genuine effort on the part of the writers and filmmakers, to reach out directly to the fan community.

To have that live chat from the set while filming the last scene on the Bridge is a great example of that, and will not be forgotten.

And reading occasional statements from you guys on these forums is such a refreshing change from the usual way publicity is managed by studios.

Inviting the original TV series cast to the set and meeting them, inviting the captain of the Phase II/New Voyages fan series to the set is another example.

With the exception of Lord of the Rings, and to a lesser extent Transformers, this isn’t the norm, and it shows us that we are getting respect.

It appears that only the top part of the uniform has the Starfleet pattern. Below the line on the shoulder it appears to be one color. This would be a hint to the TNG era uniforms…


Uh heh heh heh, Oh yeah? Uh heh heh heh,

well I’m glad at half an hour of it will be good.

Bob Orci is such a nice guy and he went out of his way to come over and talk to me on the set. We had a great conversation about the movie, as well as some wonderful behind the scene stories. I was honored that he entrusted me with that information.

He is an incredible writer and deserves all the accolades bestowed upon him. By the way, I’m really looking forward to Eagle Eye. I just saw a preview of that movie and was blown away. Congrats on all your success, Bob.

I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen From Bob Orci and I think Pegg will do a fine Job.

What a great place this is!

Chris Doohan & Bob Orci complementing each other, & we get to pretend we’re important enough to read it!

#47 JB Gestl

Hey. That kind of sarcasm is only effective when the source is intelligent enough.

Several days and dollars short, but here goes:

#42 Good times, indeed! That live chat was a rare, once-in-a-lifetime moment for us geeks and geekalas here at Kudos to The Supreme Court for showing us the love!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|