Great Links: Garbage Trek, Fandom Fight, Fan Art, Redshirts + more

Did you know that Star Trek is a great way to teach your kids to pick up trash, well that is just one of the fasciniting bits of Trekdom that you can find in this week’s Great Links, along with another fandom debate, cool fan made posters, and ode to the red shirts and much more. 


Star Trek teaching kids to pick up their trash reader Closettrekker points us to a recent episode of the kids show Backyardigans titled ‘Garbage Trek,’ which used Star Trek to spread the word to pick up your trash, here are a couple of clips.

No such thing as Sci-Fi Fandom?
There is a bit of a debate on the internets this week about sci-fi fandom with Solar Flare positing that in the past (back in the pulp fiction days) there was a unified fandom, but the modern era has splintered it, noting now there are "Star Wars fans, Star Trek fans, Hard SF fans, Soft SF fans, Harry Potter fans and on and on and on." and concluding:

Generally speaking, variety of good. But it does make it very hard to talk about Science Fiction Fandom as though there is such a generic whole. And it makes it less than informative because no one can really say what a science fiction fan actually is any more.

However, our friend’s at io9 counter this argument in an ‘antirant‘ questioning if things were ever that homogonous, even back in the good old days, but also noting:

But I don’t get why that means that there can’t be – or isn’t – such an overlap between each fanbase that creates some basic, "generic," SF fandom, or even that all these sub-sections can’t be placed within the bigger genre picture.

TrekMovie agrees with io9. One only needs to look at our regular coverage of other Sci-Fi properties to see that Trek fans tend to also be fans of other science fiction, and even ‘hard sci fi.’

Can’t we all get along?

Fan Art of the Week – Star Trek 2009 Posters
UK Artist Mark Storey has been getting a lot of buzz this week for some of his home-made posters for the new Star Trek movie, and for good reason as they are pretty nice, check them out at his deviantart gallery

And yes, that is Gabe Koerner’s 1701

Quote of the week

Once you do something for Lucas, you’re assured that you can at least make a living going to conventions for the rest of your life (laughs). If you ever need to do the circuit of sci-fi conventions, it’s there for you. In ‘Star Trek’ there’s no character too obscure to make a living at a sci-fi convention. I was the fourth Klingon from the left on the season two of ‘Star Trek.’ (laughs).

– Tom Kenny, voice of Sponge Bob,
talking about making it into sci-fi with Star Wars voice work [CultureShock] (he was joking about being the ‘fourth Klingon’)

Video of the week: Ode to the redshirt
Not a new idea, but comedy4cast has a fun and well made compilation of the sacrifices of Trek’s brave red shirts.

Speaking of redshirts, if you haven’t seen it, SiteLogic has the full statistical breakdown of redshirt casualties


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Those posters are glorious. Now when will we see the full trailer?

Wow, can’t believe it, First!

I wouldn’t want to be a red shirt based on those stats!

Until Next Time,

Impressive Fan Poster Art!!

I wonder if the Backyardigans will be in the new Star Trek Movie; maybe this is the theme song. :-)

Those posters are hideous.

When I saw the phrase Garbage Trek, I thought it was announcing the 10-14 release of the series “Quark” on dvd. I’m happy about that!

The tagline evokes the tagline for The Right Stuff: “How the future began.”

Which was a pretty good line!

Speaking of Garbage Trek, Closetrekker and I were just dumping on ‘Nemesis’ on another thread!

Thanks for the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog clip — always funny!

I was sitting in the living room while this episode was playing in front of my youngest son (i’ts his favorite show). I was very amused when I started hearing the TOS sound effects on the bridge of the ship!

Someone on the production team must have been a fan…


A random question….Why do these ads at the top of the page play automatically? It is so annoying!


That redshirt stats is great!

Mark Storey’s work is excellent. Hope this is what he does for a living.

Those faux movie posters are astounding! They have that TOS flavor, but they look very much like the posters for some of the TNG films. Here’s hoping the real one-sheets are half as evocative as these are.

The creative energy and talent of Trek fans never, ever ceases to amaze me!

15. I totally agree from things like thses posters which i find sublime to other art work and the fan films, trek fans have such talent well apart from me who can’t draw a starigh line lol

Unfortunately humour is something i will never be able to grasp. If the gentleman had the facility to transport why would he chose the bahamas?
I find the posters. Intruiging.

seriously, i gotta stop imporsonating Data, my girlfiend is getting worried when i keep telling her that i’m “fully functional”

The posters are really cool and i get the comic strip joke. I am so very much anticipating this movie. I just need to find myself a Trekkie who will go see it in the cinema. lol


Those ads you see help defray the cost of running a site like Hosting the site, hardware, software etc can get pretty expensive. And the last time i checked, I don’t remember Anthony asking for donations.

Get an ad blocker! You can get one for IE 7 and Firefox. I never see any ads on this site. But, to make up for it, i click on the amazon links so they get paid.

Great posters, although I personally prefer Vektor Visual’s re-imagined E to Mr. Koerner’s.

Those are great fan posters. I started working on a fan poster of my own. I’m not sure where I will go with it from here, but this is what I’ve got so far…

As art, those are great posters. They don’t really convey any excitement about the movie, though, because they’re very much like the posters for the old Star Trek movies.

the posters are beautiful, But I can’t stand Gabe’s version of the big E.

#21 Daniel Broadway

That Kicks Major ass. excellent.

#21 Pretty nice work, I also like the ones mentioned above. Their great, but how about a poster of the entire crew with the enterprise, an official one from JJ and his crew? That couldn’t spoil too much, now that 8 crew members have their own official posters.

Bob or JJ, give trekmovie something new and exclusive!!!



I think i would give donations. i am adicted to this. have been for 3 years or so and only just started posting..strange. went on holiday for 2 weeks and was having with drawell symptoms lol

# 25 Cyberghost The whole crew? sure give me a few hours…..uh, I gotta run some errands first. Seriously, I’ll give it a shot though.

These works of art are inspiring.

Some of Nickelodeon’s writers must be TOS fans. Recently heard the farm animals in “Back to the Barnyard” playing fizzbin in an episode.

#30—The Backyardigans episode caught me by surprise. My 8 month old son will drop everything he is getting into at the moment when those characters come on screen and that song starts playing, so that is what my wife and I will put on if we need something to occupy his interest for 25 minutes or so (like to do dishes or a load of laundry). I had never seen that episode before, but I got a big kick out of the TOS sound effects and Trekkish (I think I just invented a word) elements throughout. I had to tell Anthony and he crew about it. The first thing that came to mind was “Great Links”.

“you know I just might put up a donation thing, but yes the ads and amazon links pay the bills. is a labor of love, but it also requires some of that real world money to make this all happen. Just like every other scifi/trek/genre/entertainment site out there.”

you bring me on and I will do it for free! In trade of course for spending some face time with the Trek people! (I do have experience with interviewing people and putting it into writing). Best of all, I am in the capital of Trek- L.A! And I wouldnt mind doing something other than College! LOL! So, are you looking for people to help ya out, just out of curiosity?

Hey everyone, I’m the person who made these posters up. I’d just like to say thanks for all the positive feedback and comments that I have received. Glad everyone likes the work.

#5: hideous???? how so? what would you like? a Monet?

I think Storey’s artistic musings are well done and intriguing. They seem, to me, to be reminiscent of some of the artwork that preceded Star Trek – The Motion Picture (still my fav of all the TREK films).

Well done, Mark, says me!

On an unrelated subject, I recently saw that the accumulated episodes of William Shatner’s TEK are now out in a boxed set. I don’t have a lot of memories of the show (I have mixed emotions about Greg Evigan). Anyone care to share their thoughts on this TV show?

Personally …I don´t like Gabe Koerners 1701. There´s another poster on that web with the classic 1701 – this is used as the the small picture at the top of this article – and that is a wonderful poster.

Yes I changed the Gabe Enterprse on my final version of the teaser poster to the original series enterprise. A lot of people prefered that version including myself. A lot of websites that are talking about my posters all seem to go with ”THE FUTURE BEGINS VERSION” obviously this must be the favourite version.

Does anybody have Mark Storey e-mail or myspace contact?

Mark Storey you do great looking work, I need a cool poster for my fan film Star Trek “Planet of the Dead”

my e-mail


regarding the redshirt thing, I found the guy explaining some of it on YouTube:

You really CAN’T do an article on Red-Shirts without re-posting the classic homage to the ill-fated redshirt: Redshirt Blues

Simply the best film ever done on the subject. I defy anyone to find a better one.