Shatner Launching New VLog + Appearing On SNL Tonight?

In 2007 William Shatner launched ShatnerVision at, a vlog (or video log) where he would regularly update fans with what is going on and also give a glimpse into the life that is Shatner, at least until April of this year when ShatnerVision stopped broadcasting. But the wait is over and Shatner is back with a new web vlog called ‘The Shatner Project’ that will launch at YouTube early next week.


The new online video home for Shatner is The URL is currently directing you to Shatner’s new YouTube Channel (, but eventually there will be a stand alone site as well. Paul Camuso, producer for ShatnerVision as well as the new Shatner Project tells TrekMovie that this new video project will be somewhat different. They will be doing fewer videos each week (say 2 or 3), but the goal is to go “more in depth” into the life of Shatner. “You will get more of a 360 picture instead of just a peek of Bill’s live and adventures,” says Camuso. You can subscribe to the channel now, but there aren’t any videos yet. The date to go live with the first videos isn’t set yet, but should be early next week and could be as early as Monday September 15th. There will be three new Shatner videos on the launch day. ShatnerVision has been missed and so we very much look forward to The Shatner Project.

Shatner’s infamous “I don’t do cameos” ShatnerVision clip from last October

Shatner on Saturday Night Live…tonight?
Paul Camuso also points us to a post he just made on the website forums. It states that “a birdie told him” for Shatner fans to “…to set your DVR’s to record Saturday Night Live” tonight. He hasn’t offered any more details, but it is a good bet that Bill will be making some kind of appearance on the show. Tonight is the season premiere for the venerable sketch show and is being hosted by Olympic multi-gold winner Michael Phelps. The show was also going to feature an appearance by presidential candidate Barack Obama, but he cancelled due to Hurricane Ike. If Shatner does appear it would be his first time since hosting the show back in 1986.

…and who can forget Shatner’s famous SNL skit “Get a Life!”

(sorry but clip cuts off end of the skit)


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Why won’t Shatner just retire already? We’re tired of him “not hearing anything over the sound of how awesome he is”.

You can never get enough Shatner!

“Are you saying we should pay more attention to the movies…?”

“NO! That’s not what I’m saying at ALL!!!”

Shatner on SNL. Can’t beat that.

Shatner Rocks!
Actor- Writer- Recording Artist- The man is awesome!

Hope I still have that kind of drive when I’m his age~

Shatner is the Also Nova of celebrities.

Any of you that were of the MTV generation in 60’s may remember Aldo Nova.

The name of the video was Aldo Nova – the group was called Aldo Nova and in the middle of the song, just before the guitar solo he yells out “Aldo Nova”, in a sort of pre-climax exclamation. We always thought what narcissistic nerve this guy had. It was great. He sure was affirming life by affirming himself.

Shatner’s like that. He has a website called Shatner-vision. There’s a type of delivery and acting attributed to him. He affirms himself all the time in everything he does. He loves it. He loves life. He loves himself. I love it. Good for him.

As I’ve said before…I care not what others think. I love him.


“Kind of like living with the Mugato!”

God I miss Phil Hartman.


Oops…I meant MTV generation of the 80’s. Just so used to referencing the good ole’ ’60’s

The AP reports that Tina Fey ‘likely’ to play Sarah Palin on the season opener tonight…
…that plus the Shat and I know what I’ll be doing at 11:30!

Cool, The Shat looks like some young Bill Clinton in that SNL clip :-D

#1 – put down the crack pipe son

Hallowed be thy Shatner…

I think I know more about Shatner than the people in my real life. That’s kinda sad.

We really WILL miss him when he’s gone, so just lap it up right now.

Shatner’s full of himself and it’s obnoxious.

#1 & #11: Capt Fred:

Speak for yourself, not the collective “we”. I don’t recall anyone appointing you as our spokesperson.

I actually find you obnoxious. But that’s just me. Anyone else is entitled to their own opinion.

Keep on trucking, Mr. Shatner.



Sorry, Garth – I was aiming at #15, not #11. :)


Can’t someone just clone this guy?

With all due respect Bill.

Still Shatnerizing NBC in 2008!

Whether some like it or not, you can’t keep the man down. He is still a much-loved personality, and is still giving far more entertainment than a lot of the dime-a-dozen so-called celebrities trotted out onto television these days. I only wish I was there to be able to catch his Saturday Night Live appearance. Pity Barack can’t make it too, and I bet he’s sorry to miss out on meeting him….but William’s ‘presidential’ enough for the two of them

Keep on trekking Bill!

Meaning Barack will be sorry not meet Bill, just to clarify!

hard to believe so many people got upset… its snl people it pokes fun at everyone that is what it does!!! GET A LIFE!!!

…Well, if he does show up, it’ll be the first time the show’s been worth a Shat in quite some time :-)

#1 & #15

If you dislike Shatner so much, why did you come to this page and read this article? If you are truely sick of him the only “logical” thing to do is to not expose yourself to news about him.


the more shat the better, he is an icon. Face it, shat and crew are getting up there in age, so keep it coming. Because there will be a day when he will not be around (hopefully many more years to go)like everyone eventually, so let’s enjoy all he has given us. Who knows, maybe we might not even be here if shatner was not picked as Captian James T. Kirk. As far as his YouTube, sign me up.

I rewatched the Shatner roast the other night and I laughed my ass off. If u have not seen it, run don’t walk and buy, barrow, rent, Netflix it, because it’s a classic, I am 47 and it’s probably the best roast I can remember.

Bill Shatner, keep it coming we love what you have done. I only hope I am alive at your age, and still have by mind and energy you have.

Let’s just hope JJ can write him into ST 12, please one last ST movie for the original James T Kirk.

Shatner is great. Huge part of my growing up. Love to see more of him, if that’s possible because it seems like the guy is everywhere.

But the Aldo Nova thing must cease. That guy sucked. Wretched music that was so over compressed there were no dynamics. I say if you’re going to play all the instruments on your “album” you should be an absolute monster on them. A mediocre musician playing all the parts means you have a mediocre band. Which is great if you’re shooting for a “C” grade. And to have a deluded sense of your ability is just silly.


When SNL lost Obama they had to call Shatner to keep the awesome quotient up. The Democratic Party could do same thing, except Shatner is not a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Shatnerday Night Live. Cool.

I look forward to seeing it… on this site tomorrow. ;-)
It’s my night off, but I’m no way going to be awake at that hour.

Gotta love the Shat dude but he is a goof ball .

Aldo Nova… a Montrealer…
William Shatner… a Montrealer…

coincidence? Hmmmmm?

I grew up idolizing Captain Kirk as one of my heroes. One day when I was about 12 years old, I saw the clip of William Shatner belittling people like me. I had heard “Get a life!” from so many cruel people for so long, but it really struck a major nerve within me to hear it coming from the actor who played the character I loved so much.

It was a slap in the face. “Get a life” was the equivalent of “Grow up, kid.”

I know I’m going to get flamed here for admitting something like this in public. “You should have known better!” and “The actor has a right to satirize the character he plays.” Yes, of course he does. I agree, and I certainly don’t begrudge Mr. Shatner the right to goof on the character that made him famous.

But those fans — yes, even the ones who hadn’t yet “moved out of their parent’s basements” or “kissed a girl” — are the ones who helped give him a career. He had the raw talent, yes, and a quirk of cosmic luck put him in the captain’s chair of our favorite fictional starship. But the man also was a hero to a lot of 12-year olds, and I never quite forgave him for that slap in the face.

Yes, Shat’s biggest mistake of his life, biting the hands that fed him.

Oh, King Zooropa…

…you remind me of one of THOSE fans… I hit a convention way back in the late ’80s or early ’90s where a video dealer was playing the Shatner SNL skit on a dinky little TV. I and five or six others crowded around the monitor and watched the whole thing, laughing the entire time. And then, that ONE Trekkie piped in from behind us:

“I lost all respect for Shatner when he did that skit!”

Try not to take yourself too seriously, KZ… if you can’t learn to laugh at yourself and STAR TREK from time to time, you’ll be in for a long, hard slog for the rest of your life.

Shat happens!

#1, #15, Ensign Fred,

Nhyarr, you must be Borg! That’s the only explanation I can think of for you using the designation “We.” Hahaha! *snort*, Hahaha… seriously though, don’t hate, appreciate.

Shaaaaaaaaaaaaatner was just on SNL! Woaaaah!

Haha, Bill just appeared on SNL. How funny…and Priceline!

Re: King Zooropa…

(P.S.: I was only 14 at the time the skit first aired and wasn’t offended in the least.)

The Shat is everywhere……except Star Trek.

There is still time to make this film complete. Get Shatner a cameo.

King Zooropa #32

Get a life…… It was a joke.

I wish Shatner had leapt on stage, pushed Phelps aside, and taken over the monologue. Then, Phelps could have reappeared during a mock Priceline ad later, pushed Shatner aside, and retaken the show.

“I don’t do cameos”

Hey Shatner, “Get a Life” and do the cameo.

Shatner was on SNL during the opening monologue. He mentioned

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, Ohio St waxed by USC, Ducks Win, and the Shat on SNL…… is the world comming to an end????

Stay tuned next week…. same Bat time
same Bat channel

Re: King Zooropa,
I was 18 at the time and had spent my adolescence coming up on Star Trek and all the films. Up to that point. This was even before Next Generation got started.
And I and my older brother, who was 25 back then. Thought it was hysterical.
I can understand you being younger and all. But heal your inner child and let go of that old heartache.
Bill didn’t mean it. He was just joking.
I mean he’s been a shameless promoter for years.
Emergency 911,Commodore computers and now Price line.
Which if you saw him earlier tonight. You see what happens when you try to distance yourself form your own past.
Now he wants a part in this film. But he agreed to kill Kirk 14 years ago.
So take it to heart,Shatner is just a man.
Captain Kirk is a LEGEND.



I think you missed my point. We knew it was sub par. That’s what made it so funny. He was very much into himself despite his short comings. Even to the point of yelling out his own name before his own ‘climactic’ solo. He was as over the top as Shatner’s image has become. I was just making, what I thought, was a funny comparison. It was….never mind.

That’s as far as the comparison was supposed to go.

Shatner is still the man to me.

His appearance on SNL was pretty much what I expected it would be. I thought he looked great by they way and didn’t look like the decrepit old man some have implied him to be on other threads.

Again, I’m on record saying I’ve never said I thought he SHOULD be in the movie. But I think he looks like he could handle it just fine.

William Shatner, you ARE an attention whore.

grr… right after the opening monologe started my signal dropped out, just came back up after. Just enough for me to miss it. Somone has it out for me!!!

1. Capt. Fred – September 13, 2008
Why won’t Shatner just retire already? We’re tired of him “not hearing anything over the sound of how awesome he is”.

WE are tired of Shatner? Who the hell do you think you are, the spokes person for all fandom?

Speak for yourself dude, that is your opinion alone.